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Frank and I

By: Anonymous
Published By: Blushing Press
21 Chapters/ 93,149 words
Heat Level:
4.3 Out Of 5 (4.3 on 6)   |  Write a review

 "Frank" and I is part of the Blushing Books historical reprint series.

This is an authentic Victorian book, fully edited, and reformatted for Blushing Books, with a new introduction by Bethany Burke. We are committed to bringing to our readers - and preserving for posterity - these erotic classics, in affordable and readable volumes.

"Frank" and I is one of the true classics of BDSM/flagellation erotica. Little is known about the origins of "Frank" and I. Unlike some "Victorian" erotica which is the product of the 1960s, this book is genuine. It was originally published in Paris in 1902, in English, by a well-known French publisher of erotica, Charles Carrington.

"Frank" and I is the story of a young runaway teenager, "Frank" who is discovered along a country road one day by "Charles," an upper-class Victorian era "thirty-something" bachelor. Impressed by the "lad," (and equally certain that his plan to "go to sea" is not particularly sound) Charles decides to take the boy home and take him in. Frank becomes a good companion to Charles, but, as all teenagers will, the "boy" eventually falls afoul of his guardian, and Charles determines to give the boy a birching. In short order, with the boy's pants down the truth is discovered: "Frank" is a girl. Charles decides to keep his discovery secret, even from "Frank," and allows the deception to continue for another three years, before "Frank" finally herself confesses the truth to her guardian. After the point of the confession, the tale follows both Charles and Frances for another fifteen years.

It is worth reading this book for the realistic picture painted of late Victorian / early Edwardian "sexual" London, if for no other reason. "Frank" and I is a classic of Victorian erotica that should not be missed. With its realistic and authentic-feeling story and largely consensual nature, it is immensely readable for the twenty-first century reader, lacking the violence and extremes which make many historical erotic works uncomfortable for the modern reader. Yet, simultaneously, it is undeniably a "period" work, and the glimpses it gives us into another time and place are well-worth the read.

However, customers should be aware that as an authentic reprint, which we do not edit or censor in any way, there will be scenes which we would not normally publish in our current and contemporary works, specifically scenes which describe the punishment and/or physical contact with minors.  

Laurel on 12/18/2013 07:37pm
This was so well done. How two people develope, grow up and learn to love. Very romantic with a bonus of spankings.
Laurel on 12/18/2013 07:33pm
This was so well done. How two people develope, grow up and learn to love. Very romantic with a bonus of spankings.
Thursday Night on 08/09/2013 02:13pm
Enjoyable and long--it is definitely a must read for any spanking-enthusiast.
DAWN on 04/02/2013 05:52pm
This was definitely a different book but I enjoyed just the same. I liked watching the roles they played and the love shared develop over the years
Jean on 12/15/2012 02:13am
If you are a fan of the older Victorian reprints, this is one of the best. Definitely in a class with the better known books of the genre.
Carolina Spanked on 05/21/2012 06:54am
We have our cherished copy we picked up at a used bookstore. Now, you have your chance to peruse a tale with a unique plot line. The story set in Victorian England follows the covert identity of a young woman disguised as a boy while living at her master’s house. I will leave it to you to find out of the aristocrat, whether he recognizes a girl’s bum when her pantaloons are demanded down for a proper caning, or does he discover her secret later in boudoir.

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