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By the Cane Divided: Bexhill School Book Two

By: Tom Simple
Published By: RetroSpank
Copyright: � Tom Simple and RetroSpank Publishing, 2013
9 chapters / 33,000 words
Heat Level:
3.4 Out Of 5 (3.4 on 7)   |  Write a review

Autumn 1957, the young ladies assemble at Bexhill School. A glance into the future reveals how a no-nonsense caning can be exploited in a play for power, even by those of a relatively tender age. On the bright side, we find two French exchange students espouse the Entente Cordiale by standing up for (or - more precisely - 'bending over' for) their English friend.

Returning to the present, Catharine and Debbie soon learn that misbehaviour leads to more than a few swats with a hairbrush, while Anna (their Dormitory Captain) - caught up in the same event - receives a caning that awakens a dark side to her character. This leads to the founding of the rather unorthodox Bexhill Spanking Society, which will eventually have far-reaching ramifications.

A government inspector calls, to the discomfort of staff and pupils alike, while Catharine and Debbie learn the price of cheating in the end of term exams.

If your interest is aroused by well-written prose, a bit of wit, and above all the crack of the cane and the slap of wood and leather on bare bottoms, this book is for you.

Note: By the Cane Divided: Bexhill Book Two is a traditional "school-spanking" novel, set in the 1950's. It contains classic themes of old-fashioned discipline in an historical school setting. If such themes disturb you, do not buy "By the Cane Divided."

The Headmaster will see you now.� The school secretary put down the telephone and arched an eyebrow. Catharine got up and crossed the corridor to the Headmaster�s study. With trepidation, she knocked, entered, and closed the heavy oak door behind her. She had a foreboding that this was going to be a tricky interview. Word was around that there had been an unannounced locker inspection and various contraband items had been seized. Catharine had concealed three packs of cigarettes under a pile of stationery. They were now missing. It didn�t look good.

�Catharine�, the HM cut directly to the point. �I have been away for three days, and I was very disappointed when I got back to find no less than two Adverse Reports about you on my desk.�

There they lay, two pink sheets, side by side. One probably concerned the cigarettes, but she had no idea what the other might be about.

�You are a Prefect at the school. You have even been tipped to become Head Girl next term, but your sense of responsibility seems to have deserted you.� He eyed Catharine dolefully. �You are the Breakfast Monitor this week. You know perfectly well that this involves being in the dining room not a moment later than eight o�clock, to check that everything�s ready. Your job is then to see that all the girls come down to breakfast: we don�t want anyone lying in and skipping it and then feeling faint before lunch. You�re supposed to supervise that they all form orderly queues for their food, behave properly, and clear their things away afterwards. It�s not a lot to ask of someone of your seniority, is it?�

�No, sir.� She knew what was coming next. This was what the other Adverse Report must be about.

�But Matron reports that you were five minutes late on the first day, ten minutes late yesterday, and no less than fifteen minutes late today. Please explain.�

�My alarm isn�t working properly, sir.� Actually, she just couldn�t be bothered to get out of bed.

The HM�s hue took on an apoplectic tinge. �That is no excuse, is it Catharine? I might � just � have accepted it on the first day. But two further days? You could have borrowed another alarm, or asked someone else to wake you. You have friends, don�t you?�

�Yes, sir�

�Well, given your attitude and lack of responsibility, your chances of becoming Head Girl are rapidly diminishing.�

Damn � Catharine really wanted the job. The Head Girl was allowed to carry a cane. Catharine dreamed of being able to use it on the awful Debbie, her arch rival in the school and competitor for the attentions of Mr Vicente, the to-die-for Spanish teacher. �In fact, you�ll be lucky to hold on to your post as a Prefect. Now, do you have anything to say?�

�No, sir. Sorry, sir�

�Right. Well, my first reaction was to cane you, but caning confers a certain dignity, doesn�t it? It�s applied to the more senior girls. You have been behaving like a Fourth Former, so I�ve decided to spank you like a Fourth Former. Not just a few smacks of the hairbrush over your knickers, like the Juniors get. You�ll bare your bottom and get a thorough tanning to emphasise just how irresponsible you�ve been.�

Catharine was mortified. A caning did indeed have status attached to it: a decent set of marks elevated one�s social standing no end. But to have half the school � and especially the wretched Debbie � hear her being spanked would be a dreadful humiliation.

The Headmaster opened a drawer and pulled out �Stinger�, the long-handled hairbrush which had struck fear into the hearts of generations of Juniors. He walked around his desk and swivelled one of the guest chairs so that it faced Catharine.

�Bend over. Place your hands on the seat.� Heart sinking, Catharine did as she was told. The HM lifted her skirt, hitching it above her waist. He slipped her pants down until they dropped softly around her ankles.

�Now stick your bottom right out, and keep still.�

The Headmaster�s nickname was �Three Taps�. This derived from his practice of dragging out the agonising wait for the first stroke by patting the victim�s derri�re with his implement of choice � usually hairbrush, tawse, or cane � whilst he lectured the wretched girl on her inadequacies. She would know that the punishment was imminent when she felt three distinct taps on the selected aiming point on her behind. The first, stinging stroke invariably followed immediately thereafter.

