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Debbie Goes to Iowa

By: Bee Wilton
Published By: CF Publications
Copyright: �2015 by CF Publications� and Bee Wilton
3 Chapters / 11,230 Words
Heat Level:
2.3 Out Of 5 (2.3 on 3)   |  Write a review

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In this old-fashioned classic spanking story, Debbie visits her family in Iowa. She's been spanked before, but it is not until she arrives at her aunt and uncle's farm that she discovers how unpleasant, embarrassing, and painful a down-home country spanking can be. Bottoms are always bare, and modesty isn't part of the package! Get in trouble together, get spanked together, a lesson Debbie discovers with her cousins on more than one occasion.

This classic story is set in the 1950s and features traditional family-values spanking in both a home and school setting, with razor strop, switch, hand and paddle, as well as mouth soaping.

Chapter One

Uncle Henry picked us up at the bus station in his battered old pick-up truck. I always wondered why he and Aunt Mary had been the ones to take my little sister and me in. All that they needed on their Iowa farm was two more girls. They already had six girls of their own. The youngest was six and the oldest was seventeen when we moved in. I had just turned nineteen and was feeling all grown up. Jan was eighteen and too big for her britches as well. I guess that both of us really needed to be cut down to size.

Uncle Henry was a big strong man who worked hard. Aunt Mary was a powerful woman. Believe me when I tell you that the wise off kids from the big city met more than their match on the farm.

As we rattled down the dirt road to the farm, I remembered all the stories of life on the farm. Stories of good food and fun in the sun. I also remembered the stories of hard work, trips to the woodshed and whippings with switches from the apple tree in the back yard. “Oh well,” I thought, “I have been spanked often enough. That shouldn’t scare me too much.” What I didn’t know about was just how much more severe a spanking could be for a foul-mouthed teenage girl from the big city on a farm in Iowa.

It was a hot summer day. Uncle Henry wore no shirt, just bib overalls. His arms were strong with sinewy muscles. The thought of those strong arms and the way they could spank still makes my bottom cringe every time it crosses my mind. For some reason, even though I had never seen him spank anyone at the time, (that was about to change) the sight of those strong arms made my bottom cringe on the seat of the old truck that first day as well.

Uncle Henry could be a kind man and a gentle man, however he was the strictest disciplinarian in the world when he thought it was necessary. And when he and Aunt Mary got together they could teach you a lesson that really took. I still don’t use bad language.

The truck stopped in front of the old farm house and five of my cousins came running out to meet us. The family resemblance was striking. We had dark hair and slim figures. Our faces were similar as well. We all introduced ourselves and the girls helped us to carry our things into the house.

Inside the house the weather changed abruptly. The first thing I saw was my other cousin, sixteen-year-old Sally. She had long dark hair hanging down her slim back. She was standing in the corner holding up the back of her pleated skirt with her panties at her knees. Her round bare bottom was bright red.

Aunt Mary greeted us warmly and told us that we would each be sharing a bedroom with one of her girls. Jan was to sleep with thirteen-year-old Susie and I was to sleep with the girl who was standing in the corner with her sore bottom on display.

There was a knock at the door and we were joined by my grandmother and grandfather. I could see the poor girl in the corner turn redder and redder about the face and neck with the embarrassment of the show that she was putting on. Grandmom and Granddad greeted Jan and me warmly. Although everyone was being very friendly towards us the constant specter of poor Sally standing bare bottomed in the corner really had me worried and embarrassed for the girl that I had not yet met.

Another knock came at the door and more relatives were there to greet us and welcome us to the farm. This time it was Uncle Harry and Aunt Martha. Their three sons, ages thirteen to nineteen were with them. I thought that Sally would be told to cover up her bottom when the boys came in, but nothing of the kind happened.

The party went on merrily, for everyone except Sally, with good food and pleasant talk. I tried to pretend that she was not there. Most of the others were ignoring her completely. The boys were, of course staring at her bare bottom most of the time and wondering if they would get to see her get another spanking like they had in the past. 

Uncle Henry seemed to take no notice of the girl who stood so straight and quiet looking into the corner. Then all of a sudden he snapped, “Come here, Sally!” Sally turned from the corner pulling up her panties and letting her skirt fall down over her shapely leg as she turned. Taking the few steps to where her father stood seemed a frightful chore for the poor girl. “What did you do while I was out to wind up in this condition young lady?” He asked in a commanding voice.

