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A Wintry Affair

By: Jamie Phillips
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 Blushing Books® and Jamie Phillips
10 Chapters / 42,000 words
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The feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has nothing on the feud between the Allesandros and the Pascoes.

 Alicia Allesandro doesn't know why her father hates Ian's father. She only knows that at his age, if he learns that she is in love with his enemy's son, it would most likely kill him. Ian Pascoe has no idea what lies at the heart of this decades old feud, either. He only knows that his father blames Alicia's father for all the ills that have befallen his family.

But this will not deter these two star-crossed lovers. They are determined to be together—anywhere and anytime. However, it means sneaking around and hiding, which only serves to heighten the excitement of their secret encounters in which Alicia regularly goes over Ian's knee and receives a good, painfully delightful spanking. Fortunately, they have the cold, icy, snowy Northeastern winter weather to help shield them from small town scrutiny, but winter doesn’t last forever and their need is too strong to stop. Can they find a way to be happy together without anyone getting hurt?

 Publisher's note: This book is a newly edited and revised version of a book previously published under the same title. This love story contains spanking and sexual scenes.

Chapter 1

"We each choose a kink to use with each other when we meet? Is that what you're suggesting?" Ian asked suspiciously. He hadn't dated for ten years but this forwardness in modern women was an innovation he could happily live with. It made life so much simpler.

"It doesn't have to be different every time," Alicia said, struggling to keep her embarrassment from showing. Really, what did he want to discuss it for? It was lovers' talk, not a contract negotiation.

"All right," said Ian. "I'll go first so you can see if you think it's still a good idea."

Alicia was already regretting her suggestion. She should just have gone ahead with what she wanted to do and suffer the humiliation of rejection if he didn't like it. "Okay," she said slowly. It was too late to turn back now.

"I want to spank you a hundred different ways," Ian said.

"Are there a hundred different ways?" Alicia asked, smiling despite the strange feelings his words had produced.

"We'll count and see," Ian replied. "Now, what's yours?"

"I want to give you a blowjob," Alicia said, blushing slightly.

"That's your choice?" Ian asked incredulously.

"Don't you want me to?" Alicia asked, nervously. It seemed she'd been right to be wary of his reaction to what she believed was still a minority practice.

"Of course I do," Ian replied hurriedly. "It just seems like I've gotten two first choices."

"Then don't complain."

"I wasn't. I just wanted to be sure we were playing fair."

"Sam doesn't like oral sex," Alicia explained. "He thinks it's dirty."

"That is the general idea," Ian said dryly, hoping he wasn't overstepping the line. No criticizing each other's partners was the first rule they'd made when the affair began only seven short days ago. Not that he'd had a partner since his wife Ginny left, taking the kids and divorcing him in quick order. And, he was pretty sure Alicia's boyfriend, who was also her Dad's company accountant, was only sniffing around. He didn't see any passion in the relationship. It was as if Sam hoped Alicia would someday just realize that she had to marry him because she had few other good choices in their small town.

 "He doesn't see it as nice dirty."

"Then we have a deal," Ian said and immediately wished he hadn't. Real estate was a good line of work in some ways, like not being missed for an hour or two in the afternoon or evening, but it tended to creep into the way he thought and spoke. He didn't like that and he particularly didn't like it when he was with Alicia.

Alicia stroked his hair away from his forehead and kissed him. His hair was golden in the summer but, now, with the gray winter skies blocking the sun, it was dark honey blond. She'd known of him all her life but they'd never spoken until now because their families didn't meet socially. That's the way it had been until they'd been forced together by a pushy out of town meeting facilitator. The reason they had never spoken was some old dispute over business in their fathers' younger days. Every year of their growing up, she'd been sent away to a private school while he attended the local one. And that distinction was part of it, she knew. His family's fall from local grandeur was, in some way, related to her family's wealth. Now here they were together, her insides melting, fluttering wildly as they did in his presence. Just being near Ian made her so wet it was embarrassing. But was it love or just the desire to taste forbidden fruit?

