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Maddy Mine: Masters of the Castle, Book 7

By: Maren Smith
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Maren Smith
20 Chapters / 89,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.9 Out Of 5 (4.9 on 20)   |  Write a review

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Tina on 07/14/2016 05:24am
I really enjoyed this book as I have with all the Masters of the Castle books. Most of this book is not actually set inside the Castle, but at a new BDSM resort in the Caribbean that Marshall’s friend is setting up. Dominik (the Dungeon Master from earlier books) draws the short straw and is landed with the task of helping with the final points of setting up the new resort. Maddy is coming to the resort to write an article promoting it, but she is still struggling over the break-up of her marriage 4 years ago which has left her with issues such as her self-image. This book has Dominik struggling to get the inexperienced Doms for the new resort into shape, trying to get to know Maddy better, while also dealing with a woman who is out to cause trouble for Maddy & Dominick I received this as an ARC for an honest review.
Erzabet Bishop on 06/13/2016 10:26am
I loved this book! It was a page turner and I couldn't put it down. Dom was amazing and Maddy was an everywoman. Perfect. I always enjoy Maren Smith's books and this one was absolutely lovely. From the spankings, the love scenes, the pirate kink and more. I can't wait to read the next one.
Boo on 06/09/2016 02:05am
"Maddy Mine" was definitely my favorite book in the series! Master Dom is not very friendly and literally domineering and gets really upset when he has to leave the Castle. When he meets Maddy the sparks fly. Marin Smith is definitely one of the best erotica author and this book will leave you begging for more!
lilreader on 05/21/2016 06:17pm
As with all books in this series, I was not disappointed, even though I was afraid I wouldn't like it since it is not set at The Castle. But once again, Maren Smith made me fall in love with a new Dom and brings another book that I will read again. Her characters are always relatable, there is humor, and I genuinely care about the outcome of the story. Great read!
Margaret Corcoran on 05/11/2016 11:59am
I loved everything about this story. It is well written and well described. There is plenty of spankings and lots of hot hot sex. The characters are very human full of flaws and real. Maddy and Dominick are both lovely and lonely and both are searching. This is a great addition to the Masters of the Castle series. I highly recommend it.
JK on 05/08/2016 10:32am
This was such a surprise to me on so many levels!! I absolutely loved it, as I have every Masters of the Castle book, but it really was different! Besides finding the sex, and dominance. and of course the spankings, erotic, fun and sexy as hell; I fell totally in love with the characters!! We all know Dominick from the other books, but we get to meet Maddy in this one!!! Oh my! She will go down as one of my favorite characters ever!! Fun loving, not being comfortable with her own body image, (something many people can relate to) and being feisty enough to go after what she wants, that's our Maddy!! Being on an Island was different than being in the castle, but it was new and exciting too. Fantastic!
LuCinda Beebe on 05/05/2016 03:41pm
This is the first book I have read of this series and I now know I need to go back and read books 1-6 because this one was great! It kept my attention so much I didn't want to put it down. With the conflict between Maddy and Tessa and the hot loving between Maddy and Dominick and the hot loving between Maddy and Dominick and the hot oh wait, I said that already but the book was filled to the brim with the loving and spanking between Maddy and Dominick so much so I was wishing I would run into him. I encourage everyone that likes to read about BDSM even a little to read this book you won't be disappointed.
blushingbutterflybookreviews on 05/01/2016 04:44pm
The Masters of the Castle series is one of my all-time, absolute favorite series ever! Each time I read a new installment, I desperately yearn to vacation at the Castle. In past installments, I caught glimpses of Master Dominic...and in my delusions, he became my book boyfriend. This installment is his HEA. (wink) One thing that I must, must, must praise about this book is how the author made the female protagonist older. Someone please cue a choir of angels singing. Maddy is older than what is typically portrayed in BDSM stories. She is also shy and curvy with all the insecurities that come with being a BBW. (Cue more angels singing.) If anyone reading this review has Maren Smith's ear, kindly give her my undying gratitude for creating a book that stars a woman who is so damn relatable. Now for what you want to know: Dominic is a creature of habit. He does not want the job of helping an island club nor does he want a relationship. Enter Maddy, a *real* woman with baggage of her own who is doing the PR material for the new island resort. Of course, we have the vindictive skinny b**** who causes havoc and some fun minor characters you hope to visit in future installments. Each scene pulls you in deeper to the point that you have to read the book in every waking moment. This book can be read by itself. I strongly encourage you, though, to read the whole series. You won't be disappointed!
