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The Big Ass Book of Spanking, Volume Two

By: CF Publications
Published By: CF Publications
Copyright: �2013 by CF Publications �
24 Stories / 132,000 Words
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Sometimes bigger is better. In the case of a book on spanking stories, bigger is always better. And at over 350 pages with 24 sexy, butt-burning tales, the second Big Ass Book of Spanking delivers with writings from some of CF's most popular and talented authors, including The Sergeant, Chuck Wilson, Dr. Dlaniger, Greg Babcock, SFG & more.

The stories feature M/F, F/F, F/M so there's something for nearly everyone, and whether you're a fan of paddles, over-the-knee hand spankings or old-fashioned whippings you can be sure something within the pages of this HUGE collection will leave you squirming in your seat.

Stories include:

Stories of Men Spanking Women:

The Chess Club by Jason
Views of a Spanking by Jack Kennedy
Beach Bum by Miss Lee
Motivational Telephone Techniques by The Sergeant
Cindy & Ellen by Alexia
Can't Run, Can't Hide by Part One by Chuck Wilson
Can't Run, Can't Hide, Part Two by Chuck Wilson
Promises by Ray

Stories of Women Spanking Men-

You're Never Too Old by Gregory Babcock
Anna by Victoria
Another Family Secret by Ralph Greco, Jr
A Career Decision by Greg Babcock
Bert's Plan Foiled by Rachel Heath
Sam's First Real Ass Beating by BC & Wife
Caught in the Girl's Dormitory by Dr. Dlaniger
Just Takes a Peek by Pete

Stories of Women Spanking Women-

The Burton Hensley Story, Just for Him by Rosy B. Goode
The Girl Next Door by Phillipe Anjour
Nancy's Curfew by Belmont Stephen
A Spanking in the Woods by Dr. Dlaniger
Lacey by DyAnne
Sorry Auntie by Felicity
A Message from Mrs. Marker by SFG
Pamela's Weekend Punishment by Belmont Stephen

Beach Bum by Miss Lee

Biff Weathers was big. So big, the 98 pound weaklings at the beach shied when he strode their way. He looked like what he was: a former pro footballer, offensive line, with knees blown out one too many times. The skin around them was dotted with the scars of arthroscopic surgery.

But Biff still pushed iron at least an hour each day. He ran, too, on the sandy beach a few blocks from his condo. He considered himself well off: he lived in a nice place, had about a million in safe investments, and owned a couple of local pizza parlors that gave him sufficient income. He loved living on the Gulf coast of southern Florida.

Trouble was, a man this big always attracted the cute little females who wanted him to be the big, strong man. What Biff wanted most was a cute little female who’d order him around, and spank the blazes out of his ass when he didn’t obey. Oh, and maybe use a strap-on with him now and then.

Yes, that was what Biff wanted. But even with the Internet, his looks, and his money, he hadn’t succeeded in finding the woman of his dreams. Not until one day, when he tried to pick up a hot little thing who was waiting on him in a seaside bar. She was luscious, with a nice round shape, generous tits and ass, and long, silky hair that shone purple-black, even under thedim lighting. She’d turned him down, yet looked so much like the woman he dreamed of, he couldn’t resist pinching her round little butt when she bent over to pick up the ten-spot tip he’d “accidentally” dropped on the floor.

“ Hey!” she said, her hand shooting out to slap his face.

No woman had ever dared slap Biff’s face before.

So he made a stink with the manager, and got her fired. Her name was Lola, and he discovered that she didn’t take crap from any man.

After a few too many beers, Biff left, only to find Lola waiting for him in the parking lot.

“ You!” she said, stabbing his chest with her index finger. “You got me fired, pendejo!” Asshole. “And I don’t put up with bullies.”

“ What d’you plan to do about it?” he smirked.

“ You’re going to bend over your Corvette and take a spanking from me.”

His heart pounded with excitement. Could she really be the one?

