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Seven Days

By: Christina Bruni
Published By: JMS Books LLC
Copyright: Copyright 2017 Cristina Bruni
8 Chapters / 61,200 Words
Heat Level:
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During a golf tournament in Virginia, American golfer Reggie Weston meets Russell Lee, the British former world champion in the sport. The two men hit it off when Russell takes Reggie under his wing, teaching him the tricks of the game. 

As their friendship deepens, Reggie finds himself falling in love with the Englishman, though he knows Russell doesn’t feel the same. He’s painfully aware of the fact that Russell isn’t gay. 

But there’s more to Russell than meets the eye. He’s a troubled soul, plagued by monsters in his head telling him who he should be. He’s spent most of his life hiding his sexuality from the world so he won’t disappoint his homophobic mother. 

Is seven days enough time for Russell to break through the years of hurt and accept the new direction fate has in store for him and Reggie? 


At the window, Reggie studied the bar and swimming pool, because looking at Russell, drunk and lying in bed, was unbearable.

Unbearable and wonderful.

He would have liked to stay, to lay by Russell’s side, to get undressed and help Russell do the same. He would have liked to gently brush his hands along Russell’s naked body -- tickle his chest, his back, his thighs, caress every inch with his breath. He would…

“The monsters, Reggie.”

At Russell’s whisper, Reggie turned.

“Do you ever hear them, the monsters?”

Reggie frowned and approached the bed with long and slow steps.

“The monsters?” he echoed.

“Right, monsters in my head. I always hear them. They tell me things ... what I should do, who I should be ...” Russell’s voice broke into tears. It seemed like he wanted to unload, but forced himself to stop before he went too far.

Reggie sat on the bed, his soul heavy. Russell Lee, the former number one ranked golfer in the world, was tormented by something, a monster that slowly devoured him, whose shadow he easily saw.

Reggie would’ve liked to tell Russell he was there, and he would be forever. He would’ve liked to hug Russell, giving all of himself to provide some comfort. He wanted to do a thousand things and more. He didn’t know how to react, what was proper or not, and he hated himself for that.

So Reggie stretched a hand in Russell’s direction, resting it delicately on his side. The Englishman did the same, holding Reggie’s hand, silently inviting him to lay down, too.

Reggie’s heart thudded against his breastbone, strong enough to strangle his breath. They lay beside one another, hands at their sides and knees brushing. It was intoxicating.

Reggie gazed at Russell’s face to imprint every detail on his memory. Russell’s square jaw, impressive nose, long eyelashes, sculpted lips ... Reggie was dying inside from the need to trace Russell’s profile with his kisses.

He also fought with a demon at that moment. The demon of impossible desire, of making him want that mouth, this body.

“I’ll tell you something,” Russell suddenly whispered, his eyes still closed.

Reggie’s eyes opened at this; he didn’t want to lose anything Russell was going to say or do, not even the movement of his chest going up and down as he breathed.

“Never get drunk just because you’re lovesick.”

Oh, that’s what it was -- Danielle didn’t love him anymore…what an idiot Reggie was. How had he not realized that sooner? He sighed, the passion in him fading as if a bucket of icy water had doused it.

In that moment, with their breaths filling the room and their hearts beating so near that they almost seemed like one, Reggie didn’t have any doubt. He loved Russell, he did. Four days had been enough to realize it.

But there was another thing he didn’t doubt -- his love would always be unrequited. This was a bitter pill. The impossibility of that love was as obvious as the moon high in the sky. But it still hurt more than ever.

He grabbed hold of Russell, and the warmth of Russell’s body filled him fast. It almost seemed like a tease: happiness was just a step away, but he wasn’t allowed to catch it.

Only then did Reggie realize Russell had fallen sleep, a peaceful expression finally on his face. Maybe the monster in his head had stopped screaming.

Reggie knew he should get up and let Russell rest because, should Danielle come back, finding her partner in bed being hugged by another man, it wouldn’t help their relationship.

But his legs didn’t want to follow orders at all. Because Reggie’s heart and soul wanted to stay there, next to the man he loved.


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