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The Awakening of Alexandria

By: Mariella Starr
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2013 by Blushing Books� and Mariella Starr
14 chapters, 43,200 words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 16)   |  Write a review

Nicholas Dyonysus, a man with too much power and wealth, becomes indifferent and bored until obsession takes hold of his heart in the guise of a wounded beauty. Saving her from certain death, he takes possession of her. He is Greek, he is strong and she is now his. He will abduct and enforce his will to safeguard her health and life. If this guidance needs a firm hand of discipline, so be it. She will learn to listen and submit, and as his heart decrees... love.

Alexandria 'Allie' Mason, is possessed by an inner madness that forces her to create. She hides from the world, from fame and from her accomplishments. She is content in her privacy, content in her solidarity. Taken from what she has built around herself for protection, held hostage by a man she doesn't understand, can she deal with his strength? Can she fight him and his insistence on submission? Can she allow someone else take on her creative forces and help her control them? In her fragmented soul, she doesn't know if she's capable of accepting or giving love. If she can, will her demons destroy them both by dragging her into insanity?

Kapalua, Hawaii, Big Island, Hau‘oli Resort

Nicholas Dyonysus walked around the elegant suite of his latest acquisition. He was looking at every detail of the architecture, the interior design, and the furniture. It was perfect. He walked out onto the balcony overlooking the magnificent Honokaoa Bay, admiring the elaborate ultra modern stainless railings. It was a good design. It was Nicholas’ eye for beauty, his sense of style and his keen observations of both people and real estate that made him successful.

He watched the sunset, noting every detail - the calm surf, the gentle sway of the palm trees, the crimson, gold, and pink of the sky - and gave a restless sigh.

Nicholas Dyonysus was a man who prided himself on challenge, on high-stake business, on winning at all costs. Yet, he was about to go mad with boredom. He was working on the final details of selling this acquisition for a ridiculous amount of money. He was in total control of his world but if he had to listen to another idiot suit drone on about business, he might� what? He didn’t know. Business was his life, business was profit, it was what made him strive for excellence and achieve it. He never settled for anything less than perfection � be it in people or in business - but he was finding that perfection was boring. He needed something more. And that was the problem. He couldn’t figure out what was missing.

He returned to the suite, poured himself a cup of coffee, and then put it back down without tasting it. What did he want? He walked back out onto the balcony again.

Maybe he needed to get laid, maybe he needed a vacation. Again, he didn’t know�.

Any woman he desired was a mere phone call away, and while that would feed his sexual needs, it would do little else. Most women who moved within his business or social orbits were similar to him - distrustful, demanding, and distant - or worse yet, a gold digger out to snare a rich husband or boyfriend. He was sick of cold, calculating women.

He wanted... Nicholas shut his eyes and pushed his hands through his thick, long black hair. Damn! He didn’t know what he wanted anymore!�

He was turning to go back inside when he saw her in the day’s dying light. The streaks of remaining sunlight streamed across her copper hair, turning it to flame. He could see the details of her face, the elfin chin, and large eyes. She was thin - overly thin - but exquisite, in her simple sapphire blue chemise. Then, she turned, went inside, and was gone.

Nicholas almost missed her the next morning as he was strolling to the front of the hotel to await his limousine service. If he hadn’t caught a glimpse of that unforgettable copper, he would have thought the person walking out of the hotel was a young boy.

He watched as she got into one of the many waiting taxis. Instantly forgetting his limousine service, and jumped into the nearest cab and ordered the driver to follow the one that had just departed with the mysterious redhead.

He tailed her to the shopping district, where he quickly paid, and got out, keeping a discreet distance as he followed her for the next hour. He watched as she window-shopped, at several boutiques without going inside any of them. This exquisite creature, who could have walked fashion runways had she been taller, was dressed in loose urchin jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers. She had alabaster skin, lush, full lips, and when he finally he got close enough to see her eyes he noted they were an amazing shade of azure blue. He decided she had to be a model or an actress incognito, but was puzzled when she went into a store and bought bag after bag of snack food. Bulimia. That was probably why she was so rail thin. No woman could eat like that and still be that thin. He continued to watch as she hailed a taxi. As the vehicle disappeared into traffic, Nicholas turned away, deep in thought.

* * * * *

Allie Mason walked around her suite, barely aware of the luxurious furnishings, the plush carpeting, or the original art. She was far too agitated.

