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Patterns of Behavior

By: Elliott George
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and Elliott George
9 Chapters / 62,368 Words
Heat Level:
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He was tall and handsome, but a complete failure with women. She was a beautiful redhead, tired of being hurt by men and looking for a soul mate. Will had to make some serious changes before he could get the girl of dreams, Elspeth! Miss Baxter would need to help him break his patterns of behaviour and she knew just what he needed.

Chapter One: Beauty Out of Reach

Will stared at the spreadsheet. He'd been gazing at it for ten minutes. His mind was elsewhere. The gentle buzz of activity across the huge open plan office was soporific which hardly helped. He looked around the place. The bright winter sunshine filled the room. The cosy warmth of the office belied the freezing temperature outside. After leaving school, Will had studied accountancy for a couple of years before dropping out. Two further years with a Computer science course ended the same way. Now he worked for an import/export company in the city. The pay was above average but the job was sapping all the life forces from his body. The routine of it had long since got to him!

Again he looked out of the window. From the first floor he could glimpse the Thames shimmering in the sunshine. He could watch the people crossing the bridge and hurrying about their business, all well wrapped up against the bitter wind. He looked at the clock, it was that time, it was time for 'The Girl'. Well, she had started off being 'The Girl', she became 'That Girl' and now, to Will's huge embarrassment she was 'Will's bird'. Will was pathologically shy. He was a good looking young man, six feet four tall, lean and with a neat pair of buttocks all the women in the office admired but while he looked like every girl's dream, romance and Will were never comfortable together.

The whole office knew that Will had a larger than average size penis. Well, let's say a rather large penis. The office also knew that Will's marshalling of this resource was well below average. Abigail from accounts had made sure of that. Confirmation came from Becki on reception. She defined Will as wishy-washy and wet. Will no longer sought romance at work; he cringed whenever he saw those girls which was more or less every day. He shared his workstation with Ruth. Ruth was old enough to be Will's mother, she had three grown up children and grandchildren by the boat load. She took pity on the boy. She was the only person that Will would confide anything to. She knew of his unhappy childhood with a workaholic father, never at home and an alcoholic mother who beat him and his older sister Alice, for failing to achieve anything less that top grades. Their being taken into care and then split up. Ruth became his surrogate mother. It was the same everyday, Will would pine over the girl and now today's episode was underway�

'Will's bird, 7 O'clock high' shouted Steve from the far end of the office. Will strained to see, yes, there she was, now hidden now behind the building to his left. Long seconds passed. Then oh joy, she started coming down the steps from the main road. Ribald comments flew fast and furious, Will flushed scarlet as he did every day. Ruth felt so sorry for him. Now the girl was down the steps and heading along the path than ran by the office. Ruth looked at her. She was a stunningly beautiful girl. Long curly red hair cascaded around her shoulders like a mane. She was wearing a denim jacket with the fur collar turned up, skin tight white trousers and smart black ankle boots. Her fine porcelain features and flawless pale skin never failed to set Will's pulse racing. He adored the girl, he ached to speak to her but it wouldn't ever happen. He hung his head as the others in the office laughed and made comments about the girl's bottom as she headed to the end of their piece of pavement and crossed the road to enter the huge warehouse complex opposite. Every day between 10.00 and 10.30 the girl would pass. Ruth looked at the crest fallen young man next to her and her heart sank. She had long since given up trying to get to Will to pluck up the courage to speak to the girl; other options had to be found!

The following day the weather remained bitter! A persistent cold rain fell and the gusty wind blew the rain in all directions. It was ten past ten. 'Hey Will, pussy parade coming atcha' cat calls and whistles. It was hard to see the girl, she was hidden under her umbrella. Her long red hair blew around her head in the strong wind. As she drew level with their office, she stopped. She appeared to be speaking to someone at their door. She was coming towards their door. Will's heart nearly stopped. For a moment or two she was out of sight, then back in view, carrying a bunch of red roses. She hurried down the road and into the complex of offices located in the warehouse. What had happened? All the office was buzzing. Even the micky takers were intrigued. They all failed to notice Ruth re-enter the office. If they had noticed, they might have asked why she had raindrops on her dress.

The hubbub subsided and Will went back to the options for departures to Cape Town. His stomach ached. Someone else was courting the pretty redhead. Someone in this building! Someone else would be holding her. Someone else making her laugh. He snapped his head down in frustration, why? Why was he so bloody shy with women???� He cursed himself for a moment or two and then a soft chime indicated he had a new e-mail. He looked at the inbox. 'Thank you Will' was the subject field. The sender was 'Admin'. Will thought is was a phishing e-mail but his preview pane said otherwise. 'The flowers are lovely' it was signed 'E'.

