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Bound by the Storm

By: Vonna Harper
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2015 by Blushing Books® and Vonna Harper
11 Chapters / 31,600 Words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 7)   |  Write a review

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Good bedtime reading on 01/28/2016 12:21am
Caught in a snow storm in the hills, Narah Colins fantasizes about being a sex slave. She's actually an electrician working on restoring an old property with the help of Briant Lewis and Levi Cocker who are in construction. Two people she went to high school with make up this menage-a-trois with the help of a lot of imagination and role-play to bring their sex scenes to life. Frustration and doubt is put aside as each player enacts their version of erotica and domination to bring to a head an explosive sexual climax...Great reading.
susan landowski on 01/25/2016 08:58pm
Menagerie plus BDSM elements. Can get confusing with reality and fantasy scenes galore. But scenes are hot.
Kathy B on 01/23/2016 05:54pm
The basic story was good but I gave it three stars because I felt it jumped back and forth too much. Everytime it seemed the story was going one direction it would stop for a moment then start up again
T M on 01/21/2016 08:36pm
I give this book a 3 mainly because of all of the breaks in scenes. The characters are wound up by the storm and things turn kind of wild for the three of them. It's easy to get drawn into this novella, but you can be yanked right back out just as easily by the sudden introspection and mental fantasies being described in the midst of a sex scene. If you are looking for a quick read that can put you in the mood for bed time, this book ultimately accomplishes that.
Penny Gwen on 01/21/2016 06:26pm
At first the flipping between characters as the narrator, and also Narah's fantasy scenes, confused me but as I got pulled deeper into the story, I was able to follow along. I enjoyed the primitive and animalistic take on things. That the storm was causing Narah, Levi, and Briant to feel so charged.
Toni English on 01/19/2016 07:40pm
It took me a while to determine whether I was actually enjoying this story or not. Ultimately I did. Fantasy plays a heavy part in this story, making it not your typical BDSM/spanking story which in some ways made it seem like playing pretend for grown-ups. I liked that none of the characters had participated in this type of relationship before.
Redrabbitt on 01/18/2016 07:13pm
This was quite an honest and interesting take on three people, Narah Collins, who is an electrician, and carpenters Levi Coker and Braint Lewis, who all are working on the Wolverine Lodge, and end up being trapped together by a winter storm. Her fantasies take her to so many places, but what happens when reality kicks in with three people all sexually charged and willing to explore? What I think makes this story more unique than most, is that none of them have every done this before, it’s all by the seat of their pants, and it isn’t perfect. Lots of fantasies happened during the evening in each of their own minds. Is this all a fluke of the raging snow storm, or will they want to continue to explore and play together?

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