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Turning the Tables: The Team, Book One

By: Amity Maree
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Amity Maree
10 Chapters / 31,300 Words
Heat Level:
3.9 Out Of 5 (3.9 on 10)   |  Write a review

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Cindy on 06/01/2016 07:42pm
Good but not so well written. Really liked the way she turned the tables, though.
JK on 03/03/2016 04:46pm
I loved this book as the start of a new series full of danger, crime, and intrigue!! It is also full of feisty women and the men who aim to keep them safe!! I just loved Sam and Tandy's story. Yes, they seemed to fall in love quickly, but that often happens, and it certainly didn't keep me from turning the pages!! Crump and Makenna were also two very interesting characters! I am starting the Book 2 as soon as possible!
Marybeth Renn on 02/28/2016 08:26pm
Sam is hired to find Tandy and to bring her home to her father. Sam believes that Tandy is underage and he spanks her and starts to drag her home. Tandy is actually 22 and wants nothing to do with her father. They eventually work things out, but not without a lot of spankings. I give this 4 stars.
Charlie on 02/18/2016 07:14am
I really like this book, it has action, suspense, spanking, and love. The reason the father does what he does is plainly brought out in the book. It does have a lot of things moving very fast, but that is what I like in the book. I hate books that go on and on about what they are thinking. I like that the main characters waste no time declaring their love, knowing that life is so precious and unpredictable. I like that they are both involved in his business of protecting and helping people, and that she is very good at it from the start. I like this book and look forward to the next.
SL on 02/16/2016 07:00am
3 1/2 - 4 stars This was kind of an action story and love story thrown together. Tandy and Sam are a cute couple. Tandy is a redhead with a temper and Samuel is a special ops private eye that is no nonsense. The story was interesting. Not only do you see two people falling in love, but you also have the excitement of death threats. I liked the story. The spankings are with hand and paddle. Nothing was severe. I was surprised that Tandy was capable to not only be a rock star, but also fits into the PI business. It was a fun read. It seemed rushed. Everything happened within days. Falling in love, solving a mystery, all were done within a few days. Or at least it felt like a few days. I am also not used to the terms of endearment being thrown around in normal conversation a lot, but I overlooked it. It was a clean story, no steamy sexual scenes. No love before marriage. Cute fast read.
Joanie M on 02/13/2016 09:10pm
I enjoyed this action packed story about a spanking bodyguard, Sam, the young woman he's trying to protect, Tandy, and his team of men and women dedicated to protecting people. I like the characters and I think this was a good introduction to the team. Of course, Sam and Tandy got romantically involved and I enjoyed the ups and downs of their relationship. The best part is that book 2 is already out.
Good bedtime reading on 02/12/2016 11:43am
Great start to this new series against a background of crime/security force. Tandy is a strong-willed rich girl trying to make her way in the entertainment world. She's desperate to get away from her smothering father who's lost his wife and finds himself in a wheelchair. For protection he hires Sam Parker as a bodyguard. All is not as it seems. There is no love lost between Tandy and her father whom she loathes with a vengeance. Her relationship with Sam is even more complicated as they go from spanking, kidnapping then lovers. Can't wait for the next Book in the series!
Redrabbitt on 02/11/2016 05:20pm
This is a fast paced story involving Tandy Sweet, a singer, estranged from her father and said to be in danger when she returns to the United States. Hired bodyguard, former military special Ops, Samuel Parker, is hired to protect her. He is lead to believe he is protecting a child, but she is twenty-two years old and a singing sensation in Europe. These two are like oil and water the way they clash; she isn’t a diva, and she can hold her own. The plot was fun, a bit rushed, falling in love in a matter of a few hours, lots of mystery and suspense action with attempted murder, near rape, and multiple life and death situations. The dialog involved an excessive amount of using a person’s name or endearment in sentences that are not normal during a conversation. There are lots of threats of spankings and plenty of spankings from Samuel to Tandy. There are no sex scenes; it is only implied.
kitty ranma on 02/10/2016 04:55pm
I would have liked to be able to give this one a higher rating 3 1/2 is what I'd give it. I feel as though it was rushed. Sorry a little spoiler the main part of the story is over in less than a quarter of the book, but it never really tells us why her father wanted her dead. Then the couple is in love within a day or so it appears. It has the potential to be really good but needs more work it needs to be fleshed out more. I really don't like spoilers so I won't go into it further.
KatD on 01/25/2016 04:53am
The story line is all over the place

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