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A Stitch In Time

By: Chula Stone
Published By: Blushing Press
5 Chapters /28,865 Words
Heat Level:
3.4 Out Of 5 (3.4 on 7)   |  Write a review

"You are a brute and a peeping Tom," Millie Beth rasped out at him again, now close to tears. "You should learn some manners."

"And you should save your squalling 'til I've done with you," Coleman replied. With no warning and no hesitation, he caught her wrist and pulled her down over his knee. Feeling he had already seen her bloomers once today and another peek could do no more harm, he flipped up her skirt and applied several loud forceful whacks to her round, quivering buttocks. She squirmed and fought, but made not a sound, not wishing to draw her mother's attention to this further humiliation. Thinking he had Flora's mandate, he made no attempt to lessen the noise of the punishment he was meting out.

In 1895, a man taught his woman a lesson any way he saw fit, and Coleman knew the best way to make sure Millie Beth settled down was to make sure she couldn't sit down. Millie Beth as a romantic young lady found him unworthy, or did she? He certainly had a forceful way of getting and keeping her attention. And where was her widowed mother who should be helping her in all of this? Flora had distractions of her own.
Denise on 02/17/2015 09:55am
My biggest obstacle with this book was it's believability. From the first punishment to the last, I felt the men were bullies. Like other reviewers i felt the story was put in after the punishments were written. I loved the premise of the story though. It's hard to give a good rating when you don't like either male lead. They may talk and say they love these woman, but i didn't believe it for a minute. When Mr. Collins apologized at the end, it was a little too late.
Connie on 03/16/2014 07:58pm
This is the first book of a four book set about the same family and their friends. This takes place in the late 1800s is Millie Beth and her mother, a widow, are discussing Millie needing to socialize find a husband.. Both mother and daughter find love with strong dominant men. Throw in a mystery, a little danger and we have a really good story. Can't wait to read the others.
drb on 12/08/2013 01:04pm
This is an OK story, not much plot, though. The story line and scenes were created just for the spankings -- ok, if that is all you want from a story.
CB on 01/09/2013 05:56pm
A nice little love story. too short though
Sassy on 01/06/2013 12:51pm
This is a spanking novel filled with spankings. It's a light read...maybe good for someone's first spanking novel.
Alicia on 09/08/2012 06:40pm
This story is mostly made up of a lot situations were the female characters get spanked, a lot. If that is something you like then this is definitly a good book for you.
Joan on 07/20/2012 09:35am
This story was okay, but I didn't develop any strong feelings for the characters. The spanking scenes didn't even seem very exciting. I've found some of Chula Stone's other stories much better.

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