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The Naughty Adventures of Benji

By: Jay Pygyos
Published By: Blushing Press
3 Chapters / 53,753 words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 2)   |  Write a review

The Naughty Adventures of Benji combines three Smaller Stories into one great Femdom Novel!
Chapter One:
Pygoys returns with more hot spanking. This time, we enter the world of Benji and his "aunt" Linda, who takes over his correction when he becomes too unruly for his mother.

Linda is a serious spanker, and even though Benji is a college student and nearly a grown man, he's punished regularly and thoroughly with no thought to his modesty.

Primarilly fem dom, there are still multiple recollections of Janet, Benji's mom, and Linda herself, of their own punishments growing up.

Chapter Two:
Benjie's severe discipline adventures continue at the hands of Aunt Linda, assisted by other capable ladies. Benjie is allowed no modesty or privacy as he is spanked, strapped, and switched, as well as given punishment enemas.

Story also contains recollections of female characters own disciplinary experiences as girls.

Chapter Three:
Benjie's Aunt Linda is very experienced in the arts of discipline, both in receiving it and dealing it out, since she raised her own siblings with a firm hand, including Benjie's Mom Janet, and two younger brothers. Being the head disciplinarian for her adoptive father didn't spare her own bottom however, and she remembers the humiliating and painful, but exciting rituals very well. Taking care of Benjie- bathing him, spanking him, keeping him regular and regulating his urges- has only made those memories stronger, and her own accompanying urges more insistent. It is with trepidation and determination that she finally summons the courage to approach her new "stepmother" with a difficult but necessary proposal. As our story opens, she is about to be instructed in the current methods of her very particular father. Linda knows that she deserves whatever she gets, after all, it has been far too long since her own bottom was made as red as she routinely makes her nephew's. She has placed Benjie in the capable hands of Mrs. Manning in order to spend some time learning the positions and procedures that she will need to know for her father to resume her discipline.

This story includes some material from earlier Benjie stories in order to provide background, but the greatest part concerns spanking the women of the family. It cuts back and forwards in time in order to ensure that everyone is embarrassingly exposed and soundly spanked including Linda, her sister Janet (both as a girl and with her new husband), her younger brothers, Benjie, and her father's wife May (a woman of about her own age). Despite the warmth and affection of family life, no one gets off lightly.
k on 03/17/2014 04:43am
"""Very, very hot F/m (mostly), M/f (some), and F/f (a bit in Chapter 3, mostly make-pretend). Yes there's some repetition; but it's only the very general outline of a scene that's repeated: the details are different, the emotions/thoughts of characters are different, the dialogue is different. The punishment of the docile-yet-naughty nephew is definitely sexualized, but no there is no actual incest. We have the delish cake, and eat it too! This is spanking lit at its most titillating. This isn't just Frieda bent Friedrich over her lap, and beat his buttocks with a hairbrush: here is ritual, here is teasing and humiliation multiplied because so matter-of-fact, here is anticipation of the inevitable, here are memories of childhood punishments, here is the gift of surrender exchanged for the gift of release, here is voluptuous slow seduction. Finally, the leitmotif of Aunt Janet's occasional remembrances of her (also sexualized, though within very specific boundaries) girlhood punishment at her stepfather's hands culminates in her asking for, practicing for, and awaiting a fully adult (presumably more severe and sexualized) punishment at the same man's hands -- side by side with the man's young wife."""
SmutDickted on 02/03/2013 07:09am
This is made up of 3 chapters. Most of it is about Benjie who goes to live with his Aunt who administers a lot of spankings to keep his behavior in line. Along the way we cross all sorts of boundaries although there is not real sex (hand jobs and similar). The CP scenes are hot and I enjoyed Chapter 1 and 2 very much. Chapter 3 is where it lost me. Much of it was a repeat of Chapter 1 (making me feel a bit cheated) literally so I got bored and had a hard time staying interested until I got to new material. There is a LOT of spanking in this one - the term spankbank would most def. be appropriate if that does it for you. I also liked it was F/m which is new, but it was very limited to standard spankings with implements like paddles, brushes, switches, etc. No CBT or any other sort of exposure on that side. There is enema action. It was very hot it was just repetitive at times, although the gradual progression felt better than being thrown into the action.

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