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Little Secrets

By: Alta Hensley & Allison West
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Alta Hensley & Allison West
24 Chapters / 52,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 11)   |  Write a review

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moonquartz on 05/03/2016 02:13pm
The Ashby Chateau series continues but with a twist. What happens when a young girl has been persuaded by her betrothed to join the littles academy but then reneges on his promise? To become a little is a sacrifice and the pupil in this endeavour has expended much time, patience and perseverance. Here authors West and Hensley explore the consequences of such an event for a little They also probe the emotional trauma faced by a little who has been rejected despite having done her very best to please her papa. And then, there are the littles physical needs. Here the authors explore the implications of unfulfillment for a little. Into this mix, they also throw in a regular gentleman who suddenly finds himself attracted to age play. The fact that he is a reporter is another curveball. Yet another riveting read by Hensley and West.
Laurel Lasky on 04/04/2016 11:31pm
The two authors, Alta Hensley and Allison West have done it again. They blend the stories so well in the Age Play scene. This was a sweet romantic story with a wonderful storyline, a page turner with action, spanking and a love story. Well done ladies.
Katy Beth McKee on 04/02/2016 04:12pm
This is another story in the ongoing Ashley series. Ashley is half true finishing school and half training academy to prepare "littles" for their papas. This installment is a bit different than the others I've read so far. Eliza is a little who was brought in by her finance but he called off the wedding so she is left adrift. Charley is an up and coming journalist looking for a school that will give his younger sister the advantages needed to make a good match. He accidentally stumbles on Eliza and is intrigued, curious, and a bit concerned. While it turns right round in the end I didn't feel this one was quite up to a five star rating. Charley is often insensitive using his career to first bully his way in the door in the first place. Then again thinking about his career more than the people who he should be caring about like his sister and his new little Eliza he buts both of them and many others at risk. Also, while I know that no kink has a one true way I was never sure where Eliza really stood in her own feelings. At times she seems to embrace and seek out her little life but the next is really being pushy and aggressive in her relationship with Charley. Like I said it seems to turn out okay and I want the best for both MC's as they define their own relationship I missed the more loving relationship I seek out in an age-play story.
K.Brown on 03/31/2016 03:43pm
Firstly, I am a fan of this series. I enjoyed yet another story set in the littles school. While I felt the story was well written with believable characters, I was looking for more of a learning curve for the submissive"little" than for the dominant. Charley was sweet in his interest in learning to become a good daddy.
Joanie M on 03/30/2016 06:54pm
Little Secrets is another great story in an awesome series. I was impressed with the way the authors made the plot work to turn out like it did. I liked that Charley and Eliza are unique characters. Unlike most Papas, Charley has a bit of a tendency to disregard the rules when it suits him. Eliza has a prominent mature side for a young woman who loves her life as a little. I hope to read more about their development as a Papa and little. The changes coming to the Ashby are exciting too and I'm looking forward to the next book.
Margaret Corcoran on 03/30/2016 12:43pm
A sweet story but I thought that their feelings grew far too quickly for it to be true. All characters are well written and very human with plenty of flaws. The scenes are hot and sweet and Eliza's feelings about spankings are honest. Charley takes to his role quickly and is a nice daddy. Shame story is not spread out over more time.
SH on 03/29/2016 04:52am
What a sweet AP story. I was hooked from page one and I felt so sad for Eliza. But as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason and it seemed to play out exactly that way. It did take me quite a while to warm up to Charley but eventually I did. Together they were perfect. A very sweet romance!
LuCinda Beebe on 03/28/2016 01:09pm
I enjoyed this book, but I was just hoping for a little more to happen with Eliza. It still was very enjoyable and I was happy that I got it. I am hoping that these authors continue with Eliza and being a married Little and also, have more intense drama between her and her Papa in the future.
Redrabbitt on 03/28/2016 12:34pm
We have returned to Ashby Chateau, and the story revolves around Eliza Stead, with her betrothed, Preston, backing out of the engagement and leaving this little one in a state of panic and confusion. Mr. Charley Lockwood is seeking to enroll his sister into the finishing school at Ashby and crosses over a locked gate and coming across Little Eliza in the garden crying. What happens when a newspaper man sees something he considers a scandalous story? Will this be the end of Ashby for the “littles,” as well as, the finishing school for young ladies? “No one would suspect a fine establishment to have such a scandalous little secret.” Changes are coming to Ashby, can they survive? Some secrets are best left in private. This is a Victorian age-play story with consenting adults entering into an agreement towards marriage and living an unique lifestyle where young ladies refer to their husband as Papa, and they are submissive as treated like a little girl, not having to worry about adult cares. Little Eliza becomes sick to her stomach with dealing with adult worries, so this is the perfect little life for her and her new Papa.
Meg on 03/27/2016 02:23pm
We return to the special, secret Little finishing school at the Ashby. Eliza discovers that her training might be in vain when the man who placed her there decides that she is not the one he wishes to wed. Her emotions are torn and her trust broken. When Charley Lockwood spies her outside in the gardens, his interest is piqued. Looking for a finishing school for his own sister, he had no idea that two separate schools exist beneath the same roof. He discovers he has hard choices to make once he meets Eliza and falls head over heels. As a journalist, he knows the story he is actually living would be both a boon to his career and a nightmare for those who have chosen the lifestyle the Headmaster offers. Will love truly conquer all or will more than hearts be broken when the article comes out?
Style Kidd on 03/26/2016 01:11pm
A new and interesting take on the victorian age-play genre, Little Secrets is a sexy, suspenseful page turner! Eliza is a young woman who’s been sent to Ashby’s secret school to educated as a little for her wealthy fiancee. When he decides she is not the right fit for him, she is left to ponder her future in the garden. Charley Locke, a young journalist i searching for a boarding school for his young sister, when he happens upon Eliza, a beautiful student oddly dressed in childlike attire. He realizes that something unusual is going on at this particular school and he decides to investigate further, out of professional curiosity, but even more because of the compelling attraction her has to the student. The story unfolds as Charley discovers the truth behind the walls of Ashby Chateau, pursues the childlike Eliza and must decide what to do with this juicy bit of information that would guarantee success for any young reporter, but would threaten the security of the Ashby school and especially young Eliza. Charley is a wonderful protagonist and takes to his dominant daddy role naturally and with aplomb. This is a great story with some nice age-play scenes, lots of spankings and a sweet romantic story of blossoming love.

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