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I Take Thee Collection

By: Susan Joseph
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � Susan Joseph and Blushing Books, 2005-2013
20 Chapters (4 5-Chapter Novels)/ 62,718 words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 28)   |  Write a review

Own the entire 4 novella collection of the "I Take Thee Series" and follow the roots of the Christian Domestic Discipline relationships started by each of the Callahan Brothers.

I Take Thee, Matthew

A traditional marriage with old-fashioned ideals is what both Matthew and I desired, but I soon learned that it was harder than I anticipated. Those little spankings over the seat of my jeans that Matthew gave me before we married, soon turned into full-fledged spankings on the bare once our vows were spoken! I learned that cursing would not be tolerated, nor would disrespect. Bouncing checks and getting traffic tickets were also taken quite seriously by Matthew.

The real problems occurred in our marriage when the thrice-divorced Sierra moved next door, and told me what I was missing & I knew what Matthew's response to her suggestion would be, however, and that was an old-fashioned spanking!

I Take Thee, Mark

After dieting off twenty pounds, Molly was sure she'd finally earned Mark Callahan's attention in a romantic way. He asked her out on a date! Her disappointment at learning he was wining and dining her to ask her to work for him filled her with helplessness, and she angrily decided she was a love-sick fool and made a public scene by dumping dessert over his handsome head.

Mark is determined to spank the sassy Molly, and no one is more shocked that he when he discovers his feelings for his high school buddy have blossomed into love. Molly isn't so sure she wants a traditional marriage, complete with spanking, but Mark won't have it any other way.

I Take Thee, Luke

Chef Ruthie couldn't resist putting pepper all over Luke Callahans take-out order. She considered it payback for the rude way he'd treated her at her best friend Molly's wedding to his brother Mark Callahan. When Luke came banging on her door, demanding to talk to her, she was dismayed to learn that if he'd eaten the pepper-laden food, she could have gone to prison for manslaughter. Luke was highly allergic to pepper? and not only had she risked his life, she'd put the restaurant and her professional career in jeopardy. Luke felt the best punishment for her crime was a good spanking, and Ruthie shamefully agreed.

To their surprise, that spanking seemed to bring them together, and it wasn't long before they were a couple. Ruthie's tendency to be late for everything put a damper on their relationship, and Luke decided it was time to help her modify her behavior. Ruthie wasn't sure she wanted Luke to spank her, but she'd known all along that the Callahan men believed in spanking, and she has to ask herself if she had what takes to be a Callahan wife?

I Take Thee, John

Jill Gallagher was happy to see the police officer who came in answer to her call to 911 after her Beauty Salon was robbed. She threw herself into the startled man's arms, and told him she needed a hug.

John Callahan thought she needed a spanking even more... working so late at night, and all alone, with the door to her business unlocked... and when he discovered her car doors were also unlocked, he couldn't resist scolding. The final straw was when he took her home and discovered the door to her residence unlocked as well! John can't resist taking her over his knee and giving her a lesson.

Jill isn't shocked by his behavior. His sister-in-law, Ruthie, was one of her clients and a good friend, and she'd told Jill all about the Callahan men and their old fashioned ideas. Jill just hoped this particular Callahan man would stick around.

I Take Thee Matthew

The first time Matthew spanked me I realized he was the man I would marry.  It wasn�t much of a spanking, only three hard swats over the seat of my jeans, but those three swats were enough to tell me that Matthew would be able to deal with my rotten temper and the trouble it seemed to get me into all the time.  More importantly, Matthew believed in traditional values, and so did I.  I was raised Catholic, and I still attended Mass on Sunday mornings with my parents.  Matthew was Catholic, too, even though he belonged to another Parish.  He�d teased me about my name, joking that I had to be a good Catholic girl with a name like Mary Frances.  Not really, I�d explained.  I was named for my two Grandmothers, and promptly nicknamed Frannie.

