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Her Balancing Act

By: Alyssa Bailey
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2016© Blushing Books® and Alyssa Bailey
13 Chapters / 73,000 words
Heat Level:
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Life for busy newlyweds Cheyenne and Quinlan is a balancing act at the best of times, but someone is trying to tip the scales against the young couple, and the results could be devastating.

Quinlan O'Connor went on a quest to find and marry the love of his life, Cheyenne, and now they are deep in the challenges of creating a life together. Their days are full of their new home, ranching, business building, and law enforcing. To top it off, they have decided to build a private BDSM club for people who enjoy a bit of kink in their lives, and they're joined in that venture by their closest friends.

Life is falling into a comfortable routine when Cheyenne takes on a new accounting client. She is happy to land another big fish. But as she begins the arduous task of cleaning and setting up the ranch's neglected accounts, she finds discrepancies that she cannot ignore. The more she digs, the deeper the quagmire becomes, until soon, its mysteries consume her days and nights. Her loving cowboy cop has something to say about the disruptions to their life, and Cheyenne finds it difficult to be submissive when appropriate, keep her secrets when necessary, and stay safe when things get out of control.

Quinn prides himself on his ability to step back from Cheyenne's chosen career, allowing her to conduct that business as she sees fit. That is until someone vandalizes her home and ranch offices, her truck is tampered with, causing a life threatening accident, and more. He watches his bride go from fun-loving to moody and avoidant. Unable to sit back any longer, his dominant nature emerges in full protective mode. He needs to save Cheyenne from forces both internal and external by using any means necessary. His vast arsenal includes enlisting his friends, family, and an assortment of personal methods and implements at his disposal. He needs to reestablish the balance their life once had – before they lose it all.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, BDSM play, and sexually explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Chapter One


Cheyenne closed her own business ledgers and sighed. Her husband had said he seriously needed to talk to her. She thought back on her day and knew that what he wanted to discuss wasn’t about her. She knew she still had some settling in after the wedding. Even after two years of being together, it was different once you were married. Things had calmed down now that they were in a routine. It took them a little while to get into a normal rhythm because Quinn had an accident when they were moving into their new house.

Quinn’s stubbornness was the cause of the accident because he did not want his family to know he was more than a dominant in name only. He’d gone to great lengths to keep his tastes hidden. The frontal piece of the door from the office to the basement was a bookshelf. Quinn had no intentions of a nosy person wandering down there.

 He had taken down the first pieces of their home playroom to the basement without assistance and fell, gaining a significant concussion. She shuddered at her ability to stand down two of the O’Connor men and tell them that they were a big part of the reason her husband was in the hospital.

After she had dressed down his family because of their immoveable expectations, her relationship with those menfolk was more comfortable. Cheyenne smiled because it had become so comfortable in fact, that she had been threatened several times by her new brothers to offer her up as a spanking sacrifice to her husband when she crossed the line too far. It had been a month since the last episode. She shook her head in remembrance.

She had been told by the guys that she could ride any horse that was available at the time except their own mounts. Those were too spirited and one-man horses. Who knew riding on the newest acquisition would get those same men so riled up? Well, Audacious did balk at the saddle a little, but he took it well enough. That little faux pas earned her a long training session on equine livestock, stable rules, and safety, leaving her with a pronounced sore butt, but ­they had all survived the experience. She was to ask one of the workers next time she wanted to ride. She hated that. Cheyenne smiled as she stood to check her goulash before settling back in her chair.

 “So, if I have to ask every time I ride, I’m getting my own horse,” she had boldly announced. “When is the next auction?” The adult table at the weekly family dinner became silent. “Why are you acting so weird about it?”

Cheyenne looked around the table with an incredulous demeanor. The women were looking anywhere but at her and the men continued to eat as though she had not spoken. Quinn and Ciarán said her name at the same time. “Cheyenne,” Quinn continued, “I’ll help you find a horse, but you aren’t going to go and buy your own just because you didn’t get your way.”

“You think that’s it?” she hissed in as low a volume she could muster as angry as she was with her husband. “You think I’m just being a childish woman who didn’t get her way so she’s going to do something to spite you all? That’s rich coming from a man who didn’t like the dog the department chose for you to work with so you and Ciarán bought one special and offered the use of it to the department but only with you.” She threw her fork on her plate and followed it with her napkin before shoving her chair back, grabbing her purse and slamming out the door.

“What the hell?” yelled Liam. He earned an arm smack from his wife and several shhh’s from the table. He had the good grace to look apologetically at his wife.

