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Taking Control

By: CF Publications
Published By: CF Publications

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Joe is not the best husband. He's loud, obnoxious and drinks too much. After one too many nights out, his Linda decides what her man needs is some corporal punishment on his bare bottom. The effect of her grandmother's heavy wooden paddle turns Joe into a new man, and she is the envy of the other neighborhood wives. Of course, they want to know her secret and Linda is too happy to share. Soon every wife in the neighborhood is spanking her naughty husband.

"Taking Control" isn't just any femdom story; it's authored by Edna and CF Marks, a couple who actually live the lifestyle themselves. Part guidebook, part erotic novel, this selection should certainly be part of any serious dominant female's library, or of any man who wants to drop a hint to his wife that he needs a good spanking.

Chapter One

What a wonderful idea! Why hadn't she thought of it before? It put her completely in control. Such a change in a man was hard to believe. None of their friends could believe the change that had come over Joe. No longer was he loud and obnoxious. When he started to get over-excited about what he was saying, no more than a look from Linda was required to bring him back in line. If he began to get rude a stern word from her changed his tone. On the rare occasions when she said, "Just wait until I get you home!" a real look of fear passed over his face and he was quiet for the rest of the evening.

She even enjoyed it. He had a cute little ass and spanking it was a real thrill for her. Having that kind of control over a man was something else again. Pain is such a wonderful teacher and the paddle hurt like hell. She could easily tell by the way he jumped and screamed when she spanked him.

It all started on an awesome morning after a dreadful night before. He had been just drunk enough to make a real rude ass of himself and her. The next morning she served him burned eggs and toast, with cold coffee and hot juice. This had the desired effect on him. He ran to the bathroom and had a long painful puke. She smiled at his pain.

Yes! Pain! That would be the best way to punish him and teach him to behave in the future. But how would she inflict enough pain to be effective. She thought of many ways to cause pain and rejected them because they also caused bodily injury. Then she thought of the old tried and true method of punishing with pain - spanking!

Remembering the stories told by her grandmother about mothers keeping their teenage sons in line with wooden paddles, Linda decides to spank Joe right on his bare butt to teach him a lesson in manners. She had no idea at the time just how effective the lesson would be.

The questions in her mind were - would he let her spank him and where was she going to get a good wooden paddle to use on him? If he didn't let her spank him, she would kick him out. She had had enough of his adolescent behavior. If he was going to act like an unruly child, she would treat him like one.

While he threw up his guts in the bathroom she called her grandmother and asked her if she knew where to get a good wooden spanking paddle. "I still have the one I used on your father and his brothers when they were boys. You may have it if you like."

"Can I come over for it right now? I want to give Joe a spanking this morning. He really humiliated me last night and I want to give him a fitting punishment."

"Come right over, dear. You can have the paddle. I don't have anyone to spank, anymore."

As soon as Joe came out of the bathroom she laid the bomb on him. "I'm going over to my grandmother's to get a paddle. When I come back I'm going to spank your bare ass hard! If you have any objections to being punished, pack your shit and GET THE FUCK OUT!!"

His head pounded and his stomach hurt. Now she was saying she would beat is ass with a paddle. He just stared at her as she walked out to the car, watching her gorgeous ass wiggle. She was long, lean and beautiful; her long shapely legs didn't stop until they got all the way up to her ass. He felt lucky to have her.

She must be kidding. She wouldn't really spank him with a paddle like a bad little boy, would she? He had acted like a bad little boy at the restaurant and really made her look the fool, but would she really paddle his ass? And what would that feel like? His parents had been completely against spanking of any kind. Come to think of it, that's probably why he acted the way he did.

Linda's grandmother went to her dresser and took out her paddle. It was a little over a foot long and very smooth, from years of hard use. Although it had been resting in her dresser for a long time, it brought back memories of the many spankings she had given to bad boys with that paddle. It always made them cry, even when the bad boy was a forty-year-old husband.

Grandmother's memories of bright red bottoms and crying boys of all ages were interrupted by the sound of Linda's car pulling into the driveway. When she entered the kitchen and saw the paddle sitting on the table, she said in an awed voice, "Oh, Grandmother, what a big paddle you have!"

"All the better to spank him with, my dear!" returned Grandmother.

Linda picked up the paddle and felt the power to teach a lesson that would be remembered. "This is awesome. How do I use it?"