"I think you should go first," she whispered. She wanted to make the delicious feelings last, not rush herself. Not since university five years ago had she felt or tasted a man that way. She'd thought she never would again, until Ian kissed her and they'd made love in the back of his SUV with its darkened rear windows.

"Okay," Ian agreed, easing himself upright, out of her encircling arms. He glanced out the windows, steamy with lovers' excitement, to confirm there were no passers-by to witness what came next. He couldn't bear it if they were disturbed, now he was so close to his oldest fantasy.  No one was about and why would there be here, deep in the forest, on a cold, stormy January day. Only his conscience told him that one day there would be someone and his father and Alicia's father would be plucked from the Cold War they'd maintained since the 1970s into a very hot war. He knew that and yet he couldn't stop. He ached to be with her every moment of the day.

Alicia saw Ian's anxious scouting of the outer world and felt his fear. She had none. In the small cocoon of his car she could forget the outside world even existed and his fear seemed like a betrayal of their love, for it was he who had chosen to start.  He had kissed her. Not without provocation admittedly. Since that first forced meeting, she'd done everything she could to make it happen and for months he'd refused each opportunity. In the end, it had happened when she wasn't trying to seduce him, had practically given up in fact.

 "What do you want me to do?" she asked, when the silence had grown too great and he'd made no further effort to begin.

Ian wanted to say 'do nothing'; he was so hungry to have her as she was—hair tousled, lying back against the car door, her blouse undone and her magnificent breasts thrusting from under the bra that now lay lifelessly on her chest like a necklace. He shook his head to clear the fuzziness that prevented him thinking.

 "Lie across my knee," he said, shifting to the center of the seat and patting his thigh.

Alicia stretched herself across his lap, her tummy doing handstands. She'd never been spanked and would have indignantly refused to allow such a thing from anyone else, but for Ian she would dare anything, face anything. In her wildest fantasies, she imagined herself bravely resisting pain and suffering for him in any of a dozen different ways and now, it seemed, she was to have her fantasies made real but at his hands not imaginary sadistic 'others'.

Her jeans had no pockets at the rear and her rounded buttocks cried out to be touched. Ian ran his palm lightly over each, feeling their resilience even under that gentle pressure. Her butt was her greatest asset, and she knew it, Ian thought wryly. Alicia's pants were always tight across it. But then everything about Alicia was her best asset. If she had a flaw he couldn't see it. He gave each cheek a pat, softly, hardly daring to risk his present and future happiness for what now seemed a foolish whim.

His hand on her ass was heaven. Stroking or patting, it felt good. Sam liked her behind and she liked him liking it. She frowned. She shouldn't have thought that. Sam belonged in that other world, the one outside the steamy, sleet-soaked windows. The one she wanted to forget.

"I'm sure you can do better than that, Ian," she said huskily, when another series of gentle pats tingled her rear.

Ian lifted his hand higher and brought it down quickly onto the tight denim. It landed with a loud smack that made him jump. Alicia gasped but remained still, her head resting on her folded arms. He raised his hand again, cursing the passenger seat headrest that constrained his motion. Alicia's dark eyes followed his hand, and then shut tight when he swept it down onto her bottom again.

"Ow," she said when the stinging warmth from his hand registered its presence on her butt. She shifted forward to get her knees off the car floor and raise her bottom higher on his lap. The next slap landed lower, in the center of her buttocks and it felt right. It had landed too high before. Ian obviously agreed because he shifted his knees under her middle to elevate her still more.

Now the slaps rained down fast and the individual stings of each swat became a hot blur on her smarting flesh. Alicia began to wriggle and she felt Ian wrap his arm around her waist. She peeked through half-closed eyelids to see if he might finish soon and discovered he was, if anything, settling into his job. He was too intently re-arranging her bum to notice he was being watched and the determined expression on his face said clearly she couldn't expect to be released before her behind had become a lot hotter.

