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Ana Adored: Mistress of the Castle, A Masters of the Castle Novel

By: Anastasia Vitsky & Maren Smith
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� , Anastasia Vitsky, & Maren Smith
20 Chapters / 74,266 Words
Heat Level:
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 14)   |  Write a review

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Shy Ana has two secret passions: she loves other women and she has always harbored an intense fascination with all things "spanking." Unfortunately, her current girlfriend, Peyton, has no interest in indulging what she refers to as "sick and deviant" fantasies.

But when their latest argument becomes one black eye too many, Ana's had enough. Finally finding the necessary courage and strength of will, she orders Peyton out of her house and out of her life. Break-ups with abusers are never easy or painless, and in the emotionally chaotic aftermath of hers, Ana turns to the only friend she has - a woman she met online more than a year before on, of all things, a plant forum.

Miranda is everything Peyton is not. She listens. She understands. She accepts. And when she unexpectedly offers Ana a plane ticket to fly out to Ohio and meet with her, face-to-face for the very first time, Ana doesn't hesitate for long. She packs a bag and goes on vacation; ten days, prepaid, at the Castle, the most infamous BDSM resort in the world.

On the surface, everything seems so perfect and magical. But Ana isn't at the Castle long before she realizes she isn't the only woman with secrets. Miranda Hardwick, the Castle's most feared and respected Mistress, has a few secrets of her own.

As the lines between fantasy and reality and friends and lovers begin to blur, both women quickly realize that if their blossoming relationship is to survive, they're going to have to put their secrets aside - Miranda, with her strange "emergencies" that keep calling her away, and Ana, with Peyton, who just won't accept a life without Ana in it.

Chapter One

The hospital machines beeped as normal when Don drifted off to sleep, but that didn't comfort Miranda. She held his hand and struggled not to cry.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, his hand had held the strength of a man in his prime. Now, his thin body and fragile grip gave a stark testament to the devastation wrought by the cancer that infested his cells, slowly turning his body against itself but leaving his mind intact. Some days that made this worse; watching over him when she knew he knew what was happening.

Careful not to disturb the IV taped to his skin or to wake him, Miranda Hardwick stroked Don's arm, the tips of her fingers following the trail of blue veins that had once been prominent but which had by now mostly collapsed. His skin looked thin. His bones felt even thinner. He used to be so strong, but Don didn't have much longer now.

Miranda bent down. A Mistress of the Castle, a woman known to clients and co-workers alike as the strong and regal Housekeeper, she laid her cheek upon her friend's fingers and bid him a silent farewell. She managed to keep back the tears until she passed the nurses' station. As stately as she knew how, she walked out of the hospital and back to her car. Once she was there, however, fishing a tissue out of the glove box, she covered her face and wept. Don wanted release from his bodily weakness, but she couldn't bear to lose him, her oldest friend.

She cried for herself, not for him. Robbed of the dignity of taking care of his own bodily functions, he waited for release. Medication had long ago ceased to keep pace with his constant pain. If she wanted him alive, it was for her own sake and not his. It was selfishness, pure and simple. She was ashamed for not being a better friend than this.

Blowing her nose, Miranda ran her fingers through her long chestnut hair, tried to wipe away the worst of her smeared make-up, and drove herself back to the Castle.

"How is he?" asked Ben, one of the shack guards who stood sentry at the sole entrance to the Castle grounds. Just beyond this gate, the road forked, with one branch leading to the front Castle gates, where the shuttle buses dropped off new arrivals and picked up the departees. The other branched to the right and led to the hidden employee parking lot, which was where she was heading.

"He's as fine as can be expected." She managed a slight smile.

"I'm going up with Jackson and Sam after work," he said, and shook his head. "It's not right."

Since when did life ever care about right?

As soon as he raised the blocking arm, Miranda turned right, following the winding road back through the curtain of trees. Her parking spot was waiting for her beneath the shade of two sprawling old walnuts. She took a moment to fix her make-up again. Even going in through Connie's kitchen, there would be no traversing these busy halls without passing hundreds of people, and she'd be damned if a single one of them saw her as anything other than Mrs. Hardwick, the elegant housekeeper who was nothing if not in absolute control.

Fishing a duffel bag with her uniform out of the backseat and locking her car, Miranda followed the cobblestone walk to the rear kitchen door. As much as she wished she could simply pass through the busy kitchen unnoticed, Cook Connie spotted her before the door swung shut behind her.