'Close your mouth Will, your tongue will dry out'. Ruth had rolled her chair next to his. He looked questioningly at her. 'Oh for goodness sake you dumb apath! You fancy her something rotten but were never going to speak to her were you?' Will shook his head. 'I brought the flowers, I waited until she passed then called out to her. I explained she had a secret admirer who just happens to be the world's shyest man. It's just the kind of romantic tush that sometimes will work!� I gave her one of your business cards.' Will sat stock still in his chair. His mind was racing. Questions overflowed his brain, he was lost in his own world of possibilities until Ruth's fingers gently pushed his chin up to close his mouth. She nudged him to one side and hit the reply button. She typed. 'My pleasure! Thank you for brightening each of my days with your beauty. She hit send. 'Tacky as hell and every girl will tell you it's ghastly. Deep down they love it.' Ruth rolled her chair back to her own computer.

'Well what's her name? What's she like? Did you�' Ruth held up her hand to stop the flow of questions. 'She's Scottish. She wears Chanel 19 and she isn't dressed by Marks and Sparks. That is one classy lady Will�and she didn't give me her name.' 'Scottish?' repeated Will. 'Yes, Scottish�you know, a person that comes from Scotland' sighed Ruth. This was going to be harder than she'd thought. 'Now just leave it. Don't bombard her with e-mails. Wait and see ok?' Reluctantly Will nodded his agreement. Temptation, though, kept gnawing at him, he wanted to send her another e-mail but Ruth was always watching him. She gave him the steely glare of a woman that knows every thought in your head�Will was convinced Ruth could read his mind.

Over lunch Will munched on his sandwich and tried to think of every girl's name he could beginning with 'E'. Eventually he decided she was an 'Ellen'. The only argument he could put forward was that she looked like an 'Ellen'. Ruth admitted Will had her at a disadvantage, she hadn't realised all 'Ellens' looked alike.�� Ruth gave a sigh of despair and went to wash up the coffee cups. Will had been staring at the e-mail address. '' He Googled 'Life Choices' and got engulfed with answers, none of which had anything to do with a warehouse in the centre of London. Ruth returned and Will quickly went back to departures for Southern Africa. The day dragged, minutes hung in the ether, they never ended. The working day was ending, outside it was dark and gloomy. Will was restless, he wanted to get back in touch with the girl, his fingers sat poised over the keyboard, He looked guiltily over his shoulder. Ruth shook her head. Will sighed and slumped back in his chair. A chime announced another e-mail. He just knew it was from her. 'Well mystery man you know what I look like but what about you? Be at the window tomorrow with your friend, so I can tell it's you. Give me a wave. xx E'�����

Will bounced in his chair like a two year old. Ruth glanced at his screen. She had already put on her coat. 'See you Friday Will' she said and turned to go. Will gave her a casual wave without turning away from the screen. Ruth walked down the stairs and out into the cold night air. She headed towards the steps to the main road. Suddenly, behind her pounding, running footsteps and Will shouting her name. She stopped and waited for him. 'Ruth' he panted. 'Tomorrow's Thursday' 'And..?' said Ruth. 'You said 'see you Friday' just now, when you left �you can't be off tomorrow, you just can't� '

'Because of the girl? I know, I saw the e-mail�I was only kidding, checking if you were listening, I'm in tomorrow' she winked and kissed him on the cheek. He let out a huge sigh and then whooped and punched the air. His smile was a mile wide. Will, DO NOT send her any e-mails tonight, just leave it�slowly, slowly catchee Monkey' Ruth wagged her finger at him. 'ok, ok no e-mails' he promised. 'I mean it Will, don't fuck this up!' She looked cross and turned to head home. Will jogged back to the office he was only in a thin cotton shirt and it was bitterly cold. Ruth never, ever swore. 'Don't fuck it up' she said that, she actually said it. Will determined he wouldn't fuck it up. Back at his desk he turned of his computer and headed for the tube.�

The following morning, he was at his desk early. Very early! He lost count of how many times he was asked if he'd wet the bed because he was in so early. He couldn't focus on work. He'd slept fitfully dreaming of 'Ellen'. He'd masturbated over her several times. It couldn't be true could it? She'd be 'His' girl? When Ruth handed him his coffee, she gave him another of her knowing looks. He blushed scarlet. He could tell she knew about his night of self abuse. The weather outside was still bitterly cold. People hurried along, heads bowed against the biting wind. She was later than usual, almost 10.25, 'Will' Ruth beckoned him over. The girl was hurrying over the bridge; she'd be along in under a minute. When the others saw Will standing at the window they too got up to look out.