Ian slapped Alicia's upturned bottom again, pleased to feel her bucking and squirming in his grasp. He felt a lot more manly doing the job properly. He'd felt stupid just patting her. No sooner had he felt this than a new worry entered his mind. Her heavy winter shoes, kicking at each swat, threatened to damage the seat back or door. He stopped, leaned down and grasped Alicia's left ankle.

"We'll have these off," he said and unzipped her boot.

At his words, Alicia's heart leapt in her breast. When she realized he meant her shoes, she was strangely disappointed. Alicia smiled ruefully at her mixed feelings as he removed her shoes. Did she really want to feel his hand slapping her bare bottom? When it stung so much through denim and cotton?

"My feet will get cold," Alicia said when her boots were tossed behind the seat.

"They're busy enough to keep warm," Ian replied. "I'm more worried about the car. How would I explain a torn seatback or broken door panel?"

"With difficulty, I guess," said Alicia, watching his re-arranging of her bottom on his knee from her cozy spot on the seat. Perhaps because of all the heat his effort was generating in her butt, she felt warm, safe and filled with longing. Her desire to have him now was only equaled by her desire to have him continue with her spanking.

Ian patted her tight bottom and stared sternly at her, receiving a languid, lust filled smile in return. He hadn't missed the way her eyes flared open when he'd said 'we'll have these off' or the crestfallen look that followed when he'd unzipped her boot. It seemed she approved of his chosen kink, which was fair for he was ecstatic with hers.

He raised his hand to continue when a sudden squall noisily dumped more sleet on the windshield. Ian watched and waited. The darkened rear windows made them almost invisible to outsiders, he knew that, but from the inside he found it impossible to believe for he could see out easily enough. Fir branches, heavy with icy slush, swayed ponderously in the wind, sometimes tapping against the car, always casting shadows that flitted menacingly over Alicia's back and bottom.  

 "It's just the storm," Alicia said.

Ian nodded but the fear that strangely heightened his desire remained, sharp in his belly. He shook it off and returned to his task, peppering Alicia's behind with sound spanks that soon had her kicking and wriggling again. He stopped and hauled her back into position.

"Naughty girls who try to avoid their punishment get extra," Ian said sternly, quoting from a porn story he'd once read. It was even more exciting to say than it had been to read.

"Perhaps you should hold me tighter then," Alicia responded tartly, doing her best to help him manhandle her back to where her bum had been positioned for him to spank.

"I guess," Ian replied. He wrapped his arm around her waist and twisted a little so he had a better angle. He couldn't see her face so easily now but he had more control of her this way. He spanked her hard, swatting each cheek in turn, watching her kick with real pleasure. This was how he'd imagined it, him stern and resolute, the girl gasping and kicking, in the end submissively accepting her fate.

Alicia clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms, and shut her eyes tight. She felt like two different people, from the waist up she was motionless, held by waves of conflicting emotions. From the waist down, she was a whirling dervish of activity, clenching and unclenching her cheeks and bucking like a rodeo horse. To be whole again, she needed the muffled slaps landing on her backside to be sharper, more immediate. She arched her back, hungry for the thrill she'd felt once or twice when his hand landed on some special spot on her butt.

Ian noticed the change with relief. It was hard keeping an adult's behind still while slapping it. Until this moment, her bum had been wriggling to escape; now it was turning up to meet his hand. Her tight jeans stretched even tighter across the rounded hemispheres, stressing the glory of her curves, and seeming to demand that he remove them.

"I think we'll have these off too," Ian said, tapping Alicia's denim covered bottom with his fingertips. With his left hand, still under her waist, he undid the button while he studied her damp pink face for dissent. There was no objection so he began sliding the zip down, rolling Alicia on her side to make the job easier.