"Get the rolls out of the oven!" she ordered, breaking away from the assembly line of salad choppers. A woman with one speed�precision military forward march�she strode past two orderly rows of kitchen bitches and prep stations, on a collision course to meet up with Miranda halfway past the ovens. "Get the meat off those chickens. You two! You've been falling behind all day. If you think I haven't noticed it's because you're both fucking around, making your little goo-goo eyes back and forth, think again. Your cocks are mine come closing time. What are you laughing at, Goldie Locks? You think that's funny? Now you can join them. Not quite as funny now, is it? Hup, hup! Move it, bitches! I want dinner on those buffet lines in twenty minutes!" She didn't stop barking orders until she reached Miranda's side, and then her voice lowered to a gruff whisper. "How is he?"

Over the years, Miranda had learned to swallow her innate irritation at repeatedly answering the same questions over and over. When one worked at a place where the clientele and events changed daily, she had to expect that from the guests. From other staff members, not so much, but this was no ordinary situation.

"As good as can be expected," Miranda told her.

Connie grunted. "Jackson and Sam will head up after work. I can't stand hospitals, but I'm thinking of going with them."

"Are they planning to take the bus? The hospital only allows two people in to see him at a time. They know that, right?"

Connie's brown eyes narrowed. "Who else is coming?"

"Ben, at least."

The gruff cook thought about it. "I can take him."

She could, too. In fact, she could probably take Sam and Jackson as well. At the same time, and with one meaty arm tied behind her back.

"Get there as early as you can," Miranda advised. "He tires easily these days. And I think two of your kitchen bitches just snuck out for a smoke."

Connie snapped around. "Oh, the hell you say!" And off she went, snagging a cane off a rack of assorted implements located between the pots and pans and the pantry shelves. She headed straight for the rear door, leaving Miranda to make a grateful escape.

She slipped out of the kitchen into the Masters' private dining hall. No one was eating there, so Miranda used the privacy to change into her daily uniform. It was only a prim black dress and full apron down the front, but the head of Castle housekeeping did not require fancy costumes to keep the rest of the servants in line. Most days Miranda liked the severity of her uniform. Right now, as she ran her hands down the front, she found herself feeling too brittle for such an austere mask.

She should go back to work, but she felt too brittle for that, as well. Giving it less than a moment's thought, Miranda wadded her contemporary clothing into her duffel bag and went home. Call it a perk as an original cast member at one of the world's best BDSM fantasy resorts. She had hours and responsibilities, but she worked when she wanted. So long as she attended Orientation daily and the Little Maids didn't run amok (as if Grimsley would let them), Marshall let her be. She warranted extra leniency these days, with all her daily forays into town to visit Don. As one of the original six members who had taken out loans, funded construction on the Castle, and helped transform this barren farmland into a luxurious resort, Don had been the driving force that brought their mutual vision to life. But that had been back before cancer tethered him to an IV and ventilator.

If she thought about that now, she would cry again.

Making her way to the Domestics' wing, Miranda slipped from the public hall into a private staff stairwell and climbed to the third floor where employee apartments lined the corridor. As the first Mistress hired, she'd chosen the apartment tucked in the back, with a view of the 'Nobles' garden. It was late summer, so the clematis and hyssop were in full bloom. She'd left her windows open before she left this morning. From the moment she opened her door, the scent of the clematis greeted her.

Home. It wasn't much�little more than one thousand square feet. A breakfast bar separated the kitchen and living room, and the bathroom lay midway between that and the bedroom. Everyone who lived at the Castle had the same layout, but Miranda made hers special with wide window ledges, and shelves of plants and flowers that turned her apartment into the Castle's most secret garden haven.

Pausing in the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea, she slipped through a hanging forest of spider plants and ivy to sit at her computer desk. She tapped the monitor on, wiggled the mouse to bring her laptop out of sleep mode, and her heart leaped with the silly, irrational hope that she might find a certain someone online at this hour. Someone who could soothe the weariness in her heart.

She felt ridiculous. Ana5751 never came on before supper time and yet, Miranda couldn't help herself. She needed the pick-me-up of reading one of sassy Ana's online messages. Anyone in her thirties was too old for the nonsense of online crushes and long-distance relationships, but Miranda couldn't help it. She needed the distraction.

She logged in to Heaven in Horticulture, her retreat from BDSM. Skimming to the bottom of the screen, she read through the list of members online and there it was: Ana5751. With that, her day brightened.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, opening a private chat window and typing, Good afternoon, my lovely. I didn't expect to see you on so soon!

