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Michael and Jenna's Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage

By: Leena Darling
Published By:
Copyright: � 2013 by Leena Darling
4 Chapters / 14,700 Words
Heat Level:
3.0 Out Of 5 (3.0 on 8)   |  Write a review

Michael and Jenna's Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage features all the stories in the Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage series:

Jenna's Punishment Spanking (Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage #1) - During a disagreement, Jenna storms out of the house without telling her husband where she's going. Michael is worried sick over his wife's whereabouts, and he's determined to put a stop to her irresponsible behavior. He's a Christian man who believes it's his right to discipline his wife, and when Jenna returns they have a reckoning - with Jenna bent over the bed, her bottom bared, and Michael giving her a taste of his thick leather belt. Will Michael's decision to spank bring peace to their marriage?

Jenna's Reminder Spanking (Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage #2) - Until now, Michael has only given Jenna punishment spankings. He's going out of town for the weekend though, and he wants to make sure his wife is on her best behavior. She's resistant to the idea of a 'reminder spanking' and tries to talk her way out of it. Michael remains firm and takes her over his lap despite her protests. Will Jenna continue to resist him? And how will she react when he spreads her bottom cheeks and punishes her in a new, intimate way?

Jenna's Hairbrush Spanking (Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage #3) - When Michael tells Jenna he's going to spank her on her birthday, she panics. Until now, he's only given her punishment and reminder spankings, and those hurt. So she lies. She tells her husband she's not feeling well in hopes of escaping her birthday spanking. This turns out to be a big mistake. He unbuttons the drop seat of her footie pajamas and takes her temperature . . . the old-fashioned way! Then he announces she's getting a hard, over the knee, bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. Will this disobedient wife learn her lesson?

Jenna's Bathtime Spanking (Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage #4) - Michael forbids Jenna from dining at one of her favorite restaurants due to a string of muggings in the area. She promises to obey, but one night her friends talk her into having dinner there. She thinks she's gotten away with it, but the restaurant calls to say she left her bank card on the table, and her husband intercepts the phone call. Michael confronts Jenna while she's taking a bath and decides to punish her on the spot. Will Jenna be able to hold still and accept her punishment, even when he applies the bath brush to her wet, soapy bottom?
Jenna�s Punishment Spanking
Jenna looked across the table at her husband and quickly glanced away. Her heart ached and despair descended upon her like a thick blanket thrown over her head, suffocating and heavy. Her teeth ground together as her anger toward him flared up again.

When had they gotten to this point?

She frowned down at her plate of lasagna, wondering how he could appear so unaffected by their most recent disagreement. It was so stupid. She�d assumed they would spend the holidays at her folks� house this year, but he wanted to take a vacation � just the two of them. Not only did he want to take a vacation, but he�d booked a trip to the Caribbean without discussing it with her first.

�We spent Thanksgiving with your parents, and we�ll go visit them again in January for a long weekend if you�d like, Jenna.� Michael�s dark eyes conveyed enough warmth to melt her, but only for a moment. Her anger soon returned, and she fled the dining room in a huff.

Why was she always resisting him? Why was she always fighting his plans? Why didn�t a tropical island vacation sound like heaven in the middle of winter? It should sound like heaven.

Jenna sighed as she quietly gathered up her purse and slipped out the back door. She rushed to her car before Michael realized she was missing. She needed some time alone. Some time to decompress and gather her muddled thoughts.

The new bookstore on the edge of town seemed like the perfect place. She bought a few magazines and a cup of coffee and found a seat on a comfy couch in the back of the store. She flipped through the fashion and cooking magazines, puzzling over why she felt so empty inside.

Michael was a good husband. Faithful. Loving. Devoted. Everything she�d wished for in a husband. They�d met on the Internet on a Christian dating site. Jenna truly believed the man should be the head of household, and that she should be the good submissive wife, but after two years of marriage it sometimes felt like she was an actress. On the outside, their life appeared perfect. It was the complete opposite of her parents� marriage, which suited Jenna fine. Her mom and dad fought constantly.

Jenna�s Reminder Spanking
�I can�t wait to see you either. Okay. I will. Bye!� Jenna hung up the phone and smiled in anticipation of hanging out with some high school friends she hadn�t seen in months.

�Who was that?�

She turned at the sound of her husband�s deep voice. Her heart ached when she noticed the suitcase in his hand. He would only be out of town on business for three days, but even her fun weekend plans wouldn�t be enough to distract her from missing him terribly.

�Oh, that was Megan. A few of us are getting together this weekend.� She placed her hands on Michael�s chest and looked up at him from under her eyelashes. �I�m really going to miss you. When are you leaving?�

�I should hit the road in a half hour if I want to beat traffic.� He frowned and sat his suitcase down. �Exactly what kind of plans do you have with Megan?�

�Oh, you know, the usual.� She leaned up to kiss his cheek.

�Last time �the usual� included a ridiculously expensive shopping spree and two nights of wild partying. I want to know your exact plans, young lady.�

Jenna�s heart raced to hear his scolding tone. She stepped back and took a few deep breaths. The last time she�d hung out with Megan all weekend, Michael had been displeased with her behavior, but she�d apologized and that had been the end of it. This time was different though. Michael had cracked down recently, and he�d introduced her to domestic discipline a few short weeks ago. Her once quiet, almost meek husband, had turned into a man she hardly recognized � not that that was a bad thing. In her heart, she knew it was an amazing thing. Their marriage had transformed from dull and predictable to mind-blowingly passionate. Her bottom tingled at the memory of all the times Michael had taken her over his knee.