Alicia gazed steadily at Ian, watching his expression, feeling rather than seeing her jeans being tugged over her upper hip. His face, pink with exertion, mirrored the conflicting thoughts she sensed within him. His expression was by turns resolutely stern, nervously unsure of her acceptance, lustful as her pants gave way to skin and underclothes, then awed when, with a final tug, his dreams were finally displayed. Her love for him, constant and steady from the moment they'd met, surged through her as fiercely as it had on that first occasion.

"Is there any part of you that isn't beautiful?" Ian whispered reverently. He leaned forward to kiss each trembling cheek.

"My feet," said Alicia. "They're horrible. And…"

"Nothing about you is horrible," Ian replied quickly, unable to take his eyes from her pinkly-glowing behind. He kissed her again on each cheek.

"Kissing them better?" Alicia asked sweetly. "It's a bit late for that, isn't it?"

Ian shook his head. "It's too soon for that," he said. "I'm not finished with you yet, young lady." He tucked his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly into his stomach.

Alicia held her breath as his hand swept up to the roof and then descended, landing with a sharp crack on her thinly covered cheeks. The effect was immediate. She felt the sting with every nerve in her body and cried out in surprise.

"That's better," Ian said triumphantly. He very deliberately tugged her panties into the cleavage between her cheeks. "Now we're getting somewhere," he added as he tugged her waistband higher, lodging the material more firmly between her buttocks.

"I didn't know we were going anywhere," Alicia gasped.

"Well we are. We're going to a place where men are men and women are cutely submissive," replied Ian patting her hot cheeks to emphasize his point.

"Oh, Fantasy Island," Alicia said sarcastically. "I've been there."

"Young ladies with bare bottoms," Ian said, punctuating each word with a hard slap, "should be careful how they speak to gentlemen with a free hand."

"Ow. Oh!" Alicia complained fretfully when he rested. His palm, lying softly on her butt felt even hotter than her behind. "Your hand must be sore," she said.

"My hand is just fine, thank you," Ian replied. "Don't think you can squirm your way out of it that easily."

"I'm concerned for you," Alicia protested, indignant he should imagine she was trying to escape from his chosen fantasy.

"You'll need all your concern for yourself soon," Ian replied. "I'm going to blister your butt."

"You can't leave marks," Alicia warned him.

"So far," Ian answered, "all I have to show for my efforts is a pretty pink color. Your behind is as soft as a baby's and tough as old boots. It comes of being perfect, I guess." He pinched each cheek in turn, kneading the hot flesh purposefully.

"I suit pink," Alicia said, "but not black and blue."

"Okay," Ian said, "then I've got a rule for you to follow. From now on you will wear skirts or dresses to our trysts. I demand instant access whenever we're together. It's the only way I can be sure all is well back here." He patted her bottom lovingly.

Alicia considered his demand. It made sense, though she couldn't help feeling rebellious at having what she wore dictated to her.

"All right," she agreed huskily. His wandering fingertips were sliding softly up the inside of her thigh, driving her wild with anticipation, soaking her panties. Even with her lover it was embarrassing, the effect he had on her that way.

"It was an order," Ian said sternly, "not a negotiation." Now she'd agreed to his terms, he felt bold enough to be dictatorial.

"I'm so sorry, master," Alicia retorted sarcastically. "Forgive your humble slave for her impertinence. But wasn't it you who told me once everything was negotiable? I only ask for further enlightenment, of course. Ow," she added, when a glancing smack wobbled her cheeks.

"Don't get smart with me, miss," Ian said, spanking her soundly till she begged for mercy. He paused to let her catch her breath. "Or you'll get a lot more enlightenment than you bargained for."

"I think you're taking your chosen kink a lot too seriously," Alicia pouted. She rubbed her stinging buns with her free hand. The invitation was pleasingly accepted. Ian took her hand in his own, tucking it under her middle as he prepared her for the next flurry of spanks. Alicia clung onto his hand in reply, just holding hands with Ian was a fantasy come true. Everything else was more than she could bear sometimes.