"Sit in a chair, make him pull down his pants and lie over your lap with his butt sticking up. Reach up and bend your wrist back. Slap his backside as hard as you can, over and over until you are completely satisfied with his punishment. Don't stop just because he starts crying. That's the whole point. Make him cry to make him sorry. When he rolls his butt out of the way of your paddle, make him get back in position and go right on spanking. Have no mercy on his rear end. Have no mercy for him until the punishment is very well laid on his butt. That's when to cuddle the bad boy and hear him sincerely apologize. That rude young man will learn some manners in a big hurry."

Soon, Linda drove home with the paddle next to her on the seat making her plan for spanking her man's bare ass, if he was still there when she got home. If not, good riddance. If he wasn't man enough to take his punishment she did not want him anymore.

To her surprise, when she unlocked the door and walked into the house, Joe stood in the corner with his slacks pulled down to his knees. Linda admired the way he filled out his jockey shorts for a while before calling him out to face the paddle. "Come here, Joe. I have something for you," she told him in an uncompromising tone.

Joe shuffled over to stand before his angry wife with his head bowed. "I'm sorry for being such an asshole last night," he said sheepishly. "I know I need to be punished. What do you want me to do?"

"Put yourself over my lap and stay there until I tell you to get up. I'll do the rest," she told him. She was proud of him for being so brave and honest about his punishment, but that was not going to save his ass from an awesome spanking.

He slowly and carefully lowered himself into the over-the-knee position with his shorts- covered bottom sticking up in the air. He feared the coming spanking, but was determined to take it in order to save his marriage. He loved his wife. Somehow, he loved her even more when she was angry with him. The angry fire in her eyes roused his passion.

She thrilled to have him obey her that way. Taking hold on both sides of his shorts, she pulled the last of his protection down off his behind to his knees. Pausing only a few seconds to admire his cute little frightened rump, she lifted the paddle and began spanking him like Grandmom had said.

His reaction was awesome. She had never gotten anyone's attention so completely before. His whole body stiffened out straight on her lap. He grunted as each spank fell on his reddening rear end. The grunts got louder and louder as the spanks continued to heat up his hindquarters. When he had been spanked six times, he began to bawl like a bad little boy.

Heartened by his reaction, she went on spanking him very hard. When he had been crying for about twenty-five spanks, he rolled his sore bottom off her knee and knelt awkwardly on the floor, while still being held under her left arm. "Get back up here!" she demanded. "I'm nowhere near through with you yet!"

It took an effort of will to put his sore ass back over her lap, but he managed. When he accomplished this monumental task, she rewarded him by resuming the hard spanking of his bright red ass. He began to bawl with the very first spank, being so well prepared. His legs kicked a few times then twisted together, squirming in agony.

Linda spanked Joe's sore bare ass until she was no longer angry with her man. When she released her hold on him, he slid from her lap to kneel at her feet. "There are going to be some new rules around this house!" she informed him sharply. "You are not only going to control your loud obnoxious behavior, but you will start doing your share of the housework. You will not leave your clothes and other things lying all around the house. There is a place for everything! See that you put it there! I'm sure I will think of other things I want changed. You will change or I will spank you into the changes. Do we understand one another?!" she demanded.

"Yes, dear," he answered. "I'll do what you say. I don't want anymore of that paddle. It really hurts." He rubbed his sore ass and tears ran down his face. She hugged him tight and he bawled again, wetting the front of her blouse with his tears.

That was the start of something big. Her whole life improved. She had free time that didn't have to be spent on housework. They could go out without embarrassment. The paddle hidden in her underwear drawer was like having a leash on Joe. A word to him was like tugging on the leash. She only spanked when he broke one of her rules. This amounted to about one good spanking every month.

Strangely enough, Joe also found the quality of his life improving. His wife no longer bitched at him all the time about the way he acted. She didn't refuse to go out with him anymore. She no longer punished him by having a headache every night when he wanted some loving. Every once in a while he screwed up and she beat his ass. It was worth the pain to have peace in the house.

One of Linda's out-of-town friends came to visit for a weekend. She and Linda sat up late Friday night talking. Sandy had a problem with her husband and didn't know how to handle the situation. "He just goes out and buys big things without even asking me for my opinion," she complained.

"What do you mean by big things?" Linda wanted to know.

"Like our new family car. He bought a model that isn't even big enough to hold all of us with comfort. He signed the papers for the loan and brought it home proudly. I wanted him to take it right back and buy something more practical, but he refused," she explained.

"Joe would never do that kind of thing. He knows better," said Linda proudly.

"I noticed Joe being on his best behavior this evening," Sandy told her friend. "Tell me please, how did you make him change?"

"I have a wooden paddle hidden among my undies. When he gets out of line I make him pull down his pants and bend over my lap, then I spank his bare ass with the paddle. I make sure he really feels his spankings. His cute little ass turns bright red and he bawls just like a bad little boy." Linda's eyes glowed brightly with the excitement of telling someone of the spankings she was giving to her errant husband. No one else knew why Joe had changed so much.

