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Finally Hers: Mistress Mommy Book Three

By: Abby Collier
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � 2013 by Blushing Books and Abby Collier
5 chapters / 20,260 words
Heat Level:
4.3 Out Of 5 (4.3 on 10)   |  Write a review

Fall break arrives, giving Alicia more time to devote to her new lifestyle - being an adult baby for her Mistress Mommy. Her mommy has already informed her that she will be treated as a much younger baby during this period, and perhaps beyond. She feels that Alicia will benefit from a stricter regimen that includes bare-bottom discipline, enemas, and suppositories.

Alicia has never once considered leaving. She feels such peace in this home. She loves how she feels - cared for, protected, and loved. Most of all, her mind is finally at peace.

Mistress Mommy has a big surprise for her little baby. She wants to legally adopt her! But since Alicia is eighteen, she will have to give her consent. Will Alicia be willing to consider it? To change her last name, and give up her independence? Will she commit to this relationship permanently?

Publisher's note: "Finally Hers" is an extremely explicit story featuring themes of fem-dom ageplay, including severe spanking, diaper play, and anal punishment. It contains scenes of dubious consent. If such material offends you, please do not buy "Finally Hers".

Fall break came much more quickly than Alicia had thought it would, and it began even before that first Friday night Family Night. All of Mommy�s adult kids were gathered in the family room to watch The Wizard of Oz. Alicia already knew that she would only be allowed to see just the very beginning, because Mommy had cut back on the time she was allowed to attend.

Mommy had had a talk with Alicia just that morning, as she was getting her ready for the day, letting her know about some of the changes that she would be experiencing as an even younger baby over the next ten days. The process was set to begin immediately when she arrived home from class this afternoon and wouldn�t end until she woke up on the Monday morning of her return to school. She had already made certain that Alicia had completed all the work she would have normally been required to do over the break.

Mommy intended to get full value out of this time.

�Now, Miss Alicia,� Mommy chuckled a little. �I�m going to have to stop calling you that, because you�re going to be entirely too little for that now.�

Alicia frowned. She didn�t think she liked the sound of that.

�I just want to let you know about some of the changes you�re going to be experiencing this week, so they won�t be big surprises to you.� She looked down her nose at Alicia sternly, saying, �And I don�t expect you to put up a fuss about them either, because one of the things you�re going to notice quickly is that I�m not going to let you get away with as much fussing and protesting as you do now. I think one of the things that has worked best for you since you�ve been here is the consistent discipline you�ve received, and you�re going to find that you�re going to be over my lap - or your bolster, or whatever - much more frequently than you have in the past, whether or not you�ve done anything wrong.�

She knew she was going to be spanked more - Mommy had told her that would be something she concentrated on even more during this vacation than usual, but she was going to be spanked even when she hadn�t misbehaved? That was just wrong! Of course, she couldn�t do anything but squeak behind the big pacifier that Mommy insisted she keep in her mouth. She had, she hated to admit, quickly come to depend upon it as a source of comfort, so much so that she missed it terribly if it wasn�t there, especially when she was being punished or trying to get to sleep.

�You remember Ms. Germaine. You met her when you first came here. She does the same something with her littles that I used to do with you - she gives them bedtime spankings, and I�m going to reinstitute those for you, since you�re going to be making up the sleep you lose elsewhere. We didn�t really get a chance to see how you responded to them before I stopped them, but I believe it will do you a world of good. I know you need a constant disciplinary reminder to keep you feeling safe and loved.

