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Rada: The Wedding

By: Susie Daniel
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � 2013 by Blushing Books and Susie Daniel
11 Chapters / 44,247 words
Heat Level:
3.9 Out Of 5 (3.9 on 31)   |  Write a review

Rada is not happy when her wedding day arrives! In the year 3000, nothing is left to chance. Divorce is rarely heard of. A female went from her father's house to her husband's. The marriage is conducted by The Marriage Committee. Females are observed, tested, and rated. Only males with suitable ratings are permitted to bid for the privilege of marriage. Half of the fee collected goes to the government, half to the bride's father for raising a girl. Rada is spoiled, and does not wish to marry, but her father remains firm in his determination to see her well-placed.

Zade waited until he saw the redheaded beauty dressed in the gold dress of brides, and caught his breath. She was the one. She carried an air of defiance that he found appealing, and knew that she would not easily bow to his authority. In short, she was perfect and rare in this era of compliance. He wanted a feisty woman who would keep his life interesting. He placed his marriage bid with the confidence of a man who knew what he wanted - the taming of a beautiful woman!

�Wife, you will stop this worry and fretting, or I swear I shall give you something to fret about!� Harlan of Zandor looked across the bed chamber to scold his flustered wife. At forty-five years of age, she was still a beautiful woman, and he was more than pleased with the choice he made all those years ago. Diki had proved an asset, keeping his home neat and clean, raising their child, entertaining clients when he asked it of her, even at a moment�s notice. She rarely ever complained, and when she did, he prided himself on being intelligent enough to listen and find a resolution to the problem that would keep her smiling. Harlan loved Diki, and he hated seeing her so upset over something she couldn�t control.

Diki did not appear the least bit concerned over her husband�s threat. After twenty �five years of marriage, she knew his warning was mostly bluster. She was a Personality One, and Harlan a Personality Two. She seldom behaved in a manner to require correction. He had punished her twice since their wedding twenty-five years ago, and both of those times she had been relieved when he�d taken her to task because she felt so guilty.

The first time had occurred when they�d been married just a short time. She was reveling in the freedom marriage offered her after her strict upbringing by her Personality Five parents. Harlan was not nearly as demanding as she�d been led to believe a husband would be, and she was given so much freedom that her training began to slip, and she started neglecting her new home� and her husband. She made a few friends, and although Harlan complained and admonished her a time or two about these friendships, he did not forbid her to continue seeing the other women. Diki found excuses to spend more and more time in pursuit of pleasure, and her reward was that the others found her company exciting, too. There were many evenings when Harlan came home to an empty house, and no dinner on the stove waiting for him. He was saddened by this, but also realized that Diki was experiencing her first taste of freedom as a married woman, and he hated to spoil her fun. He felt it was a time for patience.

Then came the evening that Diki was so caught up in her friends� activities that she completely forgot she was supposed to prepare a nice dinner for Harlan�s family, who was coming for a visit. Harlan was shamed in front of his family, and Diki was embarrassed and full of guilt when she walked into her home and found her in-laws sitting in the social room. She knew she deserved punishment, and did not argue when Harlan sent her to their chamber in disgrace. �Diki, you have neglected your wifely duties once too often. Go to our chamber and prepare for punishment.� His voice had sounded so firm, and she could still remember the nods of approval his father and mother made at his decision. Her own parents would have demanded she be punished immediately, and in front of them.

The worst part of the punishment was waiting for Harlan to come to her. She could hear snippets of conversation coming from the social room, and the door alert when the food that Harlan ordered arrived. She was not offered anything to eat, and Diki knew without asking that it was part of her punishment. Finally, Harlan�s family left for their trip home, and Diki knew the time of her punishment was close. She heard the security tones, and knew that Harlan had made their home safe for the night.

�Diki, do you have anything to say for yourself?� Harlan asked as he entered their chamber and closed the door.

�I am sorry I shamed you, husband. I know that I deserve punishment�� she said, tears in her eyes.