She checked her lists. She’d spoken to the concierge, given her orders. There would no vacuuming, no noise, no distractions, and no one must enter the living space of suite�ever. Meals were to be delivered to her door and left outside. She had a case of water. She had her snacks.

They were coming, they were talking to her, and she was prepared. She sat down at her computer and logged on.

* * * * *

Nicholas clicked off his mobile phone and tossed it on top of the report lying on his coffee table. He had just finished eviscerating the private detective he’d hired for finding nothing of use about the copper-haired mystery woman staying at the same hotel. He stormed to the balcony and looked across. The Hau‘oli Resort wasn’t that large a hotel. It had been built for luxury, for the elite who would pay the price for the best. It was built in a C-shape that encompassed the elaborate fountains and pools within its inner curve. There were only five luxurious suites on the fifth floor - his suite on one end of the curve, and hers was on the other. He watched for her everyday but he hadn’t seen her since the day he’d followed her. Why couldn’t he get some useful information on her? He knew she was still there. He’d come to the hotel to inspect it and decide if the management was up to his standards. When he visited his acquisitions, he rarely gave away his identity as the owner. He wanted to be free to judge for himself, the services, the staff, and the general excellence of the resorts. This time, he’d broken that rule. He’d needed the management’s cooperation on his quest to find out about this particular guest. He knew what orders she’d given to the hotel management. She’d gone into her suite a week ago and hadn’t been seen since. When he demanded that someone check on her, the manager had informed him that Ms. Allie Daniels had stayed at the hotel before and that her right to privacy was legally protected. But the damn report from his investigators stated that no such person existed. So who was she?

He called in some favors and soon had another investigator with significant contacts on the case. By the end of the second week, Nicholas Dyonysus had his answers. True, Allie Daniels did not exist, but Alexandria Danielle Mason did exist and he had a complete, if somewhat limited, dossier on her to prove it. Alexandria was a thirty-one-year-old best-selling author, writing under two pseudonyms - Amber MacWilliams in the romance category, and Jake Shane in the mystery/murder/intrigue category. She was extremely prolific, having written well over a hundred novels in eleven years. She did not talk to the press with the exception of a very rare phone interview and was never photographed, not even for her book covers. She did no promotion tours, nor did she accept awards in person, despite having been recognized by several prominent literary societies.

She maintained one residence in Durango, Colorado. Personal details on her life from the past eleven years were practically non-existent. Childhood details were even scarcer. Born in Columbus, Ohio, parents killed in an automobile accident when she was six, multiple foster child placements, two years of college and then she vanished except for utility and tax records. She gave to organizations that helped children, and paid her taxes on time. No arrests, but had accumulated five speeding tickets, seven moving violations, eight minor accidents in the last five years. She owned one car, a Mini-Cooper convertible. She traveled some, mostly to Hawaii or Alaska and always stayed in very good hotels. Her publishers refused any and all requests for information or contact information except through them.

Jake tossed the dossier on the coffee table. Other than being a very bad driver, Alexandria Mason was a non-entity. Why would a woman, try to disappear? With her talent, her beauty, why had she chosen to become invisible?

* * * * *

Allie stretched her tired body, saved her files, and shut down her computer. She was exhausted. They’d come faster than usual this time, but she was used to the process. The characters started talking, becoming louder and louder, and then it became a race to get the words down. Allie knew she was different. She didn’t write like most writers. She didn’t outline, she didn’t plan, and she didn’t plot. They�her characters�always did that for her. She’d have to read through it again, of course. She had to make sure the little details were there, the hints and plot twists; it all had to be perfect before she sent it off to her publishers, but she had time. The story was done. They had come and gone. In a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, they would come again. She needed a long hot shower, a long sleep, and something to eat. She stood up and was surprised to find herself dizzy. That wasn’t usual. After they came, she was always tired, her eyes exhausted, her vision a bit blurry. She usually had a headache and a stiff neck from the hours she spent in front of the computer. That was the usual. She swayed and picked up a bottle of water, drank from it and forced herself to her feet.

She felt better after the shower and better still after eating a Twinkie and drinking some more water. What she needed now was sleep. She’d eat a proper meal once she woke up. She chose a pretty lavender silk chemise with a lace inset in the front and a pair of matching panties. Allie loved beautiful lingerie. It was her only vice, beyond her absolute devotion to her writing. She stepped out onto the balcony realizing that it was sunset. Vaguely she thought that she needed to check what day it was, and check her e-mail. As she stood in the brilliant colors, her vision blurred, and she slipped into unconsciousness.

