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Dreams in the Dust

By: Aycee Masterson
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Aycee Masterson
11 Chapters / 37,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 12)   |  Write a review

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Rjr on 05/27/2016 03:06pm
Set in the Texas panhandle in the 1930's when many of the plain states were virtual dust bowls, this is a gripping read. A man running from a broken heart meets a woman deserted by everyone in her life. She is struggling to keep her farm going with nothing but hope to work with. He is there to tell her the farm is being foreclosed. He becomes stranded and they turn to each other, each wanting to fight their overwhelming loneliness and for once, feel alive again. They are each desperate and even angry in their own ways, but each still harbor a seed of hope. There are quite a few spankings that seem cathartic.
S Lund on 05/13/2016 09:18am
Beauty From Ashes It started off rather slow. Before long the pace picked up. Books like this one give others hope that even in the worst of times something beautiful can emerge. Beauty from the ashes so to speak. I loved the book but had to give it four stars because of the slow beginning. I would buy the book it is not only worth reading but encouraging as well.
DB on 05/11/2016 06:37pm
As everyone is saying this is a very different romance book. The two main characters are all alone in the big dust bowl country! Gabriel gets stranded at Cora's house while serving eviction papers. He finds out Cora's husband has died and she is running the farm all alone. This is a short read but it seemed to drag on. There was not much dialogue but the story was good.
Penny Gwen on 05/06/2016 04:51pm
This was a great read! Putting the characters in the Dust bowl helped to explain the isolation and loneliness one can feel... how important human contact truly is. Gabe came to deliver more bad news to Cora but she turned his whole world upside down. Recruiting he once felt was important suddenly meant nothing compared to bring with her.
Joanie M on 05/05/2016 09:11pm
Aptly named, Dreams in the Dust is an extremely well-written story about an unlikely encounter of two very lonely people. Having run away from his life in the east, Gabe Walker is working for a bank in the Texas dust bowl of the late 1930's. He drives out to the middle of nowhere to the farm of Bill Stoddard to deliver a forclosure notice, but finds only Bill's wife, Cora, in the little farmhouse. Gabe gives her the letter with the bad news and would love to be on his way, but a major dust storm and car trouble leave him stranded on the isolated farm. What follows can only be understood by reading the book, as the author expertly immerses the reader in Cora's desparate world of oppressive heat and dust and isolation. Gabe is mesmerized by this puzzling woman, and their love affair is a blend of tears and bliss. It doesn't take long for Gabe to realize that Cora is truly remarkable as she clings to hope and a will to survive. Although neither want the affair to end, they both know that they have to face their dismal reality eventually. The author did a fantastic job of exposing the hearts and minds of these characters. The plot never faltered and the ending was wonderful. Definitely different, this book is excellent.
Hope W on 05/05/2016 10:39am
Dreams in the Dust is a well written story with characters that are realistic and heartfelt. Gabe and Cora started out under less than ideal circumstances. However, the characters are realistic and face life and it's challenges as they come. Sex scenes are frequent however I wish there had been more of a power exchange between the characters outside of the sex. Overall I recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as I did!
Laurel Loughman on 05/04/2016 02:35pm
This story had a new and unusual setting of being during the Dust Bowl of the late 1930's. Gabriel and Cora seem instantly attracted to each other and Cora has been on her own trying to make a living out of a non-producing farm on her own. Gabriel comes along to repo that farm. Sparks fly as well as spanks and the two are soon attracted to each other and inseparable. Short sweet story.
Stats23 on 05/04/2016 10:42am
This is a very sweet romantic spanking story set in the latter part of the great drought and depression suffered in the USA prairies in the “dirty 30’s”. The premise is an “eastern” banker (Gabe) has to deliver a foreclosure letter to a failing farm. Upon arrival he discovers only the wife (Cora) at home. He is subsequently stranded at the farm due to a severe dust storm and the failure of his car. The table is now set for a coming together of two lonely people in a very erotic and romantic way. There are a few twists and turns, but the story line is believable, enticing and enjoyable. All the elements of a great erotic spanking romance are in this book, to be thoroughly enjoyed by all readers. I am eagerly looking forward to more books of this genre by this author.
Redrabbitt on 05/03/2016 09:53pm
I enjoyed this story full of mystery, suspense, desire, passion and need. Cora Stoddard is running what is left of the farm during the Dust Bowl. No other person around to talk to share hopes, dreams, and disappointment with. Gabe Walker, just doing the right thing, going out to let Bill Stoddard know he must get back payments made or lose his farm. Fate plays a cruel hand to Gabe; a black dust storm traps him at the Stoddard farm, and when it lets up, his car won’t start. Cora and Gabe play a game of cat and mouse until they are caught up in unbridle passion. No phone, no way to communicate and long days and nights of dust storms, with another type of storm brewing indoors. What happens when Gabe can finally get back to town? The bank won’t stop the foreclosure especially when they learn it is a woman alone. Nothing happens by chance, and maybe second chances will end with a happily ever after ending.
Sara Peal on 05/03/2016 06:09pm
A story of two forlorn souls finding each other. This was a great read, descriptive and heartwarming in places, and heartbreaking in others. Plenty of sex, and a torrid romance to go with it. Absolutely recommended. Buy this book.
Laurel Lasky on 05/03/2016 04:12pm
This book is a little different then the usual romances. The two characters were well written and had feelings and emotions that were explored and two points of view in separate chapters including self dialogue. The setting was the Dust Bowl with bleak scenery vividly discribed. There was hot sex, spanking and romance between two lonely people. Wonderful Happyly Ever After.
Margaret Corcoran on 05/03/2016 10:10am
A well written, well developed story. All the characters are very human and vivid, even the peripheral ones. The scenery is bleek, succinctly described. This is an author I will be keeping a look out for. The book is very different, fantastic. There is spankings and lots of hot sex. I highly recommend it.

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