Her face was as red as her bottom and she seemed to blush even deeper as she told on herself. “I’m sorry, Papa. I forgot. I just forgot. That’s all�” Her eyes filled with tears. “I forgot to feed the chickens.”

To the ears of a kid who had never been too far from New York City before, this confession sounded comical. I almost made the dreadful mistake of laughing.

When I looked at Uncle Henry I could see right away that this was no laughing matter. “Tell me young lady what happens when the chickens don’t get fed!” he commanded. 

“They don’t lay nearly as many eggs for days and I get spanked by Mama and by you, too. I’m really sorry Papa. It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“It happened once before didn’t it young lady?”

She was beginning to cry as she answered. “Yes, Papa. But it will never happen again. Please! I promise.”

“It had better never happen again young lady! Go out to the apple tree and fetch a switch!”

Sally began really bawling as she ran out the back door. Soon she returned with a stick in her hand. She handed the switch to her father and lay over the arm of the couch with her sore bottom high in the air. This was obviously not the first time she had fetched a switch for her own punishment. I wondered if I would ever be able to bring a switch for such a man to whip my bare bottom. 

Uncle Henry stepped over to her and lifted her dress very slowly and folded it on the small of the trembling girl’s back. I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched him grasp the waist band of his daughter's panties and very slowly pull them down to her knees exposing her round, red bottom for all to see. Though she held her legs as tightly together as she could, I could see the curly hair of her private parts.

Uncle Henry held the poor girl in place with one hand and wielded the long thin switch with long sweeping strokes. He whipped her fast and he whipped her hard. Sally went wild with the pain. She kicked and writhed, screaming her head off all the while.

Uncle Henry easily held her in place as he whipped the living daylights out of her. This was one lesson that Sally was to remember every time she sat down for quite sometime. The long, thin, flexible switch wrapped around her firm round bottom and left thin lines of fire every place that it touched. My own bottom twitched in sympathy with my poor cousin every time the switch made terrible contact with her bare bottom.

Her kicking in all directions showed off even more of what she had between her legs to all present. I could feel her shame at having to be bared and punished in front of everybody that way. I thought farmers took kids to the woodshed to spank them in private. I certainly hoped that I would never have to expose my all to everybody like that. 

Everyone stood and watched as the welts covered poor Sally’s bottom. The welts grew thick and hot turning dark red. When the poor girl’s bottom was completely covered with red hot welts Uncle Henry gave her a few more that crossed the others and turned purple as they fell. This accomplished he stopped whipping her. Breaking the switch he threw it into the fireplace.

Then he looked at the shocked expressions on Jan’s face and mine. “Well, it’s too bad that has to be the first thing that you two see when you come here to live, but it should show you right from the start just how important it is to do your chores around the farm. You will be given chores to do. You see what can happen if you don’t do them when they need doing.”

Sally reached back and pulled up her panties, got shakily to her feet and went to our room to cry. She held the seat of her skirt as she walked up the stairs. When the party was over the other five girls helped us take our things upstairs and I went into my new bedroom for the first time and introduced myself to my roommate. She was lying on her bed on her stomach crying. I sat on her bed and said, “I’m really sorry you had to be spanked that way. I hope he wasn’t just using you as an example for us.”

“No,” she answered in a shaky voice. “Papa wouldn’t do that. He only gave me the spanking I earned. It just hurts so darn much. And it’s so embarrassing to get it in front of everybody like that. I could have just died when the boys came in.”

“I’ll bet that it hurts like he**!” I said.

Then Sally gave me the best advice that anyone has ever given me. And I still wish that I had taken it to heart instead of just letting it slide in one ear and out the other as so much good advice has in my life. “You had better not let Mama or Papa hear you talking like that. You’ll get more than a spanking for having a dirty mouth.” 

I was shocked. “You don’t mean that they think that he** is a dirty word, do you?! And what do you mean more than a spanking?”

“Yes. That is a dirty word in this house and in the school that you will be going to. I suggest that you don’t get caught saying it anywhere around here. Have you ever had your mouth washed out with yellow soap?”

