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Case of the Triple Dick: Betty & the Detective, Book One

By: Mark S. R. Sterling
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2013 by Blushing Books� and Mark S. R. Sterling
8 chapters, 31,000 words
Heat Level:
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Dick is a divorced homicide detective workaholic who becomes infatuated with the hostess at an exclusive Spanking Club where a new member has been murdered. The hostess, Betty, is a very troubled young woman. As their lives intertwine, Dick also realizes he has become obsessed with Betty , which now requires that the trail to the killer must exonerate her as well as solve the mystery of the murder. The route he takes to meet his sexual needs, and ultimately hers, combines his world of mobsters and murder with her world of sex parties and mental instability.
Prologue: Four Years Earlier

“You are stunningly beautiful tonight, Betty.”�

I loved Daddy’s praise. “Thank you, Sir.”� He was seated in his chair and I walked up to him.� My cherry red toenails peeked through the matching color open-toed high heels, nearly touching the toes of his shoes.� Standing at a loose attention with arms by my sides, fingers curled inward holding imaginary rolls of dimes, I was ready for inspection.

He sat forward and opened his knees. “Come closer.”� Stepping forward between his knees, my legs now touched the edge of the chair.� His left arm came forward and his hand rested under my arm, on my right hip.� “The dress, is it new?”

“Yes, Sir.” The dress color perfectly matched my shoes and toenails.

“Are you bare under there?”

“Yes Sir.”� His right hand glided upward and came to rest on the fabric covering my left breast.� Through the thin fabric he caressed the tender curve toward my armpit and then down along the soft underside then upward, finding the now erect nipple.� My diaphragm spasmed and I took in a short sharp breath.� A finger traced a circle around the nipple then down the length of my right side till it found the hemline of my dress a couple of inches above my knee.� The finger now retraced its path, though under the fabric, up along the thigh, and came to rest on my pubic mound.

“Ah, so so very smooth, Betty.”� Other fingers joined the lone adventurer and continued the caress.� The hour of careful shaving was rewarded. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Wider.”� I stepped my legs apart, pressing against his inner thighs.� The fingers traced along the cleft at the top edge of my kitty, then his whole hand cupped it, taking possession of me; the adventuring finger resting at my entrance, but not penetrating.� The right hand abandoned its position on my hip and traced downward to the hemline, under it, and then back up till it cupped my right bottom cheek; he pulled me closer still.

“Are you clean?”

“Yes, Sir.”� The finger at my moist entrance slipped in, up to the first knuckle.

“Clean enough to eat?”

“Yes, Sir.”� A finger from the left hand glided around the bottom cheek, pressing in deeper till it found my bottom entrance.� Another involuntary spasm and I gasped again. The finger traced a circle around this entrance.

“Clean enough to eat everywhere?”

“Yes Sir.”� The left hand released my bottom and freed itself from the folds of the dress.� I watched it move upward and I parted my lips.� My tongue edged slightly forward and the finger came to rest upon it.� "Trust but verify" was always Daddy’s motto.� My eyes locked onto his as I sucked my juices from his finger.�

“Excellent, Betty.”�

I loved Daddy’s praise. “Thank you, Sir.”� His hands released their possessions, moved to my hips and lightly pressed me backward.� He stood and his arms enveloped me.� His eyes pulled my face upward and he kissed me.� His tongue opened my lips and he sucked my tongue into his mouth and caressed it.� The bulge in his groin pressed into my belly and the folds of his suit jacket teased my nipples.�� I melted into him.� All I wanted was for him to strip me and take me right then and there - on the couch, the coffee table, the floor � just take me.�

Daddy saved me four months ago, just after I turned eighteen.� At first, the offer of being his submissive seemed little better than Mother’s plan of prostitution.� But I badly wanted to go to college and Daddy promised.� Publicly, I would pretend to be his daughter and privately I would be his submissive; I would learn to live in two different worlds.� I could leave at anytime, but his support for college would end if I did.� When he pulled me across his lap for my first spanking I was more than a little afraid.� But the sting of his hand on my bare bottom was mixed with warm caresses.� While the same word "spanking" was used, this bore no relation to the beatings from mother’s boyfriend.� As the sting of the swats increased so did the depth of the warming caresses; my kitty was giving me sensations I’d never before felt.� I was begging for more when he stopped and had me look at my pink blushing bottom in the mirror.� This beginning made me yearn for more.� He finished stripping me and took me, and this too used the same body parts as the other men had done; but Daddy did not use my sex like those men mother brought into my bedroom.� Daddy made love to me.� For the first time, I knew what ‘making love’ meant, and I knew I wanted Daddy to own me.�

Daddy released my mouth and his lips kissed my cheek then neck.� Reading my mind he chastised me. “Slow down Kitten. Save something for later.� The party will be starting soon and it's nearly time we left.� You don’t want to be late for your own initiation, do you?”

“No Sir.”� His chastisement was second only to his praise.