The Headmaster rambled on for a couple of minutes about the need for Prefects conscientiously to perform the responsibilities and duties entrusted to them. Catharine felt Stinger lightly stroking her bare backside. She wished he would get on with it.

Then he paused. Tap. Tap. Tap.

The blow was harder, sharper, and more breathtaking than Catharine remembered from her Junior days. So much so that she gave a distinct yelp.

Outside the study door, Debbie � who had been tipped off that Catharine was in trouble � stooped to tie up her shoe. As the muffled thwacks and cries intensified, the smirk on Debbie�s face spread from ear to ear. She untied her other shoelace.

And then all her Christmases came at once: she saw the Spanish teacher approaching.

�Oh, hello, sir�, said Debbie, straightening up. �Listen to this: it sounds as though one of the Juniors (she stressed the word slowly and clearly) is getting it. She doesn�t seem to be taking her punishment very well, does she?�

The teacher�s face went through a series of distinct reactions, which included �Que?� and �Caramba!�, followed closely by what could have been religious ecstasy, but was more likely the response of any red-blooded male when he hears a female bottom being spanked.

The smack of wood on bare backside, and Catharine�s gasps and cries, carried clearly into the corridor.

��Oo eez it?� he asked.

Debbie steered him into a nearby classroom and half closed the door.

�It must be a new girl. No Senior would squeal like that � it�s so undignified. Let�s wait and see�, she whispered.

In the study, Catharine was coming up for her fifteenth stroke � halfway through. She was going to get thirty: one for every minute late. She wasn�t counting; she was howling.

In the classroom, Mr Vicente stood closer behind Debbie than was strictly necessary. Debbie discretely pushed her bottom against his crotch and � very gently � wiggled.

From the study came the regular �thwack� of Stinger in action and Catharine�s cries.

Debbie, detecting a tumescence, pressed rearwards a little more firmly and energetically.

The Headmaster delivered the last half dozen strokes and stood back to admire his handiwork. Catharine�s bottom blazed with ovals of blue and purple.

�Right! Stand up. Pull up your pants. Have you learned your lesson?�

�Yes, sir!�

�So that brings us to the second Adverse Report. A much more serious issue.�

Oh Lord! Catharine rubbed her bottom vigorously to try to ease the burning.

�Matron found three packets of cigarettes in your locker. Were they yours?�

�Yes, sir�

�Two packets were unopened. The other had seventeen cigarettes left. Did you smoke all three?�

�I smoked one, sir.�

�And the other two?�

�I gave them away.�

�To whom?� The Headmaster taught English and was a stickler for grammar.

�I can�t say, sir.�

�Catharine � don�t give me any of that nonsense! If you cared about your friends, you wouldn�t help them to smoke! Now, who were they?�

Catharine looked at her feet, but didn�t answer.

�All right then. As you�re well aware, the school does not tolerate smoking,� he glared at her. �I�m sure that someone who�s been here as long as you have knows the penalties. What�s the punishment for smoking?�

�A caning, sir�

�How many strokes?�

�Twelve, sir.�

�At least twelve. And for being caught in possession of cigarettes?�

Catharine paled. �Twelve sir.�

�And if you help someone else to smoke, that merits twelve as well, doesn�t it?�

�Yes, sir.� Catharine�s throat was so dry she could hardly speak.

�So, I think that comes to a possible 36 strokes for this little escapade, doesn�t it? Unfortunately, the Board of Governors only allows me to give you twenty on any one occasion. However, if you don�t tell me the names of your friends, I could deal with this matter over two days: let�s say twenty on the first day and sixteen on the second. Do you really want that?�

No answer.

�Well, I have to go to a meeting now � in fact, I�m already late � so you�ve got a bit of time to think about it. I�ll see you again after supper tonight and we�ll make a start on your punishment. Understood?�

Catharine nodded resignedly.

Jennifer on 01/28/2014 05:20pm
If only we still had CP.
Laurel on 12/01/2013 07:04pm
It was an ok story but not one of my favorites. The punishments were harsh.
Adele on 09/22/2013 04:05pm
Not for me. I debated fir a ling time about reading this series and now that I have given it a shot I'm done. The cattiness between some of the girls although normal was a bit over the top. I felt the dusapline for a school setting a but extream.
Arleen on 07/07/2013 01:36pm
If you're into schoolroom punishment and school girl pranks with lots of spankings this is for you. It's very entertaining but it is more like a lot of separate little stories than one single story. It is all about girls from or going to the Bexhill School for Girls.
Evelyn on 06/01/2013 01:09am
Nice start to a series where there is plenty of naughty young girls who get punished for any and all reasons.
Alicia on 05/31/2013 01:08am
This is a good book for anyone who likes old school spanking novels where the rod rules and the children are expected to pay the piper for any and all infractions.

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