I�ll admit that I was very young, too young to be thinking of getting married by most people�s standards, but I knew myself pretty darn well.  I wanted a husband to love, a house with a kitchen to call my own, and hopefully lots of children.  While other girls in my high school senior class were talking of which college they wanted to attend, I was already working part time at the bakery for Mr. Samuels.  He promised me a full time position after graduation, and after going on a two week �graduation present� vacation to Europe with my favorite Aunt, Sister Mary Katherine Patterson, I settled in to my job with satisfaction.   I continued to live at home, and while it was true I paid my own way, I still followed the house rules set by my parents.  They didn�t want me to move out and get my own apartment until I was at least twenty-one, and since I was able to put away most of my paycheck by living at home, and could afford a nice, brand new car, I accepted their rules, and did my very best to live by them.  Not very modern by today�s standards, but I was happy.  I was smart enough to know that I had a wonderful childhood, and that my parents loved me.  I didn�t feel a need to rebel against them.

I met Matthew at the bakery.  He came in every morning on his way to the office across the street where he worked as an Optician.  He had a bright smile for me each and every day, and he would always make polite conversation� Not like most folks do, mind you� But the kind of conversation that grows out of getting to know someone better and becoming friends.  I kind of thought and hoped he would ask me out on a date, but four months passed without so much as a hint that he thought of me as anything other than the girl at the bakery who waited on him every morning.  I was a bit discouraged, especially since the telephone wasn�t exactly ringing off the hook with offers to go anywhere or do anything.  Most of my friends were off to college by then, and I was spending entirely too many Friday and Saturday nights sitting in front of the television with my parents.


I Take Thee, Mark

I've loved Mark Callahan since we were fifteen years old, which was ten years ago. Ten years of waiting for him to notice me as a woman, ten years of longing for him to kiss me, ten years of hopelessness as he saw me as nothing but the ‘girl next door’. It nearly destroyed me when he fell in love with Kathy. She was tall and blonde, and beautiful, and Mark thought she was perfect. It broke my heart when she was killed during a drug raid. A bullet proof vest can’t stop a bullet between the eyes. She was killed on the job, and Mark grieved, and I grieved for him. He took it real hard, but finally he started taking an interest in life again, and I shed twenty pounds, hoping he would look in my direction.

When he asked me out to dinner a few months ago, I was delighted. I thought that losing all that weight had finally paid off. I was into a size two instead of the six I’d been wearing for years, and I spent a small fortune on just the right dress for the evening. It was black and clung to my body in all the right places. I wore heels, too, hoping to make myself just a bit taller. Mark towered over me, and while I loved how that made me feel, I was still comparing myself to Kathy, and finding myself lacking in every way. I practiced walking in those heels so that I wouldn’t fall flat on my face, and when I was all ready, I was satisfied with the results. I looked as good as I possibly could, and if Mark didn’t find me pleasing on this magical night, he never would.

When the doorbell rang, I had to prevent myself from running to answer it. I didn’t want to appear too eager, but the truth of the matter was that I’d been ready for over an hour, and I couldn’t wait for Mark to see the new me; the plain little me that was wearing something very sexy for a change. I opened the door after one last check in the mirror, a huge smile on my face. “Good evening, Mark.”

“Hey, Molly. Have you been sick?” was his greeting. “You’ve lost so much weight!”

“I went on a diet!”

“What for? You weren’t fat, and you look like a toothpick now!” he exclaimed with his brand of brutal honesty. I tried not to be hurt, but the truth was, I wanted to sit down and bawl. Mark must have sensed that he’d touched a nerve, because he backtracked and said politely, “That is a very pretty dress, and it’s nice to see you all dressed up. I hope you’re hungry for Italian? We’ve been ripping up Matt’s kitchen floor, and I’m starving.”

