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Over the Line: Blurred Lines, Book Two

By: Jenny Plumb
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Jenny Plumb
11 Chapters / 58,500 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 14)   |  Write a review

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T M on 04/18/2016 04:34pm
It was good to see how their weekend went at "the cabin." I am glad to see Andy (Andrea) is getting what she needs from the couple.
A on 03/25/2016 05:38am
Great follow on from the first book, enough back story to you didn't need to read it. Sort line is well developed as are the characters. Plenty of realistic spanking scenes
Penny Gwen on 03/23/2016 07:04pm
Andie was orphaned at 15 and turned to a life of crime to survive. David and his wife Nina are dominant who act like parents for adults who are missing something in their life. The three of them go to a cabin in the woods to explore the new relationship that Andie is in need of. They hold Andie accountable for her actions and punish her when she does wrong. At the end of the "test" weekend, all three realize it needs to be a more permanent arrangement.
DB on 03/23/2016 07:03pm
This is the second book in this series and I think it's better than the first and the first was a 5 star book for me! David, Nina and Andie move forward to more role playing. There are lots of spankings and none to harsh. They all three love and care for each other as parents and child. This is a 5 star book and can't wait for another one!
Jack knows on 03/23/2016 12:28pm
A fun story that is generally well done. “Over the Line” is the second book of the series. I did not read book one and I had no problem following the story. This story is well written and consistent throughout. The author, Jenny Plumb, handled the subject matter well. In the story the ‘child’ always had a safe word and they stopped playing at regular intervals to discuss good parts and not so good parts along with what everyone wanted. This was all done very believably. I enjoyed this book although the author obviously enjoyed the discipline and control aspects more, while from my personal preference it could have had more sexual intimacy. If this is a subject matter you might be interested in, take some time to read this book; you will enjoy it. I did receive an advanced copy for review.
Amelia on 03/22/2016 10:04pm
A lovely and sweet story about Andie, a girl who met and befriended a dominant couple. After a weekend spent engaging in play with them as her 'parents', she began to miss them and vice versa. Eventually they progressed to having a 24/7 Big/little relationship and through it, Andie was able to heal from her past hurts and there was mutual affection. Looking forward to the sequel, if any :)
Shersh on 03/22/2016 08:05pm
Annie wants a mommy and daddy. David, her boss and his wife, Nina, agree to try a weekend with Andie as their little girl. Things go so well , they decide to continue the relationship. Great age play story
LuCinda Beebe on 03/22/2016 10:08am
I first want to say that I got this book as an ARC for a honest review. Before I asked for this book I saw that it was the 2nd part of Blurred Lines by this Author and I went and read the reviews for the first one. I was so happy that I got picked to review this book because it was great. I said that I would give an honest review so I am going to be honest and say that after I got this book to read I did go and order the first one to read first and I would say that I loved both of them but I am one that likes to start at the beginning of a story not in the middle and I think that if a person started reading this one first they might not enjoy as much but that is just me. Andie has a unique relationship with David and Nina who are her surrogate parents who have her best interests at heart and are trying to keep her out of making anymore bad decisions or to at least learn from her mistakes so she thinks twice the next time that something comes up, like when, she wants to go to a party at a frat house with her girlfriend. I hope and pray Ms. Plumb writes a 3rd part for Blurred Lines because I would like to see maybe Andie starting to play and getting close with another one of David and Nina's Littles like, on second thought, I don't even have to say who I am thinking about if you read this book you will know who.
SH on 03/21/2016 11:58am
I had become attached to these characters in book one, especially Andie, so it was wonderful to catch up with all of them. This book does stand alone nicely though. Andie finally gets what she had been missing in her life and yes, she makes mistakes but David and Nina are there to correct and comfort her. Great dynamic.
Elizabeth McKay on 03/20/2016 11:37am
The story of Andie, Nina and David continues. As she continues to become more involved with the dynamic older couple, Andie also starts to develop added strength of character, and a desire to be a better person - not just because the older couple expects it, but because it feels right. Enjoyed this story and would read more installments in the future.
Katy Beth Mckee on 03/19/2016 12:52pm
As Andie moves forward with David and Nina we see things are shifting between the three of them. They continue to help her overcome the difficulties of life and have begun to explore a play relationship as well. They quickly realize that all three are moving into uncharted waters. All three begin to figure out the best way to meet all of the needs. I like the idea that no matter what develops between their mail goals are to help Andie reset her life and to protect David and Nina's marriage.
AGS on 03/18/2016 05:42am
When I first started to read this story I was not sure that I would be able to get through it. This book is the second in the series and I have not read the first book so I wasn’t sure where this story was going and what was motivating the characters to have their “play” relationship. I did continue to read the story and before I knew it, I was enjoying it. The relationship that is developing in this story is evolving in an amazing and loving way that is healthy for all three characters. I would definitely recommend this book but would recommend that you read the first book in the series before reading this one – I am now going back and doing so. As a testament to how the relationship grew on me – I will definitely purchase the next book in the series when available.
Joanie M on 03/18/2016 03:21am
The relationship of Andie, David and Nina continues to develop in the second book of the blurred lines series.  They decide to try age play and it's really interesting how they talk about what Andie wants to try and plan their play sessions.  Afterward, they talk about what they liked or didn't like.  Some of the play they do gets very emotional for Andie because of her past. She also gets embarrassed with all the discussion and actual role play and I felt very in tune with that.  Meanwhile, real life goes on and Andie makes some difficult choices that have consequences.  David and Nina come to care for her deeply and she for them.  The lines are blurred between play and reality because of their feelings and authority over her.  I loved this book as much as the first and I can't wait for more.
Laurel Lasky on 03/16/2016 07:25pm
This was the second book in the Blurred Lines, Andie had a horrible childhood and was on her own at a young age and before that she was taught how to scam, shoplift and steals cars. She met and was befriended by a couple who become surrogate parents. They are dominate and want to help her have a childhood that she never had. It started out as role play on weekends with Andie being a young girl and eventually she moves in with her surrogate parents who use domestic discipline. I'm looking forward to is third book.

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