Quinn rolled his left hand over and shrugged his left shoulder. “I’m sorry, guys. I don’t know about her sometimes. Different situations seem to get to her, and I can’t anticipate them. I haven’t figured her tells yet.”

Katie spoke quietly. “Did you do something after the last riding incident that would make her not feel comfortable riding one of the stock?”

“We discussed the ill-advised move of picking the newest horse for her romp down the trails before we had the chance to acclimate him to the rest of the yard if that’s what you mean.”

Katie nodded. “Then you had better go find your wife and apologize. After that is done, you take Ciarán and the three of you find her a horse she can call her own. I don’t think you guys understand the meaning of ownership and belonging when you own all you survey.”

Jocelyn concurred. “Yep. All of us women are grafted in, and it can feel a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Cheyenne needs to have some things she calls her own to allow her to slip into her placement with everyone. Go get her a horse.”

The very next day they began the search and within a week they brought home Melody, a beautiful Chestnut Quarter horse with plenty of spunk. “I think you’ll like this one, but you need to bond so every day I expect you out here, taking care of her and riding her.” That had been several weeks, and Cheyenne hadn’t been happier.

Now, they were into a nice routine, and she relaxed in it. They had decided not to have children yet. It was mostly Cheyenne, but Quinn was fine with it. They would start soon enough, but it was nice just the two of them right now. They had lots of O’Connor nieces and nephews to love on if they had the urge.

Cheyenne looked at the clock and then glanced one last time at her list of things to accomplish and felt good about how much she crossed off the list. She had worked on making sure their own books were in order, and now it was time for Quinlan to tell her about all the investments he had made. She knew he had some in the Montana ranch, the Circle C as well as his inheritance portion of the Emerald Isle and wanted to make sure she knew the contracts or the agreements and obligations. She got up to finish dinner.

Just as she was reaching for plates to set the table, strong arms wrapped around her middle and lips nuzzled her neck before placing a nibble and kiss. She leaned back into her husband with a giggle.

“Mmm, this is a nice appetizer.” Quinn’s hot breath bathed her cheek before he turned her just enough for a kiss. “I can’t wait for dessert.”

“Well, do you mind if we have the entrée first?” she teased.

Sighing loudly, he playfully popped her bottom and squeezed one last time before taking a step back. “I guess.” He perked up. “Do I have time for a quick shower? It’s been a long day.”

“Yep, you have fifteen minutes.”

“Great, be back shortly.”

Quinn came down with damp hair and a generally casual, mussed look about him that squeezed Cheyenne’s heart.

“How was your day? Chase any criminals?”

Quinn took a large serving of goulash and bread. “Nope. We had only one call of any importance today and then it blew over before it became anything.”

Cheyenne dished her own dinner. “That’s supposed to be good, right?”

He shrugged. “Sure, but I’m used to responding to all in the county, not just the city limits. It can feel a little boring, you know?”

“I can see that. Speaking of the mundane, I have some accounting questions. I know you have things worked out, but I really need all your paperwork on your investments so I can handle the taxes when they come around.”

“I just throw money into the pot when Ciarán or Liam are doing something new or expanding and let them handle it from there.”

He made it sound so haphazard, but she knew her husband, like the rest of his family, invested carefully and knew exactly where their money was. He took a big bite as though he hadn’t eaten this week. Cheyenne smiled. It was nice to have your dinner appreciated in such a tangible way.

“Yes, well your wife is handling it now, and I need to know how much everyone is contributing. I work in concrete numbers. It’s easy from Liam and Ciarán, they just have a wage they pay themselves just like all other employees, and then the rest is put into specific accounts by percentages. You have a payout into an account that varies according to the profit margin and your investment.”

“Yep and whatever that is, I just leave it there to reinvest the next time. I don’t know the actual breakdown off hand. I just reinvest as needed, and so far, the profits have been consistent. I can get you the statements. I’ll just put you on everything, and you can put it together, that work?”

“Yes. You aren’t at all like those other two. They are always watching the numbers.”

“Right but it is their livelihood, it isn’t mine. I check on my balance a couple times a year but my operating account I know by heart. Which brings me to another topic I wanted to talk about with you. I’ve been thinking about another way to invest my ranch earnings.”

“Well, that means you had better put me on all your accounts if I’m supposed to keep up. What did you have in mind?”