Harlan nodded. �I agree.� He�d lectured her then, and it was painful to hear that she�d been such a poor wife. When Harlan told her to remove her pants and her undergarment, she did so without protest. Harlan was a mild man, but when he determined to do something, he was nothing but thorough. He placed a straight backed chair in the middle of the room, took a seat, and motioned for Diki to come to him. She obeyed, and in the next instant, she was across his lap, and his hand was doling out a spanking, the likes of which she hadn�t experienced in several years. It hurt, and she was crying long before he stopped. And when he did stop, it was to send her to his wardrobe to retrieve the punishment strap that the Marriage Committee presented to all new husbands.

�I am so sorry, husband!� she pleaded for mercy.

�You will be sorrier, wife. I will not be shamed in front of my family.� He motioned for her to place herself over the back of the chair, and told her to keep her hands flat on the seat. Harlan made his point well, Diki shuddered at the memory. She promised Harlan over and over that she would be a better wife, and she kept her word. She forgot all about her new friends, and became the wife he wanted and deserved to have.

The second punishment was also deserved, but Diki still had a difficult time admitting that to herself. A teacher punished little Rada during her first year in school, and it infuriated Diki to the point that she�d marched to the school, had words with the older woman, and ended up slapping her. She still felt the teacher had it coming, but Harlan had disagreed. He felt that Rada deserved the punishment she received, and his promise to the teacher and the school principal that Diki would be thoroughly punished as well, was all that prevented a warrant from being issued.

Harlan hadn�t wasted a moment. He�d sent Rada to her chamber with firm orders to go straight to bed unless she wanted a sound spanking on her bottom, and the four-year-old did as she was told, not used to seeing her indulgent father in such a firm frame of mind.

When Diki tried to walk after her child, to make sure she was safely tucked in, Harlan took her arm in his hand and marched her straight to their chamber. This time he didn�t ask her to undress, he simply marched her over to their bed, sat down, and hauled her over his lap and started spanking the seat of her pants. This spanking went on for a long, long time, and when Harlan finally released her, her poor bottom was on fire, and she was sobbing. �I will check on our daughter, Diki, while you remove your clothing, get out the punishment strap, and stack the pillows on the bed. I want to see your bare butt presented to me for a strapping when I come back into this chamber.�

Diki cried harder, but did exactly as she was told. She couldn�t help but worry about little Rada, and when Harlan didn�t return immediately, she feared their headstrong little girl had disobeyed her Father. Harlan returned, and Diki had to ask, �Was Rada obedient?�

Harlan looked at her, and his expression softened slightly. �She was in bed, with several of her toys. I took them away, and explained that she must behave better at school. Her punishment is an early bedtime, Diki.� He paused, and then said, �I am most displeased with your behavior, wife. I�m sure your parents taught you that it is wrong to slap another human being, especially when that person is trying to teach your child respect. You did not set a good example for Rada, and you nearly found yourself with a warrant to appear before the Court. This punishment will be harsh out of necessity.�

Harlan didn�t speak again, and if he had, Diki was positive she wouldn�t have been able to hear him over all the noise she was making. The strapping hurt worse than she�d imagined it could, and it was a long time before it stopped. By then, she was welted, bruised, and in terrible pain. Harlan tucked her in bed, and told her she would share in their child�s punishment, since she�d acted with a child�s lack of restraint.

Diki did not waste time being angry or upset with Harlan. He was a very good husband, and treated her with love and respect always. She knew the punishment was very much deserved, and it was the last she�d earned at his hands. He�d threatened a time or two, of course, as was a man�s nature, but he would never punish her without a good reason, and worrying about her grown child was not a good reason.

�How can you not be concerned, husband?� Diki asked. �Rada�s future is at stake. I would see her suitably settled. What if the Marriage Committee finds fault?�

�Diki, this is the year 3000. The Marriage Committee leaves nothing to chance. Rada will be tested, as are all young women her age, as you were yourself. They will determine her Personality Level, and I would imagine it will be much higher than ours. My guess is that Rada will rate a five, maybe even a six. There is naught you can do now, and worry will not help.�

�A five or six! That will mean her husband must be at least a six, or possibly even a seven! That will mean he will be firm with her, and she is not used to such treatment, husband!� Diki fretted.

