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Naughty and Nice: 4 Fabulous Tales for the Holidays

By: Maggie Carpenter
Published By: Dark Secrets Press
Copyright: 4 Novels / 214,600 Words

Heat Level:
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A four book package of steamy, sexy, spanking fun for the holidays.


Luke Larson, a wrongly convicted cowboy, makes it home to clear his name, seeking help from a very special woman, Tess Turner. Though her brother is the Deputy Sheriff she can't ignore what's in her heart and agrees. But she's willful, and with so much at stake he must take her in hand, and make her understand there is no room for risk-taking. Well-deserved spankings and wicked tumbling between the sheets fills the pages of this deliciously hot jaunt


Salacious fun on the high-seas. Cruising from Hawaii to Tahiti, a no-nonsense British barrister, Duncan Rhys-Davies, meets a spoiled southern belle, Brittany Carter. From the moment she sees him she is smitten, but she doesn't know Duncan is a lifestyle Dominant, and a writer of naughty novels. She succeeds in meeting him, but sparks fly as she discovers Duncan is a true disciplinarian, and won't tolerate her mischievous misbehavior.


This magical tale of love and romance follows Beth Parker and Michael Bellamy, a man and woman who have secretly yearned for each other for many years. Seemingly star-crossed lovers, their paths finally cross in the most unusual way, and Beth is convinced it's all thanks to an ancient hourglass. Is it? You be the judge in this torrid, passionate story.


Vivien McKay, a country girl from the mid-west, has it all. She is engaged to Robson Parker- Jones, a wealthy British Viscount, and her future is assured, but when french painter, Dominic Dubois, is commissioned to paint her portrait, her world is turned upside-down. A PROMISE OF PASSION follows the sexual awakening of a young woman, and the alluring, artful Dominant who introduces her to the world of his dark desires.

The Wanted Cowboy - Chapter One

Tess glanced at the clock; fifteen minutes and she could lock the door and head home. The wind had whipped up, the rain was starting, and she couldn’t imagine anyone stopping into the small cafe at such a late hour, but as she began wiping down the counters she heard the jingle of the bell over the door, and a rush of icy air made her shiver.
����������� “I’ll be with you in a minute,” she called.
����������� The scraping of the stool behind her told her the visitor had chosen to sit at the counter, and automatically grabbing the coffee pot and a mug she turned around. The man’s head was down, his face hidden by a black cowboy hat, his shoulders were hunched over, and his arms were crossed, his elbows leisurely resting on the counter.
����������� It was his hands that made her catch her breath and send a bevy of butterflies to life.
����������� They reminded her of the hands that had once held hers, hands that had gently stroked her back, hands about which she had fantasized, imagining how they might feel if they ever explored her body, hands, that, however lightly they touched her, had never failed to make her gasp.
����������� It can’t be. How could it possibly be him, and even if�no, he wouldn’t come here, he couldn’t�he’d be crazy to come here.

Barely able to control her trembling she placed the mug in front of him and poured in the coffee. Without lifting his head he reached for the cream, dropped in a splash, added three packets of sugar, and picking up the spoon began to slowly stir.
����������� She watched, mesmerized, as he lifted the mug to his lips, and like a deer in headlights she stood, frozen, holding her breath.
����������� “You’ve got a choice,” he said huskily.
����������� The rich baritone voice confirmed her fears and her hesitant hopes, and heart pounding she darted her eyes to the door terrified that someone would enter. She ached to ask a thousand questions, but her throat was completely frozen, and she could only hear a few words as they railed at him in her head.
����������� Oh, my, God, why? Why did you come here? Why, and how?

