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Daddy's Girl

By: Carolyn Faulkner
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Carolyn Faulkner
9 Chapters / 36,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 16)   |  Write a review

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susan landowski on 06/30/2016 12:42pm
I have always enjoyed Carolyn Faulkner’s stories although most are very strict and harsh. This story is the antithesis of most of her work. It is well written and more sweet than harsh. Disciplinary scenes are always more loving than harsh punishments. This is an age play store about a “little” who becomes the little girl of her friend brother. This emphasizes a loving relationship rather than a more dominant harsh relationship.
Julie Clark on 06/16/2016 10:10pm
Carolyn Faulkner Brings Emotion and Characters to Life Carolyn Faulkner is such a versatile writer. She writes the best books in a multitude of themes, eras or categories and pulls it off wonderfully well. When you see her name you know, it will be good. Well written like all her books, so it does not disappoint. It is easy to follow, and the book explores the lives of Seraphina Delaney and CEO Lee Randall.
Pam on 06/15/2016 03:52am
Another wonderful book from Carolyn Faulkner. This sweet story about Sera and Lee was a definite winner and will be on my re-read list.
Joanie M on 06/13/2016 05:22pm
Daddy's girl is an incredibly sweet story about a woman with a prominent inner child and the man who wants to take care of her. Sera had been taking care of her inner child herself when she met Lee, the older brother of her good friend. Lee is a very caring dominant who recognizes the "little" in Sera and wants very much to be her daddy. His patient and nurturing demeanor makes Sera feel safe and their "big-little" relationship develops naturally. I loved that the lifestyle was more than a kink to Sera and Lee. Sera's character is very real and this well-written story provides the hero that fits her just right. Lee administers loving discipline when needed, but he is never harsh. Carolyn Faulkner has proven she is not limited in her writing with this sweet age-play romance.
SH on 06/13/2016 11:33am
What a wonderful, sweet romance. The age play is sweet, not overly harsh, and the love between Sera and Lee jumps off the page at you. This author has a special talent when it comes to writing Alpha men with submissive women in loving relationships, no matter the plot. This is a perfect example.
Doo on 06/13/2016 09:34am
I generally enjoy Ms. Faulker's books, although I often feel the AP titles are often overly harsh. This was one book that was not so, and made it more enjoyable in that respect, however... I felt that Sera came across as almost having a multiple personality disorder, rather than enjoying AP.
Laurel Lasky on 06/12/2016 12:58pm
Whenever I see a book by Carolyn Faulkner I grab it. I've never been disappointed. Many of her books are a bit on the harsh side of punishments and this book was sweet and gentle. The dialogue between daddy Lee and sera as a little was amazingly realistic and Daddy Lee was a wonderful daddy. I did feel that daddy had a need to control Sera but it's seems to be what she wanted and needed. This book was an excellent example of Age Play and was an awesome read.
K. Brown on 06/12/2016 12:25pm
I recommend this story to readers interested in age play. This story is not for those who are looking for just a mild reference to the kink, however. The first chapter comes on pretty strong on the topic, but once you are past that the characters are nicely developed and a definite chemistry is defined. The story isn't a long one, but the beginning, middle and end of the story are not neglected and fit within the pages fine. Both the sweetness and the discipline seem appropriate to the characters and are not overdone.
Firefly on 06/12/2016 03:16am
I enjoyed this story, it was well written and quite descriptive. Sera's "big" and "little" appeared to be quite distinct and she quickly fell into the age play relationship. Both Sera and Lee knew that was the kind of relationship they wanted and it was fortuitous that they were introduced by Lee's sister. They did appear to become somewhat isolated from others but Lee made the effort to meet up with an acquaintance who also had a "little".
Elizabeth McKay on 06/11/2016 05:40pm
This was an enjoyable read. Being a Carolyn Faulkner story, I had been expecting it to be a little dark or with some harsher elements, but it was more emotional and softer than most (perhaps all?) of the books of hers that I have read. The characters come across as real and the development of their relationship follows a pace that is believable and thus pulls you in. The references of Sera's "little" being a different person(ish) was a different approach for me, but didnt impact the story overall - so that one little personal preference aside, I have to say it is one of my favorite Faulkner books...of which I have read many.
LuCinda Beebe on 06/11/2016 01:30pm
I enjoyed this story about how Seraphina Delaney's meets Lee Randall, CEO of his own company. Lee's sister, Tina introduced him to her friend Sera. Sera has a "little" self besides her adult self and Lee has always wanted to be a Daddy to an adult "little". This story was fast-paced, fun, and a quick read. Ms Faulkner's writing style was descriptive and very easy to follow what is happening through out. I have had some issues with some of Ms Faulkner's books in the past but this is one I would read again.
Good bedtime reading on 06/11/2016 11:46am
The story of Sera and Lee is about the emergence of Sera's Little and how the relationship of her best friend's older brother develops from their friendship. Sera is in her thirties and is very competent at her job, but she allows Lee to show his nurturing 'Daddy' side to come forth when he takes care of her and whereby he proposes (in Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland) and go on to marry. They develop a wonderful dominate/submissive fantasy-world with all her Little/Big emotions catered for by her loving husband.
Sandra Sims on 06/11/2016 02:36am
I have to admit my first reaction was "Adorable!" This is very realistic and oh, so easy to imagine happening to someone in today's society. Well-written look at this lifestyle. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Stylie Kidd on 06/10/2016 10:05pm
Carolyn Faulkner is known as one of the best writer’s in erotica - her scenes are true to life and very hot, her characters are well-drawn and she knows how to tell a great story. This book, which might be new territory for her, a modern day age play romance- delivers on all counts. When Lee’s sister arranges for him to meet Seraphina, she tries to let him off the hook, thinking they have nothing in common. He’s interested in getting to know her better, and the more time they spend together, the more obvious it is that each has found a soul-mate in the other. Lee is a big, handsome Dominant who would love to be a daddy. Seraphina is quite in touch with her inner “little girl” She takes to Lee’s dominance and discipline like a moth to flame, and he can’t believe his luck. The story takes you through the early steps of developing a 24/7 agedly lifestyle. It's also a very sweet love story with lots of spankings and sexy interludes. If you enjoy this genre, Daddy’s Girl is for you.
Ria on 06/10/2016 06:50pm
A realistic journey into the world of "little". Ms. Faulkner continues to succeed in delivering intriguing domestic discipline stories. However, this novel explains the evolution of a LITTLE life-style for Sera and Lee. There is a deeply romantic trait throughout this book as Lee cares for and takes care of Sera. Sera begins to trust him enough to let her little self have some freedom. Readers are invited to enjoy a LITTLE life-style.
Redrabbitt on 06/10/2016 07:34am
I enjoyed this well-written age-play story that takes the reader on the journey of Sera and Lee. From them meeting, to dating, to Lee seeing that Sera has a little side to her and them talking about it as he helps her feel comfortable to bring out her little girl side when they are together. Not much is discussed in the way of families, except that Sera’s mother is deceased, and we meet Lee’s sister who introduces Sera and him. The dynamics of their little-Big relationship goes from weekends together, living together and then to marriage. It also brings in another little-Big couple that allows the girls to have a friend who understands being little.

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