 “I should have done it already. I’m sorry to be so slow to take care of that.” He took a drink of iced tea. “I know we haven’t talked much about money, but while I love to ranch when I need to, I’m not a rancher full time. That was part of the reason that I went into law enforcement. I’m not a twenty-four-seven rancher. Nonetheless, I do want my money to work for me so I’ve always made some investment into cattle, mustangs, and whatever else the Circle C did. I even threw in for Ciarán’s kennels when he branched out from equestrian.

“Good heavens,” she laughed good-naturedly.

“Da made us work as kids, and he paid us a fair wage for a fair day’s work and Mom made us save it. Besides, it sounds like a lot and I have diversified, but I’m the only one of my brothers who doesn’t own his own business. I like the investing and weekend sweat equity transactions the best. But that might change in the near future.”

“What do you mean? Anything else I should know?” She stood to grab the cobbler from the counter. They often ate in the kitchen, and Cheyenne liked the coziness of it.”

“The additional land we bought last year was a very good investment, and I threw money into it for housing more buffalo of which I support a part of as well. The sheep we put in on the other side of the creek with the rougher terrain are all mine. I even threw in a chunk for the Emerald Isle when they put in that fishing tank for business. It’s actually doing unbelievably well. Paying to fish at a man-made tank is wild. But now, I want to diversify.”

“Diversify? You don’t think buffalo, cows, mustangs, dogs, sheep, fish, guided tours, Forest Service help, and land are not enough diversity? If you ask me, it’s over the limit.”

“When you put it like that, it does sound a bit eclectic doesn’t it?” He shook his head and released a short laugh. “No, I mean in a different direction, a non-ranch connected direction for investment next.”

“You have my accounting business and the rental house we bought before moving in here. Oh, and didn’t you all agree to invest in Cián’s veterinarian practice whenever that happens?” Cheyenne cleared the dinner dishes and served the cobbler and coffee. Her husband liked dessert with every meal. She tried to keep it as low calorie as she could, but that was mostly for her because he burned off everything he ate.

“Yes, but Cián is more than just good business, it’s his start. I can see where you’re going with this though. Good thing I have an accountant wife so that she can keep all the investments straight.”

“I have my own money, Quinn. Dad left me a nice inheritance and the accounting business does well. I can help with things, but we have to figure out a simpler plan, like contributing a percentage or something.”

“Thank you but no, baby, that money is yours, and I want it to stay yours, cleanly. Besides, I’m going to have to ask you to help me with more accounting if I do this new business. I was going to use the property we already have, but I decided it’s too close to everyone else after I thought about it. I do have some property choices, and I’d like you to look at with me and then we can discuss this new endeavor that Josh keeps talking about.”

“You mean you are really going to do it?”

She wondered where it would end? Even though Quinn liked to say he wasn’t a rancher, he put in plenty of off-hours in the ranch. When they visited his folks, he put in a fair amount of time in the Emerald Isle. He was a rancher with a day job. Balancing it all was tricky at times.

“Oh, yes. You mean starting a club like The Sting, near Butte? It’d be a much smaller and more intimate endeavor, of course. It’s mostly for our group, with a very small additional clientele so that we can have the income to support it. We would all pay our dues, but the upkeep would be less. I know we have mentioned it a while back but after the accident, I needed to let it go for a bit.”

They moved to the living room where Cheyenne was drawn into Quinn’s lap. She happily snuggled in tight.

“You wanted to call it The Edge, right?”

He rubbed her hip in small slow circles. “Right, Edgewood. We were thinking Forest’s Edge, but Edgewood is better. Then when Carter, Josh, and Sue moved to Butte, I started to think about it again. I’ve had a few more conversations with the guys and now with Ace and Jacquie moved outside of Butte, it makes sense. The one club near Butte doesn’t have a good reputation or we would all just go there.”

“Oh, don’t forget Ashley and Richard will be moving closer in the next six months, I hear. Wouldn’t that cost a pretty penny? I mean, I know we talked about it, but I guessed it to be a few years away.”

“It could be too expensive all at once, but we would start with the land and then the building followed by furnishing the interior. We would have to have it out of the way because privacy would be the main goal, that and having some fun.”

“Hmm. Do you think you could do it?”