����������� “You can pick up the phone and call your brother,” he continued, “or you can let me sit here a spell, and listen to what I have to say.”
����������� The desperate need to scream at him for unexpectedly sweeping back into her life was battling with the thudding need to leap across the counter and throw her arms around him; the fight left her speechless so she just stared, waiting for him to show his face.
����������� “Not callin’ then, that’s good, so is this coffee, Tess, just like I remember, real good.”
����������� She watched him straighten up, then slowly raise his chin, and as his hazel eyes caught hers she fought back the tears.
����������� “Hey, girl,” he smiled, “been thinkin’ about this moment every day since I was sent up. Every minute of every day. Damn, I swear you’re even more beautiful than you were.”
����������� Whiskers lined his jaw, dirt was buried in creases that crossed his face she didn’t remember him having, and he had a scar across his right eyebrow. His jacket didn’t fit, his broad shoulders struggling to break through the seams, and it was too thin for protection from the elements.
����������� “You have no right to say that,” she stammered, “and why, why did you come here?”
����������� “Gotta clear my name,” he replied, then tilting his head and narrowing his eyes he added, “and get you back, get our life back, or at least the promise of our life. We’d barely gotten off the ground, and I ain’t lettin’ that go.”
����������� “What life? Three-four dates? That’s not a life, and besides, that’s impossible,” she mumbled, trying to ignore the fire burning in her belly.
����������� “Nothin’s impossible,” he said soberly, “and we were startin’ somethin’, somethin’ special, and, Tess, in your heart you know I didn’t do what they said.”
����������� “I don’t know any such thing,” she spat, “and you have to leave.”
����������� “Can’t do that,” he said shaking his head.
����������� The beam of headlights suddenly shone through the windows, and as she squinted to see if she could recognize the car her heart skipped; the telltale row of lights on its roof told her exactly who it was.
����������� “Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “It’s Jeb.”
����������� “That pesky brother of yours always did have bad timin’,” he growled.
����������� “Quick, in the back,” she said urgently.
����������� “You’re gonna help me?” he asked, a surprised half-smile crossing his lips.
����������� “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she snapped, “but I don’t need to deal with you and Jeb, and the drama, and seeing you arrested again�oh, for Chrissakes, will you just get in the back?”
����������� “I guess I’d better,” he drawled, and sliding off the stool he grabbed his mug and moved quickly through the swinging doors into the kitchen.
����������� Leaning against the wall he pulled off his hat and sighed deeply; for three days he’d been on the run. He was exhausted, starving, and cold. He’d stolen the clothes from a dry cleaning van, and while they’d served their purpose they were thin and tight, and he was aching for a hot shower. The clanging of the bell over the door told him Jeb Turner had walked in, and leaning his head as close as he dared to the swinging doors he craned his neck to listen.
����������� “Hey, Jeb, you want some coffee?” Tess asked, “and why are you here so late?”
����������� “Thought I’d better warn you,” her brother replied, “and you might wanna prepare yourself. The news just came into the station; Luke Larson escaped three days back and there’s a good chance he might be headed this way.”
����������� “Really?” she replied feigning surprise. “How did that happen?”
����������� “How? He’s just a real smart character, always was,” Jeb muttered. “Got himself a job in some kind of vegetable garden near the outer fence and gave the guards the slip.”
����������� “Don’t you think that sounds a bit fishy?” she frowned.
����������� “Yep, sure does, but like I said, Luke always was a crafty fella,” Jeb remarked.
����������� “Why did it take three days for you to hear about it?” she frowned.
����������� “That there’s the real question, and we still haven’t been able to get an answer, but it doesn’t matter, he’s out,” he grimaced. “Now, Tess, you listen, and you listen good. If he shows up or contacts you, you’ve gotta call me, you understand?”
����������� “Jeb, you may be the Deputy Sheriff and my big brother, but I don’t appreciate you taking that tone with me.”
����������� “He had some kinda spell on you, and if he comes back and you help him and get yourself caught, I won’t be able to get you outta trouble. I’m just lookin’ out for you, that’s all.”
����������� “I’m a big girl,” she said firmly.
����������� “Damn, you’re as obstinate as you were when you were just a little kid in socks,” he scolded. “I mean it, Tess, don’t you be messin’ with him, you hear?”
����������� “I’m closing up,” she quipped, ignoring his strident warning, “so buzz off and let me finish my chores.”
����������� “I’m on duty,” he barked, “and the sheriff said I’ve gotta look around this place, so�”
����������� “Fine,” she sighed, trying to make her voice sound calm, “do what you have to, but make it quick, I want to go home.” Dammit Luke, I pray you found a place to stay out of sight.
����������� Luke had been able to hear every word, and studying the kitchen he saw nowhere to hide. Moving silently to the rear door he opened it slowly, afraid it might creak, and when it didn’t he said a quick prayer of thanks and darted inside.
����������� He’d only been in the storeroom once before and it was pitch black, but groping against the wall he found the light switch. Staring across the large space his heart sank. It was barren but for some empty boxes and an old freezer; he shook his head when he saw it. Tess had told him she’d bought it for a song and was going to get it fixed, but he’d known she’d been taken.
����������� “Damn, I can’t believe you’ve still got this thing,” he muttered as he hurried across to it.
����������� Lifting the lid he found it empty and an ugly smell wafted around him, but a second scan of the room told him it was his only choice. Racing back to the light switch he turned it off, then finding his way through the dark he climbed into the foul smelling, empty freezer, took off his hat and lowered the lid.
����������� Jeb had made his way into the kitchen, and spying the half empty mug of coffee sitting near the sink he picked it up and eyed her suspiciously.
����������� “What’s this,” he frowned, “why is it still hot?”
����������� “Jeez, Jeb, this is a cafe. I had a customer who left in a hurry and I brought it back in here to wash.”
����������� “A customer in a hurry? Luke Larson perhaps?”
����������� “No, stop it, you’re being ridiculous,” she barked.
����������� “Sorry, sis,” he said shaking his head, “I’ve just got a gut feelin’ he’ll try to see you. It’d be just like him to wander in here late at night.”
����������� “You’re right about one thing,” she said impatiently, “it’s late at night.”
����������� “Okay, okay,” he said testily. “I’ll take a quick look in the storeroom and be on my way.”
����������� “Please hurry, I’m tired. I’ve been on my feet all night and I want go home,” she complained.
����������� Moving across to the door he opened it up, flipped up the light switch, and looked across the empty space.
����������� Cowering behind him Tess was petrified. When they’d entered the kitchen and Luke was gone she knew the only place he could be was the storeroom, but as her worried eyes scrutinized the area it appeared to be empty.
����������� Okay, this is totally bizarre. Where the hell are you?

