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The Impossible Wife

By: Joannie Kay
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Joannie Kay
18 Chapters / 74,600 Words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 14)   |  Write a review

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Toni L on 04/17/2016 09:11pm
I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I found the characters flawed & human. I loved the way that prejudices have to be overcome before new relationships can progress. The only fault I found is that the girls flipped from hate to love a bit quick for me to find it believable.
Marybeth Renn on 04/17/2016 06:25pm
This book is about Claudia and Benton. Legally, Benton is the father of the girls that Claudia has been responsible for for the last few years when his wife left him and moved back to Ohio. But now that Benton has received notice that his wife died, he wants custody of his daughters. The girls want nothing to do with him and they go before a judge to find out who will have custody of them. The judge gives Benton custody, but he also gives Claudia the option of going with Benton to raise the girls in Wyoming. Of course, they can't go unless they're married so the judge marries them before they leave. Claudia and Benton fall in love on the journey to Wyoming. Benton learned about women and young girls and Claudia learns that her new husband will spank her when she does not listen to him. I really enjoyed the story. Joannie Kay always has a wonderful story to tell. I give this 5 stars.
Jaycee on 04/16/2016 09:37am
This was a nice, long story that had more depth than some of Kaye's other historical romances. I enjoyed the characters and the journey to their new home. I especially liked how they picked up stray women along the way and helped the out! I must admit to not liking Benton much though. Although he took responsibility for his part in the failure of his first marriage, I didn't feel like he addressed his failings as a father. He quite literally abandoned his daughters by not trying to see them for 12 years. It was so unrealistic of him to expect their immediate love and obedience. I really wanted the girls to tell him "You couldn't bother with us for 12 years, now you want our love and respect?" I just wish he had to earn it -and spanking his 12 year old daughter for her angry words was not right. He was also overly harsh with Claudia - switching her so she could barely ride her horse was uncalled for. Even after Melinda told him how badly she handled pain, he had her keep riding instead of insisting she lie down in the wagon. The women were wonderful characters - some of the men, not so much. 3.5 Stars
Timberlan127 on 04/15/2016 05:56pm
I really enjoyed this story because it had a story line that was different from the usual ones. I also liked the way the author developed her characters. She made them very human with all the usual faults yet they were very likeable honorable people. The emphasis on the importance of family is always a pleasure to read about. And of course there were lots of feisty women who needed a spanking. This author never lets you down when you're looking for a great western romance.
kelly adams on 04/13/2016 07:08pm
This light hearted spanking romance will have you teary eyed while smiling all the way through this book. The story focuses on Claudia who has just taken custody of her two nieces after their mother passes. It doesn't take long though before the new guardian has to face her first major hurdle in raising the girls. The girls estranged father Benton shows up to claim his right as the girls father and take them back home with him out west. Although Claudia fights Benton with a lawyer she soon learns that to keep custody of the girls she will have to marry Benton and move out west to his home where they will all try to make sense of their new circumstances. There is a lot of good humor throughout the book, and I instantly fell in love with the girls. Although they have typical girl problems like tantrums and sass they are sweet girls who are just in need of a firm hand. It's not only the girls that are in need of a firm hand though as Claudia learns early on that her new husband will not hesitate to tip her over his knee if she does not give him the respect due as her husband. Although the marriage was quick and under unusual circumstances Claudia and Benton find they have a lot of chemistry and become closer and closer as the story goes along. There are lots of spankings to be had though on the way back to Benton's house, and Benton isn't the only husband out in the west that takes a naughty wife in hand. We see lots of examples of what happens when wives dare to defy their husbands or ignore their own safety throughout this book. If you are looking for a good lighthearted spanking romance then snatch this book up!
Stats23 on 04/12/2016 06:05am
This long ( 18 Chapters, 195 Pages ) well written book will really keep your interest from start to finish. Great character development that really gets you into the heads of the principal protagonists. Lots of action, many spankings, and limited romantic sex. Some of the scenarios/solutions may be a bit unrealistic, but that seems to have been done to move the plot along smoothly. This was my first exposure to Joannie Kay, it won’t be my last. A very enjoyable read, 4 STARS.
Hope W on 04/11/2016 11:02am
The Impossible Wife is a wonderful story from start to finish. I love the storyline with its twists, turns, the action, and spankings, but above all else, the love that developed in this family along the way. Benton's relationship with his daughters, Melinda and Rachel, was heart warming. The trust and love needed to grow gradually and Joannie Kay did this seamlessly. Her words drew me in and helped me feel the emotions of both the girls as well as Benton. As for Benton and Claudia's love story, they not only grew but overcame many ups and downs. They faced dangers and complications but never gave up on each other or their family. I loved this story and highly recommend reading this book! The Impossible Wife is another hit for both Joannie Kay and her readers!!
Margaret Corcoran on 04/11/2016 06:54am
Loved all of this story. The characters are very human and well rounded. The descriptions are real and very vivid. I loved all the sassy women who kept Benton on his toes. An action adventure with lots of love and spankings. I highly recommend it.
Penny Gwen on 04/10/2016 05:33pm
Benton discovers his wife has died so he comes to Ohio to collect both his daughters and take them to his home in Wyoming. Claudia was appointed the girls' guardian by the mom before she passed. Sparks fly when the girls are ordered by a judge to go with their father...with Claudia as their step-mother.
SL on 04/10/2016 03:42pm
4 ½ stars This was a cute western that was slightly longer in size. Benton comes to Ohio to find his children after his runaway wife leaves the West and moves back East. His wife dies and leaves the children to Aunt Claudia. Benton comes to claim them and rediscover what life is like with teenage children. The story was complete. It took you through their travels with adventure, drama, teenagers and a new wife all acting up. There is a happy ending and you can see the love and caring Benton has for his wife and daughters. It was a longer read than expected (about 14 chapters) but it was a satisfying read.
Miss contrite on 04/06/2016 06:12am
Fantastic!!!!! A story not to be missed, I love joannie Kay's books and this is no exception, Benton is very strict and is soon spanking many bottoms. This book is a great length and there's even chance of a follow-up (hint hint)
SH on 04/04/2016 03:28pm
This author certainly knows her way around a western romance! I loved every minute of this book! The characters are strong,the plot is detailed, there is danger, adventure, suspense and romance. You definitely don't want to miss this book!
Laurel Lasky on 04/03/2016 08:41pm
The storyline in this wonderful book had so many aspects and the feelings and emotions of the characters had me laughing and crying. The overview tells what the story is about so I won't be redundant and repeat it. There was plenty of action, adventure, Cowboys, Indians, romance spanking and a developing relationship. This was an awesome read.
Redrabbitt on 04/03/2016 01:10pm
I loved this story and thought Joannie Kay brought out so many emotions in the characters, from anger, confusion, misconceptions, acceptance, forgiveness, love and redemption. Benton Graves was a proud man, and rightfully admits he should have done things different between his late wife and himself. Pride got in the way, and he had to learn to live with that mistake. Yes, his first wife Eleanor and him were very young when they married, but her immaturity played a big role in their failed marriage. Claudia has done her best to be there for Eleanor and her girls, but a friend does not trump father for custody. I think the judge made a very wise decision for everyone involved. The story has a two people falling in love, two daughters learning that they have a wonderful father who loves them and three women learning that Benton Graves is a good man who truly cares about people. The story is fair on spankings and corrections, honest on feelings and respect and light on sex, with intimacy implied. I loved as Benton explains to the naïve Claudia the workings of intimacy between a loving man and woman. The story has lots of action with spunky, sassy women, outlaws, cowboys, Indians and dominant men who correct naughtiness and then offer love and forgiveness.

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