“ I don’t think so,” he sneered, climbing into his car, hoping she’d persist.

She did.

She grabbed his ear, pinching and pulling. He squealed like a girl. Man, but it hurt!

“ I’m going to beat your ass raw. And then I’m going to fuck your little culo, pendejo, with a cucumber the size of Miami!

He knew a little obscene Spanish, so he shot back, “Mamame la pinga, co�o.” Suck my dick, cunt.

Her tanned face mottled red. She reached down, grabbing his balls through his thin running shorts, and squeezed.

He choked. He couldn’t breathe, let alone speak.

“ So I’m a co�o, eh? Before the night’s over, you’ll be sucking my crica, worshipping my co�o.” She squeezed a little harder. “No way I’m sucking your pinga, canto de cabr�n. You fucking asshole.

She released him. Biff gasped for air, clutching his balls with both hands and moaning. The little bitch filled one of her pockets with sand before climbing into the passenger’s seat.

“ Let’s go to your place, pendejo. Now.”

Biff wiped the wet from his eyes. Damn, but his balls hurt, andhe felt kind of sick to his stomach, too, all that beer sloshing around.

But his pinga was hard as a rock, and his little culo was clenching with excitement.

He backed out of the lot, heading for his condo. After a moment, she said, “Stop!”

He pulled to the side of the road. She whipped out a folding knife similar to a switchblade, and Biff’s bowels turned to water.

She carries a knife? Jesus H., what have I gotten myself into?

But all she did with it was cut a bunch of sawgrass. She tossed it on the floor, ordering, “Drive, pendejo.”

The arrived at his condo. She took the sawgrass in one hand, cursing as it cut her fingers, and his ear in the other hand, though she was so short she had to go onto her tiptoes to grab it.

He really hated this ear stuff, but he let her pull him along while he pointed out his place. It was at one end of the complex, and he’d had extra soundproofing put in, just for a night such as this one was promising to be.

They entered. She continued to lead him around by his ear. As she pushed her way into his bedroom, dragging him along, heremembered that he’d never put away some of the toys he’d used for masturbatory fantasy play before he went to the bar.

She whipped his naked thigh with the sawgrass. It stung like a million paper cuts, and he squealed. “So, looks like you’re into this. What’s your name, pendejo?”

“ Biff.”

“ Biff, have you ever had a woman teach you how to treat her?”

“ No.”

She whipped his leg with the sawgrass again.

“ Damn it, that hurts!”

“’ No, Miss Lola’, and ‘yes, Miss Lola’ are how you will answer me. Comprende?”

“ Yes, Miss Lola.”

She found his restraints in short order, and attached his wrists to his bed’s legs, down at the foot. This left him bent over and unable to move. She pulled his shorts and underwear to his knees, warning him, “Don’t let them drop.”

He braced his legs to keep the clothing at half-mast. She was in his bathroom, humming to herself as she did things. What things, he had no idea.

She was back.

“ I’m gonna warm up your ass first, Biff.”

“ Yes, Miss Lola.”

A sensation of heat spread across his bottom, meaning only one thing: she’d found his Tiger Balm.

He felt her spread his cheeks. He gasped.

Not on my asshole!

She touched him briefly, and just that quick touch made his hole burn like crazy.

“ No, no, Miss Lola,” he moaned. “Please.”

“ If you are good, Biff, I won’t use it there. If you’re not good, not only will I use the balm on your culo, I’ll rub it on your cojones.”

His cojones shrank into his body at the thought, and his dick drooped.

“ You will never, ever pinch a woman’s ass again, Biff,” she said before her hand landed full-force on one buttcheek. “Hey, comprende?”

The balm intensified the sting of the slap, but, truth be told, her hand was tough and her slap had weight behind it. He whimpered, “Si, Miss Lola.”

Slowly and methodically she spanked his butt until the burn caused him to hop around in pain. His shorts and underwear dropped to the floor.

“ Uh, oh, Biff, you dropped your drawers, as you gringos say.” She laughed. “Know what I’m gonna do now?”