�Well, she mentioned visiting the new outlets and maybe a few bars. Classy bars. Not sleazy holes in the wall. More like cocktail lounges.�

His dark eyes flickered when she mentioned the bars. He reached for her elbow and tugged her out of the kitchen. �I think we need to finish this conversation in the bedroom, Jenna. I won�t spend my whole trip worrying about my wife.�

Jenna�s Hairbrush Spanking
Jenna eyed the calendar on the kitchen wall and frowned. January 15th. Her birthday.

Normally she enjoyed her birthdays, but this year was different. Her husband, Michael, had promised her a spanking on her birthday, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn�t settle the butterflies in her stomach.

Would it really be fun, as he�d promised? Would it sting as much as a punishment spanking? She sipped her coffee and waited for Michael to arrive for breakfast. She heard the shower running upstairs and guessed she had at least five minutes to sort her feelings out.

Punishment spankings hurt. No question about it. And ever since they had incorporated domestic discipline into their marriage, Jenna had experienced her fair share of them. Punishment spankings were all she knew, and she couldn�t fathom a spanking being fun.

The shower shut off. Jenna�s heart skipped a beat and she twisted her hands in her lap, wishing she wasn�t so nervous. Why couldn�t her birthday fall on a weekday this year? If it were a weekday, she could easily rush out the door to work, thus postponing her spanking until this evening. But no. It was a Saturday, and neither of them had work today.

Footsteps sounded on the stairs.


Anxiety rolled through Jenna. She had to stall.

�There�s my beautiful birthday girl.� He planted a kiss on her cheek and sat down across from her.

His endearment melted her, but she still couldn�t go through with this. A bright idea came to her as she was pouring his coffee. She cleared her throat and met his gaze, but found it difficult to maintain eye contact for some reason. �I�m afraid I don�t feel so well this morning,� she said, moving slowly as she brought him a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast.

Concern lit his face, and he placed his coffee down. �What�s wrong, sweetheart?�

Jenna�s Bath Time Spanking
Jenna crept into the kitchen, reached into her pocket, and pulled out the receipt. She should�ve left it sitting on the restaurant table, but she�d foolishly grabbed it as she was leaving. Guilt and worry twisted her stomach, and for a moment she considered confessing her disobedience to Michael. He�d forbidden her from going to the pizza place on Carol Street. A string of muggings had been plaguing that particular area, and many cars had been stolen and vandalized as well. It saddened Jenna that one of her favorite places to meet her friends was suddenly off limits.

Shoving aside her remorse, she crumpled up the receipt and threw it in the trashcan.

There. It was done. Michael would never find out.

To assuage her guilt, she promised herself she�d never go to Carol Street again. The next time her friends planned to meet there for dinner, she�d make up an excuse and stay home with her husband instead. She smiled at the thought of Michael and glanced at the clock. He�d had a late dinner meeting tonight, but he was due home soon.

Jenna decided to indulge in a quick bubble bath before he returned. She hurried upstairs and kicked her heels off in her bedroom. She slipped out of her dress, panties, and bra, and headed for the bathroom. After finding her favorite lavender soap, she poured it into the tub and ran the water hot. As she waited for the tub to fill up, she again considered telling Michael the truth.

A shiver skated up her spine.

He�d punish her if she confessed. He�d turn her over his knee and spank her bare bottom until she couldn�t sit down for a week. And of course he�d consider going to Carol Street a risk to her safety. Jenna knew from previous experience that any rule she broke pertaining to her safety resulted in extra punishment. Extra punishment meant he�d apply his thick leather belt to her backside, and possibly punish her bottom hole as well.

Jenna hugged herself and stared at the bubbles rising over the steaming bath. Their marriage hadn�t always been this way. Michael hadn�t started spanking her until two years after they were married. He�d always worn the pants in their relationship, and likewise she�d always tried her best to be a good submissive wife. They both believed in traditional roles in marriage, and that had been one of the reasons they�d clicked so well after first meeting. Jenna loved knowing Michael was in charge. She loved him and trusted him with her whole heart.
Mjmgirl on 06/21/2014 10:03am
I read this book because it was recommended for someone interested in beginning domestic discipline. To me it seemed too harsh especially the anal punishments. It wasn't a love story about how their domestic discipline developed in their relationship but rather short stories about punishments.
Genna on 03/27/2014 06:10pm
Jenna just doesn't get it. You'd think after a while she'd figure it out and live by the (don't like the word) rules. Mike simply wants her to be safe and honest with him. 4 short stories in one book. I just don't appreciate dumb women.
Dale on 02/16/2014 10:09pm
I have ordered this book twice and neither will load to my email. Why?
Kirsty on 01/28/2014 05:39pm
There is no plot to this book whatsoever, it is just a series of spankings. There is lots of spanking detail, which I liked, and anal play, which I didn't like. A bit disappointing, really.
Cindy on 12/30/2013 07:07am
Really really great. Other than the one unnecessary cuss word it was a good depiction of a Christian home with dd involved. And the characters are great and the story is sweet and well written.
Connie on 12/15/2013 07:13pm
Michael and Jenna meet at an online Christian dating site, fall in love, and get married. Before marriage. Michael explains that he will punish her for disobedience, but never does. She finally pushes too far experiences the reality. This is a collection of stories of her punishments. I like the characters are with the link of the book didn't feel as though I knew them as well as I could.
Tia on 12/08/2013 10:04pm
While I tend to lean away from short stories, as I am rarely satisfied with the level of character development, this collection offered the unique experience of a collection of short stories about a single couple, giving more character development than a single short story. I enjoyed following Michael and Jenna's journey into domestic discipline, and would love to see more of them in the future.
Vera Dunn on 11/07/2013 06:08pm
I really enjoyed this story. The romantic love between this couple is very honest and sweet, and the adjustments in their relationship are very realistic. This is certainly something I would give to someone who is of Christian faith who was considering pursuing a Domestic Discipline relationship!

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