* * * * *

Nicholas was frustrated and angry. He didn’t have time for this crap. He realized that Alexandria Danielle Mason was becoming a beautiful, elusive obsession. He was wasting time, energy, and money, with no exact goal in mind. That wasn’t like him, but at the same time, he felt an excitement in the possibilities of what he might discover. He stepped out onto the balcony and froze. There she was again, just as he’d seen her before, simply beautiful. He starred across at her. Then, as he watched, she slumped against the railing and fell to the flooring. In horror, he saw her thin body slip under the railing. One moment she’d been standing, the next she was dangling by just one foot from the balcony.

Nicholas ran from his suite, following the curve of the hotel hallway as he counted down suite numbers. He knew she was in the last one, and had almost reached it when he nearly plowed over a maid coming out of the elevator with her cart. She screamed. He kept running until he got to the door.

“Do you have a key to 505?” he shouted back at the maid.

The maid looked at him, shocked and scared.

“Call 911!” Nicholas ordered and rammed his shoulder against the door again and again until, on the fourth strike, the door casings gave way. He backed up and kicked the rest of the way through and raced for the balcony. Allie was hanging there, her ankle wedged in a metal planter, under the balcony casement. He grabbed her lower leg in a vice-like grip and tried to pull, but too much of her body weight was dangling in mid-air for him to move her upward.


Nicholas looked up see two security guards. “Get over here!” he snarled but the guards were already moving forward to help. He released one of his hands from her leg and grabbed one of the guards’ arms and placed it above his own. “Don’t let go!� God help me, I’ll kill you if you let go!”

As the guard tightened his grip, Nicholas climbed over the balcony railing. He was five stories above the ground. Hooking one hand into the railings, he leaned down with the other to support Allie with a death grip on her body. He turned back to the guard. “Pull!”

He kept his grip as first one guard lifted and then another as he steadied her body. By the time he was supporting her shoulders and head, a team of three was guiding her body back to the other side of the balcony railing. When Nicholas saw her head go under the edge of the stainless steel balcony railing, he climbed over to the other side and collapsed onto the floor. He pulled her into his lap as he held her tightly. He had her. He would never let her go again.

It took a few minutes before Nicholas Dyonysus, a man who was always in control of every situation, to realize that there were a dozen people in the suite trying to crowd out onto the balcony. There were security guards, managers, maids, and maintenance. People were everywhere, excited and chattering. He held onto Allie until a man who identified himself as a doctor arrived. The doctor kept everyone out of the room while he examined her and reported his findings to the manager. Nicholas, standing only two feet away heard every word of the report.

“Her vital signs are stable, but she’s going to need to be hospitalized for some tests,” the doctor was saying. “It will take lab work to confirm it, but I’d say dehydration, maybe malnutrition, exhaustion. Those are rough guesses only. Has an ambulance been called?”

“It should be on the way,” the manager confirmed.

“How good is the hospital here?” Nicholas demanded stepping up to join the conversation.

“Very good,” the doctor said annoyed at his interference. When the EMT’s showed up with a gurney, he turned to relay his findings to them. “She’s bruising already. Make sure the hospital x-rays the foot and ankle.”

“I’m coming with her,” Nicholas stated.

“You’ll have to follow, sir,” one of EMT technicians advised. “Usually only immediate family is allowed and that’s only when it involves a child.”

“I’m her fianc�,” Nicholas declared forcefully.

Nicholas ordered the manager to cordon off suite 505 and post a guard at the broken door. Then, he called his good friend, Macland Bassinger, a physician and a pilot, as he followed the EMT’s taking Alexandria to the ambulance.

Alexandria Mason slept the through the tests. She slept through the diagnosis of exhaustion and malnutrition and through the IV’s that were administered to combat dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance.