Sandy smiled, "It sounds like it just might make him think twice. But will he let me spank him? How do you get Joe to let you spank him? You are a tall strong woman, but I doubt you can wrestle him over your knee and yank his pants down like he was a bad little boy."

"The first time, I told him if he didn't want to take his spanking he should pack his shit and get the fuck out!"

"What happened?" Sandy wanted to know.

"When I got home with the paddle, the dear boy was standing in the corner with his slacks pulled down to his knees. Can you believe it?" Linda said with more pride than she realized she felt about his reaction to her promise to spank. "Ever since he just comes to my knee when I call him. He has become quite obedient. You can take control just like I did. Believe me, if you accompany the request to take it back with a very long hard spanking, it will go back."

"Could I watch you spank Joe while I'm here? I really don't know how give a spanking," Sandy asked.

"I only spank him when he breaks the rules. He is overdue, but I'll not spank him without reason. It would make all his spankings mean less to spank him with no reason," Linda told her friend. "Remember that when you spank your man. Always make him think, 'If only I had not done that one thing, I would not have to face the paddle.' It really teaches them. You'll see."

The two friends talked long into the night. The next morning they slept late. Joe, who had gone to bed early, got up early. His mistaken thinking played right into the hands of the two women. "Linda won't spank me while her friend is in the house," he told himself, "Why shouldn't I just get out my whole collection of baseball cards and sort through them the way I want to."

He went to the closet and took all his precious cards out to the living room. It took him several trips to carry all the boxes of cards. He got them open and was in his glory looking through them with stacks of open boxes all around him when Sandy awoke and went through the living room to the kitchen.

"That's quite a collection," she told him. "Does Linda really allow you to spread it around like this?"

"It's my house, too," he told her. "I do what I want."

She went into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. Going to the table she pulled out a chair only to find it occupied by a lightly sleeping cat. The cat jumped down from the chair and attacked the other cat who ran off into the living room. They ran right down the same runway they always played in. This time it was filled with stacks of open boxes upon boxes of baseball cards. One of the cats knocked over one stack of boxes of cards and the other cat knocked over another stack before they disappeared into thin air. The stacks the cats knocked over fell into other stacks and they into still others. Joe managed to save two stacks, but the rest fell and spilled all over the living room floor.

"Oh, my God!" he said and stood for just a moment wondering where to start.

Linda walked into the room and told him where to start. "Well, well, haven't you made one hell of a mess? Pull down your pants and stand by that chair!" she ordered as she stepped back into the bedroom for the paddle.

Joe did as ordered. About the time he was being turned over his wife's knees, he saw Sandy come into the room holding her cup of coffee. She stood where she would have a good view of his bare ass and watched as Linda took down his shorts.

"Why did you think you could get away with getting out all these cards at once, like this?" she smacked his bare ass hard with the long hard paddle.

"I didn't think you would spank me with Sandy in the house," he admitted.

"That's just one more reason to hit you very hard. I am going to give you a good spanking! Then you will pick up this mess and put it away. When you have done that I want to see you in the kitchen. When you report to the kitchen, don't be wearing anything but your underpants. Do I make myself perfectly clear?!" she wanted to know.

"Yes, dear," he answered sheepishly.

Sandy had never seen a spanking before and didn't know quite what to expect. She liked looking at Joe from this angle and wondered at his unquestioning obedience to his wife. As Linda raised the paddle, Sandy noticed a frightened quiver in the muscles of Joe's cute backside. When the paddle came down on that bare rear end, all hell seemed to be breaking loose all at once. The legs kicked up and the ass began to turn red. The paddle struck again and again in rapid succession.

Soon Joe began crying. What a glorious sound. A grown man bawling like a bad little boy. Sandy wanted to hear her own husband crying and bawling over her lap. Where could she get a good spanking paddle? She saw right away that the paddle was the key to making this spanking really do the job. It struck both of his cheeks very hard on each and every stroke.

The paddling continued until Joe's body twisted and turned, falling off her knee. "Get your sorry ass back up here!" she ordered, "I am far from through with you!"

Sandy was amazed to see him obey this order when his ass already hurt so much. As soon as he was back in position, Linda resumed his hard spanking. Sandy was amazed once more at the bright red color the skin on his ass turned as her friend paddled this handsome man.

When Linda had delivered a sound spanking she pulled her husband from her lap to kneel at her feet. Taking his chin in her hand and turning his tear-filled eyes up to meet hers, she stared into his punished face and told him. "You will never take out any of those cards without asking permission! Do you hear me, Joe?!"