So much for romantic fantasies! Mark did open the car door for me, and then reminded me to fasten my seat belt, like he did every other time we got into a car together. He chatted about his day, and told me that his sister-in-law, Frannie, Matthew’s wife, had lit into him when he’d tried to tell her and Matt that they needed to rip up the old flooring, and lay new before they did any of the other remodeling in their kitchen. He chuckled when he got to the part about her throwing a hammer on the floor in a temper fit, and that it bounced and hit his knee. I was a bit concerned, and determined to give Mary Frances a piece of my mind when I saw her the next time, but Mark insisted he wasn’t hurt…

“I think little Frannie got the raw end of the deal,” he grinned.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“Matt gave her little bottom a good spanking,” he chuckled.


I Take Thee, Luke

I heard the pounding on the door and smiled in satisfaction. I knew precisely who it was, and I had no intention of answering. So what if Luke Callahan was upset? He’d earned the nasty little trick I’d pulled on him. The man was uncouth, and I’d been waiting ever since Molly and Mark’s wedding for an opportunity to get even with the aggravating man! When the opportunity came earlier in the evening, I took advantage of it, and hoped he was as embarrassed as I was at Molly and Mark’s wedding!

“Ruthie Denison, you’d best open this door unless you want all your neighbors to hear what I have to say??? And, I swear by all I hold sacred, I’ll camp right here in the hallway until you come out, and then I’ll have you, and the longer I wait, the harder I’m going to spank your butt!”

I was outraged by his comments! How dare he threaten me like that, and at the top of his lungs! This apartment building was quiet, and all of the neighbors wanted it to remain that way! I would be tossed out on my rear with no place to go if any of them complained to management. I could be held in violation of my lease, and it would be all Luke Callahan’s fault! I threw open the door and hissed, “Be quiet! We have a noise clause in this building, and I don’t want to be asked to move!”

“I don’t give a darn about your lease, little girl,” Luke shoved on the door, forcing me to back up into the living room. He shut the door quietly, and put his hands on his hips and glared at me. Once again I was surprised at how little he resembled Mark. While Mark and his older brother, Matthew, were both tall and had dark complexions, with dark hair and eyes, Luke’s hair was a much lighter shade of brown, and he was shorter and had blue eyes. Molly told me that Luke was the only one of the brothers who took after their Mother. The other three resembled their Dad. “In fact, I hope you get fired for this stunt!”

“Fired?” I repeated, and felt my face drain of color. “You told my boss?” I was barely able to force the words past my lips. I hadn’t stopped to consider that possibility, and suddenly, I was wishing I’d talked myself out of pulling the prank. Of course Luke would call the restaurant and complain! He was that type of person!!!

“Yes, I did call your boss to complain,” Luke replied, his blue eyes flashing with temper and indignation. Although Luke was shorter than his brothers, he still towered over me, and since I’d taken off my restaurant clogs and my chef coat when I got home, I felt even more vulnerable. “What did you think I would do when my dinner was delivered, and completely inedible?”

“It was edible!” I argued, even though I knew that someone who didn’t like pepper wouldn’t enjoy it at all. And, since Luke ordered the meals without pepper, I knew he didn’t like the substance.

“Not to me,” he said firmly. “I have an allergy to pepper. One whiff of that stuff, and my air passages close off. If I eat it, I’ll die. I specifically asked for no pepper…. The food was covered with it! And, I certainly couldn’t serve it to my guest unless I wanted to end up in the hospital!”

“I didn’t realize you have an allergy,” I stammered, feeling guilty. “I’m very sorry,” I felt my lower lip start to tremble, and I warned myself not to cry. If he’d eaten the food he could have died, and I would have been guilty of manslaughter! It was unthinkable, and I was ashamed of myself.

“After I took my guest out for a burger, I called your restaurant to complain. It was after hours, and the owner answered; I explained what happened, but when he said that he was positive his Chef Ruthie made a mistake, I knew then and there it had to be you… only you…! I asked for verification… and he confirmed it…”

I closed my eyes, fighting the urge to cry, even as I knew my face was turning red. As a redhead, I didn’t stand a prayer of hiding my emotions from anyone!!! It wasn’t fair, just as it wasn’t fair that I didn’t even reach five feet tall! I was going to lose my job!!! A Chef tampering with a guest’s food… it was a horrible crime to do such a thing! Dimitri would let me go, and not give me a good reference. I was in serious professional trouble, and I wasn’t even close to saving up enough capital to open my own place!

