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The Mills Governess

By: Rollin Hand
Published By: DT Publications
Copyright: � 2013 by Rollin Hand and DT Publications
9 chapters / 18,000 words
Heat Level:
4.2 Out Of 5 (4.2 on 5)   |  Write a review

The Mills Governess is a tale of spanking, domestic discipline and sex for lovers of both F/M and F/F stories in a 19th century setting, but with a time travel twist. It's 'The English Governess" meets "Back to the Future."

Meet Gordon Mills. He is the inventor of a time machine that works by mental projection, and his company hopes to make time travel available to anyone who will pay for the experience. But Gordon has a secret. He longs to use his own invention to witness the punishment of a distant ancestor, a beautiful young woman named Emily Hollings. In possession of Emily's old diary, he knows when and where it happened. But something goes horribly wrong, and he finds himself locked in the body of Richard Mills, months before the event. Now Gordon, his persona bound to Richard's, must endure a Summer at the hands of his new governess, one Harriet Harwell, who has been hired to tutor Richard and his two cousins, Elizabeth and Emily. Harriett is a beautiful but imperious governess of the old school, and her methods for maintaining discipline call for the employment of the paddle and the birch rod. In the meantime, Gordon's business partner Barbara Boynton seeks to try the machine herself to experience the same past. So follow Richard, Elizabeth and Emily, as well as Barbara, as they endure the strict regime of the harsh Miss Harwell. And be forewarned - she's no Mary Poppins.

The Mills Governess contains scenes of spankings, switchings, paddling and other incidents of domestic discipline of teenagers, as well as sex between consenting adults. If you find such material offensive, do not buy this book.
You sure about this, Mr. Mills? Gordon's head technical guy looked worried. Gordon, however, was relaxed--after all, the time machine, dubbed the �Traveler� was his brainchild and Adventures in Time was his company.

"Relax, Hugh. I'm ready to take her for a spin--anyway, I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here." Which was true. Gordon's body would be resting in an enclosed pod. He would be in a state of suspended animation. It was only his neural matrix that would be projected into the past. It would target a host, a human living in the past, and enter the host's own neural matrix. Then he and the host would be one. Observation had shown that the host was only vaguely aware of the incorporeal matrix inhabiting his body, but that there could be an emotional synergistic effect. The possessor, however could not control the host--at least this was the conventional wisdom. He was literally, "along for the ride". The limitation long thought by the quantum mechanics physicists to be inherent in all time dependent dimensional jumps was that one could not change the past. At least that was the theory.

Time travel--once the stuff of pure fantasy was about to become a reality. And Gordon Mills, an engineer and businessman, now wealthy due to the IPO of his foundling company, wanted to try it out. Beyond that, though, Gordon had a secret agenda. What had intrigued Gordon was his discovery of fragments of an old diary. It had been written by a distant relative, Emily Hollings, who had lived at the turn of the century. The house where she had lived still existed which made it possible to spatially locate the wormhole insertion point, an important consideration.

Gordon's real interest was less than scholarly, however. He had discovered in the old diary that, starting in the summer of 1897 Emily and Elizabeth Hollings, and Richard Mills had been in the care of a governess, one Harriet Harwell. Apparently, Cedric, Richard's father, had hired Miss Harwell, a thirty three year old domestic governess, four years after Richard's mother had died. Emily and Elizabeth were cousins and had been sent to America by their mother, Richard's Aunt Claudia, to live with Richard's family in Wilmington until business affairs in England allowed Aunt Claudia to emigrate. At the time Richard had been sixteen, Elizabeth, fifteen and Emily, seventeen years old. The diary had been discovered in an attic in his grandfather's house along with faded, grainy photographs. He could see though, even in the old photos, that Emily had been a beautiful girl with light hair and swelling breasts. Elizabeth was pretty, a slender brunette, not as developed as Emily, and Richard was an impish looking, but cute adolescent boy who was, according to the diary, something of a brat.

In several pictures the children were joined by the imperious looking Miss Harwell. Tall and well proportioned, she had dark hair, high cheekbones and a thin aquiline nose. Beautiful almond shaped eyes and a generous bosom gave her a look of imposing beauty. But she was no Mary Poppins, mused Gordon, contemplating the stern visage in the picture. In a starched white blouse with a choker collar and a long dark skirt, she looked every inch the classic Victorian governess, strict and unyielding when it came to the discipline of her charges.