Nicholas hovered closely, posing as her fianc�. Although the hospital wasn’t allowed to give him direct information, he was able to assimilate enough information on her condition and treatments to understand the issues. With Alexandria sedated and quite safe in the hospital, he returned to the Hau‘oli Resort and went directly to her suite. He identified himself to the guard and was pleased when the guard took the time to validate with the manager that he could enter. He studied the suite critically. The laptop computer was off. He turned it on. Good, no password. He checked to find the last files closed. He looked for the files statistics, the origination date and time, ending date and time, and word count. In fourteen days, and most probably the nights too, Alexandria Mason had written 220,000 words. He closed the file without even glancing at the content. He opened her e-mail, seeking more information on what could have precipitated her collapse. It had been fourteen days, since any e-mail had been opened or sent. He logged off and surveyed the room. There was a case of water but only eight bottles were missing. The bags of snack food he’d seen her buy were lined up on a credenza, but the trashcans showed little evidence that she had eaten very much of it. The trashcan contained empty single Twinkie packages, one single cupcake wrapper, two small empty potato chip bags, one empty corn chip bag, and a dozen individual M&M candy wrappers.

He checked the bags of snack food. There were plenty of chips and cupcakes and Twinkies, no more M&M’s. In a hotel with a world-renowned restaurant and room service, she ate junk food. He called the manager and asked a question, demanded to have an answer in five minutes, and moved off into the bedroom.

There was one empty medium-sized suitcase. Only one bureau drawer was used, holding several pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts, and the sweatshirt. He was right. This wasn’t just small women’s clothing, but boys clothing. There were also a pair boy’s sneakers. From his experience with women, he couldn’t imagine a woman traveling with only one pair of shoes. He opened another drawer and one eyebrow rose. His phone rang; he got his answer and hung up. He’d learned from the room service manager that very few of the meal carts that had been delivered to her suite had been touched; mostly they had remained ignored in the hallway.

He turned his attention back to the contents of the drawer and slowly drew out the lovely lingerie. Alexandria Mason may have dressed like an adolescent boy during the day, but at night, she wore silk chemises tastefully accented with lace. The garments were sexy without being deliberately provocative.

The bathroom contained simple but expensive toiletries. No make-up, no jewelry.

Alexandria Mason didn’t just write mysteries, she was a mystery. She was an exotic beauty that did nothing to enhance her looks, but instead masked them behind male trappings in public. In private, however, she indulged in the ultimate of femininity.

Nicholas’ phone rang and again his answer was short and precise. The private plane he had requested was in route and received the ETA on its arrival. Then, with one phone call to the hotel manager, he issued a directive that all the balcony doors were to be locked. Hotel clients were to be offered compensation if they chose to remain in residence or arrangements would be made for accommodations elsewhere at the hotel’s expense. There was a major safety deficiency in the design of the balcony encasements, and it was to be resolved immediately. He returned to his suite, packed his belongings, and checked out. On his orders, Alexandria Mason’s belongings were moved to another suite and the manager was to inform her on her return that suite 505 was being repaired.

* * * * *

Allie Mason woke up late that evening. She was groggy, tired, and aching everywhere. A doctor came in during the late evening hours, explained her condition, and suggested that she check herself into an eating disorders rehabilitation center. She dismissed that advice. She didn’t have an eating disorder and demanded to know when she could be released. She wanted to be released immediately, but after discussing the matter with the doctor in charge, agreed to allow them more time to assess her health issues. For two days, she was poked and prodded as more tests were taken, more IV’s inserted. On the third morning, at her insistence, she was released. A nurse provided her a set of used, but clean hospital scrubs to wear out, as she had no clothing. The volunteers at the hospital main desk called her a cab and she returned to the Hau‘oli Resort.

Allie was exhausted and on her arrival was informed that her belongings had been moved to another suite. The Manager greeted her graciously, explaining that after her accident a passerby had broken down her door to save her. Until the door was repaired, he said apologetically, she’d have to make do with another room.

Allie felt so weak that very little of what was being said to her was actually registering. All she wanted was a bed to crawl into so she could take a painkiller and get some sleep. She followed the manager to the new suite, nodding vaguely at his apologies and assurances that her personal items had been safeguarded during her hospital stay. His further assurances that she would not be charged for her stay at the Hau‘oli made her more impatient than grateful. She only wanted him to go away. After three days in the hospital, she needed peace and quiet. She needed to be alone. She finally closed the door, checked around vaguely to make sure her computer and clothing were there, took the pill, and climbed into bed.

Several hours later, a team of highly trained ex-paramilitary men came quietly into Allie’s suite. The team included a physician, who gave her a sedative that put her into an even deeper sleep. Her belongings were removed. She was wrapped in a blanket, put into a rolling cart, and whisked away quickly. The entire mission only took twelve minutes.