“No, I haven’t. But it sounds awful.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, so I changed the subject. “I guess you know I’m Debbie. You are Sally, right?”

“Yes. Isn’t that a terrible way to meet your new roommate? I’m so embarrassed!”

“Well don’t be embarrassed on my account. I just feel sorry for your poor a**.”

“And that’s another word that you had better watch very close just where you say it.”

“Are there any cute guys in our class at school?” I really wanted to get off the subject of punishment and that question did the trick. She started to tell me all about all the guys in my new class in my new school. A school that was so small that she really could tell me about ALL of the guys in the class. Soon she dried her eyes and her switching was just a painful memory.

Spankings on the farm came in all sizes. The one that Sally got that first day was near the top of the spanking scale. Sometimes Uncle Henry would just turn a girl over his knee, bare her bottom and give her a half a dozen spanks with his big hard palm. I can tell you from much experience this treatment really hurt. It never failed to get me back to work or stop me from whatever bad behavior I had fallen into. It also always brought a tear to my eyes and a blush to my face.

Somehow I never got used to having my bottom bared and spanked by anyone other than my father. I always got as red in the face as they turned my bottom with the spankings. However the humiliation of having my bare bottom spanked in front of everybody was not nearly as bad as the humiliation that I suffered when Uncle Henry and Aunt Mary finally broke me of swearing once and for all, but that is another story.

Oh, I had plenty of warnings. Not only from the kids, but Aunt Mary and Uncle Henry took Jan and me aside after dinner that first night and explained the rules of the family to us in great detail and made quite sure that we both understood what was expected of us and the consequences if we did not live up to expectations. One of the things that they stressed was that no foul language would be tolerated from us anywhere, anytime, at all. We were to speak at all times like proper young ladies.

Girls did not wear pants in Uncle Henry’s house! His girls did not wear pants of any kind anywhere. Not even shorts. “Ladies wear skirts and dresses.” So even when we were working on the farm we wore dresses. He told us that it was the lady-like thing to do, but I always thought it was just that it made us easier to spank.

During that talk we all found out that Jan had stupidly brought a pack of cigarettes with her. Just as Uncle Henry was telling us how unladylike it was to smoke, the youngest and most spanked of all, Carol came into the kitchen with the cigarettes. “Look what was in Jan and Susie’s room!” 

Jan tried to go through the floor, but it just wouldn’t open up for her. Uncle Henry grabbed the pack of cigarettes from his daughter and looked fiercely at Jan. “Do these belong to you?”

Jan grabbed her backside with both hands and lied, “No! I never saw them before.”

“Come out here, Susie!” Susie arrived quickly. “Are these yours?!”

“No! Papa you know I would never touch those things.”

“Well, a pack of cigarettes and no one owns them. The stamp says New York State.” He reached for the peg on the wall, took down the dreaded razor strop and looked at Jan as he doubled it over and held both ends in one hand. “It really makes me mad when a little girl lies to me. You know that it makes me madder still if a girl lies to me twice. Are these yours?!”

“I never saw them before,” said Jan bravely, although she still held her frightened bottom with both hands. 

Uncle Henry had the poor girl over his lap with her dress up and her panties down in a split second. The wide smooth leather razor strop went up and came down. Jan began to scream in terrible pain. I had trouble believing just how fast she went from sitting on her chair to having her bare bottom spanked. And what a spanking she got. That strop put a wide bright red ribbon across her bottom every time it came down and it just kept on coming down.

When he stopped spanking the poor sore round bottom of my little sister, Uncle Henry held her in position and asked again, “Did you bring a pack of cigarettes with you young lady?”

Poor Jan couldn’t stop crying to answer the question and Uncle Henry spanked again with the strop. Jan screamed “YES!!!” and was bawling like a baby again.

“Well, we finally come to the truth. Did you know that it was wrong for a girl of your age to smoke cigarettes?

Jan choked back her sobs and answered, “Yes, Uncle Henry. But I didn’t smoke any of them here. I’m sorry that I brought them. Please don’t spank me again. I won’t ever smoke again. I promise.”

“I’m afraid that I will have to spank you for lying to me. After all, you lied to me again even after I warned you about it. I won’t spank you for smoking because you didn’t smoke here. But if you ever smoke another cigarette I will give you a good licking with the razor strop. I don’t care how old you are or where you live, if you ever smoke again I will find out and come to spank you. Do you understand me, young lady?”