“ No, Miss Lola.” His voice shook. “Not the balm on my balls and asshole, please, no!”

“ I saw a fraternity paddle on your wall on my way in. I think I’ll stop punishing my hands and let the wood do the work for me.”

His erection raged as he thought about the paddle. He loved the paddle. He loved taking it hard. It was the only thing that could get him to cry.

“ I’m back, Biff. Mmm, someone has a big, hard pinga. You’d like it if someone sucked your pinga, wouldn’t you?”

“ Yes, Miss Lola,” he admitted.


“ Shit!” he yelled, his eyes beginning to water already. The bitch was strong.

“ You’ve got a nice, red mark across your ass, Biff. And your pinga’s bigger than ever. What is ityou gringo guys say, “Thank you, ma’am, may I please have another?” She affected a British accent.


He screamed. Not even the brothers on Hell Night had paddled his bare ass so hard, and they’d left his sit-down area bruised. The woman had one hell of an arm.

Shit, I might be falling in love with the bitch.

“ Biff, you didn’t say it.” WHACK!

“ Fuck! I mean, thank you, ma’am, may I please have another?”

“ That’s better.” CRACK!

He had no air left in his lungs, but somehow he managed to say, “Thank you, ma’am, may I please have another?”

His butt throbbed with that deep-down ache that precedes bruising, and the burning felt like she’d set fire to the hair on his ass. His sitting area was killing him. And he loved it, loved every scream, loved having to repeat the special phrase for her.

After ten strokes, he was sweaty and tired and truly believed he’d never sit again. His butt had never been busted like this beforein his whole life.

She grabbed his cock, pumping him a few times. Biff was grateful that she had thoroughly washed the balm off her hands at some point.

“ You like this, eh?” she said. “Don’t come. Don’t be bad.”

Biff groaned. He’d never wanted to come so badly, not ever. But for Miss Lola, he’d try to hold it in.

* * *

Lola Gutierrez was impressed by the large, sexy gringo’s ability to take whatever she dished out. His butt was a mix of deep red and purple. He’d probably try to avoid sitting, which of course was exactly what she’d make him do. Later.

She watched expressions flit across his square-jawed face while she masturbated him. She figured him to be a football player, from the looks of his body and the scars on his knees. A blond with blue eyes. Delicioso, que guapo! What a man.

Time to give the big, strong man a taste of a consolador, if she could find one. From the looks of the big guy’s “toy” collection, it shouldn’t be difficult.

First, though, she’d put a spreader between his legs.

When she took her hand away from his cock, he moaned loudly, his jaw clenched. “So close,” he muttered.

“ Move your feet apart more. I want to use the spreader.” He complied as she put the slab of wood on the floor, between his feet, securing each end of the spreader to his ankles.

“ Hey, pendejo, you gotta dildo?” She smiled to hear him suck in his breath, fast.

“ In the closet.” His deep, rumbling voice had taken on the intonation of a little boy.

She found it, a moderately-sized one, complete with harness. As she buckled it on herself, she said, “You’re in for the ride of your life. A woman ever fuck you before, in your culo?”

“ No, Miss Lola,” he said. “Gracias.”

She laughed. “Don’t thank me yet. You might not like it.”

She found lubricant in his closet as well. While she smeared it on the seven-inch dildo and on Biff’s culo, she thought about what was coming, literally and figuratively.

“ You ready?”

She figured the sigh sheheard from him meant yes.

“ I’m not going to stretch you first,” she warned him while pushing the dildo’s head up his ass.

“ Jesus,” he choked out, “how big is that thing, Miss Lola? Which one are you using?”

He couldn’t see her shrug as she said, “Not as big as yours, pendejo. Stop whining. You’re a baby.”

* * *

Biff tried to relax, tried to push against the dildo as he’d read he should do, to make the asshole girdle of muscle unclench. But it hurt like hell.

