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Orphan Ivy

By: Loki Renard
Published By: Blushing Press
10 chapters / 39,500 words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 10)   |  Write a review


This story was originally published on Spanking Romance as "Orphan Ivy" and "Orphan Ivy II". This novel combines those two novellas into one full novel advenure!

Timid, sweet little Ivy isn't your typical arts graduate. Sure, she's chronically under employed and living in an over priced hovel – but that's where her affinity with the stereotype ends rather abruptly. Unlike other twenty-somethings trying to get by, Ivy doesn't subsist on cheap noodles and beer, she needs fresh human blood on a regular basis if she's not to end up as a pile of ashes.

Pushed to the limits of self preservation in a modern world where even vampires need to get the rent paid, Ivy takes a job in a coffee shop. But when owner Jon spots a vampire fledgling on the brink of self destruction, he steps in, determined to lay down the law whether feisty Ivy likes it or not. The resulting battle of wills is fought on a losing battlefield for Ivy – her bare rear end.

As time passes, an increasingly spoiled and petulant Ivy pushes every boundary she lays eyes on, attracting the punitive attentions of the clan at large. As Jon struggles to deal with her ongoing destructive rebellion Ivy must learn to behave herself before she destroys that which is most precious of all, her relationship with the only man she's ever loved.

Denise on 07/15/2014 05:03pm
This was a pretty good story. The hardest thing for me was that i liked Blaze more than Jon. I truly believe Ivy needs Blaze and would have loved to have seen them both have her. I was glad Jon came back in the end and wasn't such a pushover. I really liked Madeline, too; and would love to read her story. Blaze is more of a boy/man gone bad, but not that bad. Jon is more studious, or like an older brother. Maybe more talk of their sex life would have helped. For a while, Ivy was really getting on my nerves, but then Blaze came to the rescue. Maybe we need a story for Blaze, and he can rescue his on girl (vampire or not).
Rachel on 07/15/2014 12:51pm
I sincerely enjoyed this story. I have read it twice and purchased it. I was intrigued by the contrast of both the male heroes. This story feeds my need to have an active family hierarchy.
Laura on 01/11/2014 09:16pm
Ivy is a new vamp in desperate need of someone to help her navigate her new existence. She walks into Jon's coffee shop looking for a job. She gets the job and Jon. Jon is not strict enough with Ivy so his brother Blaze steps in. I really enjoyed this story but the ending was way too rushed. Hopefully a sequel is in the works.
alva on 11/02/2013 05:06pm
This was a mixture of paranormal & spanking! Yes, it can be done! A recently turned, fledgling vampire has no idea how to take care of herself or keep herself out of trouble. What's an older, wiser vampire to do but step in and make his point with a good paddling?
Kate on 11/12/2012 06:54pm
I really liked this story. But it almost seemed like two seperate stories. I almost would have preffered a bit more development in the two male maincharacters. Then breaking up into two separate stories. I would love to read about this new love that finally captured Blaze. I would love to read a whole story about him. I hope one is coming.
Alicia on 10/17/2012 12:35am
This was a very good story about a very young vampire in desperate need of direction which she gets from Jon. Ivy is definitly a trouble maker but Jon knows how to deal with her in no uncertain terms. The story was really good but I agree the ending felt a little rushed and I do hope there might be a sequel at some point.
angelia on 10/14/2012 04:24pm
Great plot great book Romance action all you could want in this story This book screams for a second hope to see one soon
Sarah on 10/07/2012 07:51pm
Spanking and vampires, what's not to love. I like that there was real warmth between Ivy and Jon in their relationship. I hope there will be a sequel because I can't wait to her more about Ivy and Jon and Blaze and Madeline.
SH on 09/29/2012 08:25am
I enjoyed this story and the build up as the plot went on. I laughed at some of Ivy's antics but I would have enjoyed some more from Madeline and from Blaze though. I did feel the end was rushed causing the story to not feel complete.
Adaline Raine on 09/23/2012 07:43pm
I'm big into all things vampires and this one by Loki Renard gave a new twist on your typical story. For starters there was a real warmth to the story so much that you almost forget that the characters are also fearsome blood-suckers. There is great depth and mystery and desire that you really get wrapped up in the plot. Ivy is a young fledgling vamp that desperately needs someone to look after her. She walks into Jon's coffee shop looking for an actual job and winds up over his knee for a sound lesson in respect. Somewhere along the way Jon goes'soft' and falls for her all while his older brother, Blaze, looks on with growing impatience. I really liked the dynamic set up for the three of them as well as the matronly mother figure, who made the brothers into vampires and gives much needed advice to the young vamp. I had to deduct a star though because the build up is so intense and then the ending is super rushed. Had also hoped for a little more time spent on Ivy/Blaze. Just a little more length or a better tie up and this would easily be a five star read. Looking forward to reading more by Loki Renard.

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