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Lilly Blossoms: Lessons in Submission, Book Three

By: Maggie Ryan
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: © 2016 Blushing Books® and Maggie Ryan
19 Chapters / 64,400 Words
Heat Level:
4.9 Out Of 5 (4.9 on 15)   |  Write a review

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Audrey Carballo on 07/25/2016 09:36am
Lilly is the proud bedraggled poor flower girl who sells flowers she poaches from a grand estate for a living. It's a special kind of school. This age play romance develops between Lilly Lancaster and the titled Philip Carrington. Lilly has many secrets in her past and Philip is determined to make her believe she is worth being loved. The characters and setting are beautifully described.
Eva Wade on 07/22/2016 06:52pm
First of all i gotta say i love Maggie Ryan. her books were the first age play i ever read and this book did not dissapoint. i love how the romance builds between lilly and her papa. the school Eleanor who runs it and all the littles running around just make it more fun. Lilly has some serious stuff that has happened to her but i think i wont spoil her story read to find out you wont be dissapointed.
Pico1 on 07/16/2016 01:55pm
Lilly Blossoms is a lovely, feel-good story. Rich man falls in love with poor girl and visa versa is the short version, but it doesn’t do it justice. There is a lot of warmth and good feeling in the developing relationship between Phillip and Lilly, and not much emphasis on the “little” nature of what he is seeking from her. The scenes of love and of punishment are nicely written and mild. The main characters are likable, as are the less important characters in the book – and completing the book made me feel good.
Heart5 on 07/15/2016 05:07am
The romance side of this story is incredibly sweet as Phillip finds little ways to show Lilly how much he cares. Lilly is an incredibly strong, independent woman, and despite her hardships she still comes off as a character that is not in need of rescue. It’s Lilly’s strength and independence that makes her submission to Phillip all the sweeter. This story does contain a bit of an age play dynamic, but it is quite mild, especially compared to some of the authors other books. The focus of this story is much more on the love story between Phillip and Lilly.
Laurel Loughman on 07/14/2016 05:06pm
I have really enjoyed Maggie Ryan's Lessons in Submission stories. Each is a new and unique story that can be read alone. Lilly is a young woman trying to make it on her own by selling flowers to gentlemen for their wives. She is caught eavesdropping in Ms. Eleanor's garden by Phillip. She becomes stuck a precarious position in the tree she is sitting in and Phillip saves the day. An instant attraction is born. Lilly seems to be born to be a little girl, and especially Phillip's little girl. And he desperately wants to become her adoring Papa. I really enjoyed seeing this relationship blossom. I can't recommend this book more. It is a must read.
elizabeth on 07/14/2016 07:22am
Sweet and sexy perfection. I loved the characters and their story. This period age play was so good it was hard to put down. The characters were well developed with great depth as well as being very likeable. You couldn't help but root for their happily ever after!
Joanie M on 07/14/2016 12:47am
Lilly Blossoms is another fantastic book in a wonderful series. Lilly and Philip are both deep and lovable characters, although Lilly is understandably guarded. Miss Summers is delightful as always in her role as a firm, loving headmistress who guides the special men and women in their journeys to become the Papas and little girls they yearn to be. Her school provides the perfect setting for this romantic story of Lilly, a proud flower girl, and Philip, the man who longs to rescue and care for her in all ways. The plot, which incorporates other characters at the school, is compelling; as with all Maggie Ryan books, you won't want to put it down. This one is a must read for age play fans and domestic discipline fans in general.
AGS on 07/12/2016 05:23am
I absolutely loved this book!!! What an amazing couple the author has created – they are perfect for each other. Once I started reading this book I was not able to put it down. It flows effortlessly from scene to scene and the dynamic between Lily and Phillip is one of the best that I have ever encountered in an age-play book. I also love that I was able to glimpse a side of Eleanor that I had not previously seen – and I cannot wait to see more. I am hoping that the next installment in this series is just right around the corner as it is a must read for me.
SH on 07/10/2016 08:58pm
I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this wonderful book. Lilly touched my heart and I loved that even though her life was not easy she found the bright side of things and persevered. The romance that grew between Lord Carrington and Lilly was believable and I found myself cheering them on. This was such a sweet story and a joy to read!
PJB on 07/10/2016 02:52pm
After losing her parents in a tragic accident Lilly has to survive in Victorian England. After she witnesses a girl receiving discipline in her age play relationship, she is caught by Phillip, who is instantly attracted to her and wants her as his own little girl. This is the story of how that comes to be and is sweet sexy and worth the read. Another wonderful read from Maggie Ryan!