�She gives each of her little girls a good, brisk bedtime spanking with their hairbrush, every night, when she�s putting them down for the evening, just like I did with you and still do with your brother and sisters, even if they�ve been little angels all day long, just to remind them to always be good and obedient to their Mommy. But what she does that I hadn�t until now, is that if they haven�t been little angels, she gives them an even more comprehensive blistering. She says it�s done wonders for her girls� - she doesn�t take in boys at all - behavior during the day to know they�re going to be put to bed each night with nice sore, rosy-red bottoms that are going to be a direct reflection of how naughty they�ve been during the day, and I think that�s just exactly what you need. She�s even thinking of instituting a morning spanking when she wakes them, too, but I haven�t heard how that�s going yet.�

This had Alicia keening wildly, although she knew better than to pop the binky out of her mouth, no matter how desperate she felt. Her hairbrush was that huge paddle-headed thing, and just the regular bedtime spankings Mommy used to give her were absolutely unbearable, especially when they were delivered to a bottom that had been freshly spanked not more than an hour or two prior! It would be truly awful to be spanked every single evening with it before Mommy put her to down for the night, especially if she�d already gotten it - or worse - during the day, which was almost a guarantee. She couldn�t remember a day since she�d been here when she hadn�t had at least two or three abominable spankings, and sometimes she had a lot more. She couldn�t imagine how those were going to prompt her Mommy to adjust the tenor of the punishment she received while being put down for the night. It didn�t bear thinking!

Margot could hear how upset Alicia was with this news, but she knew how to distract her from this unpleasantness. After all, her distress wasn�t going to change what was going to happen. Indeed, Alicia was going to experience her first bedtime spanking that took into account how she had behaved during the day - or rather, the last few hours, which wasn�t well. But, there was no need for her to obsess about it. So her Mommy took her time applying baby lotion over the Desitin she�d already slathered on, and paid particular attention to Alicia�s slickly bare privates, stroking them casually as she crinkled the diaper and reached up to brush away the two already-unzipped sides of her sleeper and pluck Alicia�s nipples into tight, aching peaks.

There would be no crescendo in it for her, but the baby didn�t know that. She never knew when or if she would be allowed her full pleasure, and although she would be teased much more often in the next ten or so days, she would only be allowed two or three opportunities for release, and this definitely wasn�t going to be one of them.

�I�m also moving your bedtime up a half-hour, and increasing your nap time - morning and evening - each by a half-hour. I think a baby as young as you needs more sleep time, and we need to adjust for the discipline you�re going to be receiving each evening before you�re put down for the night.�

This pronouncement brought tears to Alicia�s eyes. It already seemed that she was constantly either being put down for a nap or being put to bed. She was always sleeping! She knew her Mommy gave her something in her bottles to help her drift off, and now she was going to be sleeping even more.

But Mommy was going on as if there was absolutely nothing wrong, and to her, there wasn�t. �So your new schedule this week, since you have no classes and no homework, is up at six, breakfast at six thirty, studies with me until eight thirty -�

Alicia had to wonder what studies that could be, through the haze of delight her Mommy was creating between her widely spread legs.

� - and then down for your morning nap until noon, lunch till one, nap till four, studies with me until five, a half hour of play -�

Even though she was panting and thoroughly distracted by her Mommy�s magic fingers, Alicia still felt outraged. She was only going to get a half-hour of play a day? Granted, it was always very closely supervised, and was never really the free play that the others were allowed, but it was some time during the day when she was. . . well, free, or at least somewhat given the illusion, anyway!

But Mommy didn�t acknowledge her alarm at all and simply continued reciting Alicia�s new restrictions, having stopped manipulating her little clit and continued dressing her for the day. �Dinner at five thirty and in bed at six, with a throbbing hot bottom to help you get to sleep more quickly.�

Alicia was bawling at this, but Mommy wasn�t paying attention in the least. Alicia knew that if she needed any of what Mommy considered �special attentions� during the day, that time would come out of her precious playtime, and not anything else, so it was very likely that, on most days, she would actually end up with precious little to no playtime. The last things Mommy ever cut into if her schedule needed adjustment were her naps and bedtime. Those were sacrosanct. Playtime was always the first to go.

�Plus, starting tomorrow morning, the potty is going off limits to you entirely. No more having to ask Mommy to come with you, because I�m going to take care of that for you every day.�

She shuddered to think of how that was going to be accomplished.

Mommy sent her off for her last day of classes with all of that knowledge about what was going to start happening to her when she arrived home, patting her bottom and telling her to enjoy her freedom while she could, because when she got back home, things were going to be very, very different for her. And they were.