When I opened my eyes again, struggling not to cry, Luke continued in his scolding voice, “I told your boss that this was in the nature of a personal prank, and that I wished to deal with the matter myself… in a very personal way. He seemed to think that was a very good idea indeed, but I am of the opinion that he is very disappointed in you, young lady.”

Luke’s expression was grim, and I immediately realized that he actually meant to spank me! Too late I recalled what Molly told me about the Callahan men being old-fashioned. I’d been shocked when Molly admitted that Mark spanked her at times, and I’d also found myself curious about what it was like. But, I sure as heck wasn’t going to permit this man to put a hand to me! Not in this lifetime! No, I would not!

“Okay… I was wrong, Luke. But, you have to admit that this was all your own fault!”


I Take Thee, John

I met John Callahan in the line of duty. His duty, not mine. I was robbed at gunpoint at the end of a very long day of doing hair, and John came in answer to my 911 call. I was terribly frightened, and angry, too, and when the tall policeman entered the beauty salon I owned, I reacted just like a girly girl, and threw myself into his arms, weeping hysterically.

�Are you injured, Miss?� he asked politely, trying to pry my arms from around his neck.

�No, just scared,� I bawled, not even caring if my make-up was ruined. I needed human contact, and the policeman was safe in his uniform, and I probably wouldn�t have cared at that point what he looked like, or if he was married� I just needed a hug.

�Is there someone I can call?� he offered politely, patting me on the back, and doing his best to make me feel safe.

�Nooooo! My parents are out of town, and my older brother is a pain in the patoots! He�d just yell at me, and I can�t handle that right now.�

He snickered a bit at the last comment, and said kindly, �I know all about older brothers. Try to take a deep breath now. You�re safe; I won�t let anyone hurt you.�

�Thank you,� I whispered, looking up into his dark eyes, and realizing for the first time that he was gorgeous. �I should have had the door locked while I was cleaning up, but I didn�t. This man just walked right in, wearing a ski mask, pointed a gun at me, and demanded all the money from the cash register.�

�Is there anything you can tell me about him� height, approximate weight�?�

�I know who it was; Jerrod Mays. I cut his hair two days ago; and I recognized his hands; he was wearing the same rings on his fingers. He was wearing the same jacket then, too, and the same shoes� and the gray eyes were his. I didn�t like the way he looked at me while I was cutting his hair, like I was a piece of meat. He asked me out, and I refused. He didn�t like it at all, and I was a bit concerned he�d throw a fit, but he left, and I hoped that was the end of him.�

�You have a good eye for details,� he complimented me, and called it in, asking officers to be on the look-out for Jerrod. While John was still questioning me, he got a report telling him that the suspect had been apprehended, and was still carrying my money in his jacket pocket, along with the gun he�d used to threaten me.

�You�re good,� I said in awe of him, and he smiled.

�We�re here to serve, it�s my job, and you made it much easier than normal.�

�Well, cutting hair is my job, too, but I�m good at it� just like you�re good at your job.�

He grinned, and I swear I was half in love right then and there. He finished up, and stayed with me while more evidence was gathered. I was able to tell them where to dust for Jerrod�s fingerprints, and once they were all done, John told me I could lock up and go home.

He must have seen the fear in my eyes, because he asked, �Why don�t you call a friend and ask if you can stay with them tonight, Miss Gallagher?�

�It�s kind of late to do that,� I answered. �What time do you get off?� I asked boldly.

�I was off about an hour ago,� he admitted. �But, Miss, you don�t even know me,� he stated.

�Are you married?� The thought suddenly occurred to me, and made me sad.

�No, and I�m not seeing anyone, but that doesn�t mean that I can spend the night with you, and you shouldn�t be asking a strange man to do something like that!� he scolded, and I immediately realized he thought I was asking for something else.

