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Broken Vows

By: Mariella Starr
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Mariella Starr
26 Chapters / 130,643 Words
Heat Level:
4.8 Out Of 5 (4.8 on 19)   |  Write a review

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Juliette on 03/29/2016 03:39pm
This is a full length book about a contemporary couple that make their way back to a domestic discipline marriage that has gone astray. Josh and Jenny have found that due to stressors in their lives they need to work hard on their marriage to meld as a couple again. This is a somewhat realistic plot with many of the same issues that effect couples across the globe, just with more money involved. I am in agreement with one of the other reviewers that suggested Josh was as deceitful as Jenny and that he certainly did not pay his dues. I enjoyed the complexity of the plot, the depth of the characters and the excellent descriptive writing.
Marybeth Renn on 02/15/2016 07:50pm
This is about Josh and Jenny Grayson. We start the story with the two of them wanting a divorce. Jenny has been buying things for her mother with money they don't have. Josh has had enough, so he decides to go back to their D/d relationship. He gives her a hard hairbrush spanking. Jenny accepts it and decides that she wants to work on their marriage. There are a lot of in and outs, but this a wonderfully complex and long story. There is a move and mysteries to solve. I really enjoyed this story. All the ends were tied up satisfactorily. I highly recommend it and give it 5 stars.
CathyM on 02/15/2016 05:51am
Don't have time to write a full review--Monday morning and all, BUT... This book was fantastic. A terrific book about a successful D/D marriage and how they pull it back together. Real life, real characters. Everything you want in a good book.
Berry on 02/10/2016 01:20pm
Great book, full length, not a novelette which I find annoying. I found the characters realistic and the dialog and interchanges like real-life. It was well worth the money. It had D/D, spankings, and a lot of loving characters. I didn't like the father at first, but he grew on me, because he was a good guy who cared for his adopted son as his own. The twist with the interracial family was unique, but great. Very good read, my only complaint is I want these books in "book" form. Electronic is cool, but I like a book in my hand and on my bookshelf.
Lettie on 02/08/2016 07:02am
Best book I've read in a while. It had a real life feel about them. Romance, intrigue, and a great relationship. Actually, this was 2 romances for the price of one, and I couldn't decide which one I liked the best. Rough times hit everyone at some time or another. This book is all about pulling up your boots and getting the job done while not forgetting your roots or the people in your life that you love and love you back. Well done.
CJO on 02/06/2016 08:29pm
This book was quite long, so it was easy to get to know the characters and care about them. There was also a good mystery involved and interesting subplots with a lot of detail. The relationships between the characters were fun to read about. The HEA ending was heartwarming.
TerrySue on 02/06/2016 07:19am
Fantastic book. Full-length, captivating and a joy to read. Jenny and Josh are an amazing couple who are going through a rough time, and they decide to pull their act together through D/D. Lovely storyline and believable dialog that jumps off the pages as if the words were spoken by real people. This book was an great entry in a growing list of books by this author. I’ll stay tuned for whatever Ms. Starr writes, her name is all I need to know—so far I have enjoyed everything she has written.
Rhonda on 01/30/2016 07:50pm
This is an outstanding book. All the characters are well developed and the dialogue is very believable. A little mystery made the book just that much more compelling. I didn't want to put it down. Jenny and Josh have lost their way. But their love for each other and their children have them going back to their original DD roots to strengthen/save their relationship. Their family members presence add an important dimension to the story. Looking forward to reading the authors next book.
TrishB on 01/27/2016 07:59am
WOW, this was a huge surprise. This story was so well written that I couldn't put it down. There wasn't anything about it I didn't like, the interactions between all the characters were spot-on and realistic. I lived this story because it was all about the characters and how they dealt with what life threw at them. Beautifully written, I loved it.
Timberlan127 on 01/27/2016 06:17am
This book is a full length. I enjoyed this DD story about a couple who was totally out of control and headed for divorce until they decided to go back to their DD relationship that they had started married life with. This plan saves their relationship and their finances. I like the way the author handled the interactions between all the characters. They have real life problems and emotions. This story was well thought out and detailed with a touch of mystery to add some spice. I will definitely watch for more books by this author.
Jaycee on 01/25/2016 11:51am
Very well told, detailed contemporary story about a couple going through a tough patch in their marriage. This story had some deeper undertones than Ms Starr usually writes. I much prefer her lighter, historical stories but still found myself heavily invested in Josh and Jenny's story. The addition of Mila and Kevin (loved this couple) helped lighten the mood for me. I am still not sure how I feel about Josh. He never seemed to take any of the blame for their marital problems. I found it incredibly hypocritical, and hard to get past, the fact that he said, "I won't accept deceit of any form in our marriage", yet he lied to Jenny for 6 months by keeping the inheritance quiet. There were many opportunities to tell her, and the fact that he continued to let her worry about finances, and even use her earnings to pay back their savings when he had 57 million tucked away, was just frustrating. As was the fact that when he finally came clean, Jenny was upset for all of 4 hours, then it was over. I thought Josh needed to earn HER trust back after this....and I wish we could have seen him become aware that he was being deceitful - no matter that the thought he had a "good reason". 3.5 stars for me.