At the same time, a team of computer experts was effectively erasing any and all telltale evidence within the hotel computers of her stay at the resort. Employees would remember her vaguely, but it was a large and busy resort; guests came and guests went. Unless someone questioned her disappearance, her stay would fade from their memories, as did all the hotel clients.

Allie Mason was taken to the airport, put onto a private plane, and whisked away.

Martha on 08/13/2015 07:39pm
Another great story from Ms. Starr.
Nicki on 04/23/2014 10:00pm
I really enjoyed this story. I loved how Nicholas and Alexandria grew throughout the plot-line. There were a couple things that caught my eye though...there were a few grammar issues and missing words, but it wasn't too hard to figure out what was being said. The spankings weren't present, although you knew they happened. Overall, I think this was a really good story...and if given the chance, I would probably read it again. Love, love, love this author!
sarah on 04/06/2014 03:48pm
I enjoyed this story but some of the elements distracted me from complete enjoyment. Nicholas was too controlling and too arrogant. Also, I felt like Allie got over his high- handed/ creepy behavior too quickly. His control and her acceptance of it was just a little too much for me to lose myself in the story. Overall, I liked the story and enjoyed the chemistry between the couple.
Star on 03/30/2014 11:20am
At first I was not sure what to make of this story. The H kidnaps h because he feels she is not taking care if her self. As the story develops it did not bother me as much H really cares for h and she in turn needs him.
Denise on 03/26/2014 09:19am
This was a very good read. Liked the plot, the characters, and how the story flowed.
MartyLynn on 03/19/2014 12:37pm
A for this one. To me a book is about the people in the book, and this writer gives her characters history and depth, and emotions. This is not the usual kidnapping story, it was gentle and caring and at the same time there was a power struggle going on between the lead characters. There were sections where I wanted to cry, sections where I did laugh, and felt like I was taken on a journey which ended with a happy ending—my favorite kind. I backtracked and bought both of this authors other books and will keep her on my watch list. Well done, and oh… if the author reads this review: a story with Macland and Regina wouldn’t go amiss either.
Laurel on 03/16/2014 04:00pm
I love this sweet, romantic story with a strong alpha man and a woman who is rescued and kidnapped by Nicholas who is in love with her and want to take care of her, love her and spank her when he feels she needs it.
on 03/16/2014 02:07pm
A very well written story depicting Alexandria, a strong, talented and independent woman with a rare gift. Nicholas happens upon her in a time of distress and becomes obsessed with her well-being. Abduction turns to love and their stormy romance ensues. She learns to let go and submit to his dominance and love. Sweet yet fiery.
Caroline on 03/13/2014 08:02pm
This was probably the most caring and loving, and beautifully written about kidnapping I’ve ever read. Yes, there was some discipline but it was not done in a cruel manner, and I found the respectful manner in which the seduction was done simply wonderful. I laughed at the constant negotiations between the two characters, as they try to out maneuver and challenge each other. There were beautiful locations, good friendships, family loyalties, a wonderful love story. What more could a reader ask for? There was a lot of love in the book and I appreciated it. Oh… and this author still needs a good proofreader but it didn't take too much away from the really good read.
SharKay on 03/13/2014 07:41pm
I loved this book, and will keep it to read again and again. I thought the storyline was beautiful. It was everything that I could want in a book. I laughed, and I cried and liked the characters. I liked that Allie was a strong woman with intelligence. Nicholas was intelligent, arrogant and strong, but caring and a gentleman in every way. We should all be so lucky to find a man that loves this thoroughly.
Barbara on 03/13/2014 02:17pm
This was a nice enough story if an extremely improbable one. The characters were not very believable & while I appreciate that this is just fantasy, I find it distracting when a story is too far fetched.
Jaycee on 03/07/2014 10:13am
I really enjoyed Mariella Starr's historical novels and was eager to read her newest story. While she did a wonderful job describing characters, the island setting and various scenes, the connection between Allie and Nick just wasn't there for me. Personally, I just couldn't get past Nick's total arrogance in thinking that he knew what was right for Allie and taking over her life. Yes, he only wanted what was best for her and to bring her back to good health, but I didn't like how he never admitted that his actions were probably not the best until the end of the story. And I didn't like how he punished her several times within the first week of her waking up in his home. He kidnapped her, kept her locked up, didn't allow her any clothing except lingerie, told her when to eat and sleep, and basically expected her to accept everything graciously! I loved