September 10, 1:50 pm

The hostess spins on her heel and leads us to our table.� My eyes snap to attention at the sight of her pert round bottom.� While she’s a bit skinny, her bottom lacks nothing in roundness.� The proportioned cheek curves strain against the skintight pants with more allure than had she been naked.� Well, maybe not more.� She shifts her weight to her right foot, causing that cheek to swell a bit and cause a slight jiggle.� Stepping forward with her left foot that cheek stretches, then as she shifts her weight from right to left and steps forward again, the swell, jiggle, stretch process repeats with the opposite cheek.

I would have happily followed her for two laps around the restaurant, but all too soon she pivots again and gestures to a table for two.� I sit facing the direction we had been walking and accept the menu.� I watch her walk away continuing along the same direction instead of turning back directly toward the hostess station.� Hoping that Ruth didn’t catch any of my rather pathetic behavior, I feint studying the menu.� When we have a case, work consumes me; but during these boring periods with nothing but paperwork my life becomes empty and desperate.

My eyes lift to follow the hostess of all too tender an age and another woman’s shoulder comes into my vision.� In a flash, the memory floods my brain.� The soft curve of her shoulder leading to the nape of her neck, the shoestring size bow of yellow and lavender strap resting on her shoulder.� She’s wearing the same sundress she had been wearing that day I met her.� The bowtie strings provide the allusion they’re holding up the dress, but I know they’re only a facade.� Something else entirely is holding the dress up.�

It is Betty.�

“Earth to Dick,” Ruth growls and kicks me under the table. My eyes snap to her, now sitting in the chair opposite me. “What do you want to drink?" She cocks her head in the direction of the waiter that hitherto I had failed to notice.

“Coffee, please.”

“Coffee? Dick it is two in the afternoon.”

“Yes, coffee.”� I had been drinking coffee when I met Betty, in that dress, and I am going to drink it again now.

I eye the convex shape formed where her neck meets the jaw line.� That is where my face had rested with my nose lying along the length of her neck.� The memory continues to consume me - the sweet smell of her sweat as she after-glowed beneath me.� The light brown ponytail shakes and reveals more of the neck; the fine untamed hairs catch the light from the window and she’s once again aglow.� Her right arm lifted and spilled some Cheerios on the plate before the baby.� The baby is looking directly at me.� Could she possible recognize me?� The baby’s now clearly female though when last I saw it I couldn’t tell.� Before, Betty had constantly attended and cared for the infant, but never made any reference to it.

“Dick, what the hell�”� Again with the waiter.� “Cheeseburger, provolone, lettuce, tomato, no mustard, no onions, fries are fine.”� After he walks away Ruth again growls at me.

“What is up with you?� Are you OK?”� I look at Ruth, opening my mouth, and try to think of something to say that will distract her attention.� But she spins her head around to see what I had been staring at. Then her eyes lock back on mine.� “Dan Taylor?� I know you don’t like him, but why would the sight of him send you into a coma?”

My eyes jump back to Betty and sure enough, there’s Taylor sliding into the booth opposite her.� Shit, damn, piss�what the hell is she doing back with him?� Why did I save that man’s worthless life?� Certainly not so he could have her.

“Not him.� Just made me think of something I forgot to do.”

2 o’clock, Ruth had said. It was 2 o’clock.� I look at my phone and see that it is really 1:50.� Any second now Betty will rise to leave.� She’ll see me; what will happen then?� I look up again at the two of them and catch Taylor’s eyes sweeping away from me.� He’s seen me.� He lays some money on the table and Betty shifts to rise.� First one delicious calf then the other appears in the aisle, and then she stands.� She stoops down to pickup an errant Cheerio and places in back on the table.� Taylor stands.� They eye each other and say something but there's no embrace, no handshake.� Thank God the 'no touch' rule applies to him too.� Then she releases the safety strap on the highchair and lifts the baby to her right hip.� Her left hand grabs the diaper bag and she turns.

Her eyes lock on mine; she freezes, but only for an instant.� Looking down she takes a cautious step forward as though unsure if the leg will hold.� Another step, two more and she’s beside our table.� She suddenly trips over nothing and starts to fall toward me.� Her left hand, with the diaper bag, grips my shoulder and my hand comes up to steady her forearm.� I lift her back upright.� She has allowed me to touch her!

“Thank you,” her eyes lock again on mine.� Then steps on past and is gone.� Taylor steps by too, but his eyes shoot laser beams like Godzilla’s.� They would have exploded a lesser man’s head, but only glance off mine.

“Dick, I’ve been a detective for four years and a woman for a lot longer than that.� The girl didn’t trip.� She wanted your attention.”

“I know.”

“You know her?”

“Yes.” I watch Taylor through the window as he gets into his car.

