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Scold's House: Worship Series, Book Three

By: Marie Hall
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 Blushing Books® and Marie Hall
19 Chapter / 75,700 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 8)   |  Write a review

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Jaycee on 07/14/2016 03:18pm
I have really enjoyed the unfolding story of Io and Xavier, and was excited to see a new book come out. Unfortunately, this book fell far short for me. Yes, the writing is superb and the author is able to enfold you into the story immediately, but Xavier's behavior toward Io made me incredibly sad and angry. I always felt he was too harsh, but this time, he went beyond physical harshness and into emotional. He is supposed to support and back his wife no matter what, yet he steps back and allows his mother to continually abuse her. He adds to it by several unfair punishments. Worse, the author leaves you hanging. I really don't think Xavier can be redeemed. He is supposed to be a strong, moral knight but he isn't for the one who should matter the most. I do hope that Io runs fast and far. And finds a man who is worthy of her, because Xavier isn't. I know he will get her in the end, but I hope to hell he has to work for it, and not just offer a few plebeian apologies.
BlueDiamond on 07/06/2016 11:50pm
‘Scold’s House’ is an emotionally charged story that kept me wondering what I’d do if I were in Io’s situation. Unrest falls upon the household when the wicked mother-in-law invites herself for a visit. At first Io relishes in the idea that she’ll finally have a mother, but soon her hopes are squashed as monster-in-law attempts to overthrow Io’s position as lady of the house. Xavier is no help at all and goes as far as to administer several unfair thrashings. Io’s reactions to the evilness make this book difficult to put down, making for a fascinating read.
beautiful light on 06/18/2016 06:08pm
I both loved this story for its heroine and despised the hero. The writing is involved and creative. I hope there is a sequel so that people get what they DESeRVe. Oh and I must say the spankng and sex scenes where very well crafted!
Redrabbitt on 06/18/2016 11:58am
The plot of this story is painful, physically and emotionally for Io. I was in pain and anger reading it. This is a series that must be read in their written order to understand fully and follow this saga. I don’t think we have seen the last of it either, but it has been a year between books two and three. I hope it won’t be another year. We are left hanging. Words hurt more than deeds and what all Io endures with her mother-in-law’s words don’t even come close to the damage from Xavier. The man is a fool and needs to be strung up and whipped. He doesn’t let her speak; he takes the words of others, and all he does is threaten and carry out extreme harsh discipline and then later learns the truth. You can only say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” so many times and then it just becomes useless words. There is a reason in the Bible it tells a man when he marries to leave his parents and be joined only to his wife. That doesn’t mean being disrespectful to your parents, but your spouse becomes number one in your life. Marie, we need book four, please.
SL on 06/16/2016 03:05pm
This was a well written story which was a continuation of Io and Xavier. I have to say I do not personally like stories that do not have happy endings. I don’t like to wait for the next book to come out to see if it ended happily or tragically. Xavier was a jerk in this story. He was a typical man that did not understand that your wife is more important than your mother. I did laugh and cry and want it to work out. So often as in real life communication is the key instead of just disciplining a wife that does not deserve it. I hope the next book comes soon and has a happy ending. The author writes well, and for that I am appreciative.
AGS on 06/16/2016 05:16am
What an absolutely amazing and moving story! I have to say that this series is one of my all-time favorites and I cannot wait to read the next installment in Xavier and Io’s life together. I would recommend that prior to reading this book, you read the first two installments in the series as Xavier and Io’s current relationship is better understood when you know their history. When reading this book, I experienced a whole array of emotions including laughter, tears and anger but through it all, I am firmly pulling for Xavier and Io. This author has a remarkable way of drawing you, the reader, into their story as if you are a friend of the them – a most definite read!
Nicole Brock on 06/15/2016 07:20pm
This is a wonderfully written story of a man whose mother comes to visit for a lengthy amount of time! According to his mother, his wife is unsuitable and she totally disapproves. His mother is definitely a character you'll love to hate. There were so many instances where I wanted him to tell her off. I can't wait until the next installment.
Marybeth Renn on 06/15/2016 03:05pm
This is the continuation of Xavier and Io’s story. I was so sad thru this book for Io. She and Xavier have a happy relationship and then Xavier’s mother comes to stay and she is not happy that he married Io. She brings with her a friend and her daughter, the woman she wants Xavier to marry. The women exclude and ignore Io, but Xavier does nothing, as he was taught by his father that his mother was to be treated with respect always, even when she doesn't deserve it. And, believe me, she doesn’t deserve it!! Things go from bad to worse through this story. Io grows more unhappy and Xavier either doesn't see it or doesn't understand why. He punishes Io harshly and he wonders why she is fearful of him. There is no happy ending in this story, we must wait for book 4 to see a HEA, I hope. Even though this was a sad story, it brings the storyline along. I spent the whole story rooting for Io and Xavier. I will say that Xavier is a total jerk during the majority of the story. We do see what motivates him, but I really want him to stand up to his mother Unfortunately, this does not happen in this story. I loved it and so will you! I give this 5 stars.

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