Mommy greeted her as usual when she walked through the door, but this time took her knapsack and her book bag containing her laptop, and took her phone from her, too, locking them away in the pantry. That surprised Alicia, because Mommy was so insistent that every child have a cell phone any time they were separated from their Mommy. Usually, Mommy�s kids were only allowed access to their computers during study time, and even then, she had very stringent controls. They were not allowed to have email addresses except those necessary for school; Mommy, of course, had everyone�s passwords and strictly monitored their email, nor were they allowed to have their own web sites, blogs, or to join social sites like Facebook.

Each of her children did, however, have an iBaby cell phone that he or she was required to carry at all times away from home, but it was one of those that was specifically made for a child, and had all sorts of tracking capabilities for Mommy. It did not allow Web access, wallpapers, ring tones, or texting, only phone calls to pre-programmed numbers, and the only phone number besides 911 that it could call were home or Mommy�s cell.

There was a desktop computer in the family room that, if a child was extremely good, he or she could use, but it was severely limited to age-appropriate, childish sites only, and only accessed those pages that would be of interest to five year-olds and below. Very few children ever earned the privilege of using it, anyway.

But babies didn�t need computers or cell phones. Alicia wasn�t going to be any further away from her Mommy than her crib when she was down for a nap.

Mommy guided her up to her room, and Alicia thought she was getting her usual diaper change, but not so. Instead, Mommy had her hop up onto the end of her crib and said, �I�m sure you remember, Baby Girl, that I said this morning that when you got home the potty would be off-limits, and that I would help you with that.�

Alicia said, �Yes, Mommy,� and for some reason, her Mommy seemed to almost cringe at that, as if she�d done something wrong, and she didn�t know what.

Mommy put her finger over Alicia�s lips. �You don�t have to respond to me like that any more, just nod your head and that will be perfect. As a matter of fact, I don�t want you speak when you can nod this week. I don�t want to hear your voice at all this week, at least not saying anything coherent, because babies as young as you don�t talk. The only time you should speak is if you�re asked a direct question by me.�

A wide-eyed Alicia nodded vigorously.

�Well, we�re going to take care of your potty needs right now, before dinner.� It was ten after five. Five thirty was dinner, by her new schedule, and, Alicia realized in horror, she was due to be in bed for the night in less than forty-five minutes!

Margo laid the baby down onto her back and took off all of her clothes, which Mommy didn�t usually do when it was just a diaper change. She knew how vulnerable being naked - especially with the door open, as it always was, where any one of her siblings could walk by at any moment and see what Mommy was doing to her - made her feel. She didn�t even leave a diaper beneath her, which Alicia found strange.

Then Mommy secured her wrists in the all too familiar cuffs, but, instead of lifting her legs back and binding them wide apart as she usually did for an exam/diaper change, she instead brought both of her ankles back above her head, lifting her bottom nearly off the mattress, and slipped a strap behind her knees that held them there. Somehow that made Alicia feel even more exposed than she had in the other position.

When Mommy got up, she attached a big metal pole over one of the posts at the corner of Alicia�s crib where her head lay, and it had lots of hooks coming out of it. It looked kind of like a weird stainless steel Christmas tree. Then she looked in one of the cupboards of Alicia�s changing table and brought out a see-through, full-to-bursting, milky, sudsy four-quart enema bag and tubing, at the end of which was a butt plug nozzle that looked exactly like the one that had been used on her a few weeks ago.

Alicia�s eyes grew round and frightened and just as she opened her mouth to say something in protest, despite what her Mommy had told her about not speaking, her always-prepared Mommy slipped the biggest pacifier ever in Alicia�s mouth and then squeezed a bulb she�d kept well out of sight and inflated it that much more, so that it filled every cavity of the poor girl�s mouth, preventing her from saying anything.

Next, she slipped a very stiff bonnet over her head that covered most of her face, but not her eyes or her ears, velcro-ing it securely beneath her chin and attaching it in the back to the loop in the mattress so that it would prevent her from being able to move her head in the slightest.