����������� There was no way out except through the back door which led to the alley, but that was locked, and as she looked around she couldn’t understand how he had vanished into thin air.
����������� “When are you gonna lose that freezer?” Jeb asked.
����������� “I don’t know. Max said he’d have it running soon,” she replied, still completely mystified by Luke’s magical disappearing act. “Please can we leave, my feet are killing me.”
����������� “Max,” he growled, turning off the light and heading back into the kitchen. “That guy couldn’t make a horse run ten feet.”
����������� “That doesn’t even make any sense,” she exclaimed, rolling her eyes as she followed him back into the dining area.
����������� “Remember what I said,” he warned, abruptly stopping and shaking his finger at her.
����������� “Enough!” she exclaimed.
����������� Sighing heavily and shaking his head he stepped out into the weather.
����������� “Make sure you-”
����������� “I said stop!” she yelled.
����������� “Hey, easy, I was just going to say make sure you lock up behind me.”
����������� “Oh, sorry,” she apologized, “like I said, I’m really tired.”
����������� “Then get outta here and get some rest,” he said kindly. “You know I love you.”
����������� “I know, I know, I love you too, but jeez you’re a pain in the ass sometimes,” she declared, managing a smile.
����������� “Back at ya,” he chuckled. “Damn, it’s cold tonight. I’ll see you later.”
����������� Closing the door she watched him through the window as he climbed into his squad car and headed into the street. The wet stuff had disappeared but light snow flurries were starting to fall, and locking the door she pulled down the blind, then rubbed her arms as she hurried back to the storeroom.
����������� Opening the door she flipped on the light switch and moved quickly around the room.
����������� “Luke, where the hell are you?”
����������� She could hear a faint pounding, and frowning she turned around trying to find the source. It took a minute before she realized it was coming from the freezer.
����������� “What the hell?” she exclaimed hurrying to open it.
����������� “Wow, real glad you heard me,” he groaned as he uncurled his body. “That was a tight fit. I couldn’t get the damn lid up.”
����������� In the bright fluorescent light Tess could see the strain in his face and the dark circles around his eyes. Her stomach churned and she couldn’t deny her feelings; she was just as crazy about him as she had been before he’d been sent away, but that was a lifetime ago�and he’d betrayed her�and the tender moment quickly passed as the hurt resurfaced.
����������� “I don’t know what to do with you,” she muttered.
����������� “Tess, I’ll tell you what I need,” he began, his voice low and deadly serious. “First, a long hot shower, second, food, and after that I need to sleep until I wake up.”
����������� “I don’t know how-”
����������� “Then,” he interrupted, “I need you to sit still and let me explain a few things. After I’m done you can do whatever you want. Turn me in, let me loose, or help me. If you don’t wanna call Jeb, but you don’t wanna help me either, I’ll leave. I just need a couple of nights sleep. I’m a wanted man, Tess, and I won’t put you at risk any longer than that.”
����������� “Luke,” she stammered, her head in a whirl of confusion, “even if I wanted to take you home how could I? I’m sure Jeb will be-”
����������� “Hey, your brother was right about one thing,” he grinned.
����������� “What’s that?” she frowned.
����������� “I’m a crafty fella!”
����������� “Yes, you are,” she nodded, the first hint of a smile on her lips. “You got me to go out with you even though everyone was against it.”
����������� His hazel eyes locked hers as the shared memory sparkled between them, and she felt the warm rush through her heart.
����������� How does he do that? Even after all this time, after everything that happened, he can just make me feel�

����������� “I know a way you can get me into your house,” he said softly, “but only if you want.”
����������� “If I want,” she murmured, and suddenly flashed back to the time he’d said those words before�I’ll spank you properly, but only if you want.
����������� The days and weeks following his arrest and conviction her yearning for him had been like a dull ache in her soul, gnawing and needy, but when the pain of his betrayal broke through she’d feel normal again�almost.
����������� Standing before him in the cold storeroom it was as if no time had passed, the hot dampness was stirring between her legs, and he was making her heart throb.
����������� Luke Larson was a drug, and she was addicted. Precisely when it happened she wasn’t sure, but it had. She wanted to throw him out into the blustery night, she wanted to grab her phone and call her brother, but she couldn’t.
����������� “Tell me what I have to do,” she whispered.
����������� “Thank you, Tess,” he purred, sending goosebumps springing to life. “First thing, we gotta take care of Dudley Do Right. I expect he’s sittin’ in his car at the end of the alley. He’s gonna watch and see if you come out alone and then follow you home.”
����������� “Don’t start callin’ my brother names,” she quipped.
����������� “Hey, if the shoe fits,” he grinned. “Now listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you.”

The Strict British Barrister - Chapter One

When Brittany Carter saw the tall, handsome, dark-haired man board the ship, her heart stopped. Her best friend had said she was sure to meet some hunky guy onboard, and though Brittany had been hopeful she had been skeptical.
����������� “You’ll find someone dreamy,” her friend Kathy had enthusiastically predicted. “I’m telling you, there are a ton of single men on those cruises.”
����������� “But you’re so much more bubbly than me,” Brittany had sighed. “Even if I did see someone dreamy I wouldn’t go bouncing up to him like you would.”
����������� “That’s why you’re going on this trip,” Kathy had said firmly, “so you can break out of your shell.”
����������� Staring down at the square-jawed, attractive man walking purposefully forward with a confident bearing, Brittany felt her pulse quicken.
����������� Huh, maybe Kathy was right, maybe I will meet someone. I sure would like to start by meeting him.

