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The Marquis' Runaway Miss

By: Viola Morne
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Viola Morne
7 Chapters / 31,000 Words
Heat Level:
4.8 Out Of 5 (4.8 on 12)   |  Write a review

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Monique Dillon on 03/12/2016 08:08pm
I enjoy stories that use 2 strong characters to interact and create some fireworks and this was no exception! My favorite part of the story is when Jemima goes through so much trouble running away just to be so cruelly made aware it was all for naught. The hair on my skin literally raised and I shivered when that happened. Don't forget about the butterflies in your stomach as you almost feel like you're the one caught! You know a story is good when you start to feel the same emotions as your heroine. Having this take place in Victorian era and in high place society no less can prove to be challenging as it is harder for us readers to relate to such a restrictive time period and a society that is so different from our own. I feel like the familiarity gap can get in the way of liking our hero in the story, as others so eloquently stated that he was simply "a product of his time". I loved that Jemima was feisty and I just wished a little more that she could have put up with more of a fight but truth be told her options were very limited. Great Read!
Marybeth Renn on 02/28/2016 08:32pm
I enjoyed this story. Nicholas is made the guardian to Jemima. She has been kept from society, supposedly to care for her grandfather. We learn otherwise later in the story. It took a while before I liked Nicholas. He was a product of his times, taking what he wants, when he wanted it. When he returned Jemima to the schoolroom, I wondered his motives, but in the end it was done for Jemima. There is a HEA and I give this 4 stars.
MOONQUARTZ on 02/25/2016 06:57am
As the synopsis suggests Jemima is an independent & feisty heroine in the Victorian period when such behaviour from women was frowned upon by polite society. Her behaviour was labelled typically for that era as having the spirits etc. She is still grieving over the death of her grandfather, the only family she has ever known when her new guardian the Marquis of Colmere walks in & upsets her further. Should Colmere a swoon worthy gentleman albeit a rake & scoundrel be a guardian of an innocent like Jemima? Alarm bells should be ringing for the reader at this juncture. He is however attracted to the feisty but witty Jemima and has his own unique methods of dealing with her high spirits. A Victorian dominant & a feisty heroine make for a very toasty hot read. Morne explores the dynamics of this relationship in a Victorian setting with a sensuality that is her own style exploring each characters flaws and strengths with an insight and depth making this a delightful and sexy romp. One is transported to this era and cannot help but feel strongly about Colmere's lack of scruples or should I say endorsement of his raffish character and Jemimas vulnerable position made more so by events not in her control. The author skilfully weaves an enchantingly romantic and erotic story while realistically portraying the dilemmas faced by women of that century and to some extent even today. Colmere's lack of scruples regarding his charge is appalling tho’ he does redeem himself at the very end. This novel, despite being set in a previous era gave me hope, hope in HEA for today and the future. As the publisher suggests the novel contains discipline, age-play elements, and graphic sex and even suggestions of ménage. A perfect read for fans of erotica. My only regrets were the short length of this novel as the emotions and dilemmas faced by the various characters could have been explored in greater depth.
Good bedtime reading on 02/25/2016 01:19am
Left alone after the death of her Grandfather, Jemima James finds herself under the new guardianship of Nicholas Cole, Marquis of Colmere. He is a rake and libertine who has a soft heart for her. His kindness starts off well but sternly as he puts her in the nursery to bend her to his will. But Jemima's beauty betrays their relationship of guardian/ward and develops into a more sexual turn of events. Nicholas can't offer his name, but he wants to offer anything else Jemima can claim. She this can lead to danger and social ostracism.
Beautiful light on 02/23/2016 04:20pm
A beautiful story for age players and those fond of innocence. I was truly touched by the characters and plot. This story fully provides depth and passion.
madpuss on 02/23/2016 12:26am
I enjoyed this story. Nicholas was a victim of the time he lived in. His wealth and privilege often gave him the opportunity to take what he wanted but in return he was expected to marry well and not necessarily who he wanted. He was a rake but he was still good as he wanted Jemima to be happy and wanted to protect her from what he thought was the truth. I loved that Jemima was a strong girl who knew what she wanted and wasn't going to settle for anything less than marriage. She also wanted to make sure Nicholas loved her. So she was also clever in what she did. It ended up being a sweet love story.
Joanie M on 02/22/2016 06:46pm
When her grandfather dies, Jemima James is left in the care of a well known rake. Lord Colmere himself cannot imagine why he would be chosen as guardian of the beautiful young woman.  He demands her obedience, which is not readily given, and he is prepared to use corporal punishment to help her mend her willful ways.  At the same time, he is inexplicably drawn to her, and wants to make her happy.  Although he infuriates her, Jemima is attracted to her guardian and craves his attention.  This is an unorthodox love story in which propriety is thrown to the wind, but it is sweet none the less.  The age play aspect is minor, but enough to make Jemima feel carefree. There are some emotional twists in the plot and it was an interesting, enjoyable story.
AGS on 02/22/2016 05:45am
This author provides a warm, wonderful and fun read with this story. Although Nicholas is the type of rakish hero that I normally don't like, I did find myself enjoying him throughout the book as he develops into a much deeper version of himself. Jemima is just an absolute delight as she is able to stay true to herself when placed in situations that are not within her “norm”. There are elements of an age play relationship in this book but this aspect of their relationship is written in such a way that it’s used more of way to enhance their relationship rather than to define their relationship. This book is a definite must read and this author has been added to my list of must read authors.
Redrabbitt on 02/21/2016 07:07pm
I enjoyed this nineteen hundred age-play story with its mystery and intrigue. Nicholas Cole, the Marquis of Colmere, finds himself appointed the guardian of twenty-year-old Jemima James, granddaughter to the late Lord Goveham. Jemima has been kept away from society, locked away tending to her elderly grandfather. Family secrets, society edicts, parentage, are all part of this mystery. Nicholas has a reputation as a rake; he can be cruel and uncaring, and even seems overbearing and punishing Jemima harshly. He decides to make her return to the nursery and childhood, dressing like a young girl, but without a care, except to be obedient. The plot kept me captivated, and I had mixed emotions on Nicholas and his behavior, true to the time, he exerts control, punishes harshly and gets his way. Jemima’s life has had her as a victim of life’s circumstances; she is intelligent but naïve to the world around her. Sometimes you must take a stand for what you believe no matter what others think.
SH on 02/21/2016 01:05pm
What a great romance! I didn't care much for Nicholas at the beginning but he definitely started to grow on me especially as his behavior towards Jemima became caring. Jemima was great from page one and definitely proved herself as a strong competent woman. Loved this !
Laurel Lasky on 02/20/2016 10:06pm
This was a well written romance. The characters drew me in and at times I was angry with Nicholas for treating Jemima the way he did but as the relationship developed, I saw that he cared for Jemima and the love blossomed between them. There was hot sex, spankings and some danger and suspense.
Margaret Corcoran on 02/20/2016 12:59pm
A lovely sweet story to loose yourself in for a couple of hours. The characters are well written and very human. The spankings are hot and there is plenty of spicy sex. I loved the way the story evolved and the love that grows between Jemima and Nicholas. She is feisty and strong and willing to fight for what she needs and wants. I highly recommend this sweet story.

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