“ You must be using the biggest one I own,” he said, feeling fresh sweat pop onto his brow. “Christ. I’ve never used it because I’ve never been able to get it inside me.”

She said nothing. All she did was continue to push, push, push, while his little culo complained with a vengeance. He felt as she’d shoved a Titan missile up as far as it would go. The full feeling was overwhelming.

“ It’s all the way up your gringo ass,” she said. “Now, I fuck you good.”

She slipped in and out once,twice, three times. The hurt began to fade, leaving a dull ache in its place. Even that ache largely disappeared as he loosened. He realized his hips were responding to her motions, and his ass was hungry for every inch of the dildo. His cock was so rigid it ached, and it throbbed with her every slide inside him.

If he could only touch himself. He’d never come without touching himself. And he needed to come, badly.

Still, his ass-reaming continued. He smiled, despite his burning ass cheeks and the faint ache coming from his hole.

I’m definitely in love with this bitch.

Suddenly, bliss. Her hand had found him.

“ Come for me. Come for Miss Lola,” she cooed while she pumped him. He didn’t need much encouragement, exploding less than a minute after she’d first touched him.

As the orgasm faded, he sensed his many aches and pains worsening. He knew from self-play that everything hurt worse once he’d come.

And still she fucked him, her hand still on his cock. He grew hard, harder.

Shit, I’m ready to come again.

Then her hand and the big dildo were both gone. He’d never felt so empty.

“ Please, Miss Lola, again.”

CRACK! went the paddle, making him yell.

My rear end is one big nerve ending of pain.

“ That’s for asking for more. When I’m done, I’m done. Time for more spanking.”

She found his strap, a recent purchase. It was heavy leather, and was marked as “severe” on the web site where he’d bought it.

He found out just how severe it was. The leather lashed him, the tip wrapping around to his hip. The sting, on top of his bruises, was nearly unbearable.

“ Enjoying yourself?” she said as he screamed and cussed.

“ Yes, Miss Lola,” he managed through gritted teeth.

“ You have welts all over your ass. Poor baby,” she laughed.

When she finally stopped, he wanted to shout his gratitude.

Instead, he merely groaned,for she’d gotten in front of his face. As she leaned back on the bed, wrapping her thighs around his neck, she ordered, “Suck my crica, pendejo gringo.”

He lapped her greedily, sucking as a man dying of thirst might suck down water. He loved her smell, her taste, the way his ass was killing him both inside and out.

“ You suck crica well,” she murmured between her moans of pleasure. At the end, she screamed, nearly tearing his head off with her legs as she squirmed.

He was soaking wet, exhausted. Yet his erection still raged.

“ That was muy bueno,” she purred. “What did some bitch say about your former President, ‘he sucks pussy like a champ’? You do, too.”

Her praise made him glow from the inside out. Pleasing her rocked his world.

“ Thank you, Miss Lola.”

She affected an accent again. “The pleasure was all mine.” She grabbed his dick roughly. “Are you ready for me to fuck you, me on top?”

He thought he’d pass out from the pleasure. “Oh, yes, MissLola.”

She untied him and took him to the living room, to an area where the tiled floor was covered with wet sand.

So that’s why she stuffed sand in her pocket.

“ Sit down on the sand. Now.”

He dropped to the floor, sitting firmly. The coolness of the tile soothed his ravaged bottom, but the actual sitting, his bruised backside pressed against the unforgiving surface, forced a, “God damn,” from him.

“ It hurts, no? Sit still.”

Without any further ado, the petite woman with the long, raven hair, the one that had beaten and fucked the bejesus out of his ass for the last who-knew-how-long amount of time, sat down on his cock.

Now he really did think he’d pass out from pleasure. She was tight, but sopping wet.

“ Muy bueno,” she moaned, moving up and down his shaft. “So big.”

He reached a hand up to touch one of her breasts, so full and soft-looking under her shirt. She picked up his hand, flinging it away.

“ It’s my show, gringo.”

