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Enrolling Little Etta

By: Alta Hensley & Allison West
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Alta Hensley and Allison West
25 Chapters / 49,700 Words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 29)   |  Write a review

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Southern Lady on 03/17/2016 05:47pm
Handsome and Demanding We the readers are enrolled to delve into the fantasy world of age play. Above other Age Play, ‘AP’ because it is set in Victorian Era times it has a special place in our perusals. In the case of Enrolling Little Letta by Alta Hensley and Allison West our thirst is satisfied. Here we have a story which entices us to read and begin the journey. We meet and get to know some intriguing characters which drive the story forward. There is the Headmaster of Ashby Chateau the handsome and demanding Philip Hartley. A business associate her uncle has introduced and expects to leave with him for finishing school as his charge. Plus, we are introduced and get to know the lovely Etta who has been told she has an overactive imagination, so she strikes her fears on that belief which puts her in a special place of vulnerability. Now twenty she is told her uncle will care for her and to go with him. So, begins the journey into a finishing school complete with age play in the Victorian Era of yesteryear. Ella tries to be a dear, but a red read rear defines her stay in the new world of subservience. A healthy does of spankings, love and anal play set Enrolling Little Letta apart. This book will leave you wishing for more.
Don L. on 02/21/2016 08:00am
I very much enjoyed this tale of Victorian ageplay. I only wanted more at the end, and i am very sorry that the related story is only on Amazon.
Marybeth Renn on 02/15/2016 08:32pm
Etta was put in Ashby Chateau by her uncle. Phillip Hartley is the headmaster, but the finishing school is actually a school for littles. Etta and Phillip feel an attraction from the first. They fall in love and do have an HEA. I give this 4 stars.
Monique Dillon on 02/05/2016 10:59am
This story is decently long and allowed for much character development. You got a real sense of the characters as their history unravels. It was interesting to learn about Phil and try to figure out why he ended up developing a school for Littles. It was also easy to see why our MC very much loved the idea of reliving the childhood she had lost. While there was one character who acted like she didn't wish to be a Little and caused some upset, it was rather a misunderstanding that caused all the unpleasantness. Rather, I had wished that there was some who didn't want the Little lifestyle, both to be realistically since this lifestyle isn't for everyone and also to add a degree of strife. I also liked the fact that everyone involved that disciplined didn't do so because they derived pleasure from it but to achieve the end result of positive behavior. I find sadistic tendencies don't match with Age Play as well. Even in the case of the Mysterious Man whom was Etta's betrothed before her father got ill disciplined harshly because he truly thought that was how you handled women in the Victorian era. The Mystery regarding whether this man faked the papers between himself and Etta's father or if it was legitimate will always keep this a fresh novel in your mind. Lastly, it was nice to see that even in Victorian Era, Cunnilingus is not a dead art and was represented in this novel. Too often I find that a man's pleasure seems to be the paramount picture with erotica. The only thing that I feel disgruntled with but not surprised about was orgasm denial. The idea that you can only have pleasure when your "Papa" deems it so. Yet is another element to Power play that is all too common.
WrennB on 01/27/2016 04:31pm
Henrietta, also known as Etta was a hard worker who was orphaned at age 20. She was sent to live with her now guardian and self-centered uncle. He promptly sends her off to the finishing school at Ashby Chateau, where she will learn more than table manners. The headmaster Phillip takes a special interest in Etta which shows an opportunity of this book becoming a series. There are many possibilities where this story can take Etta. There is a mysterious kidnapping and suspense throughout the book. No spoilers here, you will have to read the book to find out what happens. This was well written, but personally I would like more back story to fill in details and answer questions. All in all it was an enjoyable read. I hope there’s sequel; I look forward to reading more from these talented authors about Etta and her adventures in finding love and someone to cherish her.
boo on 01/26/2016 06:11pm
Enrolling Little Etta is a fun and light read. Etta is orphan and she ends up with a terrible uncle that decides to send her to the prestigious Ashby Chateau. Philip Hartley, the founder and Headmaster is immediately captivated by her and after having a hard childhood Etta falls very easily into the little girl style. There are some mysteries as twists and I just wish the book was longer. I wanted more of Etta and her Papa. I was also intrigued by the separate plots with the other littles. Would be perfect to have more stories know more about Ashby Chateau!
kitty ranma on 01/25/2016 07:26pm
There should be a better description than just ageplay or littles, for this kind of story. For it's more total emergence into childhood not just playing at being a kid again for a few days. You've got nannies, school the whole rich kids way of life.