Unplugging the power cable from her laptop, Miranda took it to the couch. She curled up on her favorite side, right across from the open window where the afternoon breeze whispered across her face, bringing with it the scent of late-blooming flowers. Kicking off her shoes, she tucked her feet under her and balanced her laptop across a pillow on her thighs while she waited for a reply.

It wasn't long in coming. The message popped up along the bottom of the chat window. It was a perky pop, the way she imagined Ana would be in person. Perky. Sassy. She smiled.

I'm ignoring my chores. Shh! Don't tell anyone. J

"Bad girl," Miranda chuckled, nestling down among the cushions as she replied, Naughty, naughty! Whatever am I to do with you?

Send me some peace lily clippings? came the cheeky response.

"As if I would reward bad behavior with peace lilies," Miranda tsked, ready to engage in the light-hearted escape of bantering with Ana. A sound spanking would do you more good. Bare-bottomed, with her hands pinned together at the small of her back and her kicking legs scissored between Miranda's strong thighs� a lovely bloom of heat unfurled in the pit of Miranda's stomach.

Too bad this wasn't that kind of forum.

Lynn on 05/04/2015 10:04am
As usual, another excellent book from Anastasia Vitsky, which I loved. However it does contain scenes of domestic abuse, so you may want to avoid it if you find that triggering. Ana and Miranda are two women who meet online in a plant forum. Ana has a habit of killing her plants and Miranda is the expert she turns to for help. I sympathised with Ana in this because I know exactly how she feels; in fact people have stopped buying me plants. The women’s chat turns flirtatious over the months and when Ana finds the courage to throw out her abusive partner, Miranda invites her to meet. They have the same chemistry in person but both struggle with past issues which makes developing a relationship hard. I liked the fact that it wasn’t love at first sight and that the characters had real depth to them. Some of Ana’s decisions were fairly idiotic, but probably realistic. The BDSM is fairly light if you’ve never tried any kink and want to give it a go. The book is one in a series of ‘Masters of the Castle’ books all set in the same BDSM resort, although most of the others are M/F. The author’s Mira’s Miracle is another F/f also set in the Castle.
Margaret Corcoran on 03/26/2015 02:03am
I loved this book. The Castle series is very good but this stort outshines thoes. I loved Ana and Maranda. Wonderful strong and very human chaacters. The theme of Don death tock me time to read as I found it very emotive. I highly recommend this book.
Adaline Raine on 03/13/2015 05:08pm
I'm a big fan of Ms. Vitsky books and Maren Smith's Master of the Castle series. Letting one of Vitsky's characters visit meant my heart strings (and some other things) would be tugged. Oh my goodness. This story was incredible. I cried along with The Mistress Miranda as she watched her mentor slowly slip away just as much as I cried along with Ana when her abusive girlfriend hit her. Then there were sexy moments, and cameos of other Castle guests sprinkled in along with some truly happy moments. Fire Dancer, a sweet and gentle horse, gave Ana her first ride, and it was very touching. I liked the special intimate moments as well as the more sensual ones. Very well done. Five strong stars. A beautiful story about two amazing women. A great addition to the Castle series.
Marybeth on 03/09/2015 08:14pm
I loved this story. First of all, I love the MotC series. I wish the authors would write faster. Second, I love that they are writing F/f into this series. We know that there are Mistresses at the Castle, so it is was great to read about a Mistress and her sub. Also, this explains a lot about Don. I was quite confused when they started doing the auctions in Don’s memory in the Valentine’s Day book. So, this helped a lot. I also like the way the author dealt with the physical abuse with her former partner. But, I really loved the love between Miranda and Ana. They were friends before the Castle and there was a relationship there. When Ana came to stay, there was miscommunication on both their parts, but they did finally start talking again and worked things out. I would like a sequel to this story, please Ms. Vitsky! I give this 5 stars.
laura on 03/08/2015 08:15pm
So very good. Wonderful to read a love story between two women, were they were simply two people in love surrounded by friends, some straight some gay, but their sexuality didn't matter. They were tWO people in love. Surrounded by friends who love them
laura on 03/08/2015 08:15pm
So very good. Wonderful to read a love story between two women, were they were simply two people in love surrounded by friends, some straight some gay, but their sexuality didn't matter. They were tWO people in love. Surrounded by friends who love them
Nicki on 03/08/2015 03:24pm
This was AMAZING. I loved every second of it. I wish there had been more punishment spankings, but I still absolutely loved the story and the way that it ended! Definitely recommended. I'm going to go through ALL of Anastasia Vitsky's books now.(:
Katy Beth McKee on 03/07/2015 11:42am