What had seized Gordon's imagination was, however, the fragmented diary which gave Emily's account of an actual whipping she had received from Miss Harwell. Imagine! This beautiful teenage girl given a real whipping by her governess! This was the real thing. And that was Gordon's secret. He reveled in fantasies of spankings and whippings administered to members of the opposite sex. Since childhood he had harbored these secret fantasies. As a geeky youth he had not had much success with females. But in his fantasy world he was a master, all powerful, and beautiful bratty teenaged girls found themselves across his knee with their skirts up and panties at half mast while he taught them humility with sound spankings that reduced them to obedient sex toys.

He wasn't married though. Despite his genius at things scientific, Gordon was shy with the opposite sex. But there was a woman in his life, his partner, Barbara Boynton. A little older than Gordon, Barbara kept track of a myriad of details of the business end of the company. A smart businesswoman with a degree from Wharton, it was Barbara who actually ran the company, although Gordon was president and the nominal CEO.

Barbara also knew Gordon�s secret, but she didn't tell him that. She had one day, quite by accident, discovered a cache of magazines and video tapes in his office. She had clucked to herself but had said nothing. After all, he was an adult male, although she sometimes thought he acted like a juvenile. Oddly, she discovered, she wasn't put off by Gordon's unusual interest. It actually looked sort of sexy. She could see how spankings could be sexy. Maybe Gordon should be spanked for being so irresponsible, she thought. He was nice looking in a boyish kind of way--it made her want to mother him. She could envision his bare buns as she held him over her knee. Wouldn't that be a kick? It was a pleasant thought, especially in view of the sometimes irresponsible things he did with the company. Now if I were in charge, thought Barbara, I�d bring his nonsense to heel.

In the diary as reported by Emily, on August 24, 1897, Miss Harwell had, for some serious infraction, subjected her to a formal whipping with a birch rod in front of Richard's father and the entire staff. It had taken place in the study, and with much ceremony. The diary was water-damaged and much of it was indecipherable, but there were several references throughout to Miss Harwell�s strict regime. The woman must have been a real tartar by Emily's account.

Even more intriguing was the language. Mixed with the formal style of 19th century letters were out of context pleas for help. One account especially stood out.

"--*****[unreadable] help me. I was spanked with her tappette, dear diary, and it stung so much I cried. I hate her. She made me remove my drawers and assume an ignoble position across her lap in front of*****[indecipherable]. She must have smacked my backside 50 times. Help. Get me out before *****[indecipherable]--".

The passage struck Gordon as odd. Gordon wondered who the "help" entreaties were directed to. Aunt Claudia, he supposed. But then why not just write her a letter? Why put it in a diary no one was supposed to read. It was an intriguing puzzle.

So an idea had formed in Gordon's mind. He could try out his own time machine and go back to witness, through the young Richard Mills� eyes, the humiliating punishment of his cousin on that fateful August day. What a voyeuristic thrill. To actually witness an authentic birching being given to a beautiful and well developed 17 year old girl. As a child Richard had fixated on his secret passion through the accounts of punishments luridly described by his classmates and friends. Gordon had not himself been spanked by his parents as punishment. So what caused his almost obsessive interest in the subject was a mystery.

Gordon outlined his plan. He was sure it would work. After all he had designed the apparatus. Insertion on the morning of August 24 and removal the next morning. He would live for one day in the life of Richard Mills, and witness his cousin's whipping and its aftermath. Gordon's neural matrix would be projected through a quantum wormhole set for Aug 24, 1897 and withdrawn 24 hours later. Of course, as he knew, time on this end of the wormhole is compressed, so in real time he would be done in less than six hours. In fact the timing on this end had to be precisely controlled lest, subjectively, he spend much more time in the past than he wanted.

So he brushed aside Hugh's concerns and strode into the projection chamber. There, he was fitted with a strange looking helmet attached to electrodes running to a console. He lay in a reclining bench that was itself encased within a cylinder. Massive magnetic coils were poised over the cylinder. These would descend when he was ready. They generated the fold in space-time that permitted temporal insertion and retrieval. Gordon climbed in with an excited feeling of anticipation. This would be the real thing, not some fantasy. What a trip! The cylinder descended blocking his view. He heard the hum of a motor as the coils came down and stopped. was like the floor fell away and he was falling. His vision was blurry. Colors exploded in his head, then his vision started to clear....


In the AT control room, an operator intently monitored a computer screen that displayed a matrix of virtual gauges. Smoothly undulating sine waves confirmed that all was well as a digital clock counted down.

"OK, 30 seconds to launch...looks good...," intoned the console operator.

