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I Married a Real Life Super Hero

By: Amity Maree
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � 2013 by Blushing Books and Amity Maree
5 chapters / 16,300 words
Heat Level:
4.2 Out Of 5 (4.2 on 9)   |  Write a review

Ransom was happier than he'd ever been. He fell deeply in love with the prettiest girl he'd ever met. They had the same beliefs, the same goals in life, and he couldn't imagine life without her. Jessica felt the same about Police Lieutenant Bartholomew Jacob Ransom. He was willing to wait until they were married before they made love, and she decided she was the luckiest woman in the entire world, in spite of the fact he believed in spanking! Jess just hoped he wasn't too upset when he learned her secret.

Ransom couldn't believe it when he responded to the call of an attempted rape and discovered a man and a woman dressed in super hero costumes and masks. He decided the man was a buffoon, but the woman was his own sweet Jessica! He'd recognize that perfect body inside the skintight pink leotard anywhere! And, the thick, curly red hair made Jess look even sexier. When she stood there and proclaimed herself a real life super hero, Ransom wanted to turn her over his knee right there in front of everyone! Even though he didn't want to draw more attention to her, if she didn't stop proclaiming the virtues of real life super heroes, he was going to show her just how easy it was to turn her bottom a glaring bright red before he got her home to tend to the matter!
�Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are, Mrs. Ransom?� Bartholomew Jacob Ransom asked of his new bride as they enjoyed their own private beach on their honeymoon.

�I know that you make me feel beautiful, darling, and I am so happy that we are finally married. The waiting was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life,� Jessica admitted with a smile that melted his heart and made him crazy at the same time. �I want you to know that I appreciate how strong you were for me when I couldn�t find the strength to resist you any longer. Waiting until our wedding night to make love made everything so perfect. I am truly lucky to have found you, Ran. I love you so much!�

�I love you, too, Jess,� he repeated the words. When he�d first learned that Jessica was a virgin, and she intended to remain a virgin until she married, he�d almost walked away. Then he�d kicked himself in the butt and told himself that he would be the one to teach her about making love. She had morals and principles and she lived by those principles. Once he met her parents and her siblings, Ran understood that they were a religious family, and her parents were old-fashioned enough to insist on discipline within their family. They were close and not afraid to be there for each other. Ran enjoyed the simple dates that his girl seemed to love; a picnic by her folk�s pond, an evening at the library, or a hike in one of the State Reserves in the area. But, most of all, Jess enjoyed family game night and family movie night. None of those dates cost a cent, and more often than not, Ran was invited to enjoy dinner at her family�s table. Of course, he still took her on dates that cost him money; he wasn�t a cheapskate, but when he finally asked her to marry him, she shyly nodded and said she couldn�t imagine being married to anyone else in the whole world.

Ran was a bit shocked when Jessica told him that they would need to get her folks approval, and he found he was more nervous facing her Dad than he was facing a criminal with a gun in his hand! Still, he asked her parents if he could marry their daughter and was pleased when they immediately said �yes� and welcomed him to their family. Ran�s eyes had filled with tears and Delores, Jessica�s Mom, quickly put her hand over his and asked what was wrong. �I�ve never been part of a real family before. This is very special to me,� he�d admitted. His uncle had raised him all by himself.

One Saturday a few weeks before the wedding, Brice, Jessica�s Dad, invited Ran to go fishing with him. Ransom wasn�t into fishing, but something about the invitation told him it was not casually offered, and the fact that Jess� brothers were not invited gave Ran to know that this was probably going to be the �take good care of my little girl� speech that Jessica had warned him to expect. He accepted the invitation and once they were sitting side by side on a grassy bank beside the pond, their lines in the water, Brice said in a serious tone, �You do realize that my little Jessie has been on her very best behavior around you?�

�She has?�

�Oh yes. She has quite the temper and quite the stubborn streak. I have had my hands full with raising that little girl, and I think I have done the very best job I could. She is well educated, and she loves her job at the hospital. I have been told by several people that she is a very good nurse. Jessie still attends Mass with her Mom and me. And, she picked a young man to marry who knows right from wrong.�

�I should hope so since I wear a badge,� Ran said with a grin.

�Yes. You are already a Detective Lieutenant, and that is amazing for a young man your age. It shows ambition, but most of all, it shows dedication and a willingness to work hard. Being married is hard work, Ran. Being married to a little hothead like my little girl will be even harder. You will need to let her know that you are in charge from the very beginning. You will need to set rules you expect her to abide by, and you must be ready to enforce those rules.�

�What kinds of rules are you talking about, Brice?� The only reason that Ran wasn�t chuckling was because the man was perfectly serious and Ran could see how important this discussion was to him.

�Those rules will need to be discussed and agreed upon between you and Jessie,� he surprised Ransom by answering. �Some of the rules for my marriage are: remember to be respectful, no foul language, and one that I feel is most important� If Delores is going to be late, she is to call and leave a message. She is also to keep her cell phone with her. These may sound like simple courtesies, but Delores is also hot tempered and stubborn. It isn�t often that she crosses a line these days, but when she does, I deal with it.�

�Deal with it how?� Ransom smiled when the man held up his right palm and shook it in a manner that did not need further explanation. �You spank her? Doesn�t she get mad?� he asked.

�No. Well, she might not be happy in the moment, but that is to be expected. But later, when I comfort her and dry her tears, she will tell me how loved she feels. It is important to be firm, but once a spanking is finished, it is finished and no more is said. You start fresh.�

�And you think that Jessica is going to agree to my spanking her?�

�I think you need to discuss how your marriage will run and ask for her consent. If she cannot agree to having her husband lead the marriage, then she is not the daughter I feel I have raised.�

�What gives me the right to set rules for her to obey? What if she wants to set rules for me?� Ransom was intrigued, but it seemed pretty one-sided, and he said as much to his future father-in-law.