�The Marriage Committee is used to making these decisions, Diki. They will take into account Rada�s upbringing, and will decide what is best for her. You know this is for Rada�s own good. If emotions were permitted to interfere, chaos would rein, and then we�d soon be in the same sad shape our ancestors were in, in the year 2000. They married and divorced, and married and divorced. And the children learned nothing of commitment to a relationship, and the responsibility toward their House. Rada will fare no worse than any other young woman her age, Diki,� he said gently, hoping to ease his wife�s fears for her only child.

�Rada is so outspoken, and she does not wish to be tested,� Diki warned her husband. �She does not think it is right for men to choose their testing when it is mandatory for females of her age.�

�That is nonsense. A man is not ready for marriage at the age of twenty. He still has much to learn, an education to finish, and must establish himself. It varies from man to man, but most will know when they are ready for the responsibilities of their own House. A female is best married when she is still young, and able to adapt to the changes her new husband will require of her.�

�I do agree with you, husband, but Rada does not wish to be married at this time of her life.�

Harlan nodded in understanding. �I am aware that Rada does not wish to be married, but that is only because she fears the unknown. She needs a man in her life.�

�She wishes to pursue a career,� Diki whispered, wanting to warn her husband.

�Nonsense!� Harlan scoffed, raising one eyebrow. �Rada will marry.� One look at his wife�s doubtful expression caused him to ask, �She does not plan to antagonize the Marriage Committee, does she?�

�She has not said so, husband, but I must admit that Rada�s temper is seldom docile. And she will do as she pleases. Rada rarely considers the consequences before speaking.�

�You are aware that the Marriage Committee could fault you, wife? I would surely hate to enforce a penalty against you,� Harlan reached out to gently caress her cheek.

�I would hate for you to be shamed so, husband,� Diki replied, her green eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She very much feared that her husband�s dire prediction could come to light, and if it were true, and Rada failed her testing, the Marriage Committee would be quite correct in finding fault and insisting on a penalty. As Rada�s mother, the fault would lie in her training. Why hadn�t she been firmer, more like her own mother? Diki asked herself miserably as Harlan gently rubbed her back as he held her close.

�Go and tell Rada I would speak to her, Diki,� Harlan said decisively, his hand dropping to his wife�s bottom for an affectionate pat.


Rada woke early, as was her custom. It was her private time, the time she spent thinking and planning, and trying to manage her life as she saw fit� not necessarily in the manner her parents would approve of. But, there was no solace in her own company today. This was the day she was to be tested by the Marriage Committee, and Rada was lost to find a way around it. It was the law. Unless the Committee released her of their own volition, she would be as every other female her age� poked, prodded, questioned, observed, and given a Personality rating that she would wear for the rest of her life. It wasn�t fair. She didn�t want to be a number. She didn�t want to be auctioned off to whomever was willing to pay the most money to her father. She didn�t want to get married to someone she�d never met before. She didn�t want to get married, period. Why couldn�t she just monitor and control her own life? She wanted to raise flowers. It was what she loved most. Flowers didn�t argue; they never found fault with her. She wanted to be a florist.

Her only hope was to convince the Committee, and she would go about that her way�

Rada took a quick stroll through her private garden, enjoying the beautiful blooms. Then she headed for her bath, making sure she was squeaky clean. She took pride in her appearance. Rada ran the brush through her red hair, then twisted the long curls around her hand into a thick knot, and pinned it to the nape of her long, slender neck. Long hair wasn�t fashionable, but Rada wasn�t about to cut it to please the Marriage Committee. She didn�t want to marry, and she saw absolutely no reason to submit to testing. She would simply state her preference when they arrived.

