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Attitudes: A Collection of Real-Life Spanking Stories

By: Assorted Authors
Published By: Blushing Press
15 stories / 34,546 words
Heat Level:
4.4 Out Of 5 (4.4 on 41)   |  Write a review

 Blushing Books is proud to present our first compendium of Real-Life stories from a series of authors such as Starla Kaye, Loki Renard, Joannie Kay, Korey Mae Johnson, and many more!

A Note from Bethany of Bethany's Woodshed and Blushing Books

The authors in “Attitudes” are a mix of professionals, who’ve been writing for Blushing Books long before there WAS a Blushing Books (when we were still just plain old Bethany’s Woodshed), and total newcomers, folks who have never written anything for public consumption before.

What these stories have in common is that every one of them – as far as we can determine – are true.  In fact, several of the emails that I received accompanying these submissions started with the same phrase:  Unfortunately, this is a true story.

Some are humorous.  My own “The Problem with Smoke Detectors,” when it was released, was called by several readers “the funniest thing I have ever read.”  While I don’t think it’s quite THAT good (and I sure wasn’t laughing when it happened!) I must admit that now it is good for a chuckle or two.   Ditto Incorrigible Cori’s  “Spanking is No Game.”  How can you not laugh out loud at the image of our poor heroine chucking toilet paper rolls at her boss from the safety of the store’s loft – a refuge that unfortunately didn’t last that long. 

Others are more serious, like Korey Mae Johnson’s Paying the Toll, and discuss how spanking really works in genuine DD (Domestic Discipline) relationships.  And we have the unique perspective from the Johnsons, because Korey’s real-life husband James has provided two stories as well.

Some feature couples where both members are avowed “spankophiles.”  Korey met James on a spanking forum;  my Jim and I also met through the spanking community.  Yet others, like Loki and her “vanilla” partner, did not originally share the spanko bug.  Yet, when you read “My Vanilla Spanker,” it’s hard not to say to yourself:  Well, he managed to figure THAT out!

We hope you enjoy Attitudes, and will visit both Blushing Books, and Bethany’s Woodshed.  Our professional authors – Starla Kaye, Loki Renard, Korey Mae Johnson, and Joannie Kay – have many wonderful stories for you.   And some of the new names in this book?  Who knows what they might offer us in the future.