“Yeah. I’ve already spoken to Josh on a number of occasions, and he thinks it’s a great idea. He would be willing to take over the operation of it just like The Sting since his partner sold his interest in that one to another investor. Josh is going to keep his interest in it for a while to see if things settle down again. The new investor has created a shift in clientele. The membership has begun to change, and while his rules are the same, it just doesn’t feel the same to Josh or any of our close friends. Josh was looking to move out of Sheridan after Carter got the job as chief of staff at the large medical group attached to the hospital in Butte. Sue, evidently, worked out her scheduling so her IT job would be done almost entirely remotely. He could let someone else, most likely his brother Keagan, run the place, so he would love to come out here and run ours. Josh and Carter are serious about Sue. She may be the hold out to a more permanent relationship.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I guess they have been approaching the subject of collaring, and she has avoided it like the neighborhood stray.”

Cheyenne’s mind went where it always went during the question of collaring, Quinn’s reluctance to show his claiming in a publicly tangible way. He said when she was ready, and he would know when she was ready. That would be the right timing. Yes, he had married her, but this was a different type of claiming that he refused to acknowledge.

“At least they understand the significance of collaring.” She tried to shift in his lap, pulling her legs out as if to stand up and felt his fingers like a vise grip on her thigh.

“Cheyenne, we aren’t going to discuss this. I married you. I love you. I understand the significance, but you are still not too submissive, my love. Besides, we don’t play at any club these days. I don’t need a collar to stake my claim.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss that she tried to resist unsuccessfully.

“Or don’t want to. It isn’t only that, you know. It has a deeper meaning.” She gave him an annoyed look changing the subject back to Sue when he didn’t respond. “She might be looking for a different commitment as well, the more permanent civil ceremony kind of claiming.”

She twisted in his lap to look him full in the face. “Actually, if Sue moved with them, she’s committed. Women don’t just do that. Not women like Sue anyway. They may offer the collar, but she wants more.” Her demeanor said she was positive of her conclusion.

Flipping the focus back to them and not Sue, he continued. “When the time comes, we’ll both be ready. Now,” he stood up and placed Cheyenne on her feet briskly, putting an end to the conversation. “Josh tells me Keagan has been having a rough time of it lately as his own woman left him high and dry a couple of months ago. Doesn’t know why she left but when he came home, all her things were gone. When he tracked her down, she was in California and wouldn’t come back although he got the impression she wanted to come.”

Cheyenne stopped moving towards the kitchen to clean up and turned to Quinn when he quit speaking. “And?”

“Is there anything else to say?”

“Yes, a whole lot of details you left out. You guys never get the good information. She left. He was upset, found her… and then what?” This could be serious and how horrible that they just left her in California. If she looked like she wanted to come back, then she did.

“Nothing. That is all there is to it, end of story.” Quinn began to walk into the kitchen, and Cheyenne put her hand on his arm.

“Ugh. I can’t just ask him. You’re supposed to know that your wife will want to know more, and ask.”

“Why would you? It isn’t your business anyway. And you need to learn to stay out of what isn’t your business.” He seemed honestly confused.

She sighed her exasperation. “Why would you tell me then or even discuss it if there wasn’t a part of you that needed to know more? Maybe even to help him out with his problem.”

He shook his head. “No, just listening to Josh explain something that was going on. They already did what they could.”

She threw her hands up and continued on to the kitchen. “Never mind. Just go on with what you were saying.”

Quinn shrugged and continued as though he had no idea what he had missed but Cheyenne had a sneaking suspicion that he just didn’t want to encourage her meddling. He always said meddling was a paddling offense, right up there with gossip. She rolled her eyes and then immediately looked to see if Quinn saw it. IF he saw her, he didn’t react, and she counted herself lucky.

 She had just learned recently that meddling was one of his biggest pet peeves. She wasn’t much of a meddler or gossiper, but when she tried to help her nephew Jon with cleaning up his dad’s truck that was in the line of paint gunfire, Quinn explained it was something Jon needed to figure out himself. She didn’t exactly agree in that case, so she logged it in that she just had to be more careful. Evidently, the next time might come with paddle penalties. Getting spanked with a plank in any form was never a good thing.

“Anyway, do you want to go see where I was thinking would be a good place for the club?”

“Of course, let’s go and on the way, you can tell me how you want to set this up.”

They hopped in the truck and pulled off the ranch road onto the main road south.

“Edgewood is what I think we could call it. Wood is exactly where it is located and Edge for the location, control, power, authority, as well as on the edge or fringe of others and with a bite. Think I’m way off?” Quinn cast an inquiring glance towards his wife.

She shook her head. “I like it. I have a love-hate relationship with edging. No one would think of anything but its location.”

“Right, that is just how it should be. Since we name everything we have, it would look like our hideaway, and it would be on our own land and unadvertised. The land is right here, a few miles past the backend of Johnson’s pastureland. I can have eighty acres or half a square mile because that is how they offered the property.”