With that, he leaned back, letting her fuck him, his hips pumping in response. The wet sand ground against his tender bottom so that every up-and-down chafed his stinging flesh. It only heightened his lust. When he came, he could barely hear himself yell over the noise she was making.

She collapsed on top of him, and he lay flat on the floor.

She giggled. He opened his eyes. “Yes, Miss Lola?”

“ You have a beach bum, you know? From sitting on the sand? All that beach rubbing your poor little ass.”

“ It’s a ‘beach’, he said, pleased when she smiled.

“ Good joke, pendejo gringo.”

With that, she got off him, dressed, and left without a word.

It wasn’t until later, after Biff jerked off while remembering his experience, that he realized he had no idea how to contact her.

* * *

Three days later, Biff was finally sitting voluntarily. It hurt, but pain was pretty relative to an ex-offensive lineman. That first twenty-four hours, though, had beenrough. He’d iced himself nearly constantly to cut down on the bruising and pain. Washing the embedded sandy grit off his sitting area hadn’t been any picnic, either. He’d gritted his teeth to keep from screaming because he’d had to rub hard to scrape all the sand off.

His sitting area was one large bruise, and would probably stay that way for a few more days. But it wasn’t nearly as tender as it had been, and he no longer needed a couple of pillows under him when he sat. He was down to using one, when he used one at all.

The intercom’s buzzer went off, and he stood with a groan. It was the getting up and the sitting down that hurt more than actual sitting, once he’d settled.

He pushed the button. “Yes?”

“ Hey, pendejo gringo, it’s Lola. Lola Gutierrez.”

As if he knew more than one Lola.

His body felt flooded with light from the inside out. Miss Lola had come back.

“ Come on in,” he said, pressing the unlock button.

When she came through the door, he couldn’t help putting his palms on his butt, rubbing.

“ Miss Lola, you sure left me sore.”

“ Muy bueno,” she said, nodding her approval at his soreness. “Hey, you like this?”

Only then did her clothing register. She had on a skintight black dress, and it stretched across all the right places. Her feet sported black stilettos. He could see her nipples, stiff against the stretchy knit fabric. Her raven hair shone. His mouth watered.

“ Very much,” he said softly.

“ I left my panties off. It spoils the look, you know?”

His cock, stiff at the first sound of her voice, throbbed upon his hearing about her lack of panties.

She came to him and kissed him deeply, with plenty of tongue.

“ Mmm, I think I like your sore gringo ass and your big, hard gringo pinga. I couldn’t stay away any longer, even though I was mad that you made me lose my job.” She shrugged. “I guess I’m not mad any more because I got the job back. No thanks to you, pendejo gringo.”

“ I’m glad you got your job back. Really,” he said.

She slapped his bottomplayfully, but hard enough to make him wince. “And that cute little culo of yours, does it still hurt, too?”

“ A little,” he admitted. “You really reamed it.”

She walked to the door. “Maybe I should come back another day? When your culo’s not so dolorido.”

“ No,” he said. “Please.”

In a flash, she was on him, jerking down his pants and spanking his tender ass.

“ You’ve forgotten how to talk to me. What do you say?”

“ No, Miss Lola, please, Miss Lola,” he gasped.

She grabbed his ear, and he shuffled to the kitchen next to her,pants and underwear around his ankles. He was so excited he thought he’d burst, and his little culo was clenching and unclenching at the thought of how much the dildo had hurt�and felt so, so good�when she’d fucked him up the ass.

“ Gringo,” she said, “Lean over the breakfast bar while I find a nice wooden spoon to beat your ass with. I need a hot pepper, too, to use on your culo. You got any?”

Hot pepper on my culo! Jesus H!

“ Yes, Miss Lola, in the refrigerator,” was all Biff said. He spent the next hour in torment and ecstasy, bent over the breakfast bar bare-assed, tears in the ex-lineman’s eyes as Miss Lola spanked and fucked him thoroughly.

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