Jack Knows on 01/24/2016 06:24pm
I found this book to be quite captivating. The characters were somewhat lightly filled in, but some of that was to add a bit of intrigue to the book and they were slowly revealed as the book went along. In general, the story was complete with some suspense added. This book also had a satisfying ending and did not leave the reader with a cliff hanger; something I personally hate in books. I thought the writing was well done, and descriptions adequate. If you are into this genre, I would highly recommend this book.
JKR on 01/22/2016 01:25pm
Etta was the perfect character to fall in love with. Her life was a little rough going with the task of caring for her ailing father but with his passing came her greatest opportunity. She was to be married as quickly as possible according to her Uncle. but luckily was enrolled at Ashby finishing school. Phillip has his hands full running the Ashby. Though he is adamant he is not looking for a wife he easily falls for the loveable little Etta. I love that Etta just fits right in with the school and Phillip. Lots of love, spankings and a little suspense bring it all home. You will fall in love with the couple and root for their happy little ending.
Ashley H. on 01/22/2016 07:54am
Etta whats not to love about this age -play victorian story. Mystery and intrigue keeps you interested until the very end. Grab it and Go on Little Etta adventure.
Ashley H. on 01/22/2016 07:52am
Etta whats not to love about this age -play victorian story. Mystery and intrigue keeps you interested until the very end. Grab it and Go on Little Etta adventure.
Heart5 on 01/19/2016 03:58pm
This Victorian Age Play book is a bit different than most Victorian AP. Here rather than rebelling against the aged play dynamic the MC actually thrives from it, even from the beginning. This story also offers a bit more suspense than usually found in AP stories. Overall, it is an enjoyable story to read, and left me wanting to read more about life at Ashby Chateau.
Joanie M on 01/19/2016 03:33pm
Etta's story is compelling. I felt for the young woman who had to care for her dying father and was then immediately forced into a world completely foreign to her. When it seems she will adjust to her new life the story takes an unexpected turn. The plot kept me turning the pages until the very end.
Tina on 01/18/2016 07:24pm
Great story and extremely hot. Every time I thought I was starting to figure out the plot the authors threw me for a loop. Loved this age-play Victorian story line.
K. Brown on 01/18/2016 06:38pm
It took me only moments to know this would be a one sitting read! Great writing, interesting plot, and a relationship explored by 2 people. I sometimes feel the Victorian era books are a bit harsh in the approach to discipline, and though this book contains plenty of yummy spankings, the emotional connection between Etta and her 'papa' didn't waver, only grew stronger. Quite early on, you become aware that Etta consents and seeks this emotional connection with Philip. A few twists and turns keep this from being a book you have already read... Definitely give this one a go!
Meg on 01/18/2016 01:40pm
Etta is a young woman who has spent the past several years caring for her ill father. Upon his death, she finds herself a ward of her Uncle Jack - a man she has not seen in years. Within hours of their meeting, she discovers that he has lost no time in ridding himself of her. Before she knows it, she is the newest student in Headmaster Philip's finishing school. Upon his instruction to call him 'Papa', her meeting and going over her new nanny's knees, and introduction to fellow students, she learns the school is nothing as she'd imagined. It takes only a day before she is in love with her Papa and yet she believes he does not care for her the day Thomas, a total stranger, arrives to take her away - claiming he is her betrothed. The story moves rather quickly and I don't wish to spoil it for you - read for yourself to see if Etta ever finds happiness. You won't regret doing so!
Trish on 01/18/2016 10:46am
What a wonderful book. I honestly expected a simple, but always fun, age play book. Instead I got a great novel with unexpected twist and turns. It kept me engaged and I completely connected with Etta who struggles with her desire to be little but the fact that she has had to be not only and an adult but a care taker for since she was a young. The other reviews and description can tell you about the book. What I want to tell you is even if you shy away from age play take time to enjoy this step back in time. I REALLY hope these wonderful creative authors are planning more books so we can continue to watch Etta find herself and her joy in submitting to her Papa.