They went about fifteen miles before turning. “It looks awfully dark.”

“There isn’t anything but forest on the land or around it. I think, even when we have lights on, you won’t see it distinctly. I’ll put in a driveway right down the center with a gate and a fence around the actual place so no one will bother it. Come walk it with me,” he said as he pulled up and started to get out. “It's a little drive for the others, but no one seemed to care as it’s about an hour and that’s not bad—oh, besides, it won’t matter if it is dark because you won’t be coming here alone.”

She allowed her head to loll back, and she did her famous eye roll before turning to reach for the door handle.

“Oh, and Cheyenne,” he glanced over and raised his eyebrows, “we’ve talked about the eye roll. Cut it out.”

“How do you do that? It’s creepy, Quinlan O’Connor, just creepy.” She leaned back hard on the seat and shook her head in disbelief.

Quinn shrugged and hopped out of the truck, coming around to open the door Cheyenne had already opened. She took his offered assistance out and felt a solid pop on her bottom after she cleared the truck.

“All right, I get it, okay?” She rubbed her bottom more for effect than anything else.

Quinn took her hand and laughed, his playfulness warming her belly and destinations south.

After walking about seven acres back, Quinn stopped next to some tagged trees that he illuminated with a flashlight and said, “Here. This is where it will be.”

“Wow, it’s very dark out here,” she repeated, stepping closer to her husband.

“That works in our favor so that if we have our lights on during a play night, you won’t see much from the road, and even if you see the lights on the driveway, you won’t see us as we are down a small hill. I want the parking in the back with most of the windows there as well. The front will have circular drive. I don’t expect too many to come on any given night.”

His voice grew excited in the way she was sure hers did when she found a mystery to solve in the accounting books or discovered lost information solving a numbers puzzle. She had to smile at the enthusiasm.

­­“I figure we will have the setup the same as at The Sting. One night a month or maybe two nights in three months will be an invitation for newbies, and training once a quarter. We can do demos, classes, and the like. I already have a full set of legal documents that I’ve collected from several of the better places I have visited and offered each owner who shared their blank membership forms a free membership to ours for six months.

“I don’t think they will do more than visit the site because it is a distance from them and not established with little to no competition if they are even worried about that. I think that a more select clientele would be the way to go. I’ll talk to Josh about that. We’ll solicit discretely, word of mouth, naughty shops, demos, and several other ways.”                                         

“But wouldn’t it be difficult to ask Josh to be his own competition?”

“Not really. We are far enough away for our membership to be exclusive to each other and yet close enough to share visitor status. Josh and I have spent a while working on the details and I believe, when we are done, we’ll be contract tight, accidental visitor free, and have a good clientele base. We would have weekend promos where we would open for forty-eight hours for those who want an immersion weekend.”

They planned for a while longer and then went for ice cream to satisfy Quinn’s complaining sweet tooth before going back home to play. Cheyenne needed the complete break from daily reality, and Quinn just needed to play with his wife. He led her into their newly built home on the Circle C ranch where he sent her to the bathroom and then to change before going downstairs to the separated basement where their sparse but new playroom resided.

A spanking bench that had different bench features and the St. Andrew’s Cross then the suspension pulley and the shibari stand all built by Parker. Quinn did worry if Kelli would blow up when she found out that some of Parker’s woodworking talent went to this extreme. He had just laid the carpet and pad last night. He was anxious to practice his shibari. It would take Cheyenne out of herself and relax her.

Walking into their playroom in only his jeans, he whistled at his lovely lady in something similar to a string bikini. The push-up bra and barely there panties were all black and red lace except for the tiny triangle gusset, held on by a string.

“You won’t need this top, baby, but leave your bottoms on unless I change my mind. I’m going to practice tonight, and you might need the protection from the ropes.” He ran his hands over her body in awe. “I can get to you if I need to, piscín, never fear.”

Cheyenne laughed nervously as he placed her in the middle of the room where there was a suspension device above her.

“I know you will be careful. I trust you do make this good for both of us, sir.”

She loved the feel of weightlessness when he lifted her up after binding her. The silken strands of the ropes he used were satiny to the touch, and he wound them firmly but never tight enough to cut off circulation. He checked her often. There was a loving tenderness about the binding. As he wound the cords around her skin, encasing her body in a variety of ways, a security formed. His hands were constantly feeling, touching, caressing her body in a possessive, protective way. She would never be harmed in the cocoon of his love, and the ropes of his shibari were the physical manifestation of that love.

