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The Way the Cards Fall: Dominance and Submission

By: Jessica Brand
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and Jessica Brand
20 Chapters / 52,936 Words
Heat Level:
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 3)   |  Write a review

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Have you ever made a bet and wish you could take it back? Jason has.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal slave? Nicole has. Does she play fair? Does she really win? Does he really lose?

Immerse yourself in the wild, erotic and exciting world Nicole and Jason navigate as they explore activities they didn't even know existed a few short weeks before. Be part of their adventure as they learn about sadism and masochism, humiliation and pride, pleasure and pain. Join them as Nicole becomes more comfortable controlling Jason. Watch as he slowly accepts his place, as he gradually learns about the pleasures of submitting to the woman of his dreams, learning to enjoy the little thrills that come from serving and pleasing her. Receiving guidance from an expert, Nicole learns not only how to dominate her boyfriend but also the intense sensations of submitting to her new found female mentor.

This is not a story for the faint hearted. It explores issues that are taboo for some but secretly craved by many. It is a story of love, lust and fetish as it twists and turns in the most unexpected of directions.

Chapter One - The Game

As Jason slipped his key into the lock, Nicole wrapped her arms around him, rubbing her breasts against his back and grabbing the always half-hard bulge in his pants. They’d enjoyed a great night out and were slightly buzzed and in high spirits. They’d been seeing each other for nearly a month; the love was there, but neither had said so...yet. Who would be the first to commit? Nicole was spending more and more time at Jason’s, especially on nights when neither of them had to work the following day.

For Nicole, it was also great to distance herself from her boring roommate, who seemed to spend most of her spare time with her face in a bowl of potato crisps and a bottle of soda while complaining about her life and her lack of a partner. Nicole, on the other hand, was driven to remain fit and healthy, taking every opportunity to run along the beautiful waterfront of San Diego Bay and workout at the exercise stations that were positioned strategically in parks around the city. Nicole had never struggled to attract partners and her personality just seemed to be a magnet to people in general. Despite being an ideal role model for her roommate, she didn’t tell her how to solve her problems. Some people just need to learn from experience and she instinctively knew that no discussion along those lines would end well.

It was nearly eleven o’clock. They had the weekend to look forward to and they weren’t ready for bed. Nicole turned to Jason and said, “How about a night cap, darling?”

“Sure. Why not? How do you feel about a few hands of poker as well?”

She embraced him, bringing her mouth up to his ear and he felt her hot breath as she panted, “Oh. Yeah. Strip poker.” She grabbed his crotch, squeezing him gently, pleased to feel his immediate response.

“I’ll get the drinks, you get the cards,” he replied as he looked at Nicole, wondering what he did to deserve her. She was intelligent, had a wickedly dirty mind, a great sense of humor, and she was great in bed.

After playing the first hand, Nicole found herself removing her sweater to reveal her tight, white push-up bra. Jason never tired of admiring her cleavage and he grinned as she exposed herself to him. The next hand ended with her skirt falling to the floor. She was now wearing nothing but her four-inch pumps, stockings, garter belt and panties. She wished she had worn a few extra items of clothing that night.

“Hey! It’s not fair. You had more clothes than me,” Jason moaned. “I have to beat you in more hands before you’re naked.”

“Oh stop your belly aching,” she replied light heartedly. “You’re the one who asks that I wear all these things because they turn you on. Would you prefer that I not wear them in future?” she said, turning her head demurely and batting her eyelashes at him. “Or maybe you could wear them sometime to see what I go through for you.” She smiled as he screwed up his face in response.

“In your dreams, baby. In your dreams.”

“Well, stop your complaining and just appreciate what you see. I admit feeling hot wearing them, though, and I certainly enjoy the admiring glances my confidence draws. Anyway, you seem to be conveniently forgetting that I’ve already lost two major items of clothing, which has evened the odds.” As she said it, she massaged her nipples, encouraging them to poke out proudly through the satin material of her bra. This provocative action was not lost on Jason and soon he was removing his first shoe after being distracted so much that he lost the next hand. His second shoe quickly followed as she beat his pair of aces with a full hand of tens and eights.

“Let me get us another drink,” she said, standing up and making her way over to the liquor cabinet. As she moved, she knew she had his full attention as her tight white panties clung to her firm butt, which was framed by the straps coming down from her garter belt. It swayed provocatively as she walked confidently in her pumps.

“Actually, I like you dressed just the way you are, come to think of it,” he said excitedly.

Returning with the drinks, she handed one to him. Then, after dipping her finger into her own drink, she inserted it into her mouth, forming a perfect ring with her glistening red lips, pointedly sucking it as she slowly withdrew her finger. She gazed into his eyes with the come hither look that she knew he struggled to resist. She was unsettling him, and reveled in the feeling.

He recognized the distraction and realized he needed to pay more attention because as much as he wanted their relationship to grow, he couldn’t allow her to beat him at poker. After all, as hot as she was, she was only a woman and everyone knows that women can’t play poker. He was going to enjoy having his way with her when he finally got her totally naked. To the victor go the spoils! He was confident he sure as hell would be the victor. He felt vindicated after the following hand, as she removed the first of her pumps. She sat across from him, her legs crossed as the other high-heel hung from her foot, swinging tantalizingly.

The next couple of hands were not kind to her, and before long both pumps were on the carpet and she was forlornly preparing to remove a stocking. Still, she took great delight in standing up, turning her back to him and slowly rolling the filmy nylon down her leg. She bent over and made a point of pausing with her butt pushed out toward him. She gave it a sexy wiggle as she smoothly slipped the stocking over her foot. She was slightly worried, thinking that she may have to use all of her womanly wiles to beat him this evening. Nevertheless, she would enjoy putting his tongue to work after he removed the last of his clothes, regardless of who was naked first.