“Yes, Uncle Henry. But please, you already spanked me for lying.” Poor frightened Jan still lay over his knee with her sore bottom sticking up.

“Oh, no. I just gave you a little strapping to get the truth out of you.” He raised the strop. “This is for lying to me twice.” The strop moved down and poor Jan began to scream in pain all over again. I thought her first strapping had been a terribly long affair, but the real spanking for lying to Uncle Henry was much longer and I think he actually hit her poor bare bottom harder with each spank.

That sorry, thirteen-year-old round rear end turned red and raw under the leather. The poor little girl shrieked and kicked as the spanking went on and on forever. My own bottom ached in sympathy with my little sister. I held my bottom and tears ran from my eyes. I knew very well that it was just by luck that I was not the one over that knee. I resolved to tell the truth and take my spanking if it came to that choice. This spanking for lying was terrible. 

Uncle Henry’s arm never tired. When he did stop spanking the girl he took her into the living room and stood her in the corner. “Look into the corner. Hold up the back of your dress. Be quite and stand up straight.”

Jan stood as ordered for an hour sobbing as quietly as she could before Uncle Henry called her to his side. She turned from the corner letting her dress fall as she turned. “What have you learned today young lady?” Again he held the awful strop in his hand.

“Not to ever lie to you again, even if I think you will spank me for the truth. And I really didn’t want those old cigarettes anyway. I’m sorry that I was a bad girl on my first day. I’ll try to be a good girl. I promise.” 

“Okay. You may pull up your panties. Debbie, come over here. You two may have gotten away with a whole lot of things in the city, but you will find that you get caught for most everything on the farm. This may be a little hard for you to get used to. That’s up to you. Punishment here is swift and severe. The sooner you get that through your head the less often we’ll have to drive it into your backsides.”

His warnings always frightened me. I always blushed bright red when he told me that he would not hesitate to bare my bottom and spank me in the living room, right in front of anyone who just happened to be there at the time. Still I did not heed the warning.

One day when I had been sent to the barn to do something, I wound up playing with some kittens instead. Uncle Henry had a sure cure for shirkers. He came into the barn and without a word he turned me over his big strong knee as he put one foot on a bale of hay.

I hung over his upraised knee as he quickly raised my dress and pulled down my panties. As always this process brought a deep blush to my face. Once he had prepared me he spanked me hard and fast with his big hard hand.

My embarrassment was, for the moment, forgotten. The pain of Uncle Henry’s big strong hand slapping my bare bottom drove all else from my mind. His hand spankings were worse than a paddling from anyone else. My dad paddled me hard. Aunt Mary paddled me harder than that with her hairbrush. The principal at my new school paddled me harder still. But none of them paddled me as hard as Uncle Henry spanked me with his hand. When he picked up a paddle it meant that someone was in for a truly awesome spanking.

I bawled like a baby. My arms and legs waved around as he held my hips in place on his knee. The spanks fell quickly. He only gave me about two dozen spanks, but at that time in my career it amounted to one of the worst spankings that I had ever had.

I soon found myself on the floor of the barn crying and holding my well spanked bottom. As the worst of the pain subsided, my shame came flooding back to me. I grabbed for my panties and pulled them up, pulling my skirt down to farther cover myself.

“You get yourself to work young lady or I’ll take a board to your bare backside!” With those words he walked out of the barn.

I thought I was all alone in the barn, just me and the animals. I stood up and rubbed my sore bottom. “G*dd*mn it that hurts like he**!”

I heard Aunt Mary’s voice. “HENRY, COME BACK IN HERE!” I wanted to die. I wanted a hole in the earth to open up at my feet and swallow me. What could I do. Maybe they would take into account the fact that I had just had a spanking and was in pain when I said it.

By the time Uncle Henry and four of the girls came into the barn Aunt Mary had taken a piece of heavy harness strap from the wall and walked over to where I stood. “Go on now and tell everybody what you said about your well-deserved spanking young lady!” She commanded.

“Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it. It just slipped out. I’m sorry. Please don’t.”