“She’s waiting for you.” Ruth’s voice is still gravelly, but tender now.� I spin around to look out the opposite window and there she is standing by the minivan.� The baby’s strapped in and she’s idly messing with the diaper bag, but clearly just waiting.� I jump up and run out into the parking lot.� Glancing right I see the empty space vacated by Taylor’s car, then jog over to the minivan.

“Surprise!” she exclaims and does a little curtsey.� I open my mouth to say something, but she continues with a somber tone, “I’m sorry, I had no idea.� It was just lunch.� I don’t have sex with him anymore.� Not since that last time.”

My brain stumbles over the words; of course the last time would have been the last time, but no telling how long ago the last time was.� Still I say nothing as I know exactly which time she’s referring to. While that’s a memory I would rather die than relive, I’m glad that it was the last time.

“You don’t need to apologize.� You couldn’t know.� It is just a coincidence that Ruth and I are here.”


“Yes, she is my new partner.”

“How is Roger?”

“He is recovering well, but after the heart attack they retired him.”

“Sorry, but good he’s recovering.� Tell him I said 'hi.'� Also I’m sorry about us.� I know I have treated you like sh�badly and I am sorry.� There truly is nothing with Dan now. We're just friends and occasionally lunch.� It is only you now, though I know I’m so rare you could hardly remember.”

“It’s okay, nothing to apologize for.”

“Interesting, I was going to call you later.� I have from 8 pm Friday to 10 am Saturday off.� I could come over and this time stay the night.� If you would like?”

“Betty, every bone in my body is screaming with excitement that you could spend but ten minutes alone with me.”

She giggles, “There is one bone in particular that I expect to scream for a lot longer than ten minutes.”

Smiling I extend my hand toward her.� She steps back and glares at me for even trying to touch her.� The 'no touch rule' is back in play.� She’s never spoken of it, but lives it.� Whenever she has the baby, there is no physical contact.� Just one of her multitude of quirks.

“Sorry.” I drop my hand.� She takes a small step forward and I dutifully retreat.� Then we do the dance step again.� She hits the button on the remote and the minivan side door closes.

“I’m late. I have to go.”� She steps into the driver’s seat and closes the door.� Starts the engine, backs out, tosses a little wave and leaves me in the dust.� She has once again vanished into her alternate universe, leaving me to stare into the empty spot she once occupied.� I look at my phone: 2:01.� She is late.� Always with the 2 pm.� What the hell is it about 2 pm that causes my Cinderella to vanish?

Back at the table, my cheeseburger and Ruth are waiting.

“What a strange girl; first she does that little show to get you outside then acts like she's afraid you’re gonna cuff her.”

“Strange is only one word for her," I say.� "Ninety-eight percent of that girl is a complete mystery to me, but I am head over heels in love with the two percent of her I know.”

“Dick, she’s half your age! Who is she?”

“I’m not that old and she's not that young.” So that's a bit of a lie, but Ruth lets it go.� “Remember the Newberry case?� She was the wife’s alibi and a material witness for the vic’s timeline.”

“Dumb shit, dating a murder case witness!” Ruth is indignant.

“The case is solved and her part will never come to light," I say.� "I erased her from the murder book.”

“That goes beyond dumbass!� Okay, I may not say anything but sooner or later�.”

“No.� Actually, Roger did it and I will always owe him for it.� No one, besides you, will ever know.”

“You told me this much, you are going to have to tell me the rest.”

“Okay, we’ve nothing to do." I wave the waitress over for another drink.� "Better get a refill as it is a long story.”� I’m actually relieved for the opportunity to confess this.� “Roger and I got the call Wednesday the twelfth of June�”

Redrabbitt on 02/26/2014 07:15am
CASE OF THE TRIPLE DICK (Betty & The Detective) Book 1, by Mark S. R. Sterling The story revolves around a murder-mystery and a spanking club. Days after a new couple experiment at the spanking club, the husband is found shot to death at a local motel. It becomes a who-did-it and why story. The book is laid out in multiple time lines and jumps back and forth with the dates, but the story flows smoothly. The spanking club is private, where a group of people who only ever go by first names, get together for the enjoyment of spanking, which mostly consist of men spanking women. Everything is consensual and their is no sex involved at the club. If you enjoy a Who-done-it mystery and spanking too, this is a fun read. Story is 55-60 pgs. *I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*
Felicity Nichols on 02/24/2014 06:50pm
This is my first time reading a mystery erotic romance and also reading from Mark S.R. Sterling. I highly enjoyed all the twists and turns that Betty and The Detective provide. Dick is hard working divorced detective. He meets Betty at a spanking club where one of their members has been murdered. Maintaining focus on the case and finding out all the facts proves easier said than done. He finds himself for the first time in a long time obsessing over someone. Betty has a troubled past and it remains vague except for snippets here and there. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their stories intertwine as they find each other. Betty and The Detective will prove to be an enjoyable read for anyone that enjoys a good mystery with a few spankings involved. It is fast paced and an intense story line sure to keep you on your toes! I look forward to reading more from this series and the author.

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