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Hell's Little Angel

By: Loki Renard
Published By: Blushing Press
5 Chapters / 20,336 words
Heat Level:
3.9 Out Of 5 (3.9 on 22)   |  Write a review

"For want of a flame retardant tissue, the battle was lost."

Caught halfway between angel and dragon, pretty blonde haired, pink eyed, fire breathing Kaida has a knack for making most of the damned inhabitants of Hades look like model citizens. Whether she's committing accidental acts of arson or taunting furious dragons, she lives a life of near constant rebellion.

Kaida is well on the way to an early grave when she is thrust into the arms of Edwin, an angel who has braved the very fires of hell to claim her as his own. Edwin is confident he can subdue Kaida to the useful and the good, but can Kaida learn to behave before she gets herself dead? Or will the Elysian Fields themselves go up in flames before she submits?
Victoria on 01/28/2014 05:23pm
I chose 1 star because we never get an expanded view of any of the characters. We never find out ehat she is destined for. Who is he whats special about him?
Laura on 01/11/2014 09:34pm
Once agin this author gives us a story with a different twist. Kaida was raised in Hell. She is given to Edwin who is an Angel to wed. We are along for the ride as Kaida must learn all new expectations if she is to be happy.
K Tyler on 12/29/2013 09:59pm
This was a fun read with just enough of everything. It would've been nice had it been longer though.
Arleen on 08/22/2013 01:44pm
This is a different story line about a devil angel (Finn) who is given to an angel (Edwin) to reform and become his mate. It is a quick entertaining read with some humor thrown in. I'm not usually fond of fantasy but I enjoyed this one.
Arleen on 08/22/2013 01:39pm
This is a different story line about a devil angel who is given to angel Edwin to reform as his partner. It is a quick entertaining read with some humor thrown in. I'm not usually fond of fantasy but I enjoyed this one.
TG on 08/12/2013 01:07pm
This was a very interesting and creatively written story. Although I am not in the least bit interested I Hades and anything to do with it, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this story. Great job!
TG on 03/02/2013 11:33pm
I purchased this story quite awhile ago. I wasn't keen on reading it since it was about Hades and dragons. I started reading it an became engrossed. This is a wonderful spin on a true story throughout the ages. Amazing talent, truly.
SL on 10/28/2012 06:21pm
It was an interesting concept. What wins obedience, kindness or fear. Kaida was raised with fear and getting attention and love through mischief. It throws her for a loop when she gets kindness and understanding without fear. She learns to be obedient for all the right reasons. It was a cute story that had a happy ending. It also had a lesson for the heroine to learn. There were a few spanking scenes but nothing severe or troubling.
Alicia on 09/17/2012 09:31am
This is a great story in which the reader gets to decide which is more fun heaven or hell. Kaida is a little devil who is given to an angel for a mate but she has never had to behave a day in her l;ife so why should she start know. Edwin helps her to see the error of her ways and learn there are better ways to behave and have fun.
angelia on 08/26/2012 09:13pm
This was truely a great read It was full of action and laughs I gave four out of five stars be cause of the lack of the male stepping in sooner but other then that it was a great read
Disney Dyke on 08/16/2012 10:30pm
Is hell too dangerous? Is heaven too boring? Most importantly, what style of commanding obedience will win in the end? Maybe it is about expectations. Is Kaida expected to be naughty and always look for correction or will she actually try to be good? Hell Vs Heaven indeed. Awesome descriptions of both places by the way. Kaida is delightful. She is funny, she is mischievous and she is very sweet. The guys are allright... ;) Great secondary characters too, I love me a good lady villain and a good stern matron. But Kaida steals the scene. I would say more but I might end up quoting bits and giving the story away. Just one more thing to sell you on it: As always, Miss Renard doesn't fail to deliver in the funny department. I give this story like... 5 flowers. Definately worth the read!
Sara on 08/04/2012 08:01am
As always Loki builds an interesting world and populates it with fascinating characters. I liked the interaction between Kaida and Edwin. Edwin had a good handle on how to deal with Kaida. I gave this book only four stars because the ending seemed a bit incomplete to me.
Connie on 08/03/2012 04:43pm
This is a really fun story about the differences between Hell and Heaven. Kaida has been raised in Hades nd acted the part of devil very well. She is given to Edwin as a mate and transported to Elysia. She has to learn the differences between them and how to live in her new environment. Loved both of these characters.
Merna on 08/02/2012 04:49pm
This was an interesting story. Edwin led Kaida to understand herself better by the end of the story. Wouldn't mind reading more about this couple
Jessica on 08/02/2012 08:40am
This was an enjoyable story to read, but disappointing at the end. I felt like once the heroin met her intended and was sent to live with him there was no development of their relationship and the story was rushed to its end.
Rae Rae on 07/30/2012 10:09pm
Cute, funny and endearing. It was out of the ordinary for the site. There was no traditional discipline.
elizabeth on 07/28/2012 06:51pm
The premise of this book was very creative and not your typical spanking story. I would have liked it to be longer but I still gave it five stars because it was a fun read and I will definitely reread it more than once.
SH on 07/28/2012 05:58pm
I really enjoyed this story! Had me laughing several times!!
Candice on 07/24/2012 11:07am
Loved the humor in this story! Was a great twist on your normal story and was extremely well written and entertaining! Would read manY more by this author!
Kat B on 06/12/2012 07:08pm
This story was very unusual. It was the first time I've read anything like this and really enjoyed it. The demonic aspect was a different take and I'd purchase another if there is a series.
sensualkiten on 06/02/2012 09:17am
*G* I have to r eview this book too it was so hot it singed my tail and felt good! kaida is another fantastic character. i fall in love with the stories and characters and it is easy with Hell's little angel. Such a creative story. imagine a half dragon, half angel. it action and romance were glorious treats... and oh the spankings. There were even a unqiue spanking twist. A book you wont put down til its over. Enjoy!
Karen M on 10/26/2011 05:55pm
I'm not a big fantasy fan but this book was a lot of fun to read. It was quick and surprising light with some great humor as well. It was a great afternoon read. If you ever wondered what could happen if shifting dragons and angels could get it together this would be your answer.

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