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Time Change Trilogy

By: Mona Whitlock
Published By: Blushing Press
15 chapters / 45,873 words
Heat Level:
4.3 Out Of 5 (4.3 on 18)   |  Write a review

This is a fantastic time-travel anthology comprised of three novellas that tell the adventure of Charlie Hale and her pursuit of Lucious through Time... Can she get her man and save the integrity of history and the future? Or is she running out of time?

 This isn't a book set--when purchased, it will appear as one large singular novel in your downloads. 

 Spring Forward

The Time Change Trilogy, Book One
Bounty hunter Charlie Hale isn't afraid to chase illegal time jumpers into different eras, but when the ruling Ministry asks her to chase down one of its own renegade members, Lucius Bertram, she has reason to be afraid. Hale has jumped to the future, hoping to bring back technology to illegally sell on the lucrative black market. But jumps into the future are dangerous, especially when one journeys into uncharted times. Such is the case for Charlie, who finds herself thrown together with Lucius in a post-apocalyptic society where women have been stripped of rights - and often their dignity - and punished by their dominant men. Will Charlie be able to bring her quarry back? Or is she trapped just where a man like Lucius wants her?

Fall Back
 The Time Change Trilogy, Book Two
In Fall Back, Charlie finds herself in Regency England, where both she and the rogue minister she was pursuing end up after he drags her into a dangerous, back-to-back jump to avoid arrest for illegal time travel.
Once again, Charlie finds herself in a man's world. This time she ends up in the home of Lord Beaumont, a wealthy landowner and widower who appoints himself her guardian after she arrives with a bad case of amnesia after being found on the moors by Beaumont's guest. The strict Beaumont is determined that his mysterious guest toe the line. Or else.
Charlie soon remembers who she is, but can hardly share the information in a society where women are more likely to get spanked than to be taken seriously. When she is reunited with Lucius, things only get more complicated. Will she ever find her way home? And will she capture the dashing Bertram before he claims her heart?
Beat the Clock 
The Time Change Trilogy, Book Three
In final installment of the Time Change Trilogy, Charlie Hale finds herself back in her own time but longing to return to the past in time to save Lucius Bertram from danger. But if she does so, she stands to become as much a criminal as the man she's chasing.
Time jumps have been outlawed, and she is advised to leave the outlaw she's been pursuing to the fate of her own making. But Lucius has awakened a submissive chord she never knew existed, and Charlie knows she will never be happy until she gives herself to him completely. Will she sacrifice her reputation - and possibly her life -for love?
Mattie on 03/30/2014 03:23pm
This is a good time travel story with well developed characters. It has something for everyone: traveling forward and backward in time.
Connie on 06/30/2013 09:35pm
Charlie is a bounty hunter in the future, and Lucius is a government minister doing illegal time travel. In the first book they travel forward while she is chasing him. In the second they travel back in time and the third she has to go back in time alone to find him. Fun watching her attitude changing.
Mary on 05/30/2013 01:32pm
Great characters. Wonderful story!
Merna on 05/19/2013 12:19am
I have only read Spring Forward, as it was a monthly free story, and I didn't get the rest. I had trouble getting through this story, and I'm not sure why. I didn't connect very well with the characters and lost interest. Perhaps I will try to finish the story in the future.
Sassy on 05/18/2013 03:32pm
The first installment Spring Forward was my favorite by far. It deserves a solid 5 stars. I loved the quality of the writing, the story line, & the characters. There was a lot of charisma. The time periods were intriguing. Each installment after the first got progressively less appealing. The charisma was mostly lost. The hero just wasn't greatly likeable & it made no sense how the herione went from chasing to apprehend him to falling in love with him. The author definitely should have shown this progression much more thoroughly. Again, I LOVED the first installment. I wish the trilogy had maintained the momentum.
TG on 04/01/2013 10:24pm
I loved this trilogy full of imagination, suspense, and intrigue! My only complaint, way too short. These stories were so fascinating I wanted so much more.
Evelyn on 04/01/2013 12:54am
This is a great series all togehter and it deals with time travel which I love. Great characters that get to visit different times and really see how things were in each time. Even though they start off as enemies they soon become much more to each other.