����������� Wearing khaki slacks and a spotless white shirt that couldn’t begin to hide his well-muscled arms, the man carried himself with a self assurance she found instantly compelling. She wasn’t sure why she found confident men so attractive, but as she continued to watch the dark-haired stranger walk up the gangplank she felt her butterflies begin to flutter.
����������� I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to find out. You were right, Kathy, I need to break out of my shell, and you, Mister, are in my sights.

����������� The cruise was all about doing something scandalous. Daring. Exciting. She was bored with her nice safe life in her nice safe town and wanted desperately to escape. She wanted to move to Los Angeles, or New York, or Chicago; somewhere thrilling, a place that had a pulse and promised adventure.
����������� But she had a problem.
����������� She simply couldn’t bring herself to take the leap of faith. It wasn’t money, she not only came from a wealthy family, she had inherited a tidy sum from her great aunt, which she’d invested in a business selling recycled designer clothes online. With a marketing savvy that surprised her, and some guidance from her doting father, she had built it into a very successful enterprise; her house was hers, free and clear, and she had plenty of dollars in the bank. No! Money wasn’t the issue!
����������� The only thing holding her back was her fear. She didn’t deal well with change. Change unsettled her, and as alluring as the call to the big city was, the thought of leaving her friends and family and leaping into the hustle and bustle was daunting.
����������� “I’m telling you, take that cruise,” Kathy had insisted. “It will help you break free from all your crazy insecurities. Throw caution to the wind and have a wild shipboard romance with a total stranger. Someone exotic, dangerous even.”
����������� After several sleepless nights Brittany decided her friend was right, but there were so many trips from which to choose it had taken her a while, finally deciding on five days at sea, traveling from Hawaii to Tahiti. She’d fly from Charleston to Honolulu, spend the night, then board the ship the following morning.
����������� That morning had finally arrived, and she’d been filled with excitement as she’d left the hotel, but staring at the gorgeous man as he neared the top of the gangplank, that excitement had moved into overdrive.
����������� Taking a deep breath she moved across to the steward who had originally greeted her. She was a first class passenger, and as she approached she silently prayed that Mr. Gorgeous Man was as well.
����������� “Duncan Rhys-Davies,” she heard him say as the steward studied his clipboard.
����������� Slowing her pace she took a deep breath; her butterflies had just burst into overdrive; Mr. Gorgeous Man had a distinctly British accent.
����������� Ohhhh, a Brit! He’s a Brit! Can it get any better?

����������� It was too good to be true. Brittany adored all things British, especially British men, though rarely did she have the opportunity to meet them. She was addicted to BBC America and never missed the independent British films whenever they appeared at the local cinema in her small town.
����������� “Mr. Rhys-Davies, welcome aboard, ah, Miss Carter, excellent, if you’re both ready I'll show you to your staterooms."
����������� Doing her best to act casually she fell into step behind the Steward and slightly in front of the yummy Duncan Rhys-Davies. Only the first class passengers received such royal treatment, and at that moment the extra money for the expensive ticket was worth every penny.
����������� As they entered the elevator she willed her heart to calm itself; she was standing next to him in the tiny space and the subtle scent of his masculine cologne was teasing her nostrils. The aroma was muted, it smelled expensive, and she could detect subdued hints of cedar and pine. Lifting her eyes she risked a sideways glance; he was looking right at her, a half-smile on his thick, luscious lips.
����������� Smile you fool, smile back at him.

����������� Her stomach did an unexpected somersault, and she was horrified when she felt the telltale heat begin to spread across her face. She’d only experienced a somersault once, when she was fifteen and the quarterback from the high-school football team had pulled her under the bleachers and kissed her, really kissed her, but that hadn’t been exactly a somersault, that had been more like a tumbleweed caught in a breeze.
����������� Duncan’s eyes were blue with astonishing brown flecks, and long dark lashes framed their inviting stare. Using immense concentration she was able to move her lips to return the smile, then dropping her eyes away she managed a covert glance at his left hand.
����������� No ring, no suntan mark either, and he’s traveling alone. This just gets better and better. Are you looking for some uncomplicated sex too, Mr. Duncan Rhys-Davies? Oh my gosh, is that what I’m doing? I guess it is. I can’t believe it! I don’t even know if I’m capable of uncomplicated sex�heck, for him I’ll make myself capable.