Shersh on 01/16/2016 08:06pm
After years of caring for her sick father, he dies leaving Etta in the custody of an uncaring uncle. He wants nothing to do with her, so he decides to send her to Ashby Chateaux to learn how to be a submissive wife to a man. Philip, the owner, falls in love with Etta and wants her as his "little" wife. This story contains age play and suspense. I read the complete book with out stopping.
BlueDiamond on 01/16/2016 11:55am
A Delightful ‘Little’ Story: It is easy to not only fall in love with Etta but also place yourself in her situation and feel her struggles as she learns to accept the terms of her new lifestyle. I enjoyed this well-written story from start to end.
Char on 01/15/2016 09:30pm
Great Victorian age play. I loved it, could not put it down. Lots of spanking and some suspense. Loads of loving too.
Needler on 01/13/2016 12:53pm
This is a moderate Ageplay story set during the Victorian Era. Etta is disenfranchised by her uncle after her father's death. She is sent to a finishing school against her will. She is desired by the owner of the school who wants her as his own. I am ready to read a sequel.
Kathy B on 01/13/2016 08:53am
I enjoyed this book. Poor Etta was tossed around because in her time as a woman she had no say in her life. Luckily the man she found herself taking care of her was her destiny. And she was happy be taken care of for one in her life.
SH on 01/13/2016 07:22am
This is a lovely AP story that is not overly harsh. Etta has not had an easy life and things become worse after her father's death. Philip becomes her knight in shining armor. I hope there is a follow-up planned!
Margaret Corcoran on 01/12/2016 12:34pm
I enjoyed this story very much. It is very sweet with lovely interaction between Papa Philip and Etta. Etta learned about love and being cared for after spending her teen-aged years caring for her sick father. This is a very full story with lots of elements. The characters are well laid out and very real. It is hard to say which author wrote which part. I highly recommended this story.
Beautifullight on 01/11/2016 06:20pm
An enjoyable story. Descriptive erotic and kinky interactions. I felt for the characters.
SouthernRaven on 01/11/2016 04:00pm
Etta's father has recently passed away and she has been left to the custody of her uncle. Her uncle decides it's best to learn proper submission and find a husband quickly so he sends her to the Ashby Chateau. Philip owns the unique school which specializes in the "little" world. He quickly falls for little Etta. This is an absolute must read by two extremely talented authors!
Katy Beth McKee on 01/11/2016 01:20pm
This book is set in Victorian England. Much of the books finds Etta thrown from one situation to another without having much say or choice in what is happening in her life. But through this see begins to form an attachment to Phillip and begin to understand what her own desires are. And when she is backed into a corner we see her own strength in going after what she wants. And she even finds the strength to make some demands of her own. My only problem and the reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 was Phillip's interaction with others in regards to his school. He sometimes seems like he lets people or circumstances get out of his control when the situation really calls for him to be strong and in charge.
Redrabbitt on 01/11/2016 10:28am
This is a wonderful Victorian age-play story with a touch of mystery and suspense. Henrietta Waters prefers to be called Etta, her father’s pet name for her. She never really had a childhood, her mother died when she was young, her father became ill when she was fifteen and she cared for him until he died when she was twenty. She is relinquished into the care of his estranged Uncle who didn’t want to deal with her and sends her off to Ashby Chateau finishing school. Philip Hartley is the owner and Headmaster of Ashby and takes Etta into his custody that same night from her Uncle Jack. From there, her life changes, no more burdens or cares, she is to regress and be young and carefree. What happens when she is basically kidnapped in the middle of the day from an evil man who is cruel? Can Etta escape a fate that may lead to her death? There is a big difference in correction spankings and cruel punishment beatings. Both can be found in this story, along with age-play, medical play, anal play, and explicit sex scenes.
Laurel Lasky on 01/11/2016 10:22am
This enchanting Victorian Age Play is a wonderful read. My only complaint is that I wanted more. There is graphic sex, spanking, and more so if it's not your thing, don't buy the book. The plot is layed out well with mystery, suspense, harsh discipline by an unexpected appearance of a harsh man. There is a Happy Ever After. This was a collaboration between two gifted authors, Alta Hensley and Allison West. Well done ladies.

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