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Disciplining Josie

By: Pasha Baker
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Pasha Baker
17 Chapters / 65,000 Words
Heat Level:
3.5 Out Of 5 (3.5 on 6)   |  Write a review

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LilReader on 05/21/2016 06:22pm
I was disappointed in the book. Based on the description, I expected a little bit of domestic discipline, because the Sergeant was supposed to teach Josie manners, discipline and how to overcome her chaotic upbringing. All he did was introduce her to BDSM, swinging and lots and lots of hot sex. The sex scenes were scorching and plentiful, but there wasn't much else to the story.
Margaret Corcoran on 05/11/2016 11:36am
I am sorry but I did not like this story. The characters are well developed and the scenery real. There is lots of sex and BDSM scenes. I felt that Josie is very young for her 18 and the Sargent takes advantage of her. Which he does for most of the story. I liked the writing.
Redrabbitt on 04/26/2016 09:12pm
I have mixed emotions about this story and some of the incidences and will forewarn that this story is very explicit and detailed. My heart breaks for Josie, talk about coming from a dysfunctional family, she could be their poster child. Her parents are die-hard drug using hippies, he mother dies with a needle in her arm, her father sent to prison, and the kids sent to various relatives. Her sister, Anna Belle Lee, is taking the same path as their parents. She talks Josie into going out with her and her friends, which has them going into military buildings and Josie being caught while the rest flee. Sergeant Terence Leifson is hardcore military, hardcore BDSM and uses coercion that if Josie will be his sex slave for whatever he demands, he will not have her sister put in jail. He tells her he wants to train her, teach her discipline so she won’t turn out like her sister. Eighteen-year-old Josie may have seen some things in her life, but she is still a virgin. The story is very heavy on sex, some spankings, BDSM, anal and him letting other men share her. No use of condoms, and sloppy seconds, thirds, etc. Josie is sent so many mixed messages when it comes to what he expects and allows that his behavior is at time volatile. The end was a bit of a shocker, maybe with somewhat an HEA ending to this story.
DB on 04/26/2016 04:00pm
This book left a lot to be desired. If you want a book with nothing but sex in it then this is for you! Terence and Josie have sex in just about every paragraph, but not necessarily with each other. Josie is a virgin and Terence introduces her to BDSM. He also wants her to have sex with any of the men he chooses, he likes to watch. It really had no story development. I didn't even remember there was a story until the last page! This book did nothing for me and it took me forever to get through it.
Hope W on 04/26/2016 01:39pm
Disciplining Josie was a fast paced love story filled with a lot of wonderful sex scenes, plenty of spankings and sparks between Josie and Terence. I loved how Josie could not stay away from Terence and was willing to keep coming back regardless of his discipline. As for Terence, he was willing to risk not only his career but his freedom to see and save Josie. While I wish there was more storyline to the book I can say that what was written was great. I loved the characters and would love to see a continuation of this wonderful story! I highly recommend this book to others who want an exciting and fast paced love story!
Stats23 on 04/25/2016 05:00pm
Josie leaves the safe, boring, confines of her brother’s home to stay with her wayward sister in California. This visit leads to a chance meeting with a military Sergeant (Terence Jacob Leifson) and an invitation/proposition to spend a month with him at his cabin in the mountains. The reader ultimately learn that Josie is an innocent virgin who sees herself as “chubby” and definitely has self-esteem issues. At his cabin they learn to know and understand each other better through a series of escalating DOM/sub and BDSM encounters that ultimately involve other individuals, both singularly and in groups. While the premises of the book and the heavier aspects of their relationship are not my normal cup of tea, it is extremely well written and does come together at the end for an HEA. I give the book 4 stars for quality of writing, but a fan of this genre would likely give it a 5 rating.

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