����������� She was jolted from her thoughts as the elevator came to a stop. His arm moved forward gesturing for her to exit ahead of him, and though she suspected her face was still red, she managed a smile for the second time.
����������� “Thank you,” she said softly, immediately thinking her voice sounded thin. Better than saying nothing at all. I’m so glad I bought new clothes for this trip, and I’m really glad I’m wearing this dress.
����������� It was a white and lemon silk sun dress with a halter top, more provocative than her usual choice, but Kathy had told her it would be perfect.
����������� The cut flattered her figure, accentuating her narrow waist and full bust, and she'd left her auburn locks to fall in loose waves around her shoulders. The white sandals with their wedge heel gave her extra height, and though she’d always thought at 5'6" her height was ideal, he was tall, at least 6’2” she guessed, and she was grateful for the lift.
����������� The steward led them down a surprisingly wide, thickly carpeted, beautifully wood-paneled hallway, turned left, then stopped.
����������� “Mr. Rhys-Davies, this is your stateroom,” the steward announced as he slid a card key into the lock. “Your luggage will be arriving shortly, and if you’ll excuse me for just a moment I’ll show Miss Carter to hers.”
����������� “Yes, fine,” Duncan replied. “Nice to meet you, Miss Carter, I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.”
����������� “Yes, I’m sure,” she smiled, and you can take that to the bank.
����������� The steward moved past her, and she forced herself to pull her eyes from the back of the sexy Duncan Rhys-Davies as he moved into his cabin.
����������� “Just three doors down, Miss Carter,” the steward called over his shoulder, a subtle suggestion that she should catch up.
����������� “Yes, right, thank you,” she stammered, and moving quickly forward she stood beside him as he opened her door.
����������� “My name is Joe, and I’ll be one of three attendants taking care of your needs."
����������� “Thank you Joe, and please, call me Brittany,” she offered.
����������� “As you wish,” the steward replied formally, and began to show her around the suite, including a private deck that shielded her from the neighbors on either side.
����������� Well, darn. I won’t be able to talk to Mr. Rhys-Davies across the railing. I’ll have to wait until I run into him somewhere on the ship. Maybe he’ll knock on my door. I wonder if he heard that I’m just three doors down?

����������� After introducing her to the rest of the large cabin, Joe tipped his hat and headed back into the hallway. Letting out a deep breath Brittany kicked off her shoes and laid down on the bed, grinning happily.
����������� Duncan Rhys-Davies, this could actually be the cruise I was hoping for. Yikes! Can I do this?

����������� She recalled his panther-like walk and the sensuous twinkle in his blue eyes; he was all sex, he reeked of it. Closing her eyes she decided he would be the type of man who would want his women to be packaged in something salacious and sexy, made of satin or clingy, shimmering silk.
����������� Mmmm, would he want me in a garter belt and stockings, or maybe a corset?

����������� She’d often fantasized about such things, and had once bought a bustier on the internet, but when she’d greeted Roger, her on again-off again, he’d ripped it off her body so fast she’d thought it a complete waste of money.
����������� Her fingers found their way beneath her dress. Slipping her hand under the waistband of her lacy lemon panties she touched her fingers to her sex, and imagined Duncan Rhys-Davies standing over her, admiring the view laid out before him. She decided he’d instructed her to wear a scandalous corset, black with pink lacing, and cups that held her tits high and proud.
����������� Shuddering with the tantalizing imagery, her well-practiced fingers ex

Brian on 12/02/2014 07:29am
I bought this collection for a special friend, though there is one I've not yet read. Ms.Carpenter has included something for everyone, a spanking cowboy, a romance, a Strict Brit, and a book about the glamorous folks. This is a great value, and I'm delighted she put this together. Solved one of my Christmas question marks.

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