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Feyrie Song, Volume One

By: Devlin O'Neill
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and Devlin O�Neill
27 Chapters / 45,267 Words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 12)   |  Write a review

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Remember fairy tales? Those fantastical, whimsical, magical stories from childhood that not only entertained, but were supposed to teach the young something valuable about being good little girls and boys?

Now it's time for grownup feyrie fiction, something fantastical, whimsical, magical that reveals what happens to girls and boys when they are not quite good. In spanking romance writer Devlin O'Neill's world of lavish make believe, this means lots of bottom-warming reminders that such behavior will not be tolerated in youngsters of any age.

Since O'Neill never can resist giving his hungry readers something both sweet and tingly for dessert, he also includes plenty of heartwarming takes on finding enduring love, along with all the emotional, mental, and purely physical manifestations of that sensual state - including those vigorously impressed on bare, bent bottoms.

In this, the first part of his new tale, 'Feyrie Song', lords and ladies from both this world and the veiled and magical one beyond it intermingle here in ways O'Neill's readers have come to look forward to eagerly in each addition to his extensive collection of work. And, this time, there is a sprinkling of feyrie dust over the whole thing that makes both volumes truly sparkle.

So put on your jammies, snuggle up in bed, and read yourself into the sweet dreams that are sure to come once you've had a peek into volume one of this feyrie land treat. But go to bed early, because once you begin the story, you won't want to put it down - even if someone in your own world insists there will be a penalty of your own to pay if those lights aren't out in five minutes, young lady.

Chapter One - The Cavalier

Rombin Fallbright bred and trained horses for the Royal Cavalry. His title was cavalier, one that had been bestowed by the king's chamberlain for services rendered the Crown. It ranked just below a knighthood. In actuality, it stood quite a way below a knighthood, but it was a royally mandated title, nonetheless.

He was a hard working fellow doing a hard job, and his elevation pleased his wife, Vellia, greatly, even though, in practice, it meant little, except that he could add the title before his name on business cards. And, she told herself, she could add Lady to her cards, if she ever bothered to have any printed. As it was, she had plenty to do just looking after Rombin's household needs and those of his hired men.

Lord Lugash, the Baron Dreadnaught, had ceded Rombin use of some pasturage near the cavalier's house, which was located in the bottomland along the Mirkshire River, upon which to feed his herd. But cavalry horses need room to stretch their legs just as much as they need to eat, so Rombin again applied to the baron and was also granted permission to run them across the moors adjacent to Dreadnaught Manor.

The moors were wild, gently rolling hills covered in gorse and bracken, where wildflowers grew like a yellow and white carpet after the snow melted, with here and there a spring fed bog or tiny rivulet. They were wide-open spaces, and if he ran the herd so as to avoid the bogs and the occasional steep defile, as well as the scattering of sheep that browsed the vegetation, he could keep his animals in prime condition until it was time to sell them to the army quartermaster.

On one such outing, Rombin had to veer off his usual track, owing to the presence of a larger flock of sheep than he ever had seen in the area. With a shrug, he whistled and guided his cutting horse round to turn his herd, and headed off in the opposite direction. He ran more slowly than usual, keeping ahead to scout for dangerous obstacles. Passing a cluster of high mounds, he shivered in spite of the spring warmth and the heat that rose from his horse. The place looked unnatural and less than inviting.

Just beyond the mounds, the terrain turned very rough indeed, with sharp rocks everywhere. Steep gorges hid beneath an overgrowth of vegetation. Rombin swung the herd around, passing by the mounds once more, but on the opposite side. Suddenly, all the animals, including his mount, pulled up and turned, milling about, shaking their heads, snuffling and whickering.

"What the drack?" he bellowed, and spurred his mare.

She whinnied and pranced in a circle, but would not go forward. He whacked her rump with his coiled lariat, but still she only danced, tossing her head and champing the bit.

The sun had shone brightly all day, warming the earth, but now, late in the afternoon, it disappeared behind dark, low clouds. As the air cooled, a pale, watery mist rose from the heated ground, still damp with the recent snowmelt. Rombin was not a superstitious man, but as he looked about at his herd, still dancing, still skittish, still whickering as if frightened by wolf scent, and slowly fading before his eyes behind a curtain of foggy mist, he felt a bone chilling fear.

A light appeared atop the nearest mound and he gazed at it, his eyes bulging. It glimmered in all the colors of the rainbow, shifting quickly from red to blue to purple, then green, yellow and orange in rapid succession. For a moment he could only stare. Then he looked down. His mount stood still, not even her tail twitching. The herd, likewise, had gone unnaturally quiet, all their heads turned, as was his own, toward the light.

The glimmer softened, the colors shifting less quickly, until the light became a steady, golden glow. Then the glow faded and there was only a woman, walking sedately, smilingly toward him. She wore a dress of surpassing suppleness, as if water had been woven into fabric and draped over her magnificent body without seam or needlework. The dress, too, shifted color, though that was not enough to distract Rombin from focusing upon the clearly visible outlines of her breasts, her nipples, even the gloriously puffy and delicately slit mound at the apex of her thighs.