Meranda has always come off as so in control and when she invites Ana it seems that this will firmly continue. But with all that is going on in the background it seems to be upsetting the flow. Most important message that comes through this story is communication and honesty is a two way street. Being in charge doesn't mean having to to do all the giving. Domme's need help and comfort, too.
Laurel Lasky on 03/04/2015 10:15pm
I don't usually use all capital letters by this book deserves it. This again takes place in The Castle this time the main characters are two women who meet on the Internet in chats about growing and taking care of plants. I'm not going to go into detail about what the book is about. That has already been done in the overview and the wonderful reviews that have already been written. I wish I had the gift of words to express how touched and shaken I was. Some of it is heartbreaking and had me in tears, some was laugh out loud funny and the characters so real that I could see them and the wonderful dialog between the two women who found love and were able to express it so beautifully. It covered subjects that are difficult like physical and emotional abuse, losing someone you love to cancer and the gifted authors who put it all together. If I could give it 10 stars, I would.
Redrabbitt on 03/03/2015 09:38pm
This is a very powerful and emotional story of the Master of the Castle series. Mistress Miranda is a well respected Domme. She also has a gifted green thumb and host a web site Heaven in Horticulture where she has been conversing with Ana, who seems to kill all her plants. Their online private chats have taken on a playful D/s tone. Ana is involved with live-in girlfriend, Peyton, but Peyton has proven violence and when it happens again, Ana kicks her out. Miranda is encouraged by Master Dom and dear friend Don to invite Ana to the Castle, a BDSM fantasy resort. This story unfolds with Ana and Miranda's relationship as it blooms and grows. But when secrets come between them it almost destroys their new relationship. We also learn more about the founding Master Don during his end of life and funeral, and the love of his adopted family, the staff from the Castle. This story has violence from one live-in partner to another. It is NEVER acceptable for someone to hit or slap a partner in the face and to leave bruises and cuts. The Castle is all about a safe, sane and consensual play space where guest can act out and live their fantasies. When a guest oversteps their bounds, it is banishment for life.
Renee on 03/03/2015 11:20am
Another fun romp through the Castle. This book is wonderful. As we have come to expect from Ms. Vitsky it is a story of depth and integrity. Ana is in a relationship that is hurtful and potentially dangerous. Her Internet chat connection with Miranda is the highlight of her day. When her relationship crosses the line with one to many bruises Miranda offers her a vacation at the Castle. Will the friendship that developed online be the same or different? As the story develops the reader is drawn deeper and deeper into it. I did not want to put this story down. The authors handle the tough topic of physical abuse tastefully. The characters are well developed and are consistent throughout the story. The castle world was woven seamlessly into the story. It was great getting to see more of the other characters while see another side of Mistress Miranda.
Nicki on 02/28/2015 11:52am
I want to read this story so badly! When will it be on amazon?! ):
SH on 02/27/2015 06:52am
I absolutely love the Masters of the Castle series and I have from the beginning. This is a fantastic addition to the series, written by two very talented authors who happen to be two of my favorite authors! We learn more about Miranda Hardwick and discover that she has a softer side. Ana, who comes to the castle as Miranda's guest, has some of her own issues to deal with but at the same time she, unknowingly, is helping Miranda who is struggling with losing a very dear friend. The emotional journey these two women take is tremendous, I laughed and I cried and I cheered and it was wonderful! This is a book I most definitely will read again. Very well done ladies and I can't wait for the next in the MOC series!
Meg on 02/26/2015 10:05pm
Set in the famous BDSM playground of Maren Smith’s Castle series, in this book we discover that the strict Head Mistress, Miranda, has some very soft spots. After corresponding over the internet in a forum for plant lovers, she has befriended Ana, a young school teacher who is struggling to accept that fact that there are far more serious issues to deal with other than the plants she can’t seem to keep alive. When her relationship with her partner, Peyton, explodes yes again, it is Miranda’s calm influence that allows Ana to be strong enough to stop fantasizing about the life she seeks and to take that first step to claiming it. If you are a fan of Maren’s Castle series, and frankly, who wouldn’t be, then this one will make you cry as well as it deals with Don, one of the founding partners of the Castle, and his illness. Despite the sadness, it will also make you realize that when love is right, when it is strong, when there is someone to help you deal with the pain, love and life are beautiful.

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