I blushed furiously, and then said, �Wait a minute; I�m not making myself clear. I�m not THAT kind of girl!� I declared. �I�m just scared, and I don�t want to go home alone right now. I was thinking about going to a diner and getting something to eat.�

�Can�t you get something to eat at home?� he asked skeptically.

�I could, but you just don�t understand� My parents� house is really creepy at night, and I�ll never be able to make myself walk in there alone after tonight.� I shrugged when he continued to look at me. �I just thought you might be hungry, too�? I�ll understand if you don�t feel like babysitting me.�

�I am hungry,� he admitted with a smile, �and there�s no reason we can�t share a table... But before I can do that, I have to go back to the station and check out. Are you able to drive yourself to McKinney�s?� he asked. �It�s close to the station, and I should be able to get there within an hour.�

�That would be perfect. Thank you� I don�t even know your name�?� I giggled nervously.

�John Callahan, Miss Gallagher.�

Katy Beth McKee on 09/19/2015 07:46am
This is a sweet collection that I have had laying in my to be read pile for awhile. Four strong alpha brothers who are work hard and have done a good job of taking care of each other after their parents death. Now they are grown up and each story focuses on a different brother and the woman he is coming to love and care for. Of course these woman don't always make the best choices and these men aren't going to let that pass. A great set of sweet love stories.
jeanped on 01/14/2014 09:54am
Super sweet... really nice, the author takes the time to show how much the couples love each other and how the spankings/ punishments although sometimes very harsh is done with much love. My only complaint with all the stories, is that not enough time is given to the relationship development for all of the couples.
K on 10/21/2013 09:32am
This was a nice romantic story of love and discipline.
Laurel on 10/11/2013 11:20pm
This is a series of DD relationships. The men are loving but strict and the marriages grow stronger. Nice story line.
Jami on 07/02/2013 02:25pm
Very well written, colorful characters,romance and drama well combined for a lovely rainy day read.
Connie on 06/30/2013 08:40pm
I really enjoyed all four of these stories. They were about four brothers and the women they fell in love with. All four brothers were very traditional men and wanted to have traditional marriages. The women they loved if they didn't want this type of marriage start with knew that this was the type of marriage that they needed to have and they loved these men very much. This is a new author for me and I did enjoy her writing very much.
DNF on 06/23/2013 12:44pm
I liked very much this Collection of DD stories. This was a great introduction into domestic discipline.
Arleen on 06/18/2013 04:00pm
This was a very entertaining light read. The author is talented at keeping you interested but I felt it lacked a real plot. Instead it was all little stories about what led up to spankings. I liked the loving way the discipline was handled and the strong traditional men that were the heroes.The heroines were portrayed realistically. They did things that real women would do when rushed or not thinking. This collection is worth the read if you're looking for a fun light read.
kitty_ranma on 06/13/2013 04:30am
i wished that these stories were longer. they were very well done. i however would have liked to see our 4 young husbands gives Jill's father a bit of advice. :)
Jaycee on 06/10/2013 07:52pm
An OK collection of DD stories revolving around the same family. Some were better than others - I liked the beginning of Mark and Molly's story and how it took him a while to see that he really did care for her. This couple also felt the most real to me. Luke and Ruthie's story had a lot of humor, which I appreciated. I didn't care for John and Jill's story. They went too quickly from not knowing one another to love and marriage. He was also very hard - nay cruel - after one serious offense and it took his brother's intervention to make him see that and apologize. Jilly immediately accepted his apology and all was well - but she was hurt, miserable, and angry all day. I would have liked to have seen some real emotion from her and read about her telling how his actions affected her. He also should have made amends by running a bath, putting lotion on her abused posterior...something! I would have liked to have read more emotion from the other women as well. They were all a bit too meek, accepting, and submissive at times. A light read, but not quite enough depth for me.
Merna on 06/01/2013 09:47pm
A sweet set a of stories about each of 4 spanking brothers and their brides. A little tame, but good enough spankings. Will read again.
JC on 05/04/2013 08:04pm
