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Maybe, With Conditions

By: Mariella Starr
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Mariella Starr
23 Chapters / 106,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 17)   |  Write a review

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Juliette on 07/13/2016 06:17pm
I generally enjoy this author’s work. The plots are involved and intricate and the characters are well developed. This story is no different. Nicole and Dalton shared history and a son. I didn’t really ‘like’ Dalton which I am sure was the author’s goal but Nicole finally decides that she does want, need and love him. There are plenty of twists and turns, spankings, hot sex and a HEA ending. A story well worth your time to read it.
Janet Rimes on 06/06/2016 01:06pm
Really enjoyed this story! It's the first I have read by this author but I was real pleased. The length was good. Sometimes you feel like you don't get your moneys worth because the story is so short (no matter how good). Dalton and Nicole are so sweet together even though she is pretty stubborn in the beginning. One thing is for sure I wouldn't want to have to pay her insurance premiums!
Redrabbitt on 05/31/2016 06:05pm
This story kept me captivated and the pages turning with all the twists and turns. Between a deranged ex-wife, several accidents, attempted murder, assault, theft, arson, kidnapping this story is a hodge-podge of events. Nicole and Dalton must do what is best for their son, Matty, his health, and happiness. The story has a great cast of characters and interactions but also has mystery and suspense. Dalton comes from a long line of men who believe in domestic discipline, and he enforces it on Nicole to try and help settle her. Their relationship picks up, and the sex is just as intense as when they were in college.
Kathy B on 05/26/2016 08:41am
I enjoyed this book. It was the first time I've read Mariella Starr and would def read her books again. I thought the characters were really in depth and the relationships were all in detail so you could relate to them. The book was really long so it gave her time to build the characters. There were just a few parts that I felt were drawn out but overall it was good and l and I look forward to reading another book by her
Hope W on 05/24/2016 10:44am
I loved everything about this book! The length of the story allowed for the storyline and characters to be well developed and more complex than many stories. While the story mainly revolved around Dalton, Nicole, and Matty, there were also several supporting characters that factored into the storyline in detail as well. I loved that Dalton realized he was wrong in college when he broke Nicole's heart and more so because he wanted to be a dad to the child he didn't know he had until years later. Overall I feel his character handled things pretty well when he found out he had been lied to and deceived about having a child. I understand why Nicole kept this information to herself along with all her hurt; however, as Matty's father had a right to know he had a child and be a part of his life. I loved watching Dalton and Nicole work their way past all the hurt and renew their deep feelings of love for one another. The emotions, well deserved spankings, and steamy sex only made this story better by the page. The mystery, adventure, and danger this family face kept me on the edge of my seat guessing who was involved and why. Overall, I loved this well thought out and developed story and recommend it to everyone who wants to enjoy an evening with a fabulous book. Mariella Starr never lets her readers down and this book is once more that she excels with her readers!!
Julie Clark on 05/23/2016 09:14pm
Second Chance Dalton has made mistakes and is not perfect is an understatement. He was positively horrible to Nicole and frankly I would find it hard to give him a second chance to do it again. Everyone deserves a second chance but sometimes the pain is too much to bare much. However, Nicole finds a way to give Dalton that second chance, but she does not make it easy for him. I enjoyed reading this!
Toni L on 05/23/2016 08:04pm
There were a number of things I really liked about this book - the length, the in depth descriptions of the characters, the mix of different personality types. There were some things I liked a little - I found Nicole slightly annoying, particularly in the first half of the book, the brattiness the Matty gets away with through most of the story. Overall, I enjoyed the book & found it an easy, pleasant read.
Rjr on 05/23/2016 02:27pm
Another great read by Mariella Starr! The author always provides a story that is long enough to show the many sides of a relationship. Dalton and Nicole meet in college and quickly become very close. Dalton doesn't share with Nicole all the serious issues he has going on outside of college, so when he breaks up with her at a bad time for him, she cannot understand and feels terrible. When she finds out later that she is pregnant, she tries to contact Dalton only to find out he married someone else. She determines to raise her child alone and build a life for herself. When they accidentally meet five years later, the attraction is certainly there for both of them. In addition, Dalton now divorced, wants her back. The story follows Dalton's attempts to win her heart back and to be a part of his child's life. They end up moving to his ranch and working on a relationship. Here's where the lengr of the novel allows the author to show the day to day relationships' ups and downs. Dalton also believes in domestic discipline and tries to convince Nicole that it is essential to their relationship. There is a mystery involved involving the ranch and a great cast of supporting characters. I really enjoyed the story and finding out if Nicole and Dalton will end up making their lives together.