�One-sided?� Brice repeated, and then chuckled. �I can see you grew up without a woman�s influence in your life.� He saw the look of pain on Ransom�s face and he said, �Son, I didn�t mean that the way it sounded. Please forgive me, and let me explain. If you ask your wife to show you respect, you must show her respect, also. It wouldn�t be fair for you to demand respect if you weren�t willing to give her respect, now would it?�

�No, sir.�

�It�s the same with all those rules. You have to hold yourself to a very high standard if you are going to hold your wife and your children to a high standard of behavior. That�s not always easy. I never could abide hearing a lady swear, but I had a mouth on me that wouldn�t quit. When I broke that rule, I ended up spending my day off building something for Delores. The thing is, a spanking will end an argument, and settle a problem before it can become a bitter thorn in a marriage. It takes time, and you both have to work on it, but it�s best you start out as you mean to go on.� He reeled in his line and then cast it to another spot before commenting, �You keep an eye on Jessie over the next few weeks. She and her Mom are already fussing about stuff, and you�ll get a chance to see Jessie flare off one of these days real soon. You�ll be a bit shocked, but it is best you see this side of her before you two get married.� He suddenly pointed. �You�ve got one!�


Jessica loved her husband, and she loved being responsible for cleaning their home and doing their laundry. Over the first weeks of married life, they had established a routine that worked for them. Jessica worked three nights a week in the hospital�s emergency room, and those shifts were twelve hours long. She made good money, but best of all, it gave her four days off to do as she pleased. Ransom also worked nights, but he worked at least five nights a week, and sometimes he had to work an extra shift or two if he was working on a case. Jessica took on the housework and laundry as her own, and Ransom cooked on the days she worked. They both thought that slow cookers were a super fantastic invention, and even better was �Mom�, and the leftovers she gladly shared with her newly married daughter. Jess had seen her Mom do that for her brothers and their wives, too, and she was positive that Mom cooked extra food on purpose.

She and Ransom still went to her parents� home for game night and movie night, but her Dad and Mom both insisted that their daughter put her husband first. Jessica tried to do that, and she did her best to give the appearance of minding the rules she�d agreed to before she and Ransom married. It was a bit daunting when Ran caught her yelling at her Mom like a bratty teenager, and took her arm and led her down to the family room in the basement of her folk�s house:

�Young lady, is that the way to speak to your Mom?� he had demanded.

�She is being impossible right now!� Jessie answered. �The caterer is trying to talk her into something I do not want, and Mother said she thinks it a good idea! It�s my wedding!� she yelled.

�It is our wedding, but your parents are paying for almost everything� including the catering. Your Mom has a say, and you need to sit down and discuss the situation calmly with her and find out why she thinks the change is a good idea. Perhaps she and your dad can�t afford to do things exactly the way you want.�

�It�s my wedding!� Jessica yelled at him again, and was shocked when he shook his head in disbelief.

�Your Dad told me you have a terrible temper and stubborn streak, but I didn�t really believe it.�

�I�m stressed, Ransom! I think that things are all settled, and then something else comes up. I wish we�d eloped,� she said, tears filling her pretty green eyes.

�Do you want to know what I think?� he asked, his voice soft and gentle. When she nodded he said, �I think you can be very lucky your Dad is at work and didn�t hear the way you were talking to your Mom.� Jessica blushed at the nervous feeling in her stomach at his words. She was even more surprised when Ran said, �You need a good spanking, don�t you, Jess?�
Rhonda on 12/08/2013 08:10pm
I like stories with policeman as the disciplinarian and marrying him to a Super Hero was a cute and unique twist. I thought there was great chemistry but wish it was longer.
Connie on 11/03/2013 05:32pm
Jesse is a nurse married to Ran a police detective. Unknown to her family or Ran. She works one night a week as a superhero crime fighter. When Ran catches her during an investigation. He gives her the spanking of her life and forbids her from doing this again. Will she stop? Probably not. Will Ran be able to keep her safe? Great story and fun, but serious subject matter.
KatD on 09/05/2013 01:42am
ok story -but short
Danicady on 08/01/2013 09:27pm
This short story has plenty of action and is very entertaining. Jessica is strong and does what she believes is right (which does not necessarily correspond with her protective husband's opinion!) My only complaint is that the writing is a bit stilted at times. Still, a great read.
Evelyn on 07/06/2013 02:55pm
Short but very fun to read about a young woman dating a cop who doesn't know her secret identity. Great plot and the sparks sure do fly.
SH on 06/27/2013 08:40am
What a fun read! Great chemistry between Jessica and Ransom!
Alicia on 06/23/2013 12:36pm
Very good story with a wonderful strong herione who sure knows how to kick some but and a hero who knows how to keep her from getting into too much trouble.
S.F. on 06/18/2013 11:57pm
This was such a fun read! Jessica was a great character. She is strong and smart and is doing what she thinks is right. I loved the chemistry between the couple. I would definitely recommend this book.
anon on 06/18/2013 02:03pm
OMG, I love Jessica. What a spitfire this one is. She's well trained for what she does and she's fearless. Go girl! Ran on the other hand sees the world from both sides of his face. He's well trained, so it's okay. Jessica is well trained, but she's tiny. Didn't stop her from kicking butt. Still, she's got a good head on her shoulders and does things the right way. Delightful read. Need more strong women to set the streets right.

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