“That is not what you said!” she snapped. The next thing I knew I was face down over her lap with my sore bottom being bared again. My shame deepened along with my fear for my poor bottom as I felt her pulling the skirt of my dress up my legs. Then I felt her grasp the waistband of my panties and pull them down exposing my frightened bottom for yet another spanking.

“No! Please! I’ll tell!” I yelled as she prepared my bottom for punishment, right out there in front of God and everybody. As soon as my bottom was bare the heavy leather strap wrapped around it, putting a wide, hot line of fire across my already sore bottom.

I yelled without words as she continued to strap me soundly. It hurt even more than Uncle Henry’s hand as that hard piece of leather whaled my bare bottom. She only gave me about a dozen spanks to loosen my tongue.

She stood me on my feet and demanded, “Well, are you going too tell us what you said about your first spanking of the day? Or do you need further persuasion?”

I stood crying trying to think of a way out of this predicament as I pulled my panties up and let my dress fall down over my sore bottom. I didn’t want to repeat my dirty words, but I certainly didn’t want anymore persuading with that strap. Aunt Mary snapped, “I guess you want to be persuaded!” And then she grabbed me by the arm.

“No! I’ll tell!” I yelled. “I said, ‘G*dd*mn it, that hurts like he**.” I stood red faced, looking at the floor, holding the seat of my dress. I tried to think of something that I could say that would make it all right. The pain from the spankings and the embarrassment of being the star of the show made it impossible to think of anything to say in my own defense. It was probably just as well. Any excuses that I would have tried to make would have surely gotten me in even deeper.

“I guess that’s the way they let little girls talk in the city. Well, we will just have to wash that filth right out of your dirty little mouth.” It was Uncle Henry talking. My head was spinning. I saw him pick up a bar of the dreaded yellow soap from a shelf and approach me. My knees shook as I watched my doom come to me.

I tried to say, “don’t!” But I couldn’t make my voice work.

He reached out and grabbed my hair with his left hand and turned my frightened tear- stained face up to look at him. “Stick out that dirty little tongue of yours, young lady!” he commanded.

I don’t know how, but I forced myself to obey. Knowing that it could only get worse was the driving force. When my tongue came out Uncle Henry rubbed the bar of yellow soap over it several times very quickly.

As soon as the soap touched my tongue the putrid taste seemed to penetrate every nook and cranny in my mouth. It was the awfullest taste in the world and I had not even pulled my tongue back into my mouth. I left my tongue out of my mouth until Uncle Henry soaped it again. I could feel the terrible tasting soap building up on my tongue.

I pulled it in before he did it a third time. That’s when I got the full impact of the taste of the awful yellow soap. I choked and coughed. Soap bubbles came from my nose and mouth. Every place that the soap went it burned and tasted awful. I cried and danced up and down with the pure awfulness of the whole thing. I wanted to rinse out my mouth but that was not in the plan, not for quite some time.

Aunt Mary took me by the arm and led me, crying, sore and full of soap into the house and put me in the corner. “Lift the back of that dress young lady and pull those panties back down where I had them!” she commanded.

I was so ashamed, but I obeyed Aunt Mary’s order putting my bare sore bottom on display for all to see. The taste of soap did not go away as I stood in the corner forever.

I have no idea how many people came and went in the living room while I stood there on display too embarrassed to go on living and so afraid of what might be coming next. I know that the farmer down the road, his wife and eldest son came in for a visit and stayed to watch my punishment. I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me when I heard the voices of the men.

I have no idea how long I had been standing in the corner when they came in, but in my shock at their arrival, I made the dreadful mistake of covering my bare bottom with my dress and both hands. I was yanked from the corner by Uncle Henry and held under his arm. He pulled my hands and dress up out of his way and held them there with his big strong left hand. As he raised his paddle over my frightened bare bottom, I had little time to notice just how many were watching. That long hard piece of wood made terrible contact with my bare bottom. Nothing in the world can really hurt as much as that paddle in that man’s hand. 

I screamed and kicked, while he gave me six of the hardest spanks that I had ever had in my life. My screaming made soap bubbles come out of my nose and mouth. When he had given me six awful spanks he put me back in the corner. I again lifted the back of my dress exposing my red, round rear end. I heard Uncle Henry’s stern voice. “You keep your dress up and your hands away from your bottom.” WHACK!! I felt the terrible paddle spanking my sore bottom where I stood. I shrieked in pain.