Heart5 on 04/30/2016 07:11pm
I have enjoyed reading all the books in the Castle Series, and this one is no different. You have a hot dominant, a kind of shy/kind of sassy submissive thrown together in a setting that is so perfect it almost enters in to the fantasy realm. Throw in a bitchy villain and it really makes for a story worth reading. As always, the authors delivers lots of perfectly played out discipline that is harsh, but never too harsh. Plus, the sex is off the charts hot. I really hope we get to see more books in the series set at the island resort.
Pico 1 on 04/29/2016 08:55pm
This is the first book in this excellent series that is not set at The Castle. Instead, it is at a new BDSM resort in the Bahamas. The principal characters, Dominick and Maddy, are older. He is an experienced Dom and dungeon master, and she has been burned by a bad marriage and an ex-husband who insulted her about her weight and appearance. Their brief love affair is entertaining and energetic, and there is even a villain, Tessa, who gets her comeuppance in the end. I really enjoyed the story.
Katy Beth Mckee on 04/28/2016 03:12pm
It has been a while since we've had a Masters of the Castle book so I was very excited to see a new entry in the series. I bought it without even reading the blurb. But while this story features our favorite Gaoler this story takes place off site. This time Dominick is sent to help a friend set up their own BDSM resort located in the Caribbean islands. We are also introduced to Maddy at the beginning of the book to set up what makes her tick. I did enjoy this story overall and it was a lot of fun once things really got started but I was a bit disappointed in the change of venue and felt that the beginning of the story seemed to drag a bit because we had to spend some time building up this new world. But things do heat up and after several ups and down we do end up with a couple that are meant for each other. The Epilogue at the end really helped make up for any slowness at the beginning and really loved what was revealed. I wonder if there is a spin off series in the future full of piratety island fun.
PJB on 04/28/2016 12:20pm
I adored this tale of insecure Maddie who is a very curvy girl, she has issues with herself after her nasty ex-husband dumps her for a stick insect. Maddie has a deep desire to be dominated but she thought herself too unattractive to attempt to join in with the BDSM scene. Her line of work takes her to a new hospitality BDSM club on an island in the Caribbean. Maddie is there to take pictures and write a magazine piece on the BDSM centre. On the plane she meets Master Dominick sent from the Castle to help set up this new leisure venture.He soon notices Maddie but is unhappy with her lack of self esteem. What follows is deliciously hot and immensely satisfying reading for all of us suffering from doses of low self esteem! Lots of humour, oh and did I mention this is a hot and steamy tale?!!!
madpuss on 04/28/2016 05:31am
I loved it when Maddie forgot about her insecurities and just had fun with Dominick. I also loved that even though Tessa liked to bully her about her weight she fought back with Tessa and got her own jabs in. I also liked the way the story swapped from Maddie's point of view to Dominick's so we also get to know what Dominick's thinking and feeling too. The pirate resort was so well described I could imagine it easily. It seems to me that Dominick was a little softer with Maddie than he usually is with other women and more protective which was sweet.
Ria on 04/27/2016 06:40pm
A romantic, BDSM novel. His thoughts - it was a refreshing approach intertwined with bone melting romantic interludes. The author provided insights to both his and her thoughts as Maddy and Master Dominick fell in love with each other. Readers were indulged with how Master Dominick ("God" as he likes to think of himself) was attracted to a refreshing, sincere, self-deprecating publicist. New to the BDSM scene and encountering a Dungeon Master on day one, Maddy enjoys her submissive traits while Dominick devises punishments which encourages Maddy to see herself in a more positive light. As they traversed a new, unpublished BDSM theme park, readers learn about dominants establishing and training dominants. Additionally, it was delightful to read how dominants are also affected when they fall in love and indulge in daydreams
Style Kidd on 04/26/2016 10:33pm
At long last, another chapter in the Masters of the Castle series. Dungeon gaoler, Master Dominick, who we first met when a terrified Kaylee ran from his clutches, is a strong, tough dominant who know his way around a bullwhip and gets off tormenting and mock-torturing submissive women. After years of servicing skinny little brats, begging for punishment - he seems bored with the whole thing. When he is sent to help another BDSM resort in the Caribbean, he meets Maddy - a pretty journalist who is writing a fluff piece of the new resort. Maddy is suffering from low self-esteem and still licking her wounds from her disappointing divorce - her ex-husbands ugly words about her weight ringing in her ears. Dominick loves her curves and everything else about her. His natural dominance brings out her submissive side. Dom is crazy about her, but can't allow her to put herself down, which she can't help doing. When a jealous guest goes after her - Maddy reacts and Dominick steps in. A great story - as wonderful as the others in the series and tis castle Dom is as good as the rest. Lots of great, steamy moments and well deserved punishment. As in all of the stories - these Dominants know how to talk the talk and walk the walk. You won't be disappointed!