She had to stare straight up, right into the sightline of the bag that Mommy had hung right over her, and watch as her Mommy readied it, making sure that there was no air in the tubing, and checking the clamp, and then, worst of all, applying a thin coating of KY to the plug in preparation for its insertion.

Mommy put the near side of the crib down and came to sit next to Alicia, still holding the plug in her hand, patting Alicia�s exposed privates and bottom casually with the other. �Now, you�ll remember that I warned you that when your break rolled around you would become more of my baby and I was going to be stricter on you than I had been. Well, this is a part of that, I�m afraid. Losing control of your bladder has been very good for you. Regressing like that has helped you submit to me, and accept my guidance. I can only think that surrendering all aspects of your bodily functions to my control will make things even better for you. But mark my words, Baby Girl, surrender or not, this is going to happen once a day, just before dinner, every day, for the rest of your week home - and even beyond if I think it�s benefiting you. You�re going to get a good, thorough clean-out, and I think it�s going to help you enormously to learn that you must to submit to this, too, as a good baby should.�

Then Mommy suddenly snapped her fingers, as if she�d forgotten something important, and placed the tubing and plug over one of the hooks, where it hung there looking threatening until she came back with something almost as disturbing. But, as always, there was no way to protest.

Mommy reached out to each of her nipples, pulled and pinched and rolled them into hardness - which Alicia was mortified to realize didn�t take very long at all - and then applied those same rubber-tipped clothespins to them that she had used before. This time they stood straight out from her breasts like duck bills as Mommy flicked and fiddled with them and poor Alicia panted and tried to cope with the horrible ache they caused, and Mommy�s tormenting increased for a while as she played with them and teased Alicia.

�Well, then, let�s get on with it so we can get you down to dinner, shall we?�

She took the tube and its enormous plug down to the end of the crib and leaned in, parting Alicia�s cheeks wide with the fingers of her left hand while pressing the plug to her bottom with the other. �We know you can take this now, don�t we? Mommy shouldn�t have to pamper you about it much, then, before slipping it all the way in, should she?�
comemakeme on 02/09/2016 02:42pm
wow i want to meet her or even to be told what to do so hot
Ella on 02/03/2014 01:03pm
I found this book, the last in the series, was way too harsh. Alicia has all priviledges removed from here, and she no longer has anything to do but eat and sleep as a baby. There may be some freedom in that I suppose, but it really made me dispise the role her mommy was expecting her to play. I just could not get into this book like the previous ones.
Jessie on 11/07/2013 11:36am
Pause and read the first two before reading this one or you will be very confused. Both Alicia and Mommy seem to really need and understand each other and I love the progression of the books and reading about Alicia coming to terms with actually wanting to be Mommy's little girl
Arleen on 07/05/2013 01:24pm
This is a very strong age play story. Mommy is very controlling and harsh at times. I found the adoption aspect of it disturbing. It is a very well written story.
Karen on 07/04/2013 01:26pm
Mommy is is making her move and making Alicia her baby for keeps. This is a strong age play story but under it all you can tell Mommy really cares.
SH on 06/09/2013 08:32am
I have read this series from the beginning and in my opinion you should read them in order as they build on each other. I am hoping for another book to follow! Great read!
GM on 06/03/2013 12:59pm
I enjoyed this story and it was better than book 2 but I still think the first book in the series was the best. I can understand other reviewers' reservations about Alicia making such a big decision that would affect the rest of her life, but Margot comes across so consistently as someone who wants the best for her littles, that I wasn't concerned. Lovely series that made me squirm.
E T on 06/02/2013 02:55pm
This was a good third installment and a very interesting read. Very harsh at times - I didn't like the sencory deprivation aspect. I find it hard to believe that Alicia would choose this lifestyle for the rest of her life. In that sense it was disturbing. It was well written and an enjoyable read.
Evelyn on 06/01/2013 05:48am
Great series about age paly which is definitly more on the harsher side and it is very good to read this series in order. Great to see how the characters are getting along and where their relationship is leading them.
Alicia on 05/31/2013 08:55am
Great addition to this series as you getr to see Alicia and how she is enjoying her new life. In the end though she has to decide if this is what she wants for the rest of her life.

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