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Tangled Lies

By: S.K. Fero
Published By: Blushing Press
12 Chapters/ 58,907 words
Heat Level:
4.4 Out Of 5 (4.4 on 8)   |  Write a review

 Sydnee Prescott’s life is perfect. Well, almost perfect. Business wise, the fraud investigation firm she is a partner in has become The Firm to hire and they have more work than they can handle. On a personal level, she still hasn’t gotten over her divorce seven years ago. They had been young, naïve, and in possibly more lust than love, but she still agonizes over the marriage that ended so badly. She felt that Cade let her down when she most needed him, yet no other man has ever won her heart.

Cade Tanner’s life has been nothing but frustration for almost as long as he can remember. His father forced him to take on a position in the family’s company that he didn’t want, and meddled in his personal life as well. Some of that meddling helped destroy his marriage. And no matter how hard Cade has tried, he can’t seem to fall in love again. He can’t forget the woman who challenged him, drove him crazy in bed, and tolerated his need to be a dominant in their relationship.

Never thinking they would see one another again, neither expected to be forced to do so. Before Cade can really consider walking away from his role in Tanner-Harbiger he learns the IRS is about to start a serious investigation into possible fraud and embezzlement within the company. The board demands that Triple D Investigators be hired to do the internal investigation. A firm in which his ex-wife is a partner, and the person who would handle the investigation. How can they possibly work together? How can they resist their still powerful sexual needs for one another? Even more, how he can protect her from both his father’s hatred of her and from someone out to harm her during the investigation?

Denise on 06/26/2014 08:24am
It almost seemed that the story was written and then the spanking scenes were placed sporadically throughout the story to add that aspect to the tale. They were not as detailed as the other parts of the story either. Again, almost as an afterthought. The spanking after she was kidnapped, strangled and almost killed was the best example of my thoughts. I liked the partners and his brothers, and thought the plot was good. She tended to loose her character as the story went along and became more submissive, which i liked her more at the beginning of the story. Still, worth the read.
Laurel on 01/05/2014 05:18pm
This was very enjoyable. The sex is hot and so are the spankings. Two people who were married then divorced because of a huge lie meet again after 7 years. Good plot.
lana on 04/17/2013 04:08pm
I like this story. A very hot and inspiring girl that can handle her own runs back into her very hot and high and mighty boyfriend.. When everything is revealed in the end He is a great guy and loves her alot.
Jill on 01/08/2013 02:58pm
This was a hard book for me to like. First off Brandt is a hard character to warm up to and I felt like Sydnee in just too giving to Brandt you could tell she still loved him, but even by the end of the story I still do not feel that Brandt really gave his whole heart to her his pride kept getting in the way. I personally do think that the author made this a very developed story yet would have like more details on what caused Sydnee and Brandt to divorce. I also feel that some of the spankings were uncalled for. Maybe the author should have made some of them more erotic spankings verse always punishment spankings. Note to the author I would read a sequel of this book involving Sydnees partners. I still think the book is worth reading. JL
Cynthia on 10/09/2012 05:25am
Warning: this book is smoking hot. You’ll wonder how the hero and heroine don’t spontaneously combust. Sydnee Prescott and Brandt Tanner had a flaming hot romance 7 years ago that ended in them getting married. But the marriage was doomed from the start. Brandt’s father was a tyrant that ran Tanner-Harbiger International and never thought Sydnee was good enough and not only sabotaged their marriage but set her up to die. When Brandt believed his father’s lies and gave Sydnee a harsh punishment she left and divorced Brandt and hasn’t seen him in 7 years. Now she is a partner in a fraud investigative firm called Triple D Invest. When a potential new job lands across her desk and she sees it’s with Tanner-Harbiger she blows a gasket at her two partners Ryker and Kodie. They both know the volatile history between her and Brandt how could they do this to her. But neither of them had put two and two together and she allows them to live  . Her curiosity gets the better of her about the IRS Audit being brought against Brandt’s company for fraud and finance misconduct so she agrees to a meeting with Brandt and his brothers. Brandt never wanted the CEO position of the company that his father thrust on him. It was giving him ulcers and making his hair go thin. And now he finds out they are being audited and Sydnee’s firm is the one his board of directors has chosen to hire. Brandt, all these years later, admits he was mainly the one at fault for the destruction of his marriage but he is not happy to have to see Sydnee again especially under these circumstances. At the initial meeting tempers flare but both Sydnee and Brandt realize the sexual attraction is still as strong now as it was back then and decide to give in to their animal instincts. These two burn it up every time they are together. Brandt is an alpha with a capital A. It doesn’t take long before things start happening to Sydness again and this time Brandt swears he is going to protect her from his father hatred and from whoever else is out to harm her. This was a well fleshed out story. You got it all from the hot sex between Sydnee and Brandt to the whole mystery of who was behind the fraud. The gradual telling of what happened to their marriage throughout the book was also very well written. You also fell in love with 4 other men during this book. Sydnee’s partners Ryker and Kodie who were ex-special forces and plenty alpha in their own right and Brandt’s brothers Jeffery and Neil . I would love to see books for all 4 of those hunky men.
Tamara on 09/24/2012 03:12am
I liked this story a lot. The way the two main character found their way back to each other was done really well. I loved seeing him stand up for her. And it has a great viper to root against, something I always like in a story.
Joan on 07/20/2012 09:19am
This divorced couple is forced together through their work and their emotional attraction for each other stirs things up again. The ex-husband is very alpha male and the chemistry between them is very hot!
angelia on 06/10/2012 09:39am
Enjoyed reading it I really enjoyed that it had a plot and keep me wanting to keep reading to see what happen

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