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Gideon's Hope

By: Amity Maree
Published By: Blushing Press
6 Chapters / 18,692 words
Heat Level:
3.9 Out Of 5 (3.9 on 18)   |  Write a review

Gideon is determined to rescue the pretty brunette, and she is so frightened that she won't let him near her. She manages to knock him unconscious by throwing a stone at him, and when Gideon regains consciousness, it is to find she is in real danger. He fights to protect her, and then picks her up and runs to get her away from the men who would harm her. Hope's ankle is fractured, and she still isn't convinced the tall stranger isn't one of Dolf's men. She tries again to escape Gideon, only to irritate him to the point he turns her over his knee and spanks her soundly. Once the fear of the last few days recedes, Hope can't understand why Gideon would risk his life to save her, but she knows she wants to stay in his protection. Gideon doesn't understand the strong feelings he has for Hope, either, but he is determined to protect her, even if it means spanking her daily to get her to obey him!
karla on 07/20/2015 12:04am
Lots of spanking but not very detailed. Quick to mention love without any romance.
Rhonda on 01/18/2014 08:08pm
While it was a shorter read it was a fun story with great characters including a very entertaining grandfather. The plot really kept your interest.
K on 10/11/2013 05:39am
Wow! Gideon is a keeper. I like his way of thinking and handling his lady love.
stephanie on 08/24/2013 04:41pm
cute story, liked the plot and it had some action
Joanne on 12/16/2012 12:59am
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There is the damsel in distress being rescued by a hero who is both strong and sensitive. The spankings are well worked into the story line and aren't gratuitous. I particularly like the way the two characters interact both on a professional level and on a personal level. And the character of grandad is fabulous!
Christina on 12/02/2012 05:33pm
Gideon's Hope grabs you from the start and keeps you there throughout. Ms. Maree has woven an exciting story with strong independent characters. A real delight to read.
Marion on 10/15/2012 08:40pm
This is an old western story and the story is told from the old time style. It is entertaining and a feel good story. The family dynamic and the two main characters are a riot and the whole story moves quickly.
Alicia on 10/13/2012 12:45am
This was a very good story with great characters that were funny and who knew just how to take care of the bad guys. The side characters were also well developed and fit the story perfectly.
Crystal on 10/10/2012 03:42pm
Enjoyed this story, it will defiantly be in the reread pile
Tamara on 10/08/2012 08:07pm
This is a great story w/ characters that have some neat secrets that pop up here and there. I loved the grandfather in the story- what a hoot, but could kick booty too. This story has a true hero and a lovely heroine w/ great supporting characters and a suspensful story.
SH on 10/08/2012 07:59pm
This was a good quick read. Enjoyed the story.
Sheils on 10/08/2012 02:48am
I enjoyed this story very much it has humour, adventure and romance as well as as spanking. As I bought it on sale it was a real bargain. I'd recommend it as a feel good easy read.
JK on 10/07/2012 05:40pm
A very nice story! The characters were fun and sweet and it kept my attention. Nice spankings and I liked all the sweetness.
Rhea on 10/06/2012 03:56pm
Not that this would happen in real life. No One falls for someone in the matter of days. But it was a good story and it kept you interested and the spanking scenes didn't suck either.
Caroline on 10/05/2012 08:01pm
Caught my attention and held it.
cls on 06/17/2012 10:05pm
Gideon rescues Hope from murderers. He has to try to keep her safe and she won't cooperate at all. Loved all the characters and the story with some danger thrown in with the love story. Rating 4
S.F. on 06/03/2012 10:00am
I liked this story. It was a fun, quick read. I thought the story was good but it didn’t capture me completely.
DNF on 04/14/2012 12:26am
It's a fun story with spanking given with love, is also apt choice of character names and the scene of the stone. Dr. Stone? He thought it fitting you used a stone to protect yourself from me ... and he said it proved my head is as hard as a stone like he's always claimed.

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