Her tactics had the desired effect. Before long, he was removing his jeans after she laid out three aces to his pair of kings. Sitting there in his boring briefs, t-shirt and socks, he was conscious that he was not looking his best. A few more hands saw him lose his socks and before long, as Nicole lounged back with a big smile on her face, he peeled his t-shirt off to reveal his well-proportioned chest; his briefs were the only things left protecting his modesty. They weren't hiding much; at the moment his gifts were obvious, obviously excited. She quite often enjoyed the pleasures she could derive from his large, circumcised cock. Though she was sometimes a little annoyed because he didn’t take the time to see that she received the same pleasure as he did. She’d often thought that men could be so inconsiderate! Interestingly, most of her girlfriends had the same complaint.

The next couple of hands saw her second stocking come off, followed by her garter belt, eventually leaving her in bra and panties with him only in his briefs. He grinned at her salaciously and said, “I am going to take great delight in seeing you peel your bra off and then I will help you out of your panties. You should have known better than to think you could beat me at poker.”

“In your dreams. If you haven’t noticed, I have twice as many clothes on as you. Let’s see just how good you are. Deal the cards, dreamer!”

He dealt and as they picked up their cards, he watched her face for a tell. Did she have the winning hand or not? Nope. She retained only a solitary card while he kept two�a pair of eights. He dealt her another four cards, giving himself three. He still only had his pair of eights. He was preparing to stand when she threw in her hand and reached around to unclip her bra, drawing the cups off her breasts and tossing it to one side a little more forcefully than was necessary. He noticed her annoyance, but he could not help but focus on her firm rounded breasts that sat perfectly on her chest with no sign of sagging. It was as if she had undergone implant surgery, but he knew she was all-natural. Her nipples were no longer firm. Thoughts of sex had taken a back seat while she focused on the next, critical hand.

“Now that we are on a level footing what say we up the ante a little?” Jason asked her, feeling confident of his prospects.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I was thinking that whoever loses the next hand will become the slave of the winner,” he said.

“Hmmm. What a delicious idea. How long would this arrangement last?”

“Say, one week.”

The drinks had loosened her up a little and she threw caution to the wind. “Sure. Why not? I could certainly use a slave to help me for a week.” She glanced down at his bulging crotch before adding, “And I could certainly enjoy taking charge of that. I would make sure it did what I wanted it to do rather than having it take control like it normally does.”

“Oh, I am sure it will be taking charge all right. The next hand is all mine,” he replied with bravado, which unnerved her slightly.

“Ummm. Do you see any limits to this slavery? I don’t want others to know what we’re up to,” she added.

“It will be just between us, I promise. Our little secret. Nothing too overt. Nobody else will ever know,” he replied, gazing into her eyes. “Let’s play an open hand.”

She dealt the cards and they picked them up. Jason confidently laid his cards on the table and sat back smugly. He had three aces.

“Oh this is going to be fun,” he said as he cupped himself with one hand, giving it a little shake.

Nicole nervously returned his gaze, slowly laying her cards out, one by one. She had the fourth ace, but nothing else worth keeping. Her face was grim as she discarded the remaining four cards.

“Give me two, slave,” Jason said with a smile on his face. She peeled two cards off the top of the pack. It was a pair of tens and Jason let out a little “Whoop!” as he shot his fist into the air. “Oh yes! Come to daddy.”

The color drained from Nicole’s face as she slowly peeled four cards from the pack. The first one was the king of hearts. Nervously she peeled the next one to reveal the ten of spades. Her heart skipped a beat and her face dropped. Flipping the final two down quickly, she hoped against hope. They both studied what she had; the face of the victor lit up with a satisfied, “Yesssss.”

Redrabbitt on 05/03/2015 08:20pm
I had mixed emotions with this story. It is extremely well written, but coercion and cheating to get what you want never sits well with me. What starts out as a night out, heavy drinking and then a game of strip poker has both Jason and Nicole tied, when the bet is made for one week of being a slave. Nicole has been giving him more liquor and then cheats in dealing to win. What goes from her being a Mistress and him her slave for one week turns into four weeks. Bringing in a third person, Laura, to help teach Nicole better control, and Laura turns the tables on Nicole. The way it ended could very well run into another book.
Meg on 04/22/2015 10:21pm
Jason is positive he is in for a treat when he and Nicole make a wager on a poker hand – he has just won his own personal slave for a week. However, Nicole isn't one to give in easily and another hand is played. With the tables turned, it is Jason who becomes her slave. Though the bet was now to encompass a month, Nicole makes it her goal to not only enslave Jason far beyond what he could ever have imagined, but to make him wish to remain enslaved forever. With the help of a local adult-store owner, Nicole learns a great deal at the hands of Laura – how to dominate as well as how it feels to submit. This book ends with a cliffhanger and I want to know what happens - will Jason find total fulfillment in a role he never imagined taking?
Marybeth on 04/21/2015 05:31pm
For the most part, I enjoyed this story. Nicole and Jason are playing cards and the bet becomes submitting to the other for a week, then for four weeks. Nicole decides to take advantage of Jason’s intoxication and gets him even more drunk and then cheats to win. Jason is a good sport and goes along, but Nicole demands more and more from him. She does research and learns more about domination. She decides that she wants to be the dominant partner in their relationship. I had no problem with Nicole being a Domme. I had more problems with the fact that she is not education Jason and letting him decide for himself. This story does end on a cliffhanger. I plan to read the next book because I want to know what happens to this couple. I give this 3 stars.

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