when Allie showed her temper and wished she would have fought him longer and shown some emotion other than temper. Why wasn't she leery of him? Scared? Feeling Helpless? She was a driven woman...why would she just sit back and let him dictate her working hours? That just didn't seem realistic to me. I also wish that Nick would have had to grovel a bit at the end because everything came too easily. Instead, it was Allie groveling and once again, being locked in a room! There were also quite a few editing errors that just took away from the story - missing words, two verbs in a row where it was apparent that the author forgot to go back and delete one, and several times the use of 'starred' when it should have been 'stared'. Yes, these are minor, but for me personally, they take away from the flow of the story and are big enough to pull me out of the story for a few moments. I will read Starr again, but hope for a more completly written and edited story the next time around.
Redrabbitt on 03/04/2014 06:47am
THE AWAKENING OF ALEXANDRIA by Mariella Starr A beautifully written story of how love and domestic discipline helped overcome the obstacle in the life of a woman who had never really known love before. Alexandria (Allie) Mason, a famous writer who is a recluse and Nicholas Dyonyus, Greek family conglomerate. This story covers obsession, compulsion, love, discipline and acceptance. The sex in the book is not greatly defined, it is more the domestic discipline and the loving relationship that ensues. There are some minor typos in the story. *I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*
KArc on 03/03/2014 11:36am
I loved this story. This story shows a different perspective on the old kidnapping plot. This kidnapping was gentle and caring and though Nicholas was attracted to Alexandria it was clear her health was his priority. At 85 pounds, Alexandria is very sick but she is not willing to give up control as easily as Nicholas would like. Nicholas comes from a family of alpha males. These men love their wives with all that they are but they have expectations, too. Alexandria quickly finds out that when expectations are not met, she will be spanked. I loved all of the negotiations that went on between Nicholas and Alexandria. They were quite humorous. I liked the involvement of his family and the loyalty they had for each other. Alexandria's issues were new and interesting from how they manifested to how she chose to deal with them. I can't think of anything I disliked in this story. I'm sure this is one that I will read over and over.
Marybeth on 03/02/2014 07:59pm
Wow, this is another great book! I am so glad that I decided to read the sample chapter. It explains much better than the blurb about the book. If I had only gone by that, I would never have bought this story. This story starts with Nicholas Dyonysus. He is a Greek man who works in high stakes business and likes to win. But, he feels that there is something missing in his life. He is staying at a hotel in Hawaii that has become his most recent acquisition. He is on his balcony when he sees Alexandria for the first time. Her hair looks like flames in the day’s fading light. He becomes obsessed with her. He follows her when she goes shopping and then he doesn’t see her again for 2 weeks. He is very concerned, but the hotel manager has told him that she has stayed there before and that she has a right to privacy. So, being the alpha male he is, he hires private detectives to find out about her. He learns that she is a 31 year old author who is extremely private. Meanwhile, Alexandria has prepared herself. “They were coming, they were talking to her, and she was prepared. She sat down at her computer and logged on.” When she finally emerges 2 weeks later, she is exhausted and she faints on the balcony and almost falls to her death. She is rescued by Nicholas and then, he kidnaps her. He takes her to his private island and he helps her become well again. Of course, Alexandria is not happy about how she is treated. She does not want to nap, eat healthy meals and be locked in her room. When she does not cooperate, Nicholas spanks her. I really enjoyed this story. Nicholas has fallen in love with Alexandria and he wants to take care of her. He makes no excuses for his behavior and feels that it is justified. He is an alpha male and he will do what he must. Alexandria is a very misunderstood woman. But, at no time are we led to believe that she is anything other than a strong woman. There are reasons for the way she behaves and she does what she must to cope. Now, even though Nicholas has kidnapped Alexandria, he does not act inappropriately towards her. I was worried that this would turn into a non-consensual relationship. Nothing of this type happens. He seduces her and she eventually falls for him. The journey is everything in this story. Please read it! You will love it as much as I do!
jeanped on 03/01/2014 06:38am
I really enjoyed this book... it was pretty well written and the characters were well developed... One question though, why do the heroins in most of these books (not just this specific one) have to be tiny? Nevertheless, this is one book I will most probably take the time to read again in the future...

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