Penny Gwen on 05/22/2016 03:44pm
I was immediately drawn into this story. I think Nicole made a very brave decision raise her son alone but I think it was unfair not to tell Dalton. I agree with Dalton's choice to move Nicole and the boy to his ranch to make her give him a chance to be a dad.
Good bedtime reading on 05/21/2016 11:20am
A chance meeting through a client has Nicole Bennett seeing her lost love from her college days once more. They have an explosive relationship which ignited when Dalton Calloway felt they were too young, too intense, too committed for the type of love their combined feelings were headed and broke it off. Unfortunately, he rebounded to marry Barbara a deceitful gold digger and Nicole finds herself pregnant with a much loved little one to care for. With many trials and tribulations the couple come together on Dalton's ranch which they have retreated to for their son's health reasons. But all is not quiet as unforeseen mishaps keep happening. Dalton vows to keep Nicole and their son safe even if he has to enforce his discipline...a Great read.
SH on 05/18/2016 07:24pm
I know I will always get a quality story with some length from this author and this book was not an exception. Well written with strong characters that are easy to get attached to. The plot moves along quickly and keeps you turning the pages. Great book!
DB on 05/18/2016 06:59pm
I always love Mariella Starr's books! This one wasn't as good as most, but it was good! The length of her books are great! She is able to develop the characters and give you a good view of the life they have. Dalton was pretty hard to like especially at the beginning of the book. He was a little to pushy and not to sympathetic for everything he had put her through. He did listen to her a little better towards the end as Nicole stood up to him. There were spankings, a lot of sex and a lot of story! I will read this book again! 5 big huge stars!
Jaycee on 05/18/2016 05:45pm
Mariella Starr has a knack for writing long, involved stories where you really get to know the characters. This contemporary story followed that mode. It was a long, detailed story with a variety of characters that keep the story interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't come to like the male lead, Dalton. He was just too forceful and demanding and never really listened to Nicole's point of view. He forced his way into Nicole's apartment and then forcefully kisses her several times, even though she doesn't want his attentions. He blamed Nicole for keeping Matty a secret and didn't listen to her explanations. What was she supposed to do? He told her he didn't want a commitment or to be trapped. She even explained that she tried to come tell him, but found out he had married someone 2 months after dumping her. I just couldn't get past the fact that he never really apologized for his actions until about the 8th chapter - and even then he still had excuses. I wish Nicole would have held him off longer - they really needed a discussion where she told him that trusting him again was going to be very difficult. I didn't care for his always spanking in anger either. The fact that Nicole was 17 when she got pregnant, and Dalton 21 bothered me. In many states, that would be statutory rape. For me, this was not one of her best stories and I feel that I can't give it more than a 3.
Timberlan127 on 05/18/2016 05:49am
This book has an attention getting first chapter. I loved Nicole right from the start. She is independent, self sufficient and her own woman. Her child's father is an old fashioned dominant man. They had broken up 6 years ago and now after finding each other again Dalton wants to marry Nicole.I found it easy to get involved in the emotions and interactions of the characters. There are spanking, hot sex and always something happening in this story to keep you entertained and reading to find out what happens next. I also liked the struggle Nicole had within herself trying to decide to give the relationship another chance.
madpuss on 05/17/2016 11:50pm
Dalton wasn't perfect. He knew he'd been stupid and selfish when he was younger and he'd paid the price. He wasn't going to make the same mistake again but Nicole had to put him through the wringer to make sure this time around. There's lot's of loving, action, mystery and adventure along the way.
Margaret Corcoran on 05/16/2016 12:09am
I loved everything about this book. The characters are well written and well described. This is a really long involved read with a well conceived plot. There is plenty of spankings, (well deserved), lots of hot spicy sex, great adventure, and a wonderful story. I highly recommend this author and this story. A must read. Very good value!!!
Laurel Lasky on 05/15/2016 02:02pm
One of the reasons I love Mariella Starr's books is the length which has time to explore the feelings and emotions of the characters. Nicole fell in love with Dalton, was dumped, moved away carrying his baby and made a life for herself. Dalton made some mistakes and when he accidentally runs into Nicole years later he realizes that he still loves her. Will they be able to have a relationship? Is her secret revealed? This was an amazing book with love, mystery, spanking and romance.

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