Rhonda on 01/21/2014 08:01pm
This is an excellent collection of real DD stories. Think of it as a best if the best. From first to worst spanking and everything in between.
Adele on 01/07/2014 12:43pm
I really enjoyed this book (oh is that bad since they are true stories) anyway I thought most were well written. It was also interesting to see how spankings work for real people.
drb on 12/08/2013 02:44pm
Great collection of short stories by various authors. The stories were entertaining but also gave a good insight into true DD relationships.
M on 12/06/2013 06:24pm
Great read, great stories and I love that they were all real! Bethany's cracked me up so much I was crying. I also almost cried for real on the texting story because it was so touching.
Silvia on 11/18/2013 04:50pm
Even though the stories are short they are very steamy. It was fun reading about others real life experiences. I highly recommend this book.
K on 10/11/2013 10:26pm
I usually like anthologies but this one lacked spark for me.
K on 10/11/2013 10:26pm
I usually like anthologies but this one lacked spark for me.
Kirsty on 08/15/2013 07:21pm
Great book! (I wonder if I love this so much because I wrote one of the stories in it??) A great read, and confirmation that I am not alone - other women get spanked too! An honest review of domestic discipline relationships, with funny, insightful tales. I enjoyed reading every story in this book - none were boring, all were great, detailed accounts of true spankings.
Young Lady on 06/17/2013 07:28am
YES!! This was excellent!! My complaint about other books is that they are too short or they read like an article or a chapter instead of an entire story, but this was intended to be a collection of individual stories. And I LOVED it!! My favorites were definitely the gentleman who wrote at the end about his wife's carelessness in packing and about the car. I'd get spanked in public if I took over the horn as well!! :) I enjoyed almost all of the stories though!! Well done everyone!! :)
GM on 06/03/2013 01:46pm
This is a fantastic collection, as promised some of them are laugh out loud funny! I especially loved the 2 stories by Korey Mae and her partner, lovely to see the two sides.
C on 04/11/2013 06:12am
This is a collection of short stories all resulting in a spanking. Each contain their own circumstances so I am sure you will find one you will enjoy. cara
Vera Dunn on 04/10/2013 06:47am
This is absolutely fantastic. Each story has its own unique writing style (since almost all the stories inside have different authors), and I cannot say that any of these stories are bed, because they aren't! It shows the real-life aspects of DD relationships, and how different couples react to different situations, It's certainly a very, very worthy read for anyone who is in, was in, or wants to be in a DD relationship!
anon on 04/07/2013 09:39am
The different styles of writing made this book an even more enjoyable read. I wanted several of the stories turned into chapters of a book. Knowing these stories were real gave them a greater impact. Informative and interesting. Must read. Hopefully we'll get more.
Evelyn on 04/01/2013 12:41am
Very funny stories that are made even better to due to the fact that they really happened. Love a lot of the stories some of these authors have written and know I know where they get their inspiration from.
Stacy on 03/27/2013 06:40pm
Cute stories. I enjoyed the different styles of writing. Of all the stories, Loki was my favorite. I could definitely identify with her.
Cindy on 03/12/2013 11:13am
A great book. Nice to look at real life stories. -CW
Candice on 03/11/2013 07:36pm
Some good stories in this book real couples make for more true to life read
Cynthia on 11/06/2012 10:43am
Fiction books are great, I love reading spanking stories, BUT these stories about real life discipline are really important because it is important not to confuse the spanking relationship fantasy with the spanking relationship reality. (For example, HOHs in fiction never make spanking mistakes and are never too tired or unmotivated to perform their discipline tasks immediately.) These are good stories that are real -- or at least seem that way!
S on 11/05/2012 12:26pm
Pretty good stories--loved the stories by Korey and her hubby--fun to see both perspectives even though through different scenarios. Highly recommend.
S on 11/05/2012 12:24pm
Pretty good stories--loved the stories by Korey and her hubby--fun to see both perspectives even though through different scenarios. Highly recommend.
TG on 09/24/2012 02:41am
I enjoyed reading examples of real spankings. Very different from stories. A spanking in each story. Nice.
Merna on 09/19/2012 12:24pm
It was fun reading some real life spanking stories, to see how some people really live the lifestyle.
Alicia on 09/16/2012 02:42pm
This is a really great collection of true life stories not fictional ones which I think make them even better. Some are super funny and others you just shake your head about the things that have really happened. All of them are relly good and quite interesting to read about.
Vivian on 09/14/2012 09:03am
A collection of 15 short stories that gives you insight into what a true spanking relationship is like. Contains mild to moderate spankings.
Phyllis on 09/12/2012 09:29pm
Interesting story, held my attention which is hard to do.
Su Lin on 09/12/2012 06:39pm
A wonderful glimpse of the spanko lifestyle as seen thru various couples. The love and connectedness is there in every story. Dynamics between partners in stories varied, but all elicited empathy and recognition. A must-have book for a beginner spanko!
Elizabeth on 09/06/2012 03:54pm
Quite frankly this is a steal. I never rolled my eyes and thought sarcastically yeah sure that really happened These authers are letting you peek into a personal part of their lives, allowing us to be present with them in intimate moments, you get to see reality in the relationships between these partners. The love, frustaion, and the humor. Real people living everyday lives that just happen to include DD.
Cynthia on 08/30/2012 07:02am
Great real-life spanking stories. Especially loved Bethany Burke's story.
nicole on 08/23/2012 03:31am
This is a great book full of DD stories. There is something here for everyone. Made better knowing that they are all true stories. Makes me feel not so alone !
Kathryn on 08/06/2012 10:37am
This was definitly a fun read. It had a wide variety of writing styles which lent itself to the different events and emotions protrayed by the individual authors. It also gave an informative insight into the mind of the spanker and the emotions and thoughts they went through as well. I would highly recommend this book.
JK on 08/01/2012 10:23am
This was a great book to read to learn what DD is really like. They were real life stories, but still fun and exciting to read. I found it enjoyable, interesting and enlightening!
elizabeth on 07/28/2012 06:37pm
Great anthology, good short stories.
SL on 07/28/2012 12:16pm
I loved this collection of many stories. They were short quick reads and showed DD at its finest. All were given with love and well deserved. A Very good collection to keep and re read. The stories were complete and not cliff hangers, and each story was believable and long enough to make you satisfied. There was enough of an assortment to keep you wanting to read the next.
RR on 07/02/2012 09:11pm
You can get all this stuff from the DD blogs, but it was nice to have so many full descriptive stories all in one place. Also, the authors picked their most memorable stories-- either their first spanking, their worst spanking, their favorite most fantasy-fulfilling spanking, etc., so it's like a best of kind of read. Did it get me off? Yes.
Deborah J on 06/27/2012 03:21pm
Liked this book because it was a realistic glimpes into what happens in true DD relationships. No pretend spankings for entertainment value. No emphasis on how hard or long a spanking should last. This is true feelings between couples who live this lifestyle.
Miss contrite on 06/16/2012 02:15am
One of the best. Books I've read very funny would love to hear more from the husbands as well
KB on 05/01/2012 09:22pm
This was a great collection of true stories. Some of the stories I had to go back and read twice because they were so funny. It was nice to have a glimpse of the lives the writers whose stories I enjoy reading.
Karen M on 04/15/2012 03:49pm
This was a great collection of stories and I think it's great that the authors are willing to be honest and share their own stories. The impression that really struck me as I read through this collection are how much the love the couples have for each other shine through their stories even when the tears are falling. That every couple has a unique approach as to what method or style fit them and there relationship. There is no one right way to approach a spanking life style. Especially interesting was to hear it from the spanker's point of view instead of just the spankees. And the smoke detector story was really funny and was made even more so because the ones in the kids rooms were going off yesterday because the batteries were low.
Bruiserbear on 04/11/2012 07:54am
Be careful what you wish for. These 15 stories are all about real life domestic discipline adventures. Caring, loving responsible men tasked to keep their not always responsible loving partners on the straight and narrow. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Fairy tales apparently can come true for all of you romantic spanking readers out there as these stories of happy spanking relationships tell us. These ladies get what they want and need in their lives but not surprisingly never seem to think so when it is actually happening. Somewhat like an Oreo cookie, anticipation is exciting and consolation wonderful but the filling in between isn't exactly the same with a discipline spanking. Speeding, swearing, procrastination, lying, bad tempers, stress relief, back talk or sass, texting while driving, or making bad decisions when drinking. They're all here and you know you shouldn't do them. All we need in our lives is a moral conscience that lovingly points us in the right direction and these ladies all have husbands/boyfriends who care for them and are only too happy to point to the bedroom, straight-backed chair or in Korey's case even the back seat of a car. Nothing brutal with most by hand and light instruments.... all are well earned, and sufficient to teach a lesson. All entertaining well written short stories.
WH on 04/09/2012 05:04pm
Enjoyed reading the stories, especially knowing some of the authors are ones whose books bring me so much pleasure.

Korey, your husband can give one heck of a tough hand spanking. My own backside was sore about half way through the spanking. I think I'd be ready for the next trip at least 2 days early!
SH on 04/08/2012 06:59am
This was fun to read! Great collection of stories!

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