“While you are in the corner you are still being punished.” WHACK!! He continued as I stood screaming in the corner, afraid to move and afraid to stand there. “You may cover your bottom when you are called from the corner to be spanked some more.” WHACK!!

Through my crying I heard Uncle Henry. “So, young lady, you think that was a funny spanking I just gave to your sister.”

Jan’s voice was panicky as she answered, “No! Just the soap bubbles coming from her nose were funny. No! Please! I didn’t mean to make fun of her punishment. NO!” The paddling was very loud and Jan’s screaming was shrill. He gave it to her for a long hard time. My bottom cringed in expectation with every spank he gave her. I wanted to turn from the corner and watch her get it, but I did not dare. I wanted to hold my frightened bottom protectively, but I did not dare. He spanked her hard and fast while she cried and shrieked in pain.

Now I stood waiting for another spank to fall on my too vulnerable bottom. As well as being on display for all to see, I was petrified with fear that any second a terrible spank could fall on my unprotected bottom. I stood for a long, long time, being careful to obey all the rules of standing in the corner.

I really hated standing in the corner almost as much as being spanked � almost, but not quite. I hated having my mouth full of soap more than anything. You would think that it would have taught me a never-to-be-forgotten lesson. Not me. I was a hard-headed teenager.

When Uncle Henry finally said those dreaded words I thought I wouldn’t mind standing in the awful corner for just a little longer. I was not given a choice in the matter. I was given a serious spanking and that was that. 

“Come here, Debbie.” I yanked my panties up and lowered my dress as I turned from the corner. Uncle Henry sat on a straight-backed armless chair and waited for me to walk to him on shaky legs. He held his awesome paddle in his strong right hand. It seemed to take forever to walk halfway across the room. The whole family as well as the neighbors were gathered to watch me get my first real paddling from Uncle Henry.

The soap was still in my mouth and my bottom still burned with the pain of the spankings I had already had. My hands stayed behind me holding my frightened burning bottom as I walked to my doom.

When I was close enough for him to reach he pulled me down across his knee. I felt that awful feeling of my dress being pulled slowly up my legs. He pulled both my hands and my dress off my bottom at the same time grasping the whole affair with his big strong left hand, thus keeping my hands out of the way of his paddle, holding up my dress and holding my bottom in place to spank with one hand.

Next he took hold of the waistband of my panties and very slowly and shamefully exposed my bottom for all to see. He pulled them right down my legs to my ankles. Although I held my legs tightly together I felt sure that the curly hair between my legs was visible to all. My embarrassment deepened as I realized that I would never be able to control my legs when Uncle Henry started to spank me with his dreadful paddle.

He gave me one very hard spank. “I think that I may be letting you off too lightly for this.” He gave me another spank that sent wave after wave of pain over me. “I should really wash out your mouth with soap more thoroughly and give it to you with the razor strop, but I have decided to go light on you because you don’t know the rules around here.” He spanked again. “If you ever use that kind of language again I will thoroughly wash you out with soap from both ends as well as giving you even more spankings!”

Then my first real Uncle Henry Paddling started. My bottom had been awfully sore when this spanking started. The rate at which the pain grew took my breath away. The burning paddle put so much pain on my poor over-spanked bottom that there was nothing else. For a long time I could do nothing but scream and cry as I was spanked and spanked well.

Never before had any pain been so all consuming. Everything was pain. My poor bottom was all that I could feel or think about. Each spank from that terrible paddle in that strong hand sent me onto higher and higher levels of pain. I was not aware of the kicking and wr

Nick on 11/22/2015 06:59am
Not much in the way of a great story. It is simply compiled of exceptionally painful childhood spanking stories from a horribly brutal family. No love or understanding is shown to anyone at the hand of Uncle Henry or his wife. No one is compelled to be a better person through reasoning and ever misdeed is a spankable offense. Comforting an individual is apparently not considered. Oh and how is it ever ok to display a young woman's lady bits to casual passerbys? Basically,
Cindy on 11/11/2015 04:13pm
Short and harshly written but good.
Not Good on 11/09/2015 10:16am
I read the preview and they just beat those poor kids. I would NEVER buy a book that is so abusive to children.It shouldn't get a half of a star!!

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