This is a tremendous series. I enjoyed reading about these four traditional marriages. These ladies earn themselves plenty of time over their husbands knees. Their husbands are definitely the head of their homes and expect their wives to obey them.
Cindy on 03/05/2013 06:39pm
A good, sweet collection of stories. -CW
Jean on 02/16/2013 02:34am
If you are looking for romance with a lot of old-fashioned spanking thrown in, this is the book for you. The four brothers are fairly consistent in their beliefs about paddling bottoms. My favorite was brother John, the police officer, who paddled in the line of duty. A few hot bedroom scenes would have spiced it up to 5 stars, but that didn't happen.
Annie Jones on 01/29/2013 01:29pm
This was one of the first books I ever read in the spanking genre and I still re-read it on occassion! The characters are everything I ever dreamed a dominat but loving man would be - loving and consistent, protective and strong - not afraid to love the women or turn them over their knee if it was deserved. The values are strong throught the books. The stories are each special in their own right and some had me laughing out loud - the milk shake incidents are too funny! My only complaint was that there are no more brothers to read about!
Rebecca on 12/29/2012 06:26pm
Four brothers and the women they court, love and spank. Susan Joseph writes rich believable characters, and the continuity in this collection makes it a joy to read. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all meet their matches and struggle to make sure their women learn to behave and know they are loved in 4 very unique stories.
mlb on 12/04/2012 12:57pm
Good stories. Sweet and romantic with fun ladies and firm men. I enjoyed how the stories were intermeshed with those previous.
Stacy on 11/09/2012 03:46pm
I liked each story, but I can not say that I fell in love with them. They were a little predictable for me and I felt that when a spanking took place, it would tend to be unrealistic. Simple, Christian DD. All in all, not a bad read.
EJ on 11/04/2012 08:59pm
I really enjoyed this collection of stories. They are great romantic examples of loving and firm men. These titles are among my favorites from Susan Joseph. Each story was unique in it's plot and the respective characters are believable and interesting. The dialogue was great throughout and I couldn't wait to continue reading about the next couple after I finished each one.
Michael on 10/27/2012 10:25pm
I enjoyed all 4 of these stories. I liked the link between them and the fact that each story told a little more about the others. My favorite I think had to be I Take Thee John. I was a nice wrap up of the brothers' lives with their wives.
angelia on 10/14/2012 04:25pm
Lots of romance great clean read
Alicia on 09/17/2012 12:05pm
I really enjoyed each and every one of these books because they really show the love and devotion each of the couples had for one another. Each brother and their wife all live a DD lifestyle but that didn't stop them from having ups and downs that any nmarried couple might have. It did show though how with work you can get thru just about any problem if you both try hard to put the other first.
JN on 09/05/2012 08:13pm
I really enjoyed these stories. They left me hoping that there really are caring but firm men out there. I'm looking forward to future books involving these characters.
Esther on 07/08/2012 10:59am
Every one of the stories in this collection is going to touch your heart. They are sweet stories of men who believe in leading their families with love and discipline, and their women who support them and flourish in the security this leadership provides. If you like to read clean Christian novels this is definitely for you!
drb on 07/04/2012 06:44am
I enjoyed all these stories. Great old fashioned values in a contemporary setting. Each story has a uniqueness that makes them refreshing yet ties them so well together you truly get to know all the characters of the story line.
cc on 06/30/2012 01:25pm
This was a great introduction for me into a traditional Christian valued marriage. Great collection of story themes and it leaves you knowing the characters and wishing for it not to end or a sequel to each of these couples. cc
Pooky on 05/30/2012 04:00pm
I loved this Collection. If you are looking for sweet romantic stories with a Take Charge Kind If Guy. Without all of the sex, but you still want to have some spankings, well than here you go. These women have to learn a lesson from each spanking, they know what a traditional marriage is. Their husbands love them and are just looking out for there own good. How sweet is that.
SH on 05/23/2012 02:09pm
These stories were ok. A little simple/predictable for me though.

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