Rada was going to be herself, she vowed, walking to her closet. She dropped the fluffy white towel she�d wrapped herself in after her bath, and removed a long-sleeved, ankle length green robe to wear for the day. The she slipped a pair of white slippers on her small, dainty feet. The Committee would not be impressed, but Rada found the normal pants and tops favored by most women to be restrictive. She preferred gowns.

The door to her chamber opened and her mother walked inside. �Surely, Rada, you do not intend to wear that robe today?� her normally gentle voice reflected her shock and concern. �I bought you a new outfit for the day, remember?�

�Good day, Mother,� she smiled at the older woman, her green eyes sparkling in good humor.

�Oh, good day to you too, daughter,� Diki smiled, unable to resist her daughter�s teasing.

�Did the new outfit not fit you?� she asked in concern.

�It fits well, Mother, but this is what I choose to wear,� Rada said firmly.

�Rada, your dress is old-fashioned!� Diki remonstrated. �The Marriage Committee will think we do not dress you well!�

�This is how I dress, Mother,� Rada replied calmly.

�What kind of husband will you find, child, if you persist in defiance?� Diki scolded. �Please, think before you present yourself!�

�Mother, I will not pretend to be what I am not for any man. I do not wish to marry. The Marriage Committee will have to settle for that.�

�You know it is rare for the Committee to grant a female complete control of her life. By refusing to cut your hair and dress as a proper young lady, you are proving you need authority.�

�This is me, Mother. I will not conform in my dress for a better score.�

�Very well,� Diki shook her head sadly, knowing from twenty years of experience it was pointless to argue with her stubborn, outspoken daughter. �Your father wishes to speak with you before you have your breakfast tea.�

Rada�s surprise showed on her lovely face. It was unlike her father to summon her, especially so early in the day. Interaction with her father occurred during family hour, from 5-6 PM daily. The only time he summoned her was to scold� or punish. Rada didn�t think he�d had time to learn of her latest escapade, and he could hardly sentence her to a day in the kitchen if the Committee were here.

But, what other reason could he have for sending for her? Surely her friends hadn�t confessed the wrongdoing? It was such a minor disobedience. They�d taken a jet-cart without permission, and spent the day off-planet. None of them were permitted to go so far away without parental supervision, since they were all unmarried. And, her pretty cheeks blushed, they certainly were not permitted to flirt with single men� Her father would be most upset with her if he�d learned of the escapade, not that she would be spanked. Harlan hadn�t spanked her since she was very small. He preferred early bedtimes, grounding, and extra chores about their home.

�Best you do not keep him waiting, dear,� Diki interrupted her thoughts, and reminded her she needed to collect herself.

Rada gave her hair a pat and glided through the hallways until she came to her father�s office. She knocked politely, and waited until he bade her enter. �Mother said you wished to speak to me, Father?�

�You look lovely this day, daughter,� Harlan smiled at his only child.

�Thank you, Father,� Rada was pleased by the compliment. Her Father loved her in spite of her unusual dress.

�Rada, your mother is worried about your testing,� Harlan came right to the point. �It would please me if you would do well and not bring shame upon your mother.�

�Shame upon Mother?� Rada asked in surprise. �How would it be Mother�s fault if I did poorly?�

�The Marriage Committee would say she did a poor job training you, child, and could issue a fault and a penalty.�

�Against Mother?� Rada�s voice squeaked. She hadn�t considered that possibility!

�Yes. I would hate to have to punish her, child.�

�Why wouldn�t you simply punish me, Father?� Rada�s green eyes pleaded. �It would by my own fault, not Mother�s!�

�She is your trainer, Rada. You would do well to cooperate today.� He was prevented from saying more as Diki tapped on the door and announced the arrival of the Marriage Committee, and said they were anxious to begin.