At 2 seconds, everything in the room flickered. Wave forms went flat.

"Holy shit! What was that?"

"Power surge...abort!" yelled another tech.

Operators frantically checked their systems trying to get back on line.

"Too's done."

"What's going on?" asked an exec who'd been standing off to the rear monitoring the insertion after several minutes of frantic activity.

"I'm sorry we had a surge...must have been the power company."

"The boss, is he ok?"

"Yeah, systems show normal...wait...we have an anomaly in the time clock."

"What's the effect of that?" The exec could visualize a very pissed off superior.

"Well, for starters he may be gone a lot longer than 24 hours..."

"That's not all...he was inserted, ah, early, I think."

"What do you mean?"

"It means we don't exactly know either 'when' or where he is,� said Hugh. �To get a lock on him we need to know the physical location down to 100 square feet, about the size of a small room, but we also have to locate him temporally. We don't know exactly 'when' he is, and we only have a vague idea 'where'. I mean, it's a 10,000 square foot house."

The exec groaned. "Can we bring him back? Get a fix on him?"

"I'm workin' on it."


Light, a roaring sound�-then it all stopped. Gordon was standing in a hallway, walking actually-- but he wasn't making it happen. He was in a house walking towards...what? It came to him---a thought---the study. He was...he was...Richard Mills, and he was going to the study to meet his new governess. Wait a minute! thought Gordon. It should be August. If he was going to the study it was supposed to be to see Emily get punished. What was this? Sensing Richard's thoughts he realized that it was early June and that with some trepidation he was going to meet this "Miss Harwell" who was to be his tutor and governess. As he rounded a corner he (Gordon) saw, for the first time, Emily and Elizabeth, Richard's cousins.

What the hell had happened and how long was he going to be here? Realizing that he could do nothing, his mind panicked as he approached the study. What had gone wrong? And he felt Richard's apprehension. Richard knew that one of the reasons for his father hiring a governess was his own ungovernable behavior. But he liked being cock of the walk and doing what he pleased. The idea of some stuffy spinster schoolteacher was dreadful. Summer was here and he wanted to have fun.

Richard grinned at the older girls who regarded him with haughty disdain. Gordon was positively stunned by Emily's voluptuous beauty. Elizabeth was pretty cute as well, with her fair looks and light brown curls, but Emily exuded the smoldering sexuality of one much older. And she was probably not even aware of it. The three teenagers were ushered into the study. From the picture Gordon recognized Miss Harwell. Richard was shocked. She was very pretty, but in a severe sort of way. Maybe this would be fine after all. And she was young, not some stuffy old bag. Maybe there was hope that summer would not be so bad and boring.

"Richard, Emily, Elizabeth, meet Miss Harwell your new teacher and governess," said Cedric Mills, heartily. Richard�s father was a handsome man in his forties, now widowed. "She's come all the way from Boston to live here with us and tutor you children."
Robin on 07/07/2013 03:23pm
Interesting time travel story about a man who wants to go back in time to witness the punishment of a young women; however, Gordon ends up getting more than he bargained for when Barbara his modern day partner decided to follow him back in time. The two end up playing a mischievous game of cat and mouse that alters the coarse of history. Fun read!
Mark on 07/03/2013 08:25pm
This is an interesting story. On one level it's about a 19th century governess who believes in strict discipline for the three teenagers under her authority. On another level it's a sci-fi story involving time travel and having one's consciousnes transferred into someone else's body ( a la Quantum Leap). The descriptions of the spankings are very good! And wed definitely understand where the time traveller is coming from regarding why he wants to journey to the past (to observe an attractive 17 year old getting spanked). Some of the parts with the 13 year old boy made me cringe however. And the plot twist at the end was straight out of a twilight zone episode. But it is very fast moving, definitely recommend it!
GM on 06/03/2013 12:50pm
Bit ambivalent about this one. Usually love governess stories and time travel can be fun but somehow the blending in this instance didn't do it for me, especially the revenge elements (between the time travellers, not the teenagers). I also couldn't shake the feeling that the governess was so strict just to try and cover up her own incompetence and/or for her own thrills rather than because she genuinely thought it was best for her students!
Evelyn on 06/01/2013 01:44am
When you try to play around with time travel you just might get burned and that is just what happens in this story. Great characters and a good plot to match.
Alicia on 05/31/2013 09:48am
Interesting book dealing with the perils of time travel and how much it can hurt when things go wrong. Fun story with reakllyt good characters.

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