MartyLynn on 01/24/2016 10:27am
I always feel like I get my money's worth when I purchase a M. Starr book. I know it going to good, and this one didn't fail. The relationship between Josh and Jenny is beautiful. They have their problems, but they are willing to do what it takes to resolve them. Beautifully written, the characters are alive, and dialogs so realistic it's like hearing people in the room with you. This book has it all, two romances, DD, blistering spankings, hot sex and some mystery. Turning every page is a delight. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait until the next book by this author is released--I'm waiting impatiently.
Hope W on 01/19/2016 10:54am
Wow! Broken Vows by Mariella Starr is an amazing read! This story had sex, spankings, a few mysteries, a couple of romances each facing their own challenges, family interactions both good and bad yet all meshed together in a well thought out and well developed story. Josh and Jenny try to save their marriage and stop an interfering mother-in-law. They begin finding out that sometimes going back to the beginning of their relationship and back to the basics in life can be challenging and yet quite rewarding. At the same time, Josh finds Jenny's long lost sister Mila. As Jenny and Mila get to know each other again, Mila meets Kevin who tries to break down some well placed walls around her heart. Will Kevin be able to show Mila that with old fashioned values and patience true love can over come past hurts? Will Josh find the inner strength to take control and guide his family the way they need to go? Read and find out what happens to these wonderful couples as they work together to solve the mysteries that surround their new found life. This is one read that starts strong and only gets better as it goes! Marialla Starr, Thanks for another great story!!!
Caroline on 01/19/2016 08:25am
Exceptional, and absolutely incredible story. I cried and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed every single word of this book. Josh and Jenny weren't characters, they became alive. This one deserves more than 5 stars. This was a realistic, troubled relationship that was revived through love and hard work. Amazing, I have already begun to re-read it from the beginning.
AGS on 01/19/2016 05:16am
This is an outstanding book that has everything that you would want to experience in your own domestic discipline relationship. I loved how the story developed not only the main characters but all of the supporting characters as well. This book has love, spanking, family, drama, mystery and personal growth all wrapped up into one book. Although both Josh and Jenny have personal flaws and their marriage has issues by the end of the book, you feel that their relationship is at an amazing place and will survive all the trials and tribulations that they might face in the future. I would very strongly recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a fully developed domestic discipline read.
SH on 01/18/2016 04:12pm
Another fantastic book with a truly detailed plot and the length to do it justice. I so enjoyed the journey Josh and Jenny had to travel to find their happiness again. The supporting characters/family were awesome and there was enough backstory that you can't help becoming attached to everyone. Stop reading here, buy the book and enjoy! Seriously, don't miss it!
Erika D on 01/18/2016 03:07pm
This is a great story. The family was falling apart with an overbearing mother and outstanding debt, they were on the brink of divorce. Until Josh stepped up as Head of Household and took control of his house. His family stepped up to help him pay of debts, then he got a shock of his life when he found out he inherited $57 million from a long lost grandfather, but he didn't tell his wife. But with the help of a settlement from a lawsuit he bought into a start-up firm and moved his family to Colorado, which was a great way to get away from his mother-in-law. He put his wife on a budget, said they were redecorating the mansion for a friend. They lived in a guesthouse and worked on their marriage, however they have someone breaking in, poachers and someone trying to open credit cards in their name. Can they find their happily ever after? In addition to Josh and Jenny, Jenny reunites with her long lost sister, Mila who is pregnant. Their contractor, Kevin, soon falls for this tough beauty. Mila was recently widowed from a man who wasn't who she married after being on a 14 month tour. However, Kevin was kind and loving and worked on breaking through her hard outer shell, but he wanted to be Head of Household and Mila couldn't believe he wanted to spank her through domestic-discipline, can they get their happily ever after? This was just a very enjoyable story. It is nice to read a story about people fighting for their marriage rather than giving up. They had many obstacles to overcome to recover their marriage, but they worked at it and they were passionate for each other and it made for a great read. I really enjoyed this read. The story was really interesting and enjoyable, I strongly recommend it.
Laurel Lasky on 01/18/2016 10:56am
One of the reasons I love Mariella Starr's book is because they are long enough to satisfy me and have great development of the characters. The couple are near divorce and realize that the mother of Jill was vicious and destructive and the only way to turn thing around was to return to the Domestic Discipline marriage that worked so well when first married. The storyline was so realistic that I could identify with the characters. The dialogue went seamlessly from one point of view to the other. Every thing you could want in a novel was present. Love, love, loved this book.
Bev on 01/16/2016 02:11am
A wonderful story, characters that live and breathe! Yummy sex scenes, and a great portrayal of a successful DD relationship. Two thumbs up!

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