Rada had no time to change into more traditional clothing, and after her conversation with her father, she was painfully aware of the disapproval of the two women and one man who made up the Marriage Committee. And, even worse, she felt her mother�s embarrassment. Rada�s heart was tender, and while she might not want to marry, she would not have these stuffy people think badly of her mother. If it was her mother who would suffer, then Rada would control herself as best she could. Punishment of any kind was a rarity in the House of Zandor

�Why are you dressed in this manner?� the eldest of the two women asked with a critical tone of voice. Her badge reflected she was named Maureen, late of Castor, meaning she was a widow. Her hair was snow white and cut short, and she was dressed in mauve silk trousers and blouse. Sandals were the standard footwear for women, and Maureen was nothing if not �proper�.

�Madam,� Rada addressed her respectfully, �My dress today is not meant to be disrespectful, and is not meant to reflect badly on my Mother. This is the way I prefer to dress, and I felt it best to be myself.�

�Yes, you will best be served by being honest with us today, Rada,� Rasin of Orr replied calmly. He was her father�s age, and very matter-of-fact. He had no hair to speak of, and his eyes were a startling gray. He seemed to look right through Rada. He continued speaking, �Our intentions are to insure you will be well-placed, and in order for us to do our job well, we will need to know everything about you. You will be thoroughly tested, including the medical examination. Doctor Caleb will be conducting that part of your testing later today. Do you have any questions before we begin?�

�Not a question, but I would like to request that my testing be postponed until I am ready to marry.� She�d clearly shocked the three people� and her poor Mother. The youngest of the women recovered first.

�All young women are tested at the age of twenty, unless their House requests testing earlier� You are clearly twenty years of age, Rada, and there is no reason to postpone testing. Do you feel ill today, perhaps?�

�I am not ill, Madam,� Rada said truthfully. �It is simply that I have no desire to marry at this time. I wish to have a career.�

�That is not for you to decide, young lady,� Rasin said firmly. �Your House made no such request, and the Committee was told that you would be marrying.�

�I was not consulted before this decision was made,� Rada protested. �Young men are not tested at this age, nor are they expected to marry before they wish. They are given the opportunity for a career. I wish to be treated equally.�

�Do not be ridiculous, girl!� Maureen snapped in irritation. �The laws were made to prevent foolishness of this sort. You will do as is expected of you, and without any more argument. Is that clear?�

�What is clear is that because I was born a female, I am given no choice in this matter at all,� Rada tried to control her rising temper. �I have no desire to be sold into marriage. I want control of my own life. I want to become a florist!� she declared, her green eyes snapping, and her voice raising to make herself heard.

�Rada, you are missing the point, dear,� Madame Pilari said softly. �You are not being sold; your new husband is simply reimbursing your parents for their love, care, and training. He will be expressing how much he values you� and you should know that the testing for men is much more rigorous and demanding than it is for women. All of us on the Marriage Committee are dedicated to making the best possible choices for you. We wish to see you happily placed, and then, if you still wish to become a florist, your husband may well sponsor you.�

�I do not wish to be sponsored, Madame. I wish to sponsor myself!�

�I think this discussion has gone far enough,� Rasin said firmly, his gray eyes alight with disapproval. You will cease and desist this foolish behavior, and let us get on with your testing. Is this understood? Do we need to call your Father and ask him to discipline you to insure your cooperation?�

Rada abruptly realized that she was doing the very thing her father had warned her against. She was antagonizing the Marriage Committee, and her poor Mother was pale, and nervously twisting the band of gold she wore on her marriage finger. Rada closed her eyes for a brief moment, then took a deep breath and let it out slowly, controlling her temper. �No, Sir,� Rada replied. �I�ll cooperate.� She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that her life was never going to be the same�

Denise on 07/20/2014 07:24am
From reading past reviews, I thought i would be getting something a lot harsher and zade being more of a sadist. I was happy to not read that at all. I believe the book was well thought out, and you understood most of the character dynamics. I thought Zade was okay, would have maybe liked him to be a little more giving for Rada, but you understand this is how their world is. Most woman do not get any concession and are simply there for men. I don't think Rada gave in, she does love him and i think the punishment she had listening to her mother get beaten for a month definitely did something to her psyche. I think Alex was worse than Zade was. You have to wonder, that if Rada had 18 men come to bid for her hand (especially at the high price she was being asked for), if this whole marriage contract thing is working out. It seems like the men are not wanting submissive woman who will do whatever they say. They want more women like Rada, with a brain and a will to do more than just make a bed, fix a meal and clean a house.
K on 03/30/2014 09:43pm
A great read!
jeanped on 01/02/2014 04:20am
I liked this story a lot though I felt it to be a bit on the short side.. Zade is the perfect example of the dominant man... I liked him a lot even if at times he could be very sever in his punishing his defiant and feisty wife... then again that is what is expected at the time. I am looking forward to reading book 2.
Laurel on 12/19/2013 09:20pm
Her husband wanted a strong woman, but he spanked her for being to strong. This takes place in the future. It was ok but could have had more character development.
anon on 08/30/2013 07:48am
I felt so sorry for Rada throughout this entire story. She was emotionally forced into marriage by the severe punishments to her mother by her father. She was told by her husband that he wanted her for her strong personality, yet was punished severely for her actions. Zade came across as two faced. He said he valued Rada's opinions, yet didn't allow her to voice them without punishment. Even when she did voice her opinions, he didn't listen. The couple I'd like to read more about is Alex and Lissa. There I found the care and respect I wanted for Rada.
Margaret on 07/11/2013 03:06am
Really enjoyable and great fun. Well written. Follows the relationship of three couples with lots of love and spanking.
JK on 06/30/2013 01:26pm
LOVED this book! I'm ordering Rada; The Marriage right away! I just loved both of the main characters. The story was really interesting and I loved the spankings! Can't wait to read the next one!
Jaycee on 06/27/2013 09:04am
I enjoyed this look at a futuristic society for the most part, but had some difficulty liking others. It was hard to believe that in the year 3000, women would be judged as potential wives on how well they made a bed, cleaned a floor, or cooked. What about contributions to society? Like others, I did not care for the harsh punishment doled out to the mother because of Rada's failure to impress the Marriage Board. Zade seems to be fair, loving, and not as strict as others, but some of his punishments I felt went too far. He continually talked about wanting a feisty, spirited wife, but every time Rada talked back or argued with him, he increased her punishments. As another reviewer stated, she went from being very strong and determined not to give up on her dreams to being meek and biting her tongue all the time. She had every right to be angry when he spanked her because she asked him what to wear. He never acknowledged her feelings, only doled out a harsher punishment once again because she argued with him. I do plan to read the sequel, but sure hope that Rada has her fire back and that Zade has mellowed somewhat.
Arleen on 06/27/2013 06:26am
Since I'm not usually a fan of the futuristic type of novel I didn't think I would like this one but I loved it. It had lots of hot spankings but all were done for a good reason and done with the assurance of love and affection. It was a very well written book with very strong realistic characters. I will be looking for more by Susan Daniels.
JC on 06/11/2013 09:09pm
This is a well written story. I enjoyed the characters but felt that the ending was rushed, would have liked to have know more about Lissa and Alex.
Laney on 06/09/2013 08:47pm
I rarely buy books set in the future, but I'm glad that I did buy this one. The book may be set in the future but it clearly has many historical-ish elements, like the patriarchal society, early marriage, and a kind of reverse dowery. This book had plenty of spankings and lots of love. I will be buying the next book in the series.
KatD on 06/08/2013 08:04pm
Beginning was good fell down after that
Dawn on 06/05/2013 01:14pm