Swallowing hard, he dragged his eyes from her womanly charms, and his heart nearly burst. Her face was everything beautiful he ever had seen; distilled, perfected, and encapsulated in one shining visage. He swung off and dropped from the saddle, his legs trembling as he let go the reins, threw away his hat and gloves, and ran to her.

"Miss, I�"

She shushed him with a delicate finger on his sunbaked lips, her smile beaming into his eyes like all the light of all the moonbeams since the beginning of time.

Rombin was not a promiscuous man by nature, though he had strayed on a few occasions, once it was clear that he and Vellia would never have a family of their own. As there was no issue from any of his dalliances, either, he thought he knew where the blame lay. These matters intruded upon his consciousness only briefly and most peripherally, and disappeared entirely when she touched his lips with hers.

He never knew how or when he became naked, but he awoke lying on his back, wearing not a stitch, the bracken irritating his legs, shoulders, and backside, the moon just rising, a soft light behind a thin covering of clouds.

There were memories, as if of a dream; of fiery, breathtaking kisses, of hot, glorious flesh in his hands, of her fiendishly clever and lascivious tongue, teeth, fingers, driving him up, up, up along an unending stairway until he had entered her, and she had catapulted him into the starry sky in which he died a thousand excruciating and thrilling deaths.

Gasping, he sat up and cast about for his clothes. They were neatly folded and stacked nearby, hat, gloves, and all. The herd and his mount stood quietly, nibbling green, spring shoots. Dressing quickly, he mounted again and shooed the horses toward home.

Vellia was sorely overwrought, waiting for him at the paddock gate next to their house.

"Where the drack have you been? It's nearly midnight!"

He waved to her. Without a word, he corralled the horses, shut the gate, then got down and unsaddled his mount before going to her.

"Sorry, sweetie. I was chasing a stray and it took a while."

She scowled and picked bits of gorse out of his hair. Rombin was a very good-looking man, tall and fair, and she was not unaware of how attractive he was to other women.

"A stray, was it?"

He smiled the crooked smile she could not resist and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her as he vaguely remembered the moor girl kissing him. She whimpered softly and gave in.

"I love you, honey," he said. "Did you save me any supper?"

After a few deep, wide-eyed breaths, she nodded. "In the oven."

