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Cross the Line: Blurred Lines, Book One

By: Jenny Plumb
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Jenny Plumb
11 Chapters / 54,800 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 15)   |  Write a review

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Cookie on 06/26/2016 06:59pm
This is wonderfully written with great characters, a heart-warming story and sensitively done kink. I can't wait to read the sequel!
A on 02/27/2016 12:07pm
I found the story easy to read and a great set up for the next book.
BlueDiamond on 02/24/2016 11:24pm
This well-researched book is about a young girl finding her place in the community and realizing that she doesn’t have to go it alone. The setting is unique and original, a refreshing change of pace.
Penny Gwen on 02/21/2016 10:09am
Crime is all Andie has ever known and being held accountable for it is all she's ever wanted. After a car accident results in her being arrested, Andie is given a chance to have the correction she has always longed for. I was a little put off by the lack of Andie spanking but am excited to read the rest of the series!
Don L on 02/21/2016 07:07am
This is really 3 1/2 stars. The story of how Andie met David and Nina, and how they induced her to start to shape up her life is well done. But the spankings are few, and the age-play aspects are only just starting to be introduced. The scene where future ageplay is negotiated is surprisingly hot, given that no actual play is shown. But this story is only just started, and I very much want to see how the planned weekend at the cabin plays out.
DB on 02/19/2016 10:05pm
This book keeps you reading from page one! Andie is a twenty year old car thief. She has been on her own since she was 15. She meets a couple, David and Nina, who are into the AP lifestyle. They help Andie out with her legal problems. There is age-play - with a different character -, spankings and lots of caring in this book. I did enjoy it and am looking forward to the next one! I gave this book 5 stars!
Laurel Lasky on 02/17/2016 11:56pm
This was a beautifully written story about a young lady who was raised to be a criminal and completely on her own at 15. The author explores the feelings and deep emotions of Andie, and the people who come to care about her and delves into mild age play. I loved Andie, she was an amazing young woman and found myself rooting for her to succeed.
Readingmama on 02/17/2016 10:15am
This was a lovely beginning to what can be a beautiful story. The author gave us a good view of Andie's life and thought process. It made it easy to see why she desired the same kind of relationship the Dom and Domme wanted to give her. They seem to make a good "family." It will be beyond interesting to see how the weekend and the rest of their relationship goes. Other than the misuse of commas in a few spots and a typo, the story was well written and I cannot wait for the rest of it.
Momof48 on 02/14/2016 03:01pm
I enjoyed this book, and while it was a dynamic I am not accustomed to, it was refreshing. I liked that Andie knew what she wanted, and they knew how to give it to her. Enjoyable quick read.
Katy Beth Mckee on 02/14/2016 11:10am
Andie has never really had a chance to do anything but what she's been doing almost her whole life. But when the life of an animal bumps up against her own survival instincts she goes with the animal. This right choice leads into a whole new world where right choices get reward and her hidden fantasy have a chance to come true. It is easy to see that David and Nina have her best interest at heart and have no intention of taking advantage of Andie. This is the first book of a new series and clearly there will be more between these 3 people. This story could stand alone but I am looking forward to see their relationship continue to change evolve in the next book. Getting Andie set on the right path of life seems to be a great first step.
JKR on 02/14/2016 07:26am
I was delighted that Nina and David had experience as well as a working relationship with both of them being Dominants. They navigated the waters with other littles expertly and their interactions were loving and firm. Andie, you just want to love. She was endearing in that she was strong because she needed to be but deep down craved the love and boundaries of an age play relationship. Unfortunate circumstances brought them all together but definitely for the better. I can't wait to get a glimpse of their weekend at the cabin and see how their relationship develops.
Joanie M on 02/13/2016 06:39pm
I loved this book from start to finish. Andie is a unique complex character who's had a rough life; her good heart makes you want to help her even though she's a criminal. The author did an excellent job of exposing Andie's criminal mind and her conflicting fantasies, as well as her pride, caring and fear. David and Nina are a loving couple, both dominants and into age play. They are great characters that seem like real people, unlike any other couples I've read about before. This story is about their attempt to help Andie because they truly care about her. While their dominant natures play a crucial role throughout the story, the AP is in the background. The plot never stopped moving and the book is very well written. I highly recommend it to all d/s fans. I can't wait for book 2.
SH on 02/11/2016 08:44am
This is a good beginning to a new series and I'm curious where it's going to lead. Andie has not had an easy life but things start to change for the better when she meets David and Nina. Her journey is interesting and makes you want to read more, any AP in the story is mild and minimal, and you can't help cheering for her.
Elizabeth McKay on 02/11/2016 07:56am
Interesting and well written story about a young woman for whom crime has been a way of life. A chance encounter brings her to the attention of a dominate couple who can't help but be drawn to the young woman. As they help her get her life on a better track, they explore the possibility of being more to her than just casual acquaintances. It is a sweet story, and the end leaves you ready to find out where the trio goes from here. Looking forward to the next installment.
Elaine Lara on 02/10/2016 03:07am
I received this book as an ARC in exchange for a review. This story captured my attention from the very beginning and did not let it go. Instead of being a blatant love story it was coming of age story about, Andie, a troubled young girl who is helped immensely by this wonderful couple who happen to meet her. I would recommend this book to anyone whether they typically read age play stories or not since it gives the reader insight into the why of this particular lifestyle.

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