Rada: The Wedding by Susie Daniel is about a future where the Marriage Committee comes and tests young women when they reach a certain age to assertain their abilities and readiness for marriage. Where mothers are punished for not trainng daugters well to fill their roles as wives. This is the story of Rada and Zade.
WH on 03/29/2013 01:18pm
If you've read my reviews before, you know I really enjoy this author. I think Ive read this book more than any of her others since discovering her two years ago. I love the story of Zade and Rada. If you read this one you must read book two about their marriage. Both are great!
angelia on 01/26/2013 12:27pm
Action romance and love great story
Shaunna on 11/09/2012 07:19pm
Nice out of this world story!
ScarlettPhoenix on 11/07/2012 08:05pm
For me, there was too much spanking and not enough romance. Rada gets bought as a bride and is spolied but she is also endulged by her father as a child. And, what was the scenerio of her mother taking a punishment instead of Rada? Hardly any sex scenes.
Tamara on 10/08/2012 07:56pm
I loved this story! I have already read it twice. The hero is loving and dominant and the heroine is spunky, brave, and fights for herself, but shows compassion and love when it's needed. Great story!
Alisa on 09/29/2012 03:04am
Alisa on 09/29/2012 03:04am
Good story, but short. It didn't explain why some woman don't marry, like the marriage council woman and the policewoman. Also Rada was meant to be spirited yet meekly accepted her husbands rule and called him husband, and he called her wife which was a tad irritating. For a peronality 10 I would've like to see alot more fight in her!
Faith on 09/28/2012 12:11pm
This futuristic spanking romance took me a while to like it. I didn't like the harshness of the society's rules about women, weddings, marriage and punishments. Once Rada was married I began to really enjoy the story. Zade and Rada adapt to their marriage life, and both fall in love. I thought the addition of Lissa and Alex added to the story. Through each couple, and even Rada's parents, you see how each couple makes the marriage rules work for them. I'm planning to read the second story as well. Well developed characters and good story length.
Alicia on 09/14/2012 02:11am
This is a really good story based in the future where women are expected to marry and only certain men can have the priviledge of bidding for a wife. Rada has no desire to be married but as lenient as her father is he insists she be married. Zade knows she is the one the minute he sees her because unlike all the other woman there is defiance in her stance and face which is exactly what he wants. He has no desire to have a complacent wife he wants one he can tame and thats exactly what he gets.
TG on 09/05/2012 01:08am
Quite enjoyable. A little predictable. Still a very good read. The punishments were pretty intense.
cls on 08/23/2012 08:50pm
I liked this story of Rada, having been raised by lenient parents, learning to live with her husband Zade, not lenient at all. There were four central characters, Rada and Zade and Lissa and Alex, all were good. Seeing life through an alternative society was interesting.
SH on 08/23/2012 04:54pm
I enjoyed this story and the characters of Rada and Zade. I guess I need to read book two now:)
Amanda on 08/12/2012 08:10pm
I love this series. Every book so far has been great and this one is not the exception. There is a plot and you get to follow the characters through the book. If you like DD, you will enjoy reading Rada's story.
BH on 07/08/2012 10:00pm
While I did not the aspects of this society and the injustices it created I very much liked the relationship between Zade and Rada. In a sexist oppressive society Rada lucked out and married a loving and just husband. While Zade is fair and loves Rada he is also a strongly dominant man who disciplines the strong-willed Rada when ever he feels she needs it. The relationship that develops between these characters was great to read. (5 for the marriage, 3 for the parts about their society, total 4)
drb on 07/04/2012 06:39am
What a great fantasy story. I wouldn't want to live in such a society because basically most men would take advantage of in the worst way. I was relieved to see Rada lucked out. I loved the characters and the story was very well written.
HJ on 06/21/2012 05:54am
Great descriptions of the characters emotions. I also loved that their was more than one spanking storyline. Only qualm I have is I wish some of the spanking scenes had gone on a little longer.
Jackie on 05/03/2012 04:09pm
I loved this book, even though the marriage was not consentual Zade was so sweet with her and allowed her to be who she was even against societies norms. He was firm but very loving.
DNF on 04/15/2012 02:08am
This is the part 1 of a series, to date followed by the book Rada 2: The Marriage. This and its sequel contain an articulate and original storyline with many well-described scenes of consensual sex and spanking.

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