"Yes, dear. I'll never take out my cards without asking your permission," he promised.

She got up and walked into the kitchen feeling exhilarated. She had never given a spanking before breakfast. It really got her juices flowing.

Sandy looked at the punished man kneeling on the floor. "You do what you want until your wife finds out. Then you get a spanking or two or more." She turned and walked out into the kitchen.

Joe quickly picked up the cards without even sorting them. The delay would surely cost him even more of that damn paddle on his sore bare ass. As soon as he could get all of the cards stuffed into boxes and the boxes into the closet, he reported to his angry wife in the kitchen.

Linda sat drinking her second cup of coffee and talking to her friend about the disciplining of naughty husbands. He didn't like having the term naughty used to describe his actions. Bad sounded better to him, although he never tried to tell the women of his objection. He stood in his shorts as the two women talked as if they had not noticed him.

When they finished discussing a subject, Linda looked up at him and asked, "Did you tell my friend that you do what you want around the house?"

"Yes, dear. I'm sorry," he answered truthfully.

"Apologize to my friend for lying to her!" Linda ordered.

Joe turned to Sandy. "I am truly sorry I lied to you."

"Why did you lie to me?" Sandy wanted to know.

Joe squirmed as he tried to think of an answer for that one. "I guess I wanted you to think I was in control."

"And who is in control?" Sandy continued her questioning.

"Linda is in total control," he admitted.

Linda proved his words. "Ask my friend to punish you for lying to her and put your ass over her lap!" she commanded.

Joe cleared his throat and forced himself to say, "Please, punish me for lying to you." He then carefully placed himself over her lap with his underpants-covered posterior sticking up in the air. She grasped the waistband of his shorts and pulled them right down to his knees.

"Now remember to reach up all the way and hit him hard with the end of the paddle," Linda advised as she handed the paddle to her friend.

Sandy did as advised and spanked the naughty husband's ass. It turned back from pink to bright red as she took care to spank every part of his suffering behind. She liked the feeling of power she got when he began to bawl soon after the spanking began. It told her she was being effective.

Linda enjoyed watching another woman spank her naughty husband. She could see things that were invisible to her as spanker. She found the tortured expressions on his face as he cried in pain to be adorable. His wriggling and writhing to the beat of the paddle on his sore ass seemed to be a strange dance when viewed from this angle. The paddle swinging a wide arc made his little ass jump and jerk around as it punished him.

Joe was glad it was not to be Linda who spanked him for this offense, thinking Sandy couldn't spank him as hard as his strong wife. The pent-up anger with her own husband came to her aid and the inexperienced spanker gave a very hard spanking. What she lacked in technique, she made up for in enthusiasm. The paddle helped her a good bit being made for the purpose. By the time she let him slide to the floor at her feet, he was wishing his own loving wife was giving him that spanking.

"Get to the corner, Joe!" Linda ordered.

He jumped up and ran to the corner. As he stood waiting to find out if he was to suffer any more spankings that morning, he listened to the two women discussing the best way to swing the paddle and the best kind of a paddle to use on a grown man. He pitied the poor man who was married to Sandy. He would be in for a big surprise when she got home.

"Come here, Joe!" Linda finally ordered. When he stood before her, she said, "Get over my lap so I can spank you for the mess you made!"

He did as ordered, but protested, "You already spanked me for making the mess."

"Oh, no," she informed her red bottomed husband. "I spanked you for getting all those damn cards out of the closet at the same time. This spanking is for spreading them all over the living room!" As soon as that was said she began to spank him very hard before he could answer her.

The condition of his spanked ass made him start bawling as soon as the first spank landed on his battered behind. His ass hurt more than ever before. She usually only gave him one spanking at a time, maybe two if he made the big mistake of breaking two rules at the same time, but this time she was giving him a third spanking and it hurt like hell.

Both women enjoyed this spanking immensely. The naughty husband was already very sore about his bottom parts when his loving wife began giving him this hard spanking. The dark red color of his bottom washed out and turned pure bright white where the most intense spanking was happening. A very small purple spot formed in the middle of the white on each cheek. As the spanking went on the spot got larger and larger. Soon the bruise filled half his sore ass and his lovely wife stopped his chastisement and let him slide from her lap.

Sandy admired what a good boy Joe was for the rest of the day. Even better when they went out for the evening. He was polite to everyone, although he had much trouble sitting still to eat his dinner. He much preferred the dance floor to the chair and so, danced with both ladies all night. He was charming and witty, without being obnoxious.

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