lsk on 05/27/2015 07:41pm
Don't get this book, confused by the characters. Disappointed by this book. I have seen better books from this author.
Juliette on 05/26/2015 11:11pm
Three stars for this story. I have read work by this author before and have enjoyed it. This book was difficult to read. I kept getting lost, with the story jumping from character to character, setting to setting and even present to past etc. The story is well written, as you would expect from this author, but just plain confusing at times. Perhaps if I read the second volume it will come together for me and be more satisfying.
Ria on 05/23/2015 05:41pm
The story is slow in the beginning. There are many characters with several intermingling stories. The author also takes us into the past a few times to provide some background. The domestic discipline scenes are relatively mild. It is obvious that this novel provides just the beginning for the Feyrie Song series.
Marybeth Renn on 05/16/2015 07:58pm
This is a great new story by a new author. You do have to pay attention to the characters otherwise you will lose yourself. There are a lot of people to keep track of. We do go back and forth between past and present. There are a lot of spankings, which I like to have in a spanking story!  I can’t wait for the next book. I give this 4 stars.
Redrabbitt on 05/09/2015 09:49pm
3½ stars. This is the first book in this series and to really grasp it, they will need to be read in order. The story leaves on a cliffhanger. What happens when a rogue Feyrie, Lyndell, crosses over to Others (Human) world and breaks the rules? When children are conceived and aren't welcome into the world of Fey. Why do certain people have unusually characteristic traits? This story switches back and forth from present day to the past, but is referenced in each chapter as to what timeframe it is. There is a huge cast of characters with detailed information on each of them and their positions and family ties. The story has an old world feel with modern day mixed together. Lots of spankings, male spanking female and female spanking female. Some sex scenes.
Meg on 04/23/2015 10:42am
Lose yourself in the haunting moors and find a world visited by mystical, beautiful feyries. O'Neil paints a vivid world where men are drawn into love with women not of their world. This book allows you to imagine such a place and to delve into the lives of these men and the children their encounters have produced. There are a great deal of characters to discover and see how naughtiness is paid for. The book bounces back and forth, from past to present, and yet I found it easy enough to follow. It was a bit hard keeping all the characters in their proper place as they seem to bounce between partners but, that said, I still want to see what happens in the next volume.
Arete on 04/22/2015 08:58pm
While I have enjoyed other stories by this author more, this story still kept my interest up to want to complete this volume in one sitting. I truly cared about the characters and could identify, in some form of real life or fantasy of mine, with the problems and situations they encountered throughout their lives. Isn’t that two of the holy grails of writing that one must achieve in the end? Most times I do not like the bouncing back and forth between past and present settings, but I see why the author has chosen to use this form. If not for the keeping of a secret until he is decides the time is right, it surely has him in control of what he wants the reader to feel at any given moment. This is a very complex story, but it is not as overly hard to keep the characters straight in one’s mind as I had previously thought it might be as I read on. In fact, I enjoyed the challenge presented to me instead of having everything given to me on a silver platter of non-participating involvement. I always do love a good challenge. If I didn’t know better, I would think the author did this on purpose to have us pay attention more as if we were a student in one of his classes. I must say there is one subject that is touched upon that could have back fired on the author, but he has handled it well in my opinion. I understand the need to veer off from that subject, but the fact is most of the baby boomer generation has experienced this in one way or another. I sometimes regret this subject is shunned now-a-days in stories since it was an integral part of my growing up. That stance always leaves me taken aback and sad. I feel like my feelings about those times are being stifled by a demonic entity. I just want to speak of it because it is part of my life story. I don’t want to be shamed into a dark, forbidding corner for it. So as you see, this gave me some solace and relief to see it written about here. Context to the story and the importance it has to the characters is the key. So it is in this story. It is hard for me to make a fair conclusion about the story in whole until I read Volume two. This was an emotional whirlwind of a read for me up to this point, though, and I do so want to see how it all turns out. So I will recommend reading Volume one, if just for those reasons.
Lasey Lane on 04/21/2015 04:55pm
This book is a whimsical tale that spans across time, taking place in a different world – yet within our world as well. The author provides great detail to help the reader understand the surroundings. I couldn’t choose a favorite character as I am often able. The story has many individuals who stand out as characters I would like to know better. Given that there are so many characters, the author provides a cast list at the start of the book. This was quite helpful given the number of individuals about which the reader is attempting to learn. I would classify this book as erotic spanking fiction. The one criticism I have regarding this book – is that I personally – had difficulty following the story as there are many time changes. However, the author is clear to point out when the story is moving to a different time. This book was a fun read – but it was also one that required more attention from its reader than many erotic fiction pieces I have read. You won’t enjoy the story unless you are willing to pay attention to the details. Please note that this reviewer was provided with an advance review copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
SH on 04/21/2015 08:29am
This book has so many layers and what a fun read! Wonderful, detailed storyline with a multitude of characters kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I look forward to book two!
Audrey on 04/21/2015 04:56am
Devlin O'Neill is a master at creating worlds that transcend the everyday and bring the reader to a place beyond any reader's wildest imaginings. His multilayered plotlines give depth and intrigue to his stories that travel so far beyond the typical formulae of the spanking romance. Devlin has a deft touch with women and their feelings and motivations and writes about This Thing We Do with a rare sensitivity and a lot of love for his subject and the subjects of his spankings. This tale of two families and two worlds goes beyond what meets the eye, and the characters are growing and evolving and learning about themselves as we learn about them. You can try to stay ahead of the twists and turns of the plot, but I'll wager you are still surprised when all is said and done. If you love a good story that carries you away to another time and place, this is your book. If you like a story to also make your heart skip a beat and your tummy go aflutter with dread and delight as another girl receives her comeuppance at the hands of her loving prince, you are in luck as well.
Princess Anastasia on 04/20/2015 07:42pm
If you thought feyries were simple creatures, revise your thinking. Those in the land of Neverwasnia are anything but, and Devlin O'Neill seems to have a special understanding of their social structure, their emotions and their thought processes. He also knows a thing or two about their discipline proclivities. If you've been a fan of Neverwasnian stories from O'Neill's pen in the past, I think you will love the complexity, the intrigue, the mystery and the spanking good fun of this story. Underneath the erotic components is a solid story line that keeps the reader guessing. The author refuses to bow to the easy solution or the obvious next step in a scene and weaves complexities into the narrative throughout. It's fun reading for everyone, but a special treat for those who like to have their preconceived ideas upset from time to time and enjoy looking for clues about what's going to happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-generational tale and can't wait to see how the humans, the feyries and those who are a bit of each work out all the fascinating threads in this storyline in Book II.
SL on 04/20/2015 02:28pm
3 ½ stars It was hard to get the gist of this story. There were a lot of characters and a lot of flashbacks and the story jumping around. There are some sexual scenes that are somewhat graphical. The story is presenting the new world and getting you involved in the characters. There are so many elements describing this mixture of Fey and humans and their half breed offspring. People hook up with many different lovers that you are not sure what a serious relationship is and what isn’t. I had a hard time getting into the story. It was ok. There are some spanking scenes. There is husband and wife, boyfriend/ girlfriend, maid and school and student. The spankings are light, mostly hand and hairbrush. The spankings were more under the control of the women though in most cases. They feel out of sort and do things to provoke a spanking so all can feel right with the world. Hopefully Volume II will get to the true questions raised. This was just submersion into the land and people. There were so many questions and no real answers yet.

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