Marybeth Renn on 04/26/2016 06:26pm
I have been anxiously waiting for the next in the MotC series. This book is wonderful. Dominick is arrogant, but rightfully so. He is God to a lot of women. But Maddy doesn't know him that way, she thinks she is vanilla. She is very unsure of herself after a humiliating divorce. The chemistry between them is amazing. Dominick can be such an ass, but there is just something about him! I highly recommend this book. I give it 5 stars.
Laurel Lasky on 04/26/2016 11:09am
Oh my, I just adore the castle books and eagerly wait for the next and along comes Maddy Mine. This time most of the action is away from the castle and in the Caribbean with Master Dominick, the dungeon master, and Maddy an insecure lady, who is ashamed of her size and shape. Throw in some cruel characters who belittle her and you have a wonderful story. All these character come together to make me feel it's real and wishing I could go on this journey. Maddy begins to realize her self worth with the stern and loving help of Master Dom. There are strong elements of BDSM, hot panty melting sex, comeuppance of the cruel and bullying characters. This is the kind of book that I hate to see end and will wait for the next, but this one will be hard to top.
anon on 04/26/2016 08:13am
I have waited so long for the story of Master Dom and it was well worth the wait. Dominic has had women run to him in delight as well as from him in terror. Either way Dominic knows he is God to these women and he revels in this knowledge. He would not change any part of his wonderful life. What he should have changed was his attendance record. Since he skipped his morning meeting, he was awarded the assignment of helping a friend of Marshall’s open a BDSM pirate getaway in the Caribbean. On the plane taking him to his assignment, he meets Maddy and his fun begins. She’s completely out of her element with this master and he is completely smitten. We meet up with an evil character from Kade’s past who makes Maddy and Dominic’s lives difficult and the inexperienced Masters only add to his frustrations. I giggled over how frightening Dom was to the new Masters. He has them so intimidated, they worry he’ll make them run laps around the ocean. Maddy, on the other hand, has no fear. Her trust is absolute and she is fearless as she runs all over Dom’s boundaries. It’s a story that makes you feel like you’re right there at the beginning trials of this new resort. Maybe this is the background for more of these wonderful stories. This story is well worth the read.
SH on 04/25/2016 07:46am
Oh my, I'm still trying to fully absorb this fantastic story! Maren Smith has hit a home run with this book! Dominick could not be any more dominant if he tried and Maddy is absolutely perfect for him. Together they are like fireworks on the Fourth of July! A very well written, thought provoking, steamy fun filled adventure you really don't want to miss! This series is something special and if you haven't read them you absolutely should. They stand alone nicely so start with this one and enjoy!
Redrabbitt on 04/25/2016 12:19am
It is always fun to visit the castle again, and with this book, we go to the Island of Paradise that has been created by a friend of Master Marshall. Unlike the castle in Ohio, La Isla del Paraiso is in the Caribbean and will take the guest back to the seventeenth century including pirates and pirate ships. When Dungeon Master Dominick draws the short straw and is sent to help oversee the operation, Masters, and policies he is extremely unhappy about it. Maddy Cameron, who has been brought to the resort by Rita to write a promotional review, she has only lived a vague and vanilla lifestyle but has her fantasies. The plot kept me captivated with the extensive cast of characters, troublemakers, brats, and scenarios. The interaction between Master Dominick and Maddy has its ups and downs, he refuses to allow her to belittle herself and shows her domination and passion. When one guest crosses the line and enlists the help of resort staff by bullying another guest, it is dangerous and must be dealt with harshly. Making fun of people and snide comments about size and shape are never acceptable. This story is part of the Master of the Castle series but can read well as a standalone.

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