“What do you have in mind, this time, sir?” She always asked, and he never told. It had become a type of ritual.

“Just wait and see.”

He began kissing her as he wound and tied the intricate design. Touching and caressing as he worked on reproducing the body art he had been practicing on his created foam rubber dummy. He had her arms and upper torso bound with fine detail, showcasing her breasts as he loved on them. Each time he wound the rope and put another carefully designed element into place he could feel his muscles tighten and his cock harden.

The rope was meticulously trussed and knotted to the suspension frame as he tread around her. He wound the silk carefully around her arms giving them a heaviness that he saw she sank into. Sinking into that feeling of security. He went on to bind her pelvis and hips to place her red and glistening pussy on display as it swelled with desire. The scent was heady, making him almost lightheaded with the perfume of her arousal. Her full weight was supported from every angle.

Finally, he placed her and the suspension octagon that he had attached to the pulley and chain system in place, making sure all elements were safe and secure. She appeared as though she were a tasty morsel caught in the spider’s web. Quinn, just as the spider, slowly approached his tasty morsel to devour her whole. He carefully raised her off the ground. She was so damn beautiful in her submission. When he had her one foot off the ground, he began to reach for the mats but stopped to caress her face and kissed her lips tenderly and then more substantially, taking what she had no choice but to give him.

Cheyenne had grown quiet in the last ten minutes, and while he kept a close eye on her, he needed her to verbally give him her status. ­

 “What’s your color, piscín?”

“Um, blue sir,” she answered dreamily.

“Baby, that isn’t one of your colors.” Confusion came through in his tone as he looked at the quick release knots wondering how fast he could cut her loose if blue meant numb. He mentally began the process.

“I’m better than green, sir, so I’m blue,” she said still a bit fuzzy.

He relaxed. “Good, lómhara, good. I’m going to finish suspending you as soon as I put the mats under you so hold on.”

Raising her at the right play height for Quinn, he tied her off and splayed her folds and played with her bits, edging for a while, playing to keep her orgasm just on the other side of release. He loved her whimpers and begging. Not as a humiliation but because it meant he was doing something right.

“Quinn, please, please…” Her plaintive wail was music to his ears.

“Please what, piscín?” He took her breast in his mouth as his hands teased and taunted the other. He could hear her moan.

“Come, please, I need to c-o-m-e.” Her aroused was at the desperation level as she began to try to rock but to no avail.

“God, please, whatever you want, please just let me go.” It was a new phrase from her and he checked in seeing her breath becoming more rapid and shallow. He couldn’t let her panic, but he didn’t see any signs of that. Still, this was play.

“Chey, piscín, what’s your color?”

She swallowed. “Um, what? Color? Um, orange, burning up…”

“Chey, yellow, green or popsicle, what is your color, honey?”

“Oh, mmm, hot, need to come. Please? Please?”

He took that as she was okay but they would need to practice more on the words so she would have them embedded in her long term. Then he wouldn’t have these moments of worry. He stripped his jeans and tipped her just so, swinging her slightly as he inched inside of her and drove his cock deep.

“Oh, god, yes, please, harder. Faster, more, more.” Quinn knew Cheyenne loved his roughness after he had been tender and he wanted to give her what she begged for. Quinn, who had been hard as cement after he wrapped the first strands of silk around Cheyenne, came right behind her joining in the shout of release. Because she had been sitting on the edge for so long, just as he planned, her frenzied writhing brought on his tumble over the precipice, fast and hard.

As he regained his composure enough to stand up straight, he gently began to reverse the binding process, first lowering her to the ground and then locking the suspension bar in place before releasing her length by length, strand by strand. As he unbound her, he spoke low and lovingly to her to help her slowly come back to him.

“Okay, a lómhara, you are my cailín maith aren’t you, my good girl? Tell me how you are feeling. Give me a color, baby.”

“Good, I’m good, green, sir.”

She was coming back to herself, and Quinn smiled.

“How did that feel, piscín?”

“Amazing, sir. It was as though I had no body and was just floating in nothingness. Like I was balanced on a precipice and nothing could harm me because I was tight in your arms, snuggling into you. I was all warm and cozy and yet floating free without any restraint. Safe.”

Her voice was still rather wispy and dreamy making him feel the tingle of arousal again. Only his Cheyenne could do that to him so quickly. Yes, it was amazing, fucking amazing. He took her to bed.

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