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To Master and Defend: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Two

By: Anya Summers
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Anya Summers
11 Chapters / 44,700 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 11)   |  Write a review

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BlueDiamond on 06/23/2016 10:28pm
The dynamic characters really drew me in, and the story held my attention throughout this enjoyable read. I especially liked how Master Ford doled out the discipline when needed.
Elizabeth McKay on 06/11/2016 08:53pm
Whirlwind romance between two people who would not have seemed compatible, but who somehow work. Though they had to work out some differences, as the story unfolds, it is obvious there was more than enough heat between them to make it worth their while to figure it all out.
susan landowski on 06/08/2016 02:07pm
This is the second book in the Dungeon Pleasures series. This can be a stand alone but I recommend reading the first one in the book, which was fantastic and the characters from the first book appear as secondary characters in this book. . This book does not disappoint at all. This is at it’s core a love story that involves tragedy, loss, miscommunication and healing through a deeply committed love. This of course also has lots of sex and spankings. The writing style is fast paced and emotional, definitely not a wham bam kind of book.
K. Brown on 05/23/2016 06:16am
This author has definitely mastered the hot and steamy! I enjoyed this book. As previously stated, this book is a "book 2", but it truly needs no prequisite reading. I did, however, enjoy the glimpses into the lives of previous characters. The author does a good job of taking us inside Ophelia's insecurities and setting the scene. I think I would have preferred Tobias to understand her a little better at the end, but all good stories need some angst too. All in all, great book.
Laurel Lasky on 05/22/2016 11:38pm
WOW! What a fantastic book. I loved the first book and didn't think it would be topped by this, the second book, this time between Zoey's sister, Lia, and Tobias, a good friend of Declan, both owners of Dungeon Fantasy Club, one in Scotland and one in LA, California. The overview gives details of the book so I wouldn't repeat. This can be read as a stand alone book but reading the first will give more insights into the amazing characters. The dialogue have me laughing at parts and in tears for other parts, so well written with a deeply developed exploration of the emotions and feelings of the characters including the secondary ones. I hope that the next book will be about Lucy, hint hint.
Hope W on 05/20/2016 02:25pm
To Master and Defend continues the wonderful and love filled Dungeon Fantasy Club series. Tobias and Ophelia, "Lia", are the main focus in book two. However, Anya Summers also keeps the previous characters of Declan and Zoey completely involved within this storyline. Tobias and Lia share a love that is sexually charged, strong with emotion and filled with spankings. Tobias suffers PTSD but Lia seems to soothe his emotional wounds, while Lia is a little more challenging. Her hurts run deep and she won't let others in to help her heal. She runs from Tobias each chance she gets only to find herself back in his arms and bed each chance she can. She also runs to her sister, Zoey, where she only finds more complications. Zoey has built a life with Declan and is not willing to drop everything and move home to give Lia undivided attention and support. I recommend reading to find out the many ups and downs with these emotionally charged and passion filled characters. Overall this book is well written and thought out with endearing characters that are well developed and blend between books. I could not put this book down from start to finish and am looking forward to the next one in the series. I highly recommend not only this stand alone book but the first book in the series as well. Way to go and well done!!
Pico1 on 05/18/2016 09:01pm
A short, fast moving story about a woman, Ophelia, who has been so focused on her studies, and so damaged by the accidental death of her parents, that she has pushed everyone away from her. An accidental meeting with Tobias at the BDSM club he owns changes everything; but it takes a trip to Scotland to see her sister, and to reunite with Tobias, to lead to the chain of events that culminate with a happy ending. The story has a number of twists and turns, but it follows an interesting pattern with a lot of color about Ophelia, Tobias, and the issues that drive them as persons, and finally bring them together.
T M on 05/16/2016 08:19pm
It was just okay for me. There was drama, but it was hypocritical drama so it didn't have the same effect as "legit" drama would have. On top of that, I was thrown by the He's actions in the dungeon scene. How do you go from only restraining someone because they are brand new in the lifestyle to clamps everywhere with vibes filling every hole? I did not buy it. Other than that though, it was okay.
Redrabbitt on 05/16/2016 09:22am
Book 2 in The Dungeon Fantasy Club series did not disappoint. Ophelia Mills, better known as Lia to her friends has sheltered her life in her Eighteenth-century world and her education. She doesn’t really have a life outside of schooling. Giving into a few friends, going to a masquerade event at a BDSM club, being accosted and then saved leads to a one-night stand of passion, unlike anything she has every experienced. Tobias Ford is successful in his businesses but has no serious relationships, suffering PTSD after his stint overseas. Rescuing a damsel in distress extends to a passionate romp in his loft, but when he wakes up, his little bird has flown the coop, and he doesn’t even know her name. The plot kept me captivated, and Ms. Summers writing style will keep the pages turning as her stories unfold. A tale of two people, unusual circumstance, a night of passion, shocking news, a trip, a tiff and meeting again, just to name a few incidences, takes the reader along on an erotic adventure. Tobias and Lia together sizzle and spark when they get together. He opens a door to carnal desires she had never realized, and in many ways, it scares her, making her want to run and hide. Their game of cat and mouse can either make or break them. Hidden secrets have guided her life but when the truth is revealed Lia will be able to make peace with the past and plans for her future.
AGS on 05/16/2016 05:17am
What an amazing story!!! This book contains a wonderful story about Tobias, a wonderful strong-willed dominant, and Lia, a wounded submissive. The author weaves a tale around their chance meeting and how the course of one’s life does not always follow the path that one might have planned. As the reader I fell a little in love myself with Tobias as well as felt sad for Lia as she “shuts down”. This is the second book in the series – and I definitely will get the next in the series as soon as it’s available!!
Margaret Corcoran on 05/16/2016 12:19am
WOW!!! What a hot story!! I love the Dungeon Fantasy Club. And I hope it goes for at least ten books! This is a really good well written story as Tobias and Ophelia meet and fall in love. The characters are well written and the sex spicy. There is plenty of interest in the story to keep the reader turning the pages. I highly recommend it.

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