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Shawna's Chance

By: Chula Stone
Published By: Blushing Press
7 chapters / 28,856 words
Heat Level:
4.8 Out Of 5 (4.8 on 5)   |  Write a review

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 The miners of Trellian have the Companion Program to help keep them civilized and the Peace Initiative to help keep the Companions civilized. Under the Peace Initiative, the miner assigned to a Companion has the duty to spank her when she does anything he thinks requires correcting. When a pair requests Permanent Assignment, the Peace Initiative still holds as Shawna and her friends can readily attest.

Shawna and Vilnek are busy preparing to transfer from Trellian to a new mining planet when a dear friend disappears, causing more work and delaying the needed repairs to Trellian’s damaged systems. Vilnek and the other miners have their hands full searching the planet for clues and keeping their erring wives in hand. Spankings abound as the tensions mount, but they all know things cannot continue as they are.
In this final installment of the Shawna series, readers will encounter again the friends they met in Shawna’s Choice and Shawna’s Chase, plus meet new friends in this romantic science-fiction story, that can also be read alone.
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Shawna's Trilogy

Redrabbitt on 12/31/2015 04:40pm
This is the third and final book in the Shawna Trilogy and these books need to be read in order. Vilnek has been cleared and he and Shawna are preparing to move to Plivit to mine L-12. How many of their close friends will go with them? What happens when Pippa disappears? Talvok is doing his best taking over Trellian now that his father is no longer in change, but it isn’t what he wants to be doing. Faith has stuck by Talvok but her research on the problem with Serpiac needs to be continued at the University to help out other planets. It has been fun watching these couples come together and marry over time. So many feisty women and the men who love them and control them under the Peace Initiative Adjustment.
CJO on 12/19/2015 08:44am
This third book in the Shawna trilogy was very fast-paced. We got to stay caught up with all of the characters from the previous books, and it wrapped up everything that was going on in Trellian and Plivit. I got confused in a few places, but everything was explained eventually. There was plenty of action and suspense to keep you turning the pages.
Margaret Corcoran on 12/12/2015 07:49am
This is an episode of your favorite soap in book form as the reader is well acquainted with all the characters through the other books but wants to catch up!! This series gets better with each book. Shawna and the other companions keep getting into trouble but their husbands/miners are willing to keep them in line with the peace initiative as many times as they need it. Trellian is getting back to normal but the miners are deciding whether to stay or go!! And who should run Trellian? The story is well finished with no unanswered questions and all friends sorted. Well written and well described. This author has an amazing talent for descriptions which is very evident through out this book. I highly recommend this book and series.
Alicia on 09/11/2012 10:21am
THis was a great end to a really good trilogy. You get to revisit all the characters and see where they are at and how everyone has been fairing. Plus they are lots of spankings to go around.
SH on 04/23/2012 08:43pm
This was a great read and a nice end to the three part series!

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