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Her Highland Master: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book One

By: Anya Summers
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Anya Summers
11 Chapters 47,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 16)   |  Write a review

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Juliette on 07/13/2016 12:13am
This is the story of Declan and Zoey. The storyline and sheer stupidity of Zoey annoyed me at first but once she arrived at Declan’s manor, things started to move along nicely. How very fortunate Zoey is to get lost in the Scottish Highlands and end up in a luxurious manor that is an elite BDSM club. The plot and characters are interesting and well developed, with both Declan and Zoey being flawed and very human. I enjoyed the story and kept interested enough to read the following books in the series.
Rjr on 05/24/2016 02:20pm
In a way, this book felt like a BDSM fairy tale. Beautiful, intelligent, and down on her luck girl takes a break from her troubles and accidentally runs into the man of her dreams. He's gorgeous, rich, and lives in a castle that includes a BDSM club! Did I mention the girl is also a fabulous cook? It takes a talented author to make fantasy believable and Ms. Summers does a great job of getting you hooked from the first page. The lead characters are interesting and their relationship is scorching hot. I enjoyed this book very much.
Ed Dalton on 05/18/2016 03:23pm
I found this to be a very well written book and the characters were very 'real' with flaws and issues that anyone of us could have. When Zoey flees to Scotland to sort out her life, she never expected to be drawn into the BDSM lifestyle but her savior Declan makes her a tempting offer. What follows is hot punshments, hotter sex and the road to recovery for both of their damaged hearts. Highly recommend this book.
Penny Gwen on 05/06/2016 05:05pm
Zoey left America to find herself and forget the past. Her dream vacation has been to visit Scotland, so she cleans out her bank account and sets of on an adventure! Getting lost in the mountains results in Zoey finding Declan, the owner of a secret BDSM club in his manor basement. Curiosity kills the cat and earns Zoey a spanking. Declan offers to make her his for the rest of her time in Scotland. Zoey jumps at the chance, but when her past catches up to her, Declan does what everyone else did... casts her out.
suemlando on 04/30/2016 10:01am
Loved this fast paced book. Can't wait for more in the series.Down and dirty , what was suppose to be a week long only affair eventually leads to love after splitting up. Deals with trust issues between the two characters that eventually get resolved in the BDSM world.
Toni L on 04/28/2016 09:51pm
Right from the start this book grabbed me. I found it fast paced without being rushed & the characters were 'complete'. I understand it's the first in a series but it doesn't leave you hanging at the end. If I had to find a criticism it's that I felt the conclusion wrapped up too quickly & too easily. Maybe I'm just not as nice as Zoey!!
Hope W on 04/26/2016 01:06pm
This fast paced love story of Zoey and Declan caught my attention and kept me reading from start to finish. These two characters are trying to overcome trust issues and start not so much as a relationship but more as a strong attraction. As they enjoy each others company things change and catch them off guard. I enjoyed watching Zoey explore and embrace the BDSM lifestyle as Declan began opening his heart after a past betrayal. Overall I loved this book and recommend reading and enjoying Zoey and Declan's love story in this first book of The Dungeon Fantasy Club Series. I can't wait to see what comes next!
Margaret Corcoran on 04/24/2016 08:06am
I loved everything about this steamy hot story. The characters are well written, very human and rounded, full of flaws. The scenes are hot. Thank you for a red haired alpha man! I am looking forward to the rest of this series. I will buy it!!
Good bedtime Reading on 04/24/2016 01:18am
Zoey is lost in the Scottish Highlands. She is escaping from the fiasco that is her life right now as she is accused of leaking information from her company. Unfortunately, the snow storm lands her car in the ditch and she seeks shelter in the home of Declan McDougal. Unbeknown to her, he has a BDSM meet in the Dungeon of his luxurious castle. Sexual attraction is immediate between the two and the sex is hot! But Declan has issues from a past relationship which colour his feelings and actions for Zoey and they part in anger. However, all goes well when Declan sees the error of his ways and seeks a loving reunion with Zoey before she returns to the States in misery.
T M on 04/22/2016 09:32pm
If you have to get stranded, this is the way to do it. Even with the few errors I noticed (wrong tense of words), this was a well written story. The only things that bothered me were the abrupt way Zoey was thrown into the lifestyle rather than introduced to it and the way Declan readily did something (more than once) that he repeatedly said he did not want to do. Other than that, the author wrote a great story.
LuCinda Beebe on 04/22/2016 10:00am
What a great fast-paced, hot, and hard to put down book. It starts with Zoey, the main character, getting let go from her job because of another employee, Mark and Zoey's sister, Ophelia, who Zoey has raised since both their parents were killed in an automobile accident and Zoey's best friend, Lucy talking Zoey in to a solo trip to Scotland for a vacation. What a page turner this story turned out to being. At one point I got so mad at Declan, the man who owned the house that Zoey ended up at, I actually called him a jerk and an idiot for how he was treating Zoey. I loved how this book ended but I am hoping to read more about Zoey and Declan in future books in this series. Keep writing Ms. Summers because I think you have a promising career in writing and I think that everyone definitely will think the same way if they read this book.
Laurel Lasky on 04/21/2016 08:57pm
Once I got into this book it took off like a rocket and zoomed me to another planet called Scotland. Actually, Zoey goes to Scotland after getting fired from her job, gets lost, ends up in a hot, sexy Scotsman who invites her to stay for a week and be him submissive for a week, what follows is a week of bliss in the BDSM lifestyle. Will there be more after the week? Read and find out.
Pico1 on 04/21/2016 04:38pm
The accidental arrival of Zoe at Declan’s home and BDSM Club leads to amazing week of sex and discipline for Zoe and Declan. He gives her experiences that surpass anything she has enjoyed in the past, and she enjoys learning about all that she has missed. A problem from her past surfaces and threatens to bring an end to her fun, but everything works out in the end. Both Zoe and Declan are likable characters – he is a good Dom, she an enthusiastic sub – and their story is hot.
K. Brown on 04/20/2016 08:40am
Yes! Mm mm good! Though this book took a little bit of time to hook me, once it did, I couldn't stop reading. This book had some incredibly hot bdsm scenes, but more than that this book had a believable connection between Declan and Zoey. I could completely see how she could fall for him and want to learn more about the pleasure he offered. I'm not sure the evidence for why Declan fell for her so quickly is there. I definitely recommend this book, and will certainly be on the lookout for more from this author.
SH on 04/17/2016 08:33am
This was quite a steamy romance! The relationship jumps off rather quickly and never slows down. Zoey took the best wrong turn of her life and Declan was there to save her.
Redrabbitt on 04/15/2016 08:10pm
I enjoyed this story that has Zoey feeling like Alice down the rabbit hole and into a world of fantasy. Zoey has been falsely accused of leaking client information to a magazine for money and fired, but even worse, her name and picture has been splashed all over the media. To get away, she goes to Scotland for a week, and that starts out as one error and mistake after another, taking a wrong road, during a snowstorm wrecking her rental and landing at Mullardoch Manor; home of the sexy Scotsman, Declan McDougal. The plot kept me captivated as Zoey accepts Declan’s proposal of her being his sub for the week she is there. He takes her on a sexual adventure she has never even dreamed of before and introduces her to a BDSM lifestyle, including ménages à trois with his friend and butler, Jared. What happens when Declan learns of why she is no longer employed? Is she just another gold-digger after his fortune? This is a new series, and I look forward to the next book in the Dungeon Fantasy Club.

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