The girl came down the steps. She was wearing an ankle length blue woollen coat and had a huge woolly scarf around her chin. She looked up at the first floor window and inside the office it fell silent. The girl's eyes scanned along the window. When she saw Ruth, she raised her eyebrows in recognition. Will stood spellbound by the natural beauty of the girl. If Ruth hadn't jabbed him in the ribs, he'd have forgotten to wave. He raised his hand in a sheepish little boy wave. She stared at him for several paces then he saw a slight smile on her lips and yes, it was there, a barely perceptible nod of her head. Will was elated even though the girl didn't look back. She strode on purposefully to the warehouse.

Ruth smiled at him and patted his arm. Will was beaming when the silence in the office was broken by female laughter. Becki and Abigail were walking through the office. They were looking in his direction and clearly talking about him. That bought him down to earth with a bump! He sat down in his chair and closed his eyes trying to blot out the memories. He'd fancied Abigail from the moment she'd joined the company. His shyness had prevented him asking her out, then, one Saturday she'd turned up to watch him play rugby. That had broken the ice and their first date was a meal in a pub close to Abi's flat. She invited him back for a nightcap. She asked him to sort out the drinks. While he was pouring the wine she disappeared into the bedroom. She was gone for quite some time, so. Will put on a cd and waited. When she reappeared, Will thought he'd died and gone to heaven! She was wearing a black basque, black silk knickers, seamed black stockings and the highest heeled sandals he'd ever seen. In her work cloths she was a beauty, like this Abi was a vision! Her long legs encased in the black nylon seemed to go on and on. Her nipples poked through the basque and her labia pushed against the black silk gusset of the knickers. Will couldn't fail to notice she was already wet. She strode over to him and knelt between his legs.�

'I want your cock!' she unzipped him. Her fingers found his fast hardening penis. She freed it from his jockey briefs and wanked his shaft slowly. .She held it and gazed intently at it, like a cat looks at the mouse it has just caught. 'Nice big cock, just how I like them�.'� Slowly she traced the opening of his penis with her manicured nails. She drew back his foreskin until she saw the delightful twitch of pleasure grip his body. She did that three times. A trickle of pre-cum oozed out of the tip. 'Steady Tiger, that cock of yours has to fuck me hard�long and hard�you'll fuck my cunt Will, She stroked herself through her knickers until a shiver ran through her entire body,� engulfing her, she breathed slowly and deeply before enveloping his cock with her mouth. Her tongue teased the tip of the cock, she licked where the foreskin joined the shaft. Then she nearly choked! Will gushed huge dollops of cum into her mouth. Abi hadn't expected things to happen that fast! She coughed and spat cum all over the carpet. 'Christ! That didn't take long!! You might have told me you were Cumming!'� She coughed again. She walked over to her wine on the table, wiping his cum off her face and chest as she did. She took two long gulps of wine. Checked that she'd finished coughing, then downed the rest of the wine in one. She turned back to him with a dirty smile on her face. 'Still, now you can lick me for longer�' Abi walked back to the sofa and sat down next to Will. He went to kiss her on the lips. Abi raised her forefinger and pressed it against his lips. 'Will Baby, we are way past foreplay! I need orgasms, lots of orgasms so just head south to pussyland and eat me out!' With that she slid her fingers into the waistband of her knickers, raised her tight little bottom off the sofa and slid the knickers down to her ankles. She parted her knees leaving him free access to her dripping vagina. Clumsily Will knelt between her black stockinged legs and began, tentatively, to lick her. He'd never gone down on a girl before but needn't have worried! Abi put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his face hard into her pussy, it started slowly but as the minutes passed, Abi got more and more vocal, Will got more and more aroused, 'There, yes�.there...oh go on��� lick me you bastard, LICK ME!!! Harder, faster����..' Will had a constant stream of instructions so he knew what to do and exactly which part of the girls genitalia to focus on. 'Oh, yes..oh yes�����.oh��.oh�� don't stop�����faster�.yes�..faster���..oh, oh, oh�����.yessssssssssss!!!! The whole sofa shook. Her firm body bucked against him. She pushed his head deep into her. He couldn't breath, it felt like she was breaking his neck! Several more tremors swept through her. Slowly, her grip on his neck relaxed. He looked up to see her slumped back, eyes closed. A satisfied look on her face. Her eyes snapped open. 'I want cock!' She reached down between his legs. 'Will!!! For fuck's sake! You've cum!!' His second ejaculation had covered her stockings and the sofa. Cum dribbled from his now softening cock and settled in the gusset of her knickers. She pushed him away and stood up. She awkwardly bent down and untangled her knickers from the heel of shoe. She threw them in his face and walked over to the kitchen. He the rattle of utensils. She returned holding a spatula with a large plastic handle. She pulled out a chair from the dining table and sat down. She lent back and inserted the handle deep inside her. She took her time and slowly masturbated herself to a second shuddering climax. Watching her had made Will solid as a rock. A girl openly masturbating in front of him! She tossed the spatula onto the table and stood up. 'Get over here!' He shuffled over with his trousers around his ankles. She pushed him down onto the chair. From the bottom of the fruit bowl in the centre of the table she produced a condom. Ripped it open and expertly slid it down his shaft. She fixed him with dirty, sex hungry whore look. She pulled down the straps of the basque and her firm round breasts swung free, the nipples dark and engorged. Her eyes blazed with naked lust. She reached out and put her hands on the back of his chair. Put that cock right up my pussy and fuck me baby�fuck me all night long! Will guided her onto his cock. She pushed down onto his shaft and sighed. 'Oh yeah baby I need your cock!! Suck my tits�..' She pushed her breast to his mouth, Will greedily sucked the nipple. 'Hold my arse�' He cupped his large palms under her soft bottom cheeks. All the wonderful parts of her body, he'd admired at work, he now had access to. 'Fuck my cunt Will, yeah, fuck my cunt��..go on fuc�' Will groaned. Abi leant back and stared open mouthed at him. She stopped her rocking. She looked deep into his eyes. His face confirmed her fears, his got was already softening in her wet pussy. Angrily Abi stood up. 'You're not a fuck! You're a fucking waste of time!' She stormed off to the bedroom and returned moments later in a dressing gown. 'Go on get out!' Will pulled up his underpants and winced at the cold wet patch where his spunk had collected. As he did up his trousers Abi picked up the spatula again. She waved it under his nose. 'More fucking reliable than you�' she walked across the room and opened the door of flat. Will walked past her into the hall. Abi didn't say goodbye and the door slammed behind him.���

More girlish laughter rang around the office. Abi & Becki were at the far end of the office chatting to the girls in Routeing. Will looked down the office and saw four girls standing up, looking at him over their low partition wall. Becki pointed towards him and said something. Shrieks of laughter rang out. He knew he was the source of their amusement!

'Becki�' Will closed his eyes again, more embarrassing memories! That New Year's Eve party two years ago. Becki had invited him to go with her. Curvaceous is how most people described Becki. Well, no, actually 'Curvaceous with huge tits' is actually how most people described Becki. As the party went on Becki got more drunk and the drunker she got, the less inhibited she became. She confided in Will that she'd chosen her dress with him in mind as it provided 'Easy Access'. By way of confirmation she took Will's hand and pushed it through one of the vents in the side of the dress and onto her large left breast. She whispered to Will that she knew he had a huge cock, Abi had told her. She told him how she just loved to have a rock hard cock in her mouth. As she spoke she ran her fingers over his crotch, she felt his penis start to erect, 'I want my mouth round that' She rubbed him harder. She pushed the door behind them open and dragged him into a cloakroom. Her fingers were at his zipper. She knelt down in from of him. 'Don't worry darling, I swallow, I'll suck you so clean�.eeeewwwww!! You've cum in your pants! Abi's right, you're a fucking waste of time!' She stood up, laughed at him and pointed to his pale blue jeans, now with a very visible damp patch. 'You sad wanker!' Laughing she went back to the party.

Will felt so ashamed. Useless. He pulled off his sweater and carried it in front of his crotch. He had to walk through most of the house to retrieve his coat. Laughter following him, Becki's news had travelled fast!��

Since then the pattern had always been the same. New girl, first date, second date, 'I'm not ready for a relationship' and the girl was gone!��

Will opened his eyes and stared out of the window. The camera in his head still had the picture of the girl and her smile when she saw him. She was beautiful! This time he said to himself, this time it had to work. Like Ruth had said last night, 'Don't fuck it up!!' Will couldn't be bothered with work. All he wanted was to be with the girl, to hold her, to cherish her, to�his mind blocked out what would happen if she wanted to have sex with him, he walked to the toilet. He went into one of the cubicles and threw up. He flushed away the vomit closed the toilet lid and sat down. Silently he cried.

It was twenty minutes before he felt able to face people again. As he headed back down the corridor to the office, Abi and Becki were returning.� As he passed them Abi called out, 'You shouldn't always be in such a rush Will�' More laughter but something inside of Will had changed. He didn't hang his head in shame. He still felt like a loser but now, not the lifetime loser he had felt before. His life could be different. He would make it different. The girl would help him, she seemed so nice�

John on 11/16/2015 12:45pm
I almost got to four stars. The story is very good, but the discipline boarders on just mean beatings while there is little sex or love in the story to off set the violence. Great idea but it just didn't trip my excitement meter.
Barbara on 08/13/2015 05:39am
This book is well written and probably deserves more stars than I've given it. Unfortunately, it just wasn't for me. I hadn't realised from the 'blurb' that this was a story of male submission & female dominance & that just isn't my thing.

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