"And you're not taking it seriously enough," he replied, "but I'm going to change that." Ian smacked her bottom hard and the sound of his palm on her skin filled the car. Alicia shrieked. Her head and shoulders rose right up off the seat in shock. He smacked her again and again until she couldn't keep still, her whole body bucking and wriggling as she tried to escape.

Alicia wondered what she'd been thinking of when she'd wanted to feel the sting of his hand everywhere. Now she wished she were back at the start with his muffled spanks lovingly warming her denim-covered seat. His hand on her bare skin was too sharp, too wicked. She longed to scream but daren't in case there was somebody nearby. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shift her bottom out of the line of fire and his hand kept up a steady tattoo of smacks that landed so fast she couldn't breathe. Then, when her desperation had grown to monster proportions, she burst into tears and he stopped immediately.

Slowly, like a wilting stem, Alicia sank back to the seat and buried her face in her forearm to sob out her hurt. She was only dimly aware of his soothing words and hand. The same hand that had brought her to her sorry state, now felt soft and calming as it gently brushed the scorching surface of her bottom. She felt her hand being brought out from under her middle and its fingers kissed. She felt his cool lips touch her cheeks, heard his murmured words of love, and she smiled. He could worship her upturned posterior for a few moments longer then she would have her fantasy fulfilled.

It was difficult for Ian to reach down to kiss her cheeks; he wasn't flexible enough to do it comfortably, so after one kiss on each hot hemisphere he contented himself with admiring. His fingertips traced the curves and crevices of her backside, sometimes following the outer circle of fiery red where it met the ivory untouched skin, sometimes sliding into the dark cleft where the heat could have melted metal and the damp softness seemed to be begging him to enter.

"Boys are luckier than girls," Alicia said, when his fingertips were sliding along the edge of her pantie gusset. "It's a mess down there whenever I'm near you, quite disgusting to be honest."

"It's not disgusting," Ian replied. "It's very flattering."

"If you say so," Alicia said. "Now let me see if you're as flattering to me." She began to wriggle backwards off his knee.

"Don't go," Ian pleaded. "Give me just one more minute."

Alicia stopped. His pleasure in her body meant more than her desire for him. Knowing someone could get so much pleasure just from looking at her was, in itself, a pleasure. It had been so long since it had happened she'd forgotten people could feel that way.   

"One minute," she said smiling at him through still blurry eyes, "then it's my turn to make you wriggle."

Sleet lashed the windows, the car rocked in the blustery wind, and Alicia lay quietly over Ian's lap as hot as if they were in the Caribbean. She liked the storm outside. It mirrored the storm of emotion she was enjoying inside and without the bad weather for protection Ian would be forever furtively glancing out the windows for joggers, dog walkers, or police cruisers. In their small town, the police, the public and the business community were on first name terms. Any whisper of Alicia seeing Ian would send her dad ballistic, probably Ian's dad, Joe Pascoe, too, though Joe might take pleasure in his son screwing his enemy's daughter.   

"God, you're beautiful," Ian murmured for the hundredth time.

"I'll be just the same next time," Alicia replied matter of factly. "But for now your time is up." She slid from his lap, landing with her bunched up jeans under her knees, protecting them from the rubber car mat. She was glad of the cushion for the ridged mat was hard. It reminded her briefly of church, kneeling on the hassock, elbows on the bookshelf of the pew in front. Only her elbows were on Ian's thighs and her fingers weren't interlaced in prayer, they were gently unzipping his fly.

"Are you sufficiently flattered," Ian whispered as she opened his pants, revealing the bulge below.

"More than I deserve," Alicia said, pulling his shorts' waistband down while Ian struggled to raise himself off the seat to help.

"Never that," Ian whispered. "You deserve all that you desire."

Alicia couldn't answer. Her mouth and soul were too full for words.


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