Inga on 03/30/2013 03:55am
I felt this was more of a science fiction novel rather than a romantic spanking novel. I didn't really feel the chemistry between the H/h (I did in the first book but not in the second and third) although i'm glad they got their HEA. This book is very well written and I enjoyed the descriptions of the places they were in. I really don't have much of a complaint against this book except it didn't really have a romantic feel to it. One other thing ... although it's called a trilogy it should not be considered anything more than one book ...reading any of these books separately wouldn't make sense.
madpuss on 03/28/2013 07:28pm
I really enjoyed this story. It was a unique take on the usual time travel. It was fun and imaginative from beginning to end. Both characters were likeable. Even though Lucius was committing a criminal act by jumping for personal gain, he was a decent man when it came to the treatment of others. The mutual attraction they feel for one another develops as Lucius shows he cares for her and wants to protect her even while he's still determined to carry on and escape justice from his time. My only criticism was the constant little spellng mistakes, getting gender wrong eg. her instead of him and misnames. Because I enjoyed the story so much I ignored that and still gave it 5 stars.
Anne Casey on 03/23/2013 01:29pm
It was an interesting story that kept me entertained throughout. It is always good to see a couple that despise one another eventually fall in love. I would like to see a sequel on how their relationship with each other and on history continues to develop
Dawn on 03/18/2013 04:38am
This was a fast paced book leaping through time back and forth. Charlie is after lucious to bring him to trial but as with all good stories after spanking love starts to bloom. A really good read
KArc on 03/13/2013 11:52am
I enjoyed this story and the different eras I got to visit. The evolution of the relationship between Charlie and Lucius was surprising and fun.
angelia on 03/10/2013 08:05pm
Full of action and romance Great plot easy to follow along
Alicia on 10/17/2012 12:41am
This is one excellent time travell series that really keeps the reader interested. There is lots of action and spanking and sex to go around. The characters are well developed and the plot is very interesting.
K.D. on 08/25/2012 06:03pm
Three books in one is a great deal. That all three books are connected is even better. The stories were interesting switch to time travel and very well written. I did not have to wait for the next book. They flowed from one to the next with the great possibility of a sequel. That would be great.
Magbeam on 05/12/2012 08:22pm
Most time travel stories involve an individual from our present involuntarily journeying to a past era. While there is nothing wrong at all with those setups, it is refreshing to see a story which takes the time travel format in a different direction – literally, in this case. Our characters are seasoned time travelers, beginning in our future, who first go further into a post-apocalyptic era, before going back to Regency England. I appreciated the change in perspective those developments allowed, just as I enjoyed the interplay between the two main characters. How a woman like Charlie, a professional and experienced time-traveler, handled both the charms of her target (suavely masculine in a post-glass-ceiling world) and the appeals of her less-‘civilized’ target times proved just as alluring as the creative and steamy rounds of sex and punishment.

All in all, if you like time travel stories at all, this is one of the better ones I’ve read here. It also ends with the interesting possibility that the main characters could rewrite history from 1815 to the present. If the author is ever interested in a sequel, I think that would be a very unique direction to take.
SH on 04/23/2012 08:49pm
I had so much fun reading this book. I am so glad all three were offered together because I would have hated to wait for them to trickle out! I also, would love to see another book with these characters!!
Nicole R. on 04/22/2012 06:03pm
I loved this book! Mona Whitlock always does a great job developing the characters and plot and this trilogy is no exception. In this trilogy Charlie, a bounty hunter in the future, jumps through time going after people who are also jumping through time for their own personal gain, which is illegal. She ends up having to go after one of her biggest enemies. Of course the sparks fly. If you love time travel stories, you don't want to miss this one. I wish she would continues with these characters.

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