Katy Beth McKee on 07/10/2016 10:57am
This the story of Lilly. Life has been hard on her but she is a fighter and a survivor. She is capable of taking care of herself and has made a life after a fashion for herself. In trying to help her Miss Summers who runs the special finishing school made things more difficult. But Lilly has adapted. I love that when Miss Summers realizes what has happened she finds a way to make up for it without doing anything to hurt Lilly's pride or to force her into make choices she might not understand. We see that Lilly is smart but curious and that curiosity is what brings her to Lord Carrington's attention. Again I am impressed in how he doesn't try to make Lilly feel dependent or less because of their different stations in life. And while he takes steps to make sure she is safe he still gives her space and doesn't invade her privacy. When Phillip senses Lilly's fears or something that might have the potential to upset her he does the best to reassure her and to make sure she is comfortable. He also listens and is willing to admit the things he doesn't know. And when he gives a gift you can tell that his heart was involved because it the best and most perfect gift. This story makes you feel good about they way things turn out and how special both the main characters are.
Stylie Kidd on 07/09/2016 08:44pm
A lovely, romantic and erotic story in the ‘Lessons in Submission” series by Maggie Ryan. Centered around the wonderful characters at Miss Summer’s School, which, at the behest of wealthy noblemen in Victorian England, specializes in teaching willing young women to accept their submissive proclivities and respect the “little” side of their psyche. Each story in the series stands alone, and this one is especially poignant and memorable. Young Lilly is a single woman, struggling to support herself by selling flowers in the square. She inadvertently witnesses a disciplinary session between a “little girl” and her “Papa” in Miss Summer’s garden, while Phillip, a nobleman who also witnesses the scene, catches her in her hiding place. Although they are from far different circumstances, they have a chemistry that doesn’t allow Phillip to forget her and he tracks her down and slowly builds her trust. Maggie Ryan is a wonderful writer and delves deeply into the feelings that Lilly and Phillip experience and they dance around the attraction that neither can ignore. I read the story in one sitting, just couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend this book, one of my favorite in the genre.
JJ on 07/09/2016 08:31pm
Maggie Ryan has done it again. Lessons in Submission has quickly become one of my absolute favorite series ever (although when it comes to Maggie’s work, I can say that about all of it). But Miss Summer’s school is such a unique setting, and it offers such a beautiful world for age-play lovers to explore. Here we get introduced to so many special little girls and the amazing men who become their Papas. Lilly Blossoms introduces us to the sweet, brave heroine Lilly, who is struggling to earn a living in a world that seems to make it near impossible, and the man who wants to offer her so much more out of life, Phillip. These characters stole my heart from the minute that they were introduced, and I was rooting for their happy ending from the very beginning. But one of my favorite things about Maggie’s writing is the depth in which she describes the journey that a woman takes when she begins to understand and accept her need for something deeper, and the beautiful moments that occur as she learns what it means to submit. Lilly Blossoms shares one such journey, and it was wonderful to feel like a part of it. I know that I will be eagerly awaiting the next journey in this beautiful series, and anything else that this incredible author comes out with.
Redrabbitt on 07/09/2016 11:39am
The plot of the story is full of emotions, learning to trust and have faith in others, and best of all, willing to submit completely. There is a great cast of characters, many of the previous stories and some new ones that play a role in helping Lilly. The dialog is open, honest and even raw as her tragedy is shared. Phillip proves he is a patient man, keeping his word, gaining her trust and helping her to accept his dominance as she freely learns to submit. Together they both find true happiness, like yin and yang. The story does have some age-play elements, and Lilly does consent to calling Phillip Papa, but it is more in line with D/s relationship, it is explicit in the sex scenes with include anal play.
Laurel Lasky on 07/08/2016 06:23pm
This was a beautiful love story. It was great meeting old friends and being introduced to new ones. A sweet lovely young woman who survived a painful tragic life after losing her parents in a terrible accident. Lilly becomes self sufficient and learns to survive in the Victorian era which was not kind to single women. Phillip feels an instant attraction to Lilly and a wonderful relationship begins. This book has some Age Play, spanking, hot explicit sex, and the